1. esme n

    esme n2 hours ago

    What shirt is that!!! Please

  2. Milo

    Milo6 hours ago

    So good to see u happy and kilking some demons... 😍😭💛❤

  3. Hollaitsheather 33

    Hollaitsheather 3322 hours ago

    The most distracted scary driver I have seen

  4. kitsune -_-

    kitsune -_-Day ago

    Please get tinted windows! 😩 love you 😘

  5. florencefrog

    florencefrog3 days ago

    I love Trishas energy sm, she looks so happy and I love watching her videos because when I'm having a bad day she can just do a mukbang and it would make my day better..

  6. HungUpOnADream1122

    HungUpOnADream11223 days ago

    I wanna sit in the passenger seat and eat fries with her :(

  7. David Gonzalez

    David Gonzalez6 days ago

    30's!!!! will be our best years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Katelyn H

    Katelyn H10 days ago

    trish with short hair 😍😍😍

  9. Destiney Torres

    Destiney Torres10 days ago

    “Can I get a fohnta” “A what?” “A Fanta” “Oh okay” I LOVE TRISH😭

  10. ChynaMAC

    ChynaMAC11 days ago

    She needs tints on that damn car...like FR

  11. Mariann Ryan

    Mariann Ryan11 days ago


  12. Nosipho Dywili

    Nosipho Dywili11 days ago

    I'd love to be friends with Trisha. She looks like alot of fun and seems like she'd be loyal.

  13. Nosipho Dywili

    Nosipho Dywili11 days ago

    I'm here for how Trisha chews food. I love her mukbangs.

  14. walkerwhere

    walkerwhere11 days ago

    My good times were when I still go to movie theaters more often what takes me back but when I listen to the rock band like Delta Parole or GNR gives me the epic movie feelings.

  15. Rachel Martinez

    Rachel Martinez12 days ago

    Its so sweet you feel supported by the internet community, I feel like the truth and honesty you tell helps support me in my journey in understanding, accepting and loving myself. Thanks Trish :) I don't think there is another USloftr who is doing that. Thank you for being honest about you and your journey - take care!

  16. Savannah Ziehms

    Savannah Ziehms12 days ago

    Givin off a little bit of horse girl vibes today trish ngl

  17. shecutie

    shecutie13 days ago

    trisha has GLOWED UP man- her vibe just feels so genuine and akcmsmckd i’m happy for this girlie 😤💓💓

  18. Eliza DoLot

    Eliza DoLot14 days ago

    Better safe than sorry! Never need to apologize for protecting yourself. Best wishes to you for healing, peace, prosperity and joy. 💖🙏🌈

  19. rachel ARMY

    rachel ARMY14 days ago

    i really drool i see this video omg !!! did you buy it on kfc? if not please tell me where to buy it please

  20. Janden Cutler

    Janden Cutler14 days ago

    i literally love her

  21. Alexandrea Kamotho

    Alexandrea Kamotho14 days ago

    "what size"? "curly "

  22. Afra Aldhaheri

    Afra Aldhaheri15 days ago

    since is ramadan, ive been letting trisha eat for me while fasting 😭😭😭

  23. Jackie Lain

    Jackie Lain15 days ago

    Your mask is on another level

  24. damian

    damian16 days ago

    watching trisha eating in her car is so therapeutic to me i don’t know if you all agree

  25. Samael Martell

    Samael Martell16 days ago

    This Mac & cheese bites are bomb af.

  26. Nevaeh Carmen

    Nevaeh Carmen16 days ago

    I love watching these videos and eating with her. It helps me recover from my anorexia nervosa since I have someone to eat with :) love you trisha

  27. Barbara Briffett

    Barbara Briffett16 days ago

    KFC has cheese cake to which is really good .

  28. Barbara Briffett

    Barbara Briffett16 days ago

    Your beautiful.

  29. Summer Cadieux

    Summer Cadieux17 days ago

    What size? CURLY

  30. Brit tany

    Brit tany17 days ago

    I love your honesty about your past. I love who you are today. Keep it up girl. ❤️

  31. Lovely. Bun

    Lovely. Bun17 days ago

    "What size?" Trisha: "curly" 🤣

  32. Tony Nouvxer

    Tony Nouvxer17 days ago

    You look nice

  33. via sinclair

    via sinclair18 days ago

    your videos of you just eating and talking like a friend are literally my form of therapy

  34. Kaitlin

    Kaitlin19 days ago

    Trish is who I comfort watch

  35. Greta Kurtz

    Greta Kurtz19 days ago

    I love Trish so much but I cannot stand the sound of her chewing and like smacking and licking her lips it makes my skin crawl

