David turned off comments but I am not...

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  1. Gimsu

    GimsuDay ago

    so bunch of girls went out seeking attention got drunk got fcked in threesome's from their idols and now they cry about it for attention. . .because probably they got criticized when family members or friends saw them.fcking with youtubers so the excuse was it was against my will. why go and do this in the first place? object

  2. Erin McArthur

    Erin McArthur2 days ago

    It even seems more sketchy now that after those videos is when they actually started getting girls to sign consent forms when they’d hook up with Dom.

  3. Lisanne Krautter

    Lisanne Krautter7 days ago

    He’s not gonna take responsibility because the consequences would be too severe. He’s gonna cover his ass.

  4. gamer @123

    gamer @1238 days ago

    Shut up

  5. Matt and Betsy Young

    Matt and Betsy Young8 days ago

    Tricia I get if you want to talk about your past with them but why are you still in the business about something that doesn’t even involve you

  6. Matt and Betsy Young

    Matt and Betsy Young8 days ago

    You all are supporting a woman who has been racist who is called people so stupid they needed a caregiver someone who has made up a story saying she had alters when she didn’t you can clearly tell the video was fake but y’all still supporting her OK

  7. Addie curry

    Addie curry8 days ago

    No hate but i honestly am not the one to get involved with tiktok or youtube drama but this is f-ed up

  8. Caleb Montano

    Caleb Montano8 days ago

    ahhhhhhhh stfu

  9. Alejandro Castillo

    Alejandro Castillo9 days ago

    Besides all the allegations I still fuk wit david..trisha just wants attention

  10. Ghostkitty Gaming

    Ghostkitty Gaming9 days ago

    Wow I’ve talked mad shit about trish but I’m so proud of her in this moment just gained some mad respect tbh!!

  11. Cody Sky

    Cody Sky10 days ago

    She’s such a fake 😂😂😂

  12. Yasmeen Elayyan

    Yasmeen Elayyan10 days ago

    Girl the clout is real!! U r desperate at this point. Let the courts handle it. Your past is horrific. Dont use your platform to manipulate people. We stood by you in the Shane and Jeff scandal and we stand by you day to day but recently you are literally weaponizing and bullying others. Let the court handle it and stop trying to extort victims.

  13. kellyb228

    kellyb22810 days ago

    You're gross

  14. NetWork_.

    NetWork_.10 days ago

    Dam she was right

  15. Sydney BVHS2023 Cook

    Sydney BVHS2023 Cook11 days ago

    David Dobrik apologized for what he did why should he take the fall for someone else’s actions

  16. Jordyn Mackay

    Jordyn Mackay11 days ago

    This video is literally longer then David’s apologie

  17. Lalala123

    Lalala12312 days ago

    I’m not a regular viewer of yours, but I just wanted to say I’m proud of your growth, and I’m sorry you were mistreated by Jason and David and the Vlog Squad.

  18. Kean bell edwards

    Kean bell edwards13 days ago

    Your looking for attention don’t act like you care

  19. Rin Jepson

    Rin Jepson13 days ago

    I would like to talk about how trish is in the right for once.. Gotta love some character development.

  20. cherryTIE

    cherryTIEDay ago

    Talk about that arch!

  21. Teresa Lehtonen

    Teresa Lehtonen14 days ago

    May I ask David who? Just want to know

  22. Houssain Al ahmafi

    Houssain Al ahmafi14 days ago

    Good you didn't want to turn of the comments, let me quick and clear id everybody has a problem with you maybe you the problem....

  23. Fane Alexander

    Fane Alexander14 days ago

    "I'm triggered and I was offended and I was uncomfortable so I'm right." what an insanely self-centered and idiotic POV. is this what rich people think are problems? people have real problems. earth to Trisha.

