Cooking with Trish - CHICKEN QUESADILLAS!

new frenemies
the recipe I followed


  1. Shina93

    Shina932 hours ago

    I'm soooo proud of you for cooking Trish!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Keep up the good work ;>

  2. Bianca Goosen

    Bianca Goosen5 hours ago

    Trish I will love to come and teach you knife skills and give some cooking tips 👩🏼‍🍳

  3. Kailey

    Kailey16 hours ago

    Nobody: Trish: “Mmm I feel so domesticated!” 😂

  4. Succulant Meme

    Succulant MemeDay ago

    I really love these cooking videos!🤣 make me feel better for not being a great cook

  5. Olivia W

    Olivia WDay ago

    Trishas taste buds translate flavours faster than google🤣🤣😅

  6. K Crowe

    K CroweDay ago

    going from her cooking videos in her apartment to this makes me so happy. Her old ones make me so sad. she just looks depressed and high. She’s so happy and healthy now ♥️

  7. Kaylee Wilhelm Prater

    Kaylee Wilhelm Prater2 days ago

    The way she cut that pepper tho omg 😂😂😂

  8. Willow B

    Willow B2 days ago

    Trish cutting the veggies made me so nervous

  9. Becky Ankrom

    Becky Ankrom2 days ago

    Trisha when you're cutting peppers and onions and such love all food I guess use your nice like a saw and move it back and forth it will cut much easier

  10. Becky Ankrom

    Becky Ankrom2 days ago

    Or any food....n knife ugh stupid voice txt lol....also ur doing a great job learning to cook!!!

  11. molly lewis

    molly lewis3 days ago

    wait hairspray gets you high

  12. Vic

    Vic5 days ago

    I love seeing Trisha happy

  13. Kate Cieslikowski

    Kate Cieslikowski5 days ago

    I live in South Jersey but anyways I’m so happy for Trish and Moses! Hate to sound petty but I it makes me ill that Jason Nash is a 50 year old man who fell under Dobrik’s BS!! Worry more about your kids dude! Or get a 9-5! No real woman would take you seriously.

  14. kelseysification

    kelseysification6 days ago

    get yourself a panini/George foreman grill for quesadillas! so much easier to cook them

  15. Nyah Bell

    Nyah Bell6 days ago

    So nb notice how she ain’t clean the chicken nor skin the fat correctly ?

  16. Sleepy S¡mmer

    Sleepy S¡mmer7 days ago

    They look so happy with moses I’m so happy for them :)

  17. Stephanie Yanes

    Stephanie Yanes8 days ago

    You guys are cute!

  18. Bianca Pretorius

    Bianca Pretorius8 days ago

    someone farted in the background go listen haha 2:50

  19. Summer Gore

    Summer Gore8 days ago

    Next time fry the tortilla in butter I promise it’ll change your life

  20. Scilla Poo

    Scilla Poo8 days ago

    My dad is a chef so seeing her cut with one hand is making me cringe

  21. Morgan Langley

    Morgan Langley10 days ago


  22. Melanie Torres

    Melanie Torres10 days ago

    He’s so sweet I love it couple goals

  23. Glenda Rogers

    Glenda Rogers10 days ago

    He’s soo supportive I luv that

  24. Glenda Rogers

    Glenda Rogers10 days ago

    Trish just buy a chopper and you’ll be fine

  25. 57 unicorns

    57 unicorns10 days ago

    appreciating sharp knives ✨✨✨

  26. kittyKat

    kittyKat11 days ago

    I love you trish but the way you cut your veggies make me cringe lol

  27. joe mama

    joe mama11 days ago

    the thumbnail is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen by far

  28. Serena Love

    Serena Love12 days ago

    Where’s the sweats from 😍

  29. LifeOfPie

    LifeOfPie12 days ago

    i love this.. i love this version of trish.. i love how moses is so supportive

  30. Valkyrie Sanborn

    Valkyrie Sanborn12 days ago

    Does Moses have a brother? ;) 😂😂😂

  31. Lilly Blumb

    Lilly Blumb12 days ago

    Trish I don’t think you quite know what your doing

  32. MsLansones

    MsLansones12 days ago

    I’m enjoying *THIS* Trisha.

  33. Isabella Annand

    Isabella Annand13 days ago

    Moses is so nice I love u both

  34. Olivia Horton

    Olivia Horton13 days ago

    bro my fucking brain cells are hurting watching this bullshit..... should of got help cutting if she is that scared veggies are gonna bite back lol.... i still love ya trish but damn you are deff a blonde....

  35. Elizabeth Rios

    Elizabeth Rios14 days ago

    What rhymes with jail?

