making the most complicated Mac and Cheese recipe ever | COOKING WITH TRISH

Babish original recipe


  1. Lily M

    Lily M2 hours ago

    I’m triggered that she heard one cup of flour and legit filled the cup full of flour... didn’t even look at the measurements on the side😭😂

  2. Emily

    Emily10 hours ago

    Trish trying to make a roux was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to watch

  3. Kim Tran

    Kim Tran11 hours ago

    You are trying and that's what it matters. But parmesan cheese have rind which is hard and that the part you don't grate. Grate the softer part. Keep the rind to boil in the bechamel sauce if you please, but do take it out. Some cheeses have rinds or wax paper so you do take it off or cut it off. For the roux, melt the butter til melt than whisk a spoonful or so of flour, if you put too much flour add more butter. You want a goey paste . Make sure you cook the flour. The flour and butter mixture should be golden but not burnt. Then pour in your cream. Stir until thicken. Take off the burner or turn the burner down and put your cheese in and whisk or you get a gritty grainy texture. I like to add breadcrumbs, parmesan, herbs and melted butter mixture on top. Cover with tin foil to bake.

  4. Jessica H

    Jessica HDay ago


  5. Alejandra Mejia

    Alejandra MejiaDay ago

    Salt, pepper, any spices? We love you though queen, but you gotta start seasoning your food.

  6. Anna Huang

    Anna Huang2 days ago

    Moses should give her cooking lessons for her birthday, something i think she'll enjoy

  7. Melody Ariel

    Melody Ariel2 days ago

    The strainer was genius.

  8. ava ig

    ava ig2 days ago

    trishhh you were shredding the wax that’s why it was so difficult 😭🙏 the wax part is usually clearer, and on the red cheese the wax is the red part. basically the outside! Ilysm keep doing your thinggg

  9. Boxers Austin

    Boxers Austin2 days ago

    She is so sweet and cute

  10. Kpop Idol

    Kpop Idol3 days ago


  11. Dcd

    Dcd4 days ago

    These cooking videos give me anxiety. But I still keep watching lol

  12. Flibbertigibbet Fiona

    Flibbertigibbet Fiona4 days ago

    Trish try tilting the grater and then shred on the sharpest point first I find that a lot easier

  13. S Damon

    S Damon4 days ago

    Equal parts Butter/Flour. Add stock or cream to thicken to liking.

  14. GokaikillerTobi

    GokaikillerTobi4 days ago

    She makes dsp look like Gordon Ramsey.

  15. Isobel

    Isobel4 days ago

    bestie youre rich get a food processor with a cheese grater attachment

  16. lolprinses

    lolprinses5 days ago

    Trisha is so pretty

  17. ida

    ida5 days ago

    Trisha’s life moto: when in doubt add butter

  18. Lexie V

    Lexie V5 days ago

    Trisha you just look so happy with your fiance and I'm so fucking happy for you!!

  19. J Dar

    J Dar5 days ago

    😲😲 wow I love the no make up look. She is real 🥰

  20. Brandy C

    Brandy C5 days ago

    "I guess the mozzarella makes it like, cheesy" lmao I love trish

  21. skylar murphy

    skylar murphy6 days ago

    the flour and butter is the most important part

  22. Beck Ham

    Beck Ham7 days ago

    yo, beschamels are hard! good on you for the brave cooking, Trish :)

  23. D Mac

    D Mac9 days ago

    The red is wax, also the parm has a “rind” which you do not grate/eat. For your Bechamel, you need to form a paste with EQUAL parts butter and flour, then remove from the heat and slowly add your milk until thick. Return to low heat, add your cheese into the saucepan... Make sure your baking dish is buttered. ☺️

  24. Lewie Bowyer

    Lewie Bowyer9 days ago

    The behind the scenes tiktok is so cuteeeeee. I love you so much awwww I love every side of your personality! So cute

  25. Lewie Bowyer

    Lewie Bowyer9 days ago

    Trish you're just so fucking cute

  26. Sonya Vasile

    Sonya Vasile10 days ago

    Sur La Table is my favorite place.

  27. HyperBlade

    HyperBlade10 days ago

    Trish, you should totally have another channel just on you cooking. I love watching you and progress you're making! XOX

  28. McKenzie Rae

    McKenzie Rae10 days ago

    Get a mini food processor and just chop the cheese up into chunks and throw it in. So much quicker. I would die shredding all that lol.

  29. Camila Alimac

    Camila Alimac10 days ago

    Omg all these cooking’s vids give me a good laugh! I love your commentary hahaha

  30. Morgan Lingerfelt

    Morgan Lingerfelt11 days ago

    i would kill to teach trish how to make cheese sauce!

  31. Lucie Whitaker

    Lucie Whitaker11 days ago

    Trish babe put a wet paper towel or cloth under your chopping board so it doesn’t slip around xx

  32. Jenny B

    Jenny B12 days ago

    Trish you look so healthy and happy

  33. Lively Up

    Lively Up12 days ago

    Hihi I start the béchamel with warming the milk, adding the butter to it then the flour last and seasoning, I find it easier lol

  34. Antonia B.

    Antonia B.12 days ago

    It's adorable how she doesn't know how to shred the cheese lol

  35. h

    h13 days ago

    I feel so sorry for this woman, no one ever taught her how to even grate cheese

  36. Lauren H.

    Lauren H.13 days ago

    Cooking with Trish is a whole vibe.

