my interview with New York Magazine's Vulture!

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  1. Truly Honest

    Truly Honest3 days ago

    Grosss and ewwwwww

  2. bit of everything

    bit of everything19 days ago

    Whats the taco bell cheese dip drama

  3. Inés Rakosnik

    Inés RakosnikMonth ago

    you're the best

  4. Its Gucci

    Its GucciMonth ago

    lmao I love how most of y’all think the article wasn’t nice because you can actually ducking read - it wasn’t nice Trisha isn’t a nice person so why would a publication make it seem like she is? Frenemies is her last lifeline yall, better hope she doesn’t fuck over Ethan cause he’s gonna expose her

  5. Amethyst Athena

    Amethyst AthenaMonth ago

    Congratulations Trisha! You deserve so much! I love how are vocal about everything and you have a very real view and you actually care about people and standing up for victims and bringing awareness to serious social issues. I love you so so much!!

  6. A_ree_ta

    A_ree_taMonth ago

    Trish referenced her “second channel” and I realized at this moment that this is her vlog channel 🤣 the other one looks more like a *main channel*

  7. A_ree_ta

    A_ree_taMonth ago

    Or is it. I’m so confused. She switches between the two with no prejudice. 😂

  8. Nikki F

    Nikki FMonth ago

    Congrats Trisha, I’ve been a follower for years and am so happy for you!

  9. Nikki F

    Nikki FMonth ago

    I thought you said it made your butt boil when you referenced Scott 💀💀 i love your videos

  10. Alexa Arellano

    Alexa ArellanoMonth ago

    I love youuuuuuuu 💕 I’ll keep loving you girllllll

  11. Drina

    DrinaMonth ago

    You are a very,very superficial person and very, very, very narcissistic. Very messed up. Learn something from your therapy.

  12. Linda Smith

    Linda SmithMonth ago

    Congrats Trish! 🎉

  13. Natalie

    NatalieMonth ago

    Love seeing your joy

  14. Tresie Frazier

    Tresie FrazierMonth ago

    👩🏽Trish why do u remind Me So Much of MySelF🙂

  15. Lil nitty

    Lil nittyMonth ago


  16. Kenny Pham

    Kenny PhamMonth ago

    Seems like your good karma is coming back to you!

  17. Dena Jean

    Dena JeanMonth ago

    How the fuck do you read that fast 🥲😭 me stoopid

  18. Glam Coffee

    Glam CoffeeMonth ago

    Been here from the start and I’m excited to see how your life is evolving in the best way

  19. Danny Bell

    Danny BellMonth ago

    At the end of the day, we love you Trisha!

  20. Sumvia Rose

    Sumvia RoseMonth ago

    She’s going 100 mph in this video & I love it! ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂

  21. Bored Link

    Bored LinkMonth ago

    The thumbnail I-

  22. Raya Campbell

    Raya CampbellMonth ago

    I love that congrats on being on the front cover babe!

  23. Donna Cintron

    Donna CintronMonth ago

    She is sooo manic! Breathe! Take a minute. One thought at a time...just slooow down gurl!

  24. Lauren

    LaurenMonth ago

    You looked amazing in those pictures so gorgeous 😍

  25. nicole jones

    nicole jonesMonth ago

    This fishy is so glad to see how well you are doing!

  26. Lewie Bowyer

    Lewie BowyerMonth ago


  27. Lewie Bowyer

    Lewie BowyerMonth ago


  28. A Aimée

    A AiméeMonth ago

    Congrats tisha you deserve it! Ur drive and hustle is admirable and anyone who can’t see that legit will once they get out into the real world. 🥂

  29. A Aimée

    A AiméeMonth ago

    Now sad reading the comments and saying they were shady - FK IT GIRL U HAPPY WE HAPPY. Perspective 💯

  30. Rose Busch

    Rose BuschMonth ago

    You have every right to be excited!!!