  24. Medianoche K

    Medianoche K14 days ago

    Dear Trisha, understand you chose to participate in the vlog, they all act fake and do it all for views and fame. Also, this is a business not a charity. You need to humiliate yourself to get views for the vlog squad. Edgy and sexual content sell very well in USloft with the occasional wholesome. This is what I’m guessing David thought. Back to you. If you were not ok with it, accept you are as disgusting as they are for allowing past inappropriate behaviors to go unchecked. You make this video acting like a victim when you probably manipulated and did all the things David has. You say you have no vendetta but this video demonstrates you do. You are bothered by the lawyers remarks and desire for him to hold an L. I personally feel that is what you transmitted through this video. In regards to David. He should have known they were minors, and it was his responsibility since they were consuming alcohol in his house. Legally, this will not see the light of day. In the case in which this event would reach a court room, which I find very unlikely, David will not be held accountable. Dom is the only one in actual legal trouble if the girls claim rape. In regards to the Vlog Squad. It should be 18+. It started clean but turned edgy, to full blown over the top sexual jokes. That event occurring and him filming it should be more than enough to terminate the Vlog squad channel. Personally I wouldn’t have made this video it does nothing but spread hate, but you did the same thing by not being able to shut up and stay out of drama. This is why I would personally hate being an entertainer. But that’s just me, im gonna leave and stick to accounting. BTW if you aren’t entirely wholesome do not complain. You, David, and Shane are the same. Manipulative liars that can’t stand being wrong. I don’t see anything wrong with it btw, sometimes that’s what you gotta do for views. (I am referring to manipulating)

  25. lindsey tastic

    lindsey tastic14 days ago

    I’m not even a minute in this video but I’m a loyal Trisha fan/supporter! I’ll always have that girls back. If you have been on USloft since USloft was first created back in I believe 2006/2007. Then you know Trisha and her story by now. She’s had a tough life and just like Shane Dawson they pretty much started around the same time I’d say. But they both had a lot of trauma in their life and they made videos and made something out of themselves. A lot of people are hating for no reason and I mean if you’re going to hate at least have a legitimate real reason instead of some generic boring accusation. Don’t get mad at people who have worked hard for their success! They are where they are at because of what they have done. They never started out with driving around in Mercedes Benz and having a really nice condo off the beach. The thing I love about Trisha and Shane is that they’ve helped those who’ve had a really rocky time with life and they made them feel happiness even if the content they posted was only 10 minutes and wasn’t the best of quality. No one remembers when Shane did those skits that were hilarious as no other. My favorites were all of them but especially shaynaynay. He is one of the reasons why I’m still alive. I went through a really traumatic time during 2008 when I first discovered USloft and Shane Dawson and even Trisha. These two are the type of people that don’t just make videos just for fame or the money. If you’ve been a long time supporter which is well over 10 years then you know how amazingly fantastic people they are! Sure they’re not perfect but no one should get mad over silly BS like that! At the end of the day are you perfect? No. So don’t act like it and make it seem as though youtubers are awful people. Trust me they’re not! They’re human beings just like you and me. Treat a person as though they were someone you love dearly. You never know what you say could do to a person. It might not hurt you but it could really hurt them in the way you wouldn’t even imagine. Much love to you Trisha❤️❤️❤️🥰

  26. mamama shabw

    mamama shabw15 days ago

    David turned of comment but I’m not ... GARDEN TOUR

  27. mamama shabw

    mamama shabw15 days ago

    She is stumbling over her words like Velma trying to get her glasses

  28. mamama shabw

    mamama shabw15 days ago


  29. Arian Roy

    Arian Roy15 days ago

    Stop calling yourself crazy for going to hospital seeking help does not make you crazy it make you brave if anything.

  30. Terri D

    Terri D15 days ago

    Your hair cute

  31. MNM

    MNM15 days ago

    If you don't accept his actions and his squad's actions, why were you a friend with them?!

  32. trzy

    trzy15 days ago


  33. Olivia Odell

    Olivia Odell15 days ago

    I remember the EXACT vlog you're talking about because it was the day I stopped watching them. I felt EXTREMELY angry and disgusted.

  34. Aaron Baddest queen

    Aaron Baddest queen16 days ago

    Trisha is so good at this kinda topic she amazing

  35. ma1sy cl4rk

    ma1sy cl4rk16 days ago

    ilysm trish

  36. MartiniMamma

    MartiniMamma16 days ago

    I seriously don’t get it? WHY(??) are it cool for a person to be a “influencer” to act the way you want? Like your beyond law? I don’t even live in the us but I hope that this could be an end of all of the “nonsense influencers”.. The best thing is not to apologize, it’s to come in sense and understand what you have done and after that MAYBE your apology will matter.. You are ruining a person, and another one and another one.. your apology means nothing! I mean what would words do when your all broke down? Think one ore a million times before your action!! THANK YOU TRISHA for your truth and your truth is important! That’s your truth and no one could take it away from you!