  37. Drea

    Drea14 days ago

    Trish is so cute but watching her make the white sauce beschemel gave me anxiety

  38. Elle

    Elle14 days ago

    A good tip for shredding cheese with long nails is getting the type of shredder where you put the cheese in the top and crank a candle to shred it. I got mine three years ago from like BJs wholesale club for $20 and it’s one of the best kitchen investments ever (even can go in the dishwasher). 🖤🖤🖤

  39. Bright Eyes

    Bright Eyes14 days ago

    Nice pot set. I see someone’s been shopping at William an Sonoma. Top tier class stuff. Love it

  40. Roddob

    Roddob14 days ago

    The giant ball of flour inside the whisk had me screaming!!!!!

  41. Rox

    Rox14 days ago

    If you have to shred a lot of cheese you can use your food processor and use the grater attachment. A lot easier on your arms and less messy ❤️

  42. Kelsie Hamilton

    Kelsie Hamilton14 days ago

    Trish looks so incredible with no/little make up, she’s so naturally beautiful! (obv also when she’s glam she looks insanely good too) it makes me feel better about not being a make up wearing gal!

  43. Bullwevul Archlord2Stull

    Bullwevul Archlord2Stull14 days ago

    you would be a perfect role model on worst cooks of america your kitchen skills are so funny you would do great on that show

  44. Jae BaeeBae

    Jae BaeeBae14 days ago

    moses is taking a bite and trisha says "i put too much flour..." but she legit strained out all of the flower 😂

  45. Colette Titus

    Colette Titus14 days ago

    trish fr you are looking so naturally gorgeous

  46. Debbie Burkett

    Debbie Burkett14 days ago

    TikTok obsessed girl

  47. Slammin Sal

    Slammin Sal15 days ago

    trisha, same amount of cheese just different sizes lol

  48. Frankie Demetre

    Frankie Demetre15 days ago

    no one: trishes phone after finishing recording: hEy GuYs

  49. Giselle

    Giselle16 days ago

    I’ve never had a tiktok but I’m tempted to make one just to follow Trisha 😂

  50. Keisha Christina

    Keisha Christina16 days ago

    Her trying to film herself cooking for tik tok is literally hilarious 😂😂😂😭😭 she’s hilarious

  51. Larski

    Larski16 days ago

    Wow no she is so pretty like omg

  52. doinkadoo

    doinkadoo16 days ago

    Food processor!

  53. Evan Thomas

    Evan Thomas17 days ago

    Not a single speck of salt or pepper. We love to see it

  54. Evan Thomas

    Evan Thomas17 days ago

    “Is this part important?” 😂

  55. Megan Colasono

    Megan Colasono17 days ago

    Trisha’s answer to everything, more butter! Hehehe 🤣

  56. Megan Colasono

    Megan Colasono17 days ago

    Oh my, Trisha bring the water to a rolling boil before you put the noodles into the water!! Otherwise they don’t cook right. I swear she knows how to cook better than this?! This has to be for content?! OMG and the Roux!!! Add the flour a little at a time and keep whisking it! I’m cringing over here. Omg 😱 The Roux is the MOST important part of a sauce! Trisha!!!

  57. Sher

    Sher17 days ago

    You are such a sweet person Trish! I wish you nothing but the best and amazing vibes and people around you!

  58. Caitlyn Perez

    Caitlyn Perez17 days ago

    Trisha’s vibes have just been up 🌞

  59. Sarah Vesa

    Sarah Vesa17 days ago

    A food processor with grating inserts would be useful for this.

  60. Chloe Mae

    Chloe Mae17 days ago

    *puts four cheeses in* "i guess the mozzarella makes it like cheesy" ugh i love you

  61. R

    R18 days ago

    Hey Trisha! In order to make the cutting board not slip around while you are cutting, you should dampen a paper towel and lay it flat underneath your cutting board. :)

  62. Ava Frankel

    Ava Frankel18 days ago

    sorry how can you stuff up béchamel sauce add butter flour and milk to a pan ahhahahaha

  63. virginwhorexoxo

    virginwhorexoxo18 days ago

    hi bestie

  64. Adriana Martinez

    Adriana Martinez18 days ago

    Omg Trish you are so beautiful💗we love you queen

  65. Kayla Perzichilli

    Kayla Perzichilli18 days ago


  66. Sylvie.Addison Sylvie.Addison

    Sylvie.Addison Sylvie.Addison18 days ago

    well it was hard to grind the parm because its so much tougher so you would have to put a lot more pressure to grind that type of cheese

  67. A M

    A M18 days ago

    When she films for TikTok, I felt like the left out friend

  68. Millie Bobby Browns Fanpage

    Millie Bobby Browns Fanpage18 days ago

    She is literally so beautiful I can’t 😫 she’s so nice aswell

  69. Sandrina

    Sandrina19 days ago

    Please boil the water before putting in the pasta, it’s literally illegal to not know how to make pasta, even for Americans. This is just painful to watch. Mamma mia