  31. Money for Nothing

    Money for NothingMonth ago

    Yuck?? 🤢 Ewwwe! 🤮

  32. Bianca N

    Bianca NMonth ago

    Has anyone tried to watch Trisha's video in a faster play back speed? It's actually impossible.

  33. Sabrina Vincent

    Sabrina VincentMonth ago

    Congrats ! You really seem happy about this

  34. anonymously anonymous

    anonymously anonymousMonth ago

    L O V E YOU

  35. Katie Evans

    Katie EvansMonth ago

    Who been here since grindhouse barbie

  36. Lily Poon

    Lily PoonMonth ago

    Trisha is excited about the clout

  37. Lili Askin

    Lili AskinMonth ago

    Oh my god I love excited Trish

  38. Zshakira

    ZshakiraMonth ago

    I had to drive 2 hours for these Cheese Dippers”......💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  39. Romario Conrado

    Romario ConradoMonth ago

    I can't wait for Trisha's late night! Either attending one or even having her own. Though I don't get the feeling she is a night person... Maybe Wendy's successor? Regardless, speaking your success into existence. Been watching you for years.

  40. First born unicorn

    First born unicornMonth ago

    she should've dressed like Lola or Eliza for this video! or miss

  41. Carson Solaz

    Carson SolazMonth ago

    I felt like the article did not accurately represent you. Vulture often presents TikTok stories so I honestly felt like they were coming from a viewpoint to appease the Diamelios and Dobrik. I think they should've talked about who you are as a person more rather than your experiences, as you have grown so much and that's why many of us new followers are here.

  42. n e s s

    n e s sMonth ago

    Not me thinking that was jeffree in the thumbnail



    You were Stunningly Beautiful in the magazine pics❣️💯❤️ I think they could've said many more Positive things about Tricia❣️ I am a true Fan of Tricia Moses her Mom & Sister. I Love that Trisha is doing great & is Happily in LOVE with a Genuine Sweet Kind Caring & Loving Man. I am so Happy for Both of them. Trisha deserves to be Loved & be Happy in Life. She is very Intelligent Beautiful & Kind Hearted. Thank You Trisha for Always being Real & having a Heart of Gold. I LOVE YOU & WISH YOU NOTHING BUT HAPPINESS FAME ,& FORTUNE. YOU WORKED & STILL WORK HARD FOR WHAT YOU HAVE & I AM PROUD OF YOU & PROUD FOR YOU ❣️💯❤️❤️ I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS & YOU TO SHARE YOUR HAPPINESS IN LIFE WITH YOUR TRUE FANS THAT LOVE YOU❣️💯❤️❤️❤️❤️🐠🌈🥰

  44. Jay Shivers

    Jay ShiversMonth ago

    I can’t believe I’m the only one who liked the article 😦

  45. Jay Shivers

    Jay ShiversMonth ago

    “Besides, there’s just something about Paytas that feels beyond the current moment. You start to get the sense that this is a woman who, no matter what period of history you drop her into, would find a way to get famous - or at least make enough trouble to get people talking.”

  46. DieSchanze MussBrennen

    DieSchanze MussBrennenMonth ago

    she is on meth again you can tell

  47. DieSchanze MussBrennen

    DieSchanze MussBrennenMonth ago

    "an entire drama-channel cottage industry devoted to explaining their constantly fluctuating relationships. Of her divisive peers - Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, James Charles, Tana Mongeau, Nikita Dragun, the Paul Brothers - Paytas, the enigmatic big-boobed bimbo" LMAAAO love the shade in the article xDD

  48. Kellz B

    Kellz BMonth ago

    We love you Trish ❤️

  49. Caitlin Rose

    Caitlin RoseMonth ago

    Trisha is absolutely flourishing lately and we love it. 🥺❤️

  50. Karmen

    KarmenMonth ago

    I love how fast she talks, it's like music to my ears. She's saving all of us time lmaoo

  51. Feralgecko

    FeralgeckoMonth ago

    You look so pretty today Trish 🥺

  52. Danielle Angel Nieves

    Danielle Angel NievesMonth ago

    God I have to legit rewind like 40 times to understand her shes talking soo fast haha

  53. Danielle Angel Nieves

    Danielle Angel NievesMonth ago

    Aw I kinda feel sad because shes so excited and talking this magazine up , which i've never heard of them b4, and they lowkey trashed her in the article ☹

  54. Mako Soma

    Mako SomaMonth ago

    you are getting your life together!