  36. xxquinxx

    xxquinxx20 days ago

    "thats it"

  37. TheNameIsMani

    TheNameIsMani20 days ago

    wtf do you be saying? girl i can’t understand you. You talk so fast it sound like gibberish

  38. Bee Hefferman

    Bee Hefferman21 day ago

    Hey trish it’s not weird to be worried and stuff alone in the car like honestly don’t be like oh I’m such a weirdo because I’m moving my car like I would too I would be super scared if that happened to me

  39. Gabriel Christian

    Gabriel Christian21 day ago

    Trish is hands down the best youtuber 💕 love you girly 🥰

  40. Alan

    Alan21 day ago

    this girl straight up breaking the law in camera... lol no seatbelt , also super distracted driving eating and looking down for more fries ... jesus girl lawyers prob hate you :p

  41. Alan

    Alan21 day ago

    girl you know damn well you ain't remember how they tasted in 08 or 09.... 11-15 years ago LOLLLLL

  42. Ella O

    Ella O22 days ago

    just wanna give you the biggest hug Trish!!! we all love you and are so proud of u !!! xxx

  43. Sophie Holmes

    Sophie Holmes22 days ago

    Please slow down when you're talking sweet heart it's hard so understand what you are saying xx

  44. Tim Rassi

    Tim Rassi22 days ago

    These mac & cheese bites are gonna win somebody the Nobel Prize.

  45. Lana Dutch

    Lana Dutch23 days ago

    The people in the comment section who suggest Trisha should get a cheaper car or just stay home are ignorant. It doesn't matter if she's driving a Honda or a 3 million dollar Bugatti, you don't have the right to chase or surround People like a buch of hungry hyena's. How pathetic are you.

  46. tonianne mcgee

    tonianne mcgee23 days ago

    those mac and cheese bites look sooo good wow...

  47. Sharon Socoloski

    Sharon Socoloski23 days ago

    We don't have any Jack in the boxes around on east coast, since the e-coli outbreak in 80's . Damn i wish, they would bring them back. We only have of course: McDonald's , Burger King, Taco Bell, that is it! Would love to try the Korean fried cheese sticks!

  48. Merry Red

    Merry Red23 days ago

    Honestly there is nothing worse than parking and eating fire food and some dickbag parking right next to you!!!!!

  49. Carsyn

    Carsyn23 days ago

    Not my mouth drooling watching this 🤤

  50. M. Kelly

    M. Kelly23 days ago

    You cute ... But can't understand a word you saying

  51. megan Rich

    megan Rich23 days ago

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say I’m loving your content so much more since Moses and Eathan/Hila

  52. xxrufftuffenzxx

    xxrufftuffenzxx23 days ago

    I'd love to work for you!!! I'm a cook/chef....

  53. Ang_lina

    Ang_lina24 days ago

    1:10 me at the drive thru all of the sudden forgetting how to pronounce words 😭

  54. Emily granger

    Emily granger24 days ago

    i’m hungry now

  55. Dnjn Hbub

    Dnjn Hbub24 days ago

    7:33 whhaaattt ???? Smfh damnnnnn ur USloft would be so much better if u ddnt MUMBLE 🙄

  56. Dnjn Hbub

    Dnjn Hbub24 days ago

    Just eat the food give ur review and stfu 😒

  57. malik

    malik24 days ago

    sadboy got me thru quarantine 😢 can’t wait for sadboy 2.0

  58. Narine Lar

    Narine Lar24 days ago

    trish, get a super lowkey car and tint it out and no one will know its you when you do these mukbangs

  59. Your Name

    Your Name24 days ago

    oink oink

  60. Maxwell osborn

    Maxwell osborn24 days ago


  61. Aria Mia

    Aria Mia24 days ago

    Famous last words is my favorite by them. I have a line from that song in a tattoo 💕💕

  62. Mabry And Mabry

    Mabry And Mabry24 days ago

    I LOVE that shirt

  63. Regan H

    Regan H24 days ago

    just commenting to say that I know you said you aren’t conventionally/traditionally beautiful in one of your recent videos but honestly you couldn’t be more wrong! Trish, you are absolutely STUNNING, and I just wanted you to know 🥰

  64. Rachel Lowe

    Rachel Lowe25 days ago

    I'm honestly so proud of you and the place you're at. I know you're getting a lot of love right now on the internet and I'm so glad, but I know that you might worry that it wont last. I just want you to know that if the tide turns I'll still support you regardless💖

  65. xXZomBreXx

    xXZomBreXx25 days ago

    I would honestly just LOVE hitting up some food spots with Trish, parking and talking. Sucks you couldn't get more personal space girl. Hope you're having a good day!