  37. MartiniMamma

    MartiniMamma16 days ago

    I seriously don’t get it? WHY(??) are it cool for a person to be a “influencer” to act the way you want? Like your beyond law? I don’t even live in the us but I hope that this could be an end of all of the “nonsense influencers”.. The best thing is not to apologize, it’s to come in sense and understand what you have done and after that MAYBE your apology will matter.. You are ruining a person, and another one and another one.. your apology means nothing! I mean what would words do when your all broke down? Think one ore a million times before your action!! THANK YOU TRISHA for your trout and that’s what’s important! That’s your trout an no one could take it away from you!

  38. Kali

    Kali16 days ago

    When it happened to me I felt stupid after that. Like I knew I shouldn't have drank n I said I don't wanna do 'it' multiple times before I got drunk. I was stupid to let it happen to me. I knew I shouldn't go with this person. That's why I never reported it

  39. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift17 days ago

    Who TF is this tart? has no clue what happened! was not there and just wants to comment to get a view.

  40. Super- noodle2008

    Super- noodle200817 days ago

    guys just stop bringing up drama like drama will not get you anywhere just because he turned off comments doesn’t mean he is trash he might have turned them off because they had too many

  41. jcl iffy

    jcl iffy17 days ago

    Sys trisha stop cashing in on something when nobody asked u to do this

  42. Jaylin Acevedo

    Jaylin Acevedo17 days ago

    thank u so much trish, can’t believe David made a 2 minute apology and u explained almost everything in 25 mins . i’m glad u explained, u have my respect ❤️

  43. Mycko Mendones

    Mycko Mendones17 days ago


  44. TWITZY Midzy Once

    TWITZY Midzy Once11 days ago

    Lil nas x killed the devil tho..

  45. Azumi Aumi

    Azumi Aumi17 days ago

    Ok soooo I have seen her in tiktok and saying that she is cringe to the anime community but I understand the whole drama for this it just I was still young when I watch that SO I didn't understand now I feel dissapointed to David and dom even tho my fave is Alex and her but to be honest they dont have a respect to a women I mean wtf?!

  46. Amina-arwa Abdi

    Amina-arwa Abdi17 days ago

    I don't usually agree with trisha but in matters like this shes usually in the right especially since its caught on camera with her saying they shouldn't have done that to seth and them calling her crazy

  47. C R

    C R17 days ago

    Trish they don’t see u as a human bc of the bpd which I have as well it’s a spectrum and we can get better as much as possible but they will pigeon hole us forever

  48. A Wii

    A Wii17 days ago

    It’s worst because he was sober.

  49. Anita Archer

    Anita Archer18 days ago

    Is anyone else sad it’s taken years to get out the truth, and if they do this ON camera. What have they done OFF camera? And the fact he and the vlog squad has done this and they STILL have a huge following, fame and money. Doesn’t it make you loose faith in humans.... it’s just sad that more people don’t care than people who care. I feel so bad for trash and anyone who has been hurt by them, I wish they go to prison, just cos they are famous doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go to prison.

  50. Sarah Roberts

    Sarah Roberts18 days ago

    Of course YOUR getting involved lol


    D3ADSH1TWA1FU19 days ago

    I'm sorry but who cares if the person who said this was trisha that doesn't fucking matter. What matters is that what she saying needs to be taken seriously and I'm in no way saying she's an angel because she's not but i really do respect that shes talking about this. And for anyone that is saying that she's doing this for views doesn't mean that what she's saying should be ignored or overlooked. For me personally I don't think she's doing this for views since she herself has tried to talk about this subject multiple times but got told she was crazy. If you don't like her okay whatever I don't care but at least try to listen to her reasonably and really try to understand why this needs to be talked about.

  52. Buy Your Own Damn Flowers

    Buy Your Own Damn Flowers19 days ago

    Girl you need to hang out with us boring people. We can chill go to bookstores and buy some boba 🧋 ain’t Hollywood but at least you can tell what’s real. Love you gurl

  53. aria jeong

    aria jeong19 days ago

    Dave made a 2 minute video of apologizing but Trisha made a 20 minute video. Is that supposed to say anything?

  54. aria jeong

    aria jeong19 days ago

    I don’t think anybody deserves this. Not even Trisha.