  55. Broudwin Hollett

    Broudwin HollettMonth ago


  56. Valerie Moore

    Valerie MooreMonth ago

    Hope you had fun!!

  57. Shell Smith

    Shell SmithMonth ago


  58. Lady D Manhattan

    Lady D ManhattanMonth ago


  59. Heather

    HeatherMonth ago

    The reason I love watching you so much is because of how real and honest you always are about everything and don't act like you are better then other people, you're awesome 🤗💗

  60. Bartek9260 Kowalski

    Bartek9260 KowalskiMonth ago


  61. Bartek9260 Kowalski

    Bartek9260 KowalskiMonth ago


  62. Bartek9260 Kowalski

    Bartek9260 KowalskiMonth ago


  63. Patty Parish

    Patty ParishMonth ago

    Omgggg can’t understand a word she says 🤦🏻‍♀️

  64. Amanda Evans

    Amanda EvansMonth ago

    So proud of you baby girl ❤️ you have come so far, and your growth is absolutely amazing!! It's nice to see a genuine smile on your face, to hear the smile and laugh in your voice, and mostly to see your eyes light up so beautifully!!! I'm happy to finally see you happy, this is the happiness you deserve. Remember everything you put out in this world comes back to you times 3, you have been giving your heart and soul to do the right things in life lately and it shows... (Plz don't take this as mean, ugly, or judgemental! I love you ❤️💜💚🧡) keep being the beautiful young women we know you are, we waiting on the wedding coverage lol.. sending love to Moses too, he has definitely been a huge factor to your happiness!!

  65. Mette Fraenki

    Mette FraenkiMonth ago

    Trisha, just have to say your skin looks amazing! Happy it's getting better!

  66. Marina Henriksen

    Marina HenriksenMonth ago

    I just finished reading it, i didnt find it mean spirited ä.

  67. Iknouare ButwhatamI

    Iknouare ButwhatamIMonth ago

    Trisha is MANIC in this video

  68. kevin prudente

    kevin prudenteMonth ago

    I was trying to be like you, and I failed. I shouldn’t use food as too much comfort if you know what I’m saying, but go you. :)

  69. Rana Beşikçioğlu

    Rana BeşikçioğluMonth ago

    Go girl you really deserve that. It must be not easy to have a career out of 10 years of drama and thrashing people

  70. Your Weird Lesbian Aunt Yuh

    Your Weird Lesbian Aunt YuhMonth ago

    soooooooooo can we just skip all the nice comments and put the song body roles on

  71. Chris Johns

    Chris JohnsMonth ago

    Loved the article. But wish they highlighted more

  72. Ashley England

    Ashley EnglandMonth ago

    Don't you mean run don't walk? Hahaha ily

  73. Paige Rorbach-pointon

    Paige Rorbach-pointonMonth ago

    I have to say and i do hope you read this i grew up thinking i was fat and ugly, been bullied in high school and never thought id be with a man, now after watching your videos i will walk around with my head held high happy with the way i look and happy that im the way my momma made me and i have followed your sex toy videos and omg your right tired alot with my current boyfriend of 5 years and our lives are amazing :) you are a big inspration to me I would just like to say thank you for being you and not letting anyone knock you down i would add u on snappchat but i cant remember your code xx