  70. Emma P

    Emma P19 days ago

    Remembering her trying and failing to make Kraft mac and cheese makes this so much better

  71. Megan Sporle

    Megan Sporle19 days ago

    If constipation was a dish, this would have to be it lol

  72. Alana Jackson

    Alana Jackson19 days ago

    Anyone notice the bedazzled febreeze bottle? 💀🤣🤣

  73. Shaunta Westcott

    Shaunta Westcott19 days ago

    Trish ,I 💘 u...why don't you do a li e cook were 1 of us can answer you as you go along...( that really has tried it, or know how 2 cook) so we can help you make it nice the 1st time???

  74. Shaunta Westcott

    Shaunta Westcott19 days ago

    Live access, as you try it 4 the first time, we can help & answer your questions as you cook so it comes out nice & you & your 👪 experience will be nice 👌????.I'd do it with you...I'm 46, can 🔥 in the kitchen, grew up w cooks,& love most of my meals are excellent although I've had zero experience professionally.....

  75. Cecilia Ibarra

    Cecilia Ibarra19 days ago

    Way to go @trishapaytas❤️ I think you need to relax! You are so hard on yourself. Lighten up🙏🏽✝️😇 you’re great at what you try to do. I have faith in you! HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF😘💄🤩❤️🎉💋

  76. Alex Edwing

    Alex Edwing19 days ago

    *makes a chunky milk concoction* "...more butter?"

  77. Faith Rankin

    Faith Rankin19 days ago

    Melt all the butter down and sprinkle flower while whisking. Gosh this is hard to watch.

  78. denilee otero

    denilee otero19 days ago

    Omg tomatoes and mushrooms and olives would be amazing to add to that

  79. NoisyBoi

    NoisyBoi19 days ago

    This lady is just weird I read up on her

  80. Amanda Belleau

    Amanda Belleau20 days ago

    I’m honestly like talking to the screen trying to help you out as your cooking 😂😂

  81. Jenn S

    Jenn S20 days ago

    How does a grown woman not know how to shred cheese, always so awkward when she trys to cook , jesus🙄

  82. TheJohnrh

    TheJohnrh20 days ago

    Please Trish, get some clothes on!



    Trish, you definitely didn’t follow his recipe correctly! Lol

  84. Kathryn S.

    Kathryn S.20 days ago

    Trish is the most entertaining human on the internet. Tell me otherwise. You can’t. I love her sm

  85. cryingclown _

    cryingclown _20 days ago

    the pan hitting the stove the whole time she’s melting the butter is sending me

  86. Brynn Peterson

    Brynn Peterson20 days ago

    I'm surprised she dosen't have a automatic grater

  87. Kirrin Stolen

    Kirrin Stolen20 days ago

    “Slowly add milk while stirring” while also throwing it all in at once 😂 Me.... hahaha

  88. Megan Legal

    Megan Legal20 days ago

    trish you r GLOWINGGGGG

  89. Mz. YumYum14

    Mz. YumYum1420 days ago

    I keep thinking to myself please just start over! You weren't that far in it would have been a whole lot easier to start over I'm at 11 minutes and 23 seconds and I'm hoping she starts over!

  90. Reem Kaur

    Reem Kaur21 day ago

    Aw love how she tries.. Even though the sauce wasn't done lol

  91. jolinxo

    jolinxo21 day ago

    Your skin looks great!

  92. Chloe Brumley

    Chloe Brumley21 day ago

    wax being on cheese: 👁👄👁 Trisha: idk what this is? is it part of the cheese?

  93. Laurie Hand

    Laurie Hand21 day ago

    Oh my gah! This gave me anxiety

  94. Alice

    Alice21 day ago

    Jamie Oliver is swearing like he's on fire right now

  95. Jordan Payton

    Jordan Payton21 day ago


  96. afireinhearts

    afireinhearts21 day ago

    I freaking love these videos!! 💖 💯 💖

  97. christine

    christine21 day ago

    Trisha making Mac and cheese but doesn’t understand what makes it cheesy 😭😩

  98. Fernando Emmes

    Fernando Emmes21 day ago

    ... what a disaster!!! How can you not be able to do the simplest recipe in the world?!?! Mac and cheese???. She can't even grate cheese or use a knife!?!? What«s with the bechamel?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! Can't you see that there's something wrong?!?! WTF!!! What are you doing?!?! I did think that by the size of her, she would be a nice cook. My bad. Please order the pizza and make your Tik Tok. That's easier, isn't it!!!

  99. Rachel Lu

    Rachel Lu21 day ago

    I want to see gordon ramsey and trisha cook smth together

  100. Zoe Friedman

    Zoe Friedman21 day ago

    "short little strokes ya know?" I love her

  101. Summer G

    Summer G22 days ago

    There is a cheese shredder at ikea and it sits on top of a container might be a little easier next time

  102. Summer G

    Summer G22 days ago

    Also cut the cheese into smaller blocks might be easier too