  66. Matulytizzz 123

    Matulytizzz 12325 days ago

    0.45 am I the only one thought about "Can I have a spicy chicken sandwitch" 🤣🤣🤣

  67. Thalia TV

    Thalia TV25 days ago

    “What size” “Curly” LMAO

  68. Juliana Conn

    Juliana Conn25 days ago

    hey girl you look gorgeous and also skinnnnny legend 😍😍😍 being wifey and making your own food with less ingredients is probably healthier for you anyways but tomorrow i am LITERALLY going to jack and the box this looked so good omg ily babe 💋

  69. Boopie Boop

    Boopie Boop25 days ago

    Jack n the box has always had those cheesecakes

  70. meur urme

    meur urme25 days ago

    I’m mature... eats with mouth open

  71. idk •

    idk •25 days ago

    12:25 MISS GIRL WHAT

  72. Syed Ibrahim

    Syed Ibrahim25 days ago

    moses iw the luckiest guy

  73. deathglitterr

    deathglitterr25 days ago

    A Fanta ....."a FÀNTÁ"

  74. Timothy Kang

    Timothy Kang25 days ago

    Trisha you are amazing! The way you talk about past traumatic experiences is so genuine and you help people realize they are not alone. Love you so much!

  75. Arturo Esquivel

    Arturo Esquivel25 days ago

    love eating and watching my homegirl Trish eat with me hehe

  76. BrianaLoveW

    BrianaLoveW25 days ago

    I just wanna eat with her one time

  77. Stephanie

    Stephanie25 days ago

    Aw Trish, you've been missing out they've always had the cheesecake, I get it all the time. It really is delicious.

  78. raindrop sue

    raindrop sue25 days ago

    OML 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. Lina Martinez

    Lina Martinez25 days ago

    I wish everyone talked as fast as Trisha I always have to put everyone else on 1.5 speed

  80. Churro Cam

    Churro Cam25 days ago

    My favorite trish videos!

  81. Uhh Danielle

    Uhh Danielle25 days ago

    Hey Brett, I’m here for the right reasons💀

  82. Amanda Lampron

    Amanda Lampron25 days ago

    And we love who you are as well Trish!!!

  83. Ellie Harris

    Ellie Harris25 days ago

    So jealous that in the US you get more than one flavour option for Fanta🤯

  84. Darbae Smith

    Darbae Smith25 days ago

    Fahnta is the new wave.

  85. Pauletta Wiener

    Pauletta Wiener26 days ago

    One day I was watching Trisha’s video of her eating and my mom thought I was on an adult channel. ❤️❤️ you Trish

  86. Samantha Westberg

    Samantha Westberg26 days ago

    Trish your hair is thriving!!!!

  87. ava z

    ava z26 days ago

    ugh these videos are so comfortinggggg

  88. Tiffiny

    Tiffiny26 days ago

    Where is trishas flannel from? I want it.

  89. K N

    K N26 days ago

    Hair and makeup on point today ❤ glowing with beauty everyday lately

  90. jordan

    jordan26 days ago

    She’s funny for no reason at all😂

  91. Kristina Kay

    Kristina Kay26 days ago

    We love your car videos ❤️

  92. bee v

    bee v26 days ago

    Ahhhh im so envious I just want to eat rn!

  93. bee v

    bee v26 days ago

    I just got my wisdom teeth out and am only allowed a liquid/soft food diet, watching food vids is how im coping 😭 so hungry

  94. liam hatfield

    liam hatfield26 days ago

    BIIGGGGGG summer 2016 vibes from this vid. I'm happy tp see Trisha in a space that she's really able to be happy.

  95. Amy Joynson

    Amy Joynson26 days ago

    That flannel top is everything

  96. space

    space26 days ago

    "could i get a Fauhnta" "Whatwasthat?" "A Fanta" 💀💀💀😂

  97. J P

    J P26 days ago

    Trisha you're looking great!!

  98. Jude Mckinnon

    Jude Mckinnon26 days ago

    Trish you should get a Mace gun or taser, so you can have some sort of security when your alone! Or just carry around a FAT knife and just flash it if anyone try’s to fuck with you, even if ur not gunna use it

  99. Annemarie Gulley

    Annemarie Gulley26 days ago

    everything you said about trauma resonated with me so much. sometimes, my emotions overwhelm my ability to verbalize it and to hear you describe a similar feeling I have was really comforting. I'm loving this content Trish!!!

  100. Evelyn Scott

    Evelyn Scott26 days ago

    I have misophonia, so chewing actually makes me go crazy. But Trish is the only person who’s chewing is literally therapeutic for me.

  101. Emilee Elizabeth

    Emilee Elizabeth15 days ago

    Literally same