new dunkin' charli cold foam + burger king cheesy tots are back!


  1. Hypee B

    Hypee B14 hours ago

    Trish if anything happens to you 🥺 I would die

  2. C S

    C S17 hours ago

    I hope you know how many lonely introverts you comfort by just hanging out, hearing your thoughts we can relate to, and just being you. Thank you for being you Trisha!

  3. Monique Nicola

    Monique NicolaDay ago

    Trisha I fucking agrreeeeeeeeeeeee what is she famous for

  4. kevindaly2001

    kevindaly20013 days ago

    10:02 LMAO💙

  5. momsings

    momsings3 days ago

    Talking about her past depression and newfound happiness and better perspective on life made my day! Thank you, Trisha!

  6. Bryan Thomas

    Bryan Thomas3 days ago

    Lol "its about moderation" 😂😂 Same.

  7. Chloe Gober

    Chloe Gober5 days ago

    Love you trish but please wear a mask for drive thru workers❤️!!

  8. ashlynn barry

    ashlynn barry7 days ago

    bye i cant stop watching lmaooaoaoaoo ur voice is nice to listen to ahaha

  9. Juju Hunny

    Juju Hunny7 days ago

    Charlie is nothing but a pretty face

  10. Hannah Petrillo

    Hannah Petrillo7 days ago

    I feel like I’m on face time with trish right now

  11. foriestiaes

    foriestiaes8 days ago

    *long pause* idk i've just been good!" HEHHEeHEHE nobody asked" 😜

  12. Reb Santos

    Reb Santos11 days ago

    Litreally all these tik toker’s just dance to rappers sad musics

  13. Adriana Ramos

    Adriana Ramos12 days ago

    I literally Stan you trish

  14. Briana Budgets

    Briana Budgets14 days ago

    She looks stunning in this video.

  15. Ashley G

    Ashley G14 days ago

    She is saying that it’s all in moderation, but she is dinking an iced coffee, ate a donut, and now eating an eight price cheesy tots. That is moderation.

  16. Makennah Dickerson

    Makennah Dickerson14 days ago

    please STOP SMACKING

  17. whovibe

    whovibe14 days ago

    im apart of gen- z ( sadly ig ) and i really couldn't care about charli. not in a bad way or a good way, justmeh

  18. whovibe

    whovibe14 days ago

    Trisha is thriving like omg look at her

  19. ZoeBuBowie

    ZoeBuBowie15 days ago

    I'm a gen-z and in my opinion I dont like Charli Damilio. She bought her followers. Wanna see for yourself? Here are the steps. 1. go to her Tiktok account 2. click on her followers to see all of them and click on the first one you see 3. once you are on her followers account, look at who they are following 4. see if her account is in the following. Your welcome! And I hope you show this to a friend!~

  20. whovibe

    whovibe14 days ago

    bruh who would waste their time doing this

  21. Sean Reynolds

    Sean Reynolds15 days ago

    10:01 this won’t disappoint

  22. Stiles Kuchiki

    Stiles Kuchiki15 days ago

    It’s crazy how Trish can talk this much so naturally and doesn’t edit her videos. I know sometimes there’s those moments where she’s doing nothing but seriously, it’s scary. I’m so used to like cut & edited videos.

  23. Kat

    Kat16 days ago

    you made some really good points tbh

  24. EnderLight

    EnderLight17 days ago

    trisha i love you HAHHAHAH

  25. Aspect101

    Aspect10117 days ago

    love how she's like hella fucking relatable plsss

  26. Rox T

    Rox T17 days ago

    Trish spits factssssss💯💕💕💕💕

  27. officxal_pastel

    officxal_pastel17 days ago

    13:33 trish singing the fnaf song

  28. officxal_pastel

    officxal_pastel17 days ago

    8:26 the moun lmao

  29. Honey Starshine

    Honey Starshine18 days ago

    I love hearing her talk about how happy she is. I am so glad to see her just changing and improving as a person, and seeing her finally be happy.

  30. euloriaa ღ

    euloriaa ღ19 days ago

    "yes her sister is like 20, but she looks 40" DUDE IM DYING

  31. adlap015

    adlap01519 days ago

    “Sometimes you just have to shoot a dead horse” - Trisha Paytas 2021


    JACQUES RICHARD20 days ago

    I love how she talks and chews at same time and I dont understand a word shes saying but I love her style and what I think she's saying😀


    JACQUES RICHARD20 days ago

    Trisha reminds me of Pam Anderson 😃

  34. skinny legend

    skinny legend20 days ago

    As a member of gen z. Trish I have no understanding why ppl like her and praise her

  35. skinny legend

    skinny legend20 days ago

    1:27-2:32. Why is Trisha actually spitting facts? But like she was talking facts the whole vid ngl

  36. Swaggy Nat

    Swaggy Nat20 days ago

    my aesthetic of the day GIRLY WHAT

  37. Xack Peachy

    Xack Peachy20 days ago

    Let’s celebrate the fact that she broke 5 MILLION 🔥🔥

  38. Stacy O’Hara

    Stacy O’Hara20 days ago

    Charli is a PROFESSINAL dancer PERIODT

  39. gummy bear

    gummy bear21 day ago

    i have never seen charli or addison on my fyp, but they have like so many followers?!