  36. Julie

    Julie14 days ago

    I just love them together

  37. K K

    K K14 days ago

    I love how she’s recording a tiktok while recording a video

  38. Krystle Blake

    Krystle Blake14 days ago

    So does anyone know what Moses does for a living? How he came to me

  39. Krystle Blake

    Krystle Blake14 days ago

    Trish for the love of god plz watch a USloft video on how to cut veggies u give me anxiety and there is such an easier way.

  40. Korro

    Korro15 days ago

    Trish - Love watching you COOK

  41. Whitney & Grant Hartung

    Whitney & Grant Hartung15 days ago

    I wanna see Trish try out chipotle!

  42. rainy_ days93

    rainy_ days9316 days ago

    I’ve been having body issues not liking the way I look I haven’t eaten in 3 days because of it today I turned on Trisha cooking and eating , I’m finally eating chicken and brown rice thank you Trisha for the inspiration

  43. Aetedal Odeh

    Aetedal Odeh16 days ago

    Now Trisha you know you can flip the pepper the other way so that you don’t cut right underneath your wrist🤣

  44. MarthasVanity

    MarthasVanity16 days ago

    i just wanna know what all that oil was supposed to do, like you really dont even need oil at all to crisp it up and melt it. just make sure ur pan is well heated up!

  45. Gretel

    Gretel16 days ago

    “Onions are tough on the outside...and cry on the inside.”

  46. Sinead Mcdonagh

    Sinead Mcdonagh17 days ago

    She waste so much of the bell papers

  47. tapikabu

    tapikabu17 days ago

    moses is the best

  48. notmywig

    notmywig17 days ago

    the way moses looks at trisha when shes recording herself take the first bite, just standing there smiling at her its so cute

  49. terri binkley

    terri binkley17 days ago

    Why don't you hire a professional chef to teach you too cook ?

  50. Sam

    Sam17 days ago

    I want to help with your knife skills! But I feel like it’ll get better

  51. Brandon Ropson

    Brandon Ropson17 days ago

    Try dipping it in salsa and or sour cream next time! delicious!

  52. emma semple

    emma semple17 days ago

    No disrespect to Trisha (love you) but the way she cuts up the chicken, peppers and onion lolz

  53. Collin. Kage

    Collin. Kage18 days ago

    She’s a terrible cook look how she’s cuttin the chicken 🤦🏾‍♂️

  54. Victoria Josephine

    Victoria Josephine18 days ago

    TRISHA i love you sm but the way you use that knife makes me unbelievably nervous 😭 pls be careful its so easy for the knife/veg to slip if you arent using proper technique ik it sounds dumb but pls just concerned love u 🤣🥺😭💜

  55. Faye Cagle

    Faye Cagle18 days ago

    she keeps touching her phone and then the food i am crying please trish tell me you cleaned your phone before you started cooking

  56. Karelly Ramirez

    Karelly Ramirez19 days ago

    Ah Trish you have me watching all your latest vids with such a huge grin. I always mention my BPD and how ive found myself in similar situations relationship wise to you in the past and just get all teary seeing you and Moses. Because I can FEEL the joy you must feel being assured like that. You’re awesome!

  57. Anna Chor

    Anna Chor19 days ago


  58. Mara Almeida

    Mara Almeida19 days ago

    from crying on the floor to cooking and being engaged so happy for here

  59. Mara Almeida

    Mara Almeida19 days ago

    Trisha cutting that onion omg AHAHAH , im glad your learning

  60. Demi jsjshdhx

    Demi jsjshdhx19 days ago

    Moses is so good for them, you can tell he is a lovely energy to be around as is Trish it's so nice to see they seem so chilled and happy as they should ahhh it's so cuteeeee

  61. Kaylah Dunlap

    Kaylah Dunlap20 days ago

    We’re going to measure it with our hearts ❤️ loved that lol

  62. Jade Crawford

    Jade Crawford20 days ago

    Moses vibes warm my heart ,so happy for Trisha

  63. iluvpie20101

    iluvpie2010120 days ago

    Trisha cooking is literally me cooking

  64. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth20 days ago

    omg i just wanna teach you how to use a knife so bad

  65. Taylor Hoe

    Taylor Hoe20 days ago

    the way she cut the vegetables offended me

  66. MARIA B

    MARIA B21 day ago

    Trisha is honestly so pretty she has such a pretty face and her hair is so cute!