  74. squiddy ft.insecurities

    squiddy ft.insecuritiesMonth ago

    this is just the beginning of a very successful life ❤️❤️❤️

  75. Isaac P

    Isaac PMonth ago

    Trisha you got problems, you and h3 seriously need help smh

  76. Halfofmyheart

    HalfofmyheartMonth ago

    Congrats beautiful 💖💕

  77. Dannia Mendoza

    Dannia MendozaMonth ago

    Proud of u Trish! Love seeing all ur growth

  78. Dannia Mendoza

    Dannia MendozaMonth ago

    Good job Trish

  79. Victoria Isabel

    Victoria IsabelMonth ago

    Trisha ur pretty with or without make up

  80. Shannon Yolkowskie

    Shannon YolkowskieMonth ago

    Your skin looks super good here girl

  81. Crystal Dream

    Crystal DreamMonth ago

    Trish : I also have a face full of zits and that's just what you're getting today 🤣🤣🤣

  82. Parker

    ParkerMonth ago

    When I read the article I kind of stopped reading midway because it was actually pretty rude.. and yeah it was odd

  83. Death.ly_hollow 7

    Death.ly_hollow 7Month ago

    Idk if his is weird or not, lmk, trisha you look absolutely gorgeous with no makeup such a queen 😍😍 I love you ❤️❤️

  84. Charles Tarr

    Charles TarrMonth ago

    I actually think they didn’t laud her enough. As someone said “she’s USloft gold”. USloft itself should actually pay her even if she’s not “Adsense” gold. I’ve been living under a rock and only became interested in her when she recently became the center of the USloft universe or slightly before while subscribing after “Tati dumb as hell”. I think her music and especially her music videos are completely underrated. The week of the “Hair by Jay” take no prisoner rampage I’d really like to know how many views were about her on USloft. Probably had more views than all the news shows combined so I think the world actually owes her.

  85. Cathkitty

    CathkittyMonth ago

    Slow are hard to understand cuz u talk too fast!

  86. C

    CMonth ago


  87. C

    CMonth ago

    queen of taking shade in stride

  88. Mary M

    Mary MMonth ago

    This article is a popular press version of your therapists' notes. With peace and love, this is not a positive piece.

  89. joslynne leone

    joslynne leoneMonth ago

    I literally feel like I’m on FaceTime with u

  90. Kelli Richardson

    Kelli RichardsonMonth ago

    Your skin looks very lovely and bright here! Beautiful!

  91. Bazil

    BazilMonth ago

    Okay so in the interview, you said you go by she/her and they/them. So you were never transgender. When will you apologize for making money off of this lie?

  92. kelly bastos

    kelly bastosMonth ago


  93. Kelly Martin

    Kelly MartinMonth ago

    Wow just read. Love!

  94. Eliza beth

    Eliza bethMonth ago

    A lot of people know who Scotty Sire is. Of course she had to bring up David and Jason in the article! Lol. Girl let it go, your FIANCE is probably getting tired of hearing about them. Also, damn what are you on today?? Jeezus lol

  95. Kirsten Margaret

    Kirsten MargaretMonth ago

    I think whoever wrote the article IS DEF NOT A TRISHA PAYTAS FAN!!! damn 😳 I thought they were so rude!!!

  96. Rachel Thava

    Rachel ThavaMonth ago

    Congrats! I don’t think the author gave you the credit you deserve. Your highs and lows are so much more than what was written.

  97. Bree DelToro

    Bree DelToroMonth ago

    Just me or did it seem like they were pretty shady throughout the whole article???

  98. kash B

    kash BMonth ago

    Oh yeah, just subscribed, you so bubbles "MY BUBBLES!" Just a lil; Nemo reference there hehe :D

  99. kash B

    kash BMonth ago

    nooo beanbags aren't embarrassing they're so cool, i mean like you so bean bags make sense wishing to have bean bags like yours one day hehe :)

  100. DH L

    DH LMonth ago

    Congratulations love seeing you so happy

  101. KellOnEarth

    KellOnEarthMonth ago


  102. MCM Tarot

    MCM TarotMonth ago

    If you're reading this, there is so many blessings coming your way! Keep the faith