  40. Elibeli19

    Elibeli1921 day ago

    16:20 "....explore whats new in life- cheesy tots!" LOLLLL love you Trisha

  41. T B77

    T B7721 day ago

    Trisha I don’t know if you’ll see this but I wanted to say thank you so much for this video. In this past year I’ve been so lonely, maybe the most lonely I’ve ever been in my life. This sounds so pathetic but watching these videos makes me feel so much less lonely and less sad. Thank u for the words, and also the videos.

  42. Tressa Burnett-Testa

    Tressa Burnett-Testa22 days ago

    haters into this take

  43. t0xiics0ftiie

    t0xiics0ftiie23 days ago

    I mean charli can’t really control her fame...

  44. Jai-Lynn Ni’cole

    Jai-Lynn Ni’cole23 days ago


  45. Cara Hope

    Cara Hope23 days ago

    Where is your shirt from?? It’s so cute!! 💗💗💗💋

  46. beth grace

    beth grace23 days ago

    i'm gen z and i don't like charli she's basic as hell and does mediocre dances and gets millions of likes!? she's way overhyped

  47. jr 15

    jr 1524 days ago

    Love u Trisha


    ASHLEY DANIELLE24 days ago

    We r her journal guys 💕🤣

  49. rachel /.3?

    rachel /.3?25 days ago


  50. Lucas :

    Lucas :25 days ago


  51. bluecrush_5

    bluecrush_525 days ago

    Alabama is literally 15. She acts and looks like she’s 18. It’s so crazy and weird.

  52. bluecrush_5

    bluecrush_525 days ago

    I don’t know how Charli is famous either I can’t even believe she’s in with DD now makes no sense

  53. 陈杰

    陈杰25 days ago

    the shadiness ahahahaha

  54. Chantelle Sanchez

    Chantelle Sanchez26 days ago


  55. Chantelle Sanchez

    Chantelle Sanchez26 days ago

    Watching this at 12pm eating dominos pizza about to make a coffee because trisha is drinking a coffee

  56. GossipGirl

    GossipGirl27 days ago

    I can tell you why the girl from the tiktok got so huge comparing to the other exact same dancing girls with the same looks. Its the algorithm at the very start of when tiktok REALLY blew up. She was randomly recommended to everyone’s for you page, few people followed because they follow everything and its new and then it just snowballed, people checked her out cause they were curious why she was famous. Its literally a band wagon phenomenon. Its great for her, however I couldn’t say even one thing why she would stand out. She was just at the right place the right time but in a virtual world basically. If it wasn’t her, it would have been some other random girl and we would ask why is she famous too. It was algorithm and now 10-14 year olds got invested in watching her dances, thats all.

  57. Stefania Baglivo

    Stefania Baglivo27 days ago

    Spring Trisha!!! 😍😍😍

  58. Steveneven

    Steveneven27 days ago

    6:56 I’m quoting this everyday from now on

  59. Samantha Wood

    Samantha Wood27 days ago

    these videos make me so happy:) they’re super comforting

  60. Olivia Hammerum

    Olivia Hammerum28 days ago

    As if you deserve followers...

  61. Lissett Jacobson

    Lissett Jacobson28 days ago

    you look so happy and healthy

  62. Chase Freeman

    Chase Freeman28 days ago

    LOL I love u

  63. Ash alise

    Ash alise28 days ago

    Not even gonna lie I agree w this girl😭

  64. Ma Vu

    Ma Vu28 days ago

    Jason=dying horse Being with Natalie=watching paint dry I CAN’T WITH THE ROASTS and she’s not even trying

  65. Ashlynn Bickham

    Ashlynn Bickham28 days ago

    six minutes in and Trisha is still talking about Charlie... babe we get it, you're jealous

  66. Ashlynn Bickham

    Ashlynn Bickham28 days ago

    i mean like what made you stand out? nothing, people just relate to you just like younger girls love Charlie and look up to her

  67. Rose Orrey

    Rose Orrey29 days ago

    She just spoke so much sense

  68. Hayliaa -_-

    Hayliaa -_-29 days ago

    You look so pretty in pink 😍

  69. Lauren Ashleigh

    Lauren Ashleigh29 days ago

    trish that top makeup and hair is everythinggggg! you looked so pretty and healthy in this vid!💗

  70. Kayla Rodriguez

    Kayla Rodriguez29 days ago

    um Trisha wasn’t u trashing charli a few months ago and now your PRAISING HER and talking about how the damileo parents are PARENTING. GURL-

  71. Ava Brooke

    Ava Brooke29 days ago

    I have no hate for charli but I don’t follow or look up to her. I think there’s better people to look up to. Like, Luna lovegood, Hermione granger, belle, eleven, Enola Holmes, lol they aren’t real but they’re better to look up to than danceing TikTok teenagers 😂

  72. Ava Brooke

    Ava Brooke27 days ago

    @Shringkhala Bhujel thank you

  73. Shringkhala Bhujel

    Shringkhala Bhujel28 days ago


  74. Violet Amyot-Lawless

    Violet Amyot-LawlessMonth ago

    trisha is so iconic like people hate but shes talking sense like...