  55. L

    L19 days ago

    I’m not the biggest Trisha fan because let’s face it, she has done a bunch of messed up shit in the past but damn she’s been coming after Shane, James, Jeffree and David 💀

  56. Leooo Gomez

    Leooo Gomez19 days ago

    where did she get that shirt, lowkey want it😭

  57. rennie rad

    rennie rad19 days ago

    Guess Jason's out of a job, who's got the last laugh now!

  58. Mercy Montoya

    Mercy Montoya19 days ago


  59. sienna

    sienna19 days ago

    it makes me sad that even i underestimated trish in a way of being “crazy” but really all of this was going on wow

  60. Faithbeez

    Faithbeez19 days ago

    i don’t like david 😻

  61. JustL

    JustL19 days ago

    Correct, I'm glad you're on David's side. He didn't do anything wrong. Thank you for speaking up !

  62. Shyann Miller

    Shyann Miller19 days ago

    There needs to be more hate on Dom

  63. Rahela Shikorina

    Rahela Shikorina20 days ago

    These recent apology videos are just a bad look for not taking accountability & it goes to show how ungrateful people are!

  64. Enrico Silvestri

    Enrico Silvestri20 days ago

    Why does he still have 18 million followers?

  65. Peru Peru

    Peru Peru20 days ago

    What kind of girl replies to meet up to a 5 sum and expect the person who posted it not to make a move 🤔 wild

  66. Peru Peru

    Peru Peru20 days ago

    I’m sure he knows what he did wrong, shits already old, kid was what 21, I’m sure we all did stupid shit for laughs or so when we were younger, let him own up to his wrongs and let him be a better person if he wants to be a better person.

  67. Niaya Beall

    Niaya Beall21 day ago

    as a sexual assault victim as well, the mental toll of being taken advantage of NEVER goes away. even if you move past it or whatever, the emotional damages stay forever and i feel so bad for that poor girl. i feel so badly for you too trish. i really hate that it feels like none of us will ever get justice because people don’t believe us or our offenders hold to much power. but there’s a small sense of justice in just knowing that other victims see and believe you. because yeah it’s a HORRIBLE thing to experience but at least i feel less alone because others have the courage to speak out about it. coercion isn’t consent. begging isn’t consent. intoxication isn’t consent. the first no is a no. its that simple. and i pray that one day that will be something people respect. this just hits me so close to home and lights a fire of pure anger and sadness in me. i absolutely cannot stand the thought of another human being experiencing these situations. it breaks my heart unlike anything else. anyways, love you trish. thank you for coming forward with the truth again, this is why i’ve loved you forever years

  68. Sue C

    Sue C7 days ago

    I am so sorry that happened to you, i hope you are more okey now ❤️ ı agree with everything you said... why cant people understand “no means just no” that should be that easy

  69. Auntie A's

    Auntie A's21 day ago

    Yesss trisha go get your fucking character developtment card. You deserve it.

  70. yagmur yaman

    yagmur yaman21 day ago

    Thank you Trisha 💖

  71. Karina Velazquez

    Karina Velazquez21 day ago

    What will I do w/ my vlog hoodie now ?😞

  72. Ellie Paige

    Ellie Paige21 day ago

    burn it? lol they were never funny

  73. Zakary Scott

    Zakary Scott21 day ago

    I hate her ego man

  74. Ellie Paige

    Ellie Paige21 day ago

    she's literally talking about her sexual assault story what does it have to do with her ego?

  75. Jolisa Tohe

    Jolisa Tohe21 day ago

    They are probably never going to hang out ever again 😂😂😂

  76. Andrea L

    Andrea L21 day ago

    Let’s be real she loves watching him crash and burn. I do too but you know she loves it.

  77. brian blake

    brian blake22 days ago

    I feel like David tried to make his own cult so he can get popular like Ariana or other high list celebrities. Honestly I’m not surprised CIA or FBI is going into the threesome where dom is being accused we want answers.

  78. Morgan Noelle

    Morgan Noelle22 days ago

    Finally you and Erin are speaking out

  79. stripfojosee

    stripfojosee22 days ago

    “you better hope you’re on my good side if me and jason breakup cuz i’ll expose you” yikes

  80. phyco fox 21

    phyco fox 2122 days ago

    i'm confused why your getting in davids business david made a mistake like HUMANS do and if your calling him out on that then you must be an alian and not a human. Go be humble and eat your rice. With your messed up you tibe video playing .