  67. Lina Maria

    Lina Maria21 day ago

    Cooking Trish is an evolved Trish

  68. Sarah’s World-22

    Sarah’s World-2221 day ago

    Love seeing you happy hearing that crunch sounds so delicious 😋 stay happy Trisha love you guys so much I hope u have a lovely Easter 🥰

  69. GoChristinaGo0

    GoChristinaGo021 day ago

    Moses is soooo sweet to you trish. You are one lucky girl. God bless

  70. Cdjslr

    Cdjslr21 day ago

    Makes me so happy to see Trisha in a happy and loving relationship

  71. Julia J

    Julia J21 day ago

    I love how she says “wow I made this!!” So cute 🥰😂

  72. mchllyin

    mchllyin21 day ago


  73. Barb

    Barb22 days ago

    It's a lot easier to flip them on a flat grill that you can get for the top of your stove ! I make them all the time.

  74. X X

    X X22 days ago

    Moses is the goal. He is so patience, loving, caring and understanding with Trisha. She is so lucky to have him.

  75. Kylie Thornberg

    Kylie Thornberg23 days ago

    she didn’t even peel the onion before she cut it ASGSHAJSHD

  76. JupitersRealm

    JupitersRealm23 days ago

    He's good for her, that's obvious!

  77. bellesmom2012

    bellesmom201224 days ago

    Trisha! Make sure you wash your hands a lot when you are handling raw meat, chicken, fish, pork, & eggs because it keeps you from having to clean the whole kitchen or from getting really sick. I say this because if you handle the chicken & then all the spice jars & get chicken slime on the jars the next time you handle them you & Moses could get horribly sick. Same with using the same knife on the raw chicken & then later maybe you chop up some vegetables or make a salad with it, you have to wash it with hot soapy water or I like Clorox Clean-up. I'm not saying you did or didn't wash, I just know that you are new to cooking & I don't want you guys to get sick! Take care!

  78. Calra Haddad

    Calra Haddad24 days ago

    They r so natural 😍

  79. rennie rad

    rennie rad24 days ago

    Oh Trish do be careful with that knife 8:12, cooking is Love and Love is Grand,congratulations on your engagement.❤👍

  80. Ena Smicz

    Ena Smicz25 days ago

    Looks good but I would put salsa and sour cream on top❤

  81. Kasey Thompson

    Kasey Thompson25 days ago

    i love how he poses for the thumbnails with her every time. so cute hahaha

  82. Alex MaGanda

    Alex MaGanda25 days ago

    Hmhmhm he looks nice

  83. may is salty

    may is salty25 days ago

    Honestly I’d love for her and binging with babish to collab (virtually ofc) so he can teach her the best and safest ways to cut for example, I feel like she’s gonna hurt herself with the techniques she’s using rn 😬

  84. Mikaela V

    Mikaela V25 days ago


  85. Mikaela V

    Mikaela V25 days ago

    please continue this series, please get more seasoning as well

  86. Armen Ali

    Armen Ali25 days ago

    the way she is saying REALLY!!!!!! killing me

  87. Zara Berg

    Zara Berg26 days ago

    let me come over and cook with u pls

  88. Beck Ham

    Beck Ham26 days ago

    When you start to really learn how to cook, encouragement and compliments from those you feed is such a huge motivator! Moses is so encouraging (: So sweet!

  89. Adriana Maria

    Adriana Maria26 days ago


  90. Jackie Curtis

    Jackie Curtis26 days ago

    The amount of pure love radiating from Moses towards Trish is the sweetest thing ever. I'm so happy to see Trish with loving and supporting people in her life.

  91. joann reyes

    joann reyes26 days ago

    i love you guy's relationship and how Trisha is evolving to this woman who tries new things and all

  92. Tina

    Tina26 days ago

    I love you and your cooking videos so much... never stop!! Loll

  93. alix

    alix27 days ago

    I love you and Moses together 🥺

  94. Gabrielle Vasquez

    Gabrielle Vasquez27 days ago

    Where did you get those knives I need new ones!!!!

  95. Kelsey Tyerman

    Kelsey Tyerman27 days ago

    The fact that Moses knew to lift up the plate instantly for the thumbnail kills me. Good man

  96. ineesaunicorn

    ineesaunicorn27 days ago

    I wish I was there to eat with Trisha!! :/ she seems like the older sister everyone needs too

  97. Starla Coats

    Starla Coats27 days ago


  98. Kori Pieczarka

    Kori Pieczarka27 days ago

    I wanna eat with her. She makes every food taste delicious just by the way she eats. 😁💙

  99. Anahis M

    Anahis M27 days ago

    I’ve been an on and off viewer of trishas for years and had no idea she was living/engaged to Moses but wow I’m literally tearing up watching them eat quesadillas ha. It’s great seeing her genuinely happy with someone who seems to really love her for who she is. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

  100. Lily-May McCluskey

    Lily-May McCluskey28 days ago

    We love Moses !!!

  101. Karolina Leszczynska

    Karolina Leszczynska28 days ago

    I hope they will stay together and have beautiful kids