  75. Ndjdjdj !

    Ndjdjdj !Month ago

    I just quit my job at Dunkin that I’ve worked there for almost a year 😭 most abusive work place lmaoo

  76. Carly Monte

    Carly MonteMonth ago

    I’m 13 and I live charli I don’t understand why she’s famous because she just got famous for no reason and I think she is a good like real dancer when it comes to like lyrical, ballet, contemporary but tiktok dances isn’t dance it’s hand movements but I don’t understand why charli’s famous like Trisha said good for her I don’t think she deserves hate or at least as much as she gets because she is only 16 and a lot of her decisions she doesn’t make and her parents I feel push her and she is told to do a lot of things and she definitely is over hyped but I feel all tiktokers that started their career on tiktok are over hyped and it’s upsetting but I feel bad for charli because since she is over hyped she gets tons of hate and probably is depressed which is sad but yeah that’s my take on it

  77. Wafaa Dauleh

    Wafaa DaulehMonth ago

    the old horse analogy made me laugh sm

  78. Katri K

    Katri KMonth ago

    Trish looks absolutely amazing.

  79. moran pochtar

    moran pochtarMonth ago

    i hate charlie demalio

  80. Daphne Samantha

    Daphne SamanthaMonth ago

    can yall just be proud tht they can be famous easily , god created their lifes so as us

  81. Susana .3.

    Susana .3.Month ago

    Her whole fan base is probably like children under the age of 10

  82. Haileyyy Autumn

    Haileyyy AutumnMonth ago

    Honestly Trisha i agree.What made her famous-

  83. Mayeth Martin

    Mayeth MartinMonth ago

    ngl, I clicked on this video ready to judge because I feel like Trish is so notorious for being problematic, but I'm actually surprised by how down to earth you are. I agree with a lot of the points you made (I don't even keep up with the D'amelios, but I've definitely read a lot of articles about Trish and Charli pitting Trish as a villain)

  84. Brianna Osenbruck

    Brianna OsenbruckMonth ago

    trisha has the best content she is not afraid to call anyone out i love that she stands up for herself what a queen!!

  85. Brianna Osenbruck

    Brianna OsenbruckMonth ago

    "im not so great everybody i will probably disappoint you soon" trisha is so iconic its not even funny. queen.

  86. Keiyah Bells

    Keiyah BellsMonth ago

    I don’t think anybody really even likes Charli 💀💀💀

  87. John 07

    John 07Month ago

    Trish can definitely relate to Jason in some way. I just feel that way

  88. John 07

    John 07Month ago

    I love Moses rn he liked my video and I started crying

  89. John 07

    John 07Month ago

    The employees seeing trish buying the charli when Trisha hates charli 😑

  90. Sophie Graham

    Sophie GrahamMonth ago

    Wait but why is Trisha famous

  91. khloe thomas

    khloe thomasMonth ago

    This was filmed on my birthday:)

  92. rechal

    rechalMonth ago


  93. carissa

    carissaMonth ago


  94. annie defranca

    annie defrancaMonth ago

    I hate Trisha but I find her so entertaining-

  95. Harley Quinn

    Harley QuinnMonth ago

    Stop smacking your lips it’s annoying

  96. Hexawitch

    HexawitchMonth ago

    isk why but i just listen to her whole time while im doing something or playing a video game. she sounds like i played a song idk xd

  97. sponge bab

    sponge babMonth ago

    She just really going at the damilos jeez when she be doing the same thing

  98. PurpleDirple !

    PurpleDirple !Month ago

    “Maybe that’s why they called this the charli drink, over hyped” LMFAO IM CACKLING 😭

  99. toria dzaferovic

    toria dzaferovicMonth ago

    trisha ur my pocket peace. ive been so stressed lately and watching you has really been so helpful to me. i love you

  100. Arianna Soto

    Arianna SotoMonth ago

    i dont get the charli hype either like it was cool at first but now everyone hyped her up for literally no reason.... like ok? u do 15 second dances on an app why do u have ur own drink at dunkin, why are u in superbowl commercials i dont understand

  101. sydney

    sydneyMonth ago

    as a gen z (16 yo) i honestly could not tell you why charli is famous. her fans are all 14 yo or less, and i think at that age they just want someone to be able to look up to and have as a role model. charli is pretty generic, like u said a girl next door type, and when she happened to blow up people just went with it because they wanted someone to idolize. she's a sweet pretty girl, and that's what tik tok needed as a face for their app, so the position kind of fell in her lap. tbh it mostly comes down to luck. the algorithm randomly decided to work in her favor, and now she's super successful thanks to that. i dont mean to discredit her, not everyone could handle to be in that position of influence or even want to be that famous, so props to her for taking that all on, not everyone could do what she does. but at the same time there are plently of girls who could, but like i said, charli happened to be the one chosen by the algorithm. but good for her for being that one

  102. Jrodr 916

    Jrodr 916Month ago

    Trisha's success inspires me

  103. Olivia Eavenson

    Olivia EavensonMonth ago

    Your glowing... wow 😍😍😍