  81. Carly Guzzardo

    Carly Guzzardo22 days ago

    I have never really watched Trish but my respect just went 📈 for her

  82. Rachel Madura

    Rachel Madura22 days ago

    all there videos were 2 minutes long it doesnt make sense

  83. Nathan Boyer

    Nathan Boyer22 days ago

    Trisha! David is despicable and disgusting. He made a video where he talked about Native peoples saying we basically turn to crystal meth. Josh Peck and others were in this video. Trisha please bring this up its horrible . Help!

  84. Lynda McDevitt

    Lynda McDevitt22 days ago

    I haven't been your fan. But this video makes me understand you better. We have a similar past and it fucks us up mentally.

  85. Lynda McDevitt

    Lynda McDevitt22 days ago

    We didn't ask for what happened to us. My incident (if you want to call it that) I was choked and pinned down in my now sons fathers moms living room. He sodomized me as I screamed for help.

  86. Lynda McDevitt

    Lynda McDevitt22 days ago

    I completely understand the broken, used icky feeling. That video disgusts me.

  87. Lynda McDevitt

    Lynda McDevitt22 days ago

    We may have mental issues.. like PTSD, anxiety or depression.. but that is a product of what the men and life put us through.

  88. Ciara s

    Ciara s22 days ago

    As far as im concerned Trisha you're culpable as well. You sat there and watched it all happen didn't say anything then and you're only saying things now to add to the drama of it all. Those girls were assaulted and you knew what happened and waited all this time said nothing until it was convenient for you and didn't help them in any way. You criticizing David you need to criticize yourself.

  89. Ciara s

    Ciara s16 days ago

    @Ellie Paige firstly Trisha said herself she didn’t speak out she felt uncomfortable so she left and she told the girls to leave too but apparently they were starstruck. Secondly Trisha has made multiple videos about this and is gaining hella publicity from this so you saying she has nothing to gain is idiotic she getting money from this 100%. And as a person who has been sexually assaulted multiple times yes it is hard speaking out but it’s even harder sitting there watching it happen to other people. Like I said she just as culpable as the other old ass mfs in the room when it happened she had this same platform and opportunity to speak on it’s she did when it happened and decided not to. She also could have called the police in the moment just from the fact they gave minors alcohol but didn’t

  90. leannaa -

    leannaa -16 days ago

    @Ellie Paige trishia has a lot to gain from this, attention. She feeds off of it.

  91. leannaa -

    leannaa -16 days ago

    @Ellie Paige Trisha isn’t the victim in this so how is this victim blaming..?

  92. Ellie Paige

    Ellie Paige21 day ago

    Excuse me? so many people were there and saw it happen, and trisha was one of the first to speak out. she's said many times that was younger and more immature, and coming from a background of trauma and SA she is going to be less likely to feel comfortable enough to speak out, she has tried to speak out before and was either hurt worse or invalidated. she could have spoken out years ago or years later, what's important is that she did speak out. you're really going to say that trisha deserves just as much criticism for being assaulted and scared to speak out than david, who was literally the one to assault and provoke people. trisha truly has nothing to gain from this, the first person to speak out will always be attacked the most, she has bought a new house, she is happily engaged, she is thriving in life finally and has gone on record saying she has never been happier, bringing up all of this trauma will not be healthy for her and she is aware of this, if anything this was the least "convenient" time for her, please stop victim blaming.

  93. MrMask

    MrMask22 days ago

    everybody thought that she was faking or lying about the vlogsquad, but she was the only one who saw and said something about it, about how the treath people. dont get me wrong i was a big fan of the vlogsqaud but no group can be so perfect. NO body is perfect.

  94. Amber Middleton

    Amber Middleton22 days ago

    Trisha never lied.


    MOHASAL MEDEH22 days ago

    Came Back From Her Old Video that she uploaded 2 years ago glad she became stronger and more mature than them to speak her truth

  96. Joey Hawkins vlogs

    Joey Hawkins vlogs23 days ago


  97. Juliana Caillouet

    Juliana Caillouet23 days ago

    Like, I don't like her. But her morals are in the right place and I'm glad she stands up for people who can't do it themselves.

  98. Angela Ann

    Angela Ann23 days ago

    I 100% agree with Trisha on what she’s said with this entire sexual assault situation. My thoughts and prayers are with ‘Hannah’ and I want to say sorry to her because I remember watching the video when it was first released, I think I was maybe 14 or so but I remember watching it and thinking nothing of it and that disgusts me of myself the fact that ‘Hannah’ was sexually assaulted and I saw the video but didn’t think anything of it at the time as the video David posted kind of glamourised that whole moment and obviously didn’t show that ‘Hannah’ was blacked out or highly intoxicated but to whoever ‘Hannah’ is if you read my comment I am so so sorry and I believe you and your story, I’m sorry about what happened to you and I’m sorry there is nothing being seriously done against everyone I hope you are mentally and physically better as it disgusts me to think I supported these people especially because I’ve experienced sexual harassment and small things from sexual assault, I cannot get my mind around it or what I’m feeling towards the situation but all I can say is sorry to any victim that has had to go through this from the vlog squad or just any perpetrator in general, please do speak out and get the justice you guys deserve! I believe you and you’re never alone❤️

  99. sebastian ti

    sebastian ti23 days ago

    i feel like she is so honest and truthful.

  100. Emma Bicking

    Emma Bicking23 days ago

    I’m surprised Liza hasn’t spoken out yet. She could really RUIN his career. I feel like if she thought/knew it was false she would of said something. The fact that she hasn’t makes this even more confusing.

  101. Julia Maravilla

    Julia Maravilla15 days ago

    she's a terrible person herself lmao.

  102. Cassidy Urquhart

    Cassidy Urquhart23 days ago

    i get where you’re coming from but at the same time, why didn’t you come forward a lot sooner if you knew what was going on? if you know all of these things why did you only decide to say something now and not earlier ?

  103. Nicki Breee

    Nicki Breee23 days ago

    It amuses me how no matter how much fucked up shit Trisha does you will forgive her because you hate the same person.

  104. Wolflover122

    Wolflover12223 days ago

    As hypocritical and problematic as you can be, I think I speak for many when I say we see you and we can tell you are being genuine when it comes to David dobrik.

  105. April

    April23 days ago

    Tell the truth shame the devil. Great love to you T for putting yourself out there to EDUCATE young women that get abused. LISTEN UP YOUNG LADIES...IF SOMEONE PUTS UNWANTED HANDS ON YOU, THEY are A NONCE.

  106. Aozus

    Aozus23 days ago

    She is just fucking attention seeking, well done

  107. Ellie Paige

    Ellie Paige21 day ago

    trisha truly has nothing to gain from this, the first person to speak out will always be attacked the most, she has bought a new house, she is happily engaged, she is thriving in life finally and has gone on record saying she has never been happier, bringing up all of this trauma will not be healthy for her and she is aware of this, if anything this was the least convenient time for her, please stop victim blaming.

  108. Arran Garrett

    Arran Garrett24 days ago

    If the girl was blacked out, why didn't Trisha step in and help her, especially since everyone else was taking advantage of girl?

  109. t_m_smith

    t_m_smith24 days ago

    It took her like 3 years but Trisha really ended David’s and the vlog squads careers

  110. Cara Hope

    Cara Hope24 days ago

    Trish t-shirt talk times are such a vibe! Thanks for standing up for what’s right !!! You along with others don’t deserve everything going on rn with all these people !! You deserve justice along with other victims!!! 💗💋 they did you wrong and they are complete scum for what they did to so many girls!!! So sad what our world has come to, scum bags protecting other creepy scum bags !! The justice system is unjust .

  111. Leah Madden

    Leah Madden24 days ago

    You can cook a hotdog in a microwave longer than David’s apology

  112. Kayla Wilson

    Kayla Wilson24 days ago

    It’s the fact I don’t normally agree with Trisha and she usually has a lot to say, but right now, she’s struggling to find the words to talk about this. It really shows how serious this all is and it’s being so blown over. I hope those affected get the justice they deserve.

  113. Lavaboy 15

    Lavaboy 1524 days ago

    You were there though that night. You not only did nothing, but stayed dormant this whole time

  114. Lillian Lilo

    Lillian Lilo13 days ago

    That's bullshit! What young adult tells a teenager to listen? And when would a teenager listen to an adult. She felt uncomfortable and left. It's not anyone's duty to be psychic and change an outcome.