how you can be both HAPPY and FAT!


  1. Eileen Ellenberger

    Eileen Ellenberger5 days ago

    I used to be stick thin and now I am the EXACT same size as you Trisha. Im always hungry and tired and losing my voice and found out its my thyroid. Thyroid affects EVERY part of your body and makes it impossible to lose weight until you've been treated no matter how much you diet and exercise. It makes you have thin hair and hair loss, dry skin and rashes and skin issues like ACNE, forgetfulness, brain fog, always tired, develop allergies for the first time, causes kidney lung liver and heart issues like non alcholic fatty liver disease. It causes irregular periods, swelling of hands feet face, pins and needles, depression, issues with bleeding, anemia, brittle nails, ridged nails, alunula of nails, anxiety, loss of libido. GET CHECKED!!!! Furthermore you are gorgeous even now. Please realize that.

  2. Pearl Girl

    Pearl Girl7 days ago

    Trish, did you ever try going vegan? I love carbs - it raises seratonin, so vegan works for me!

  3. Kayla Dornan

    Kayla Dornan8 days ago

    I’m literally in love with Trisha 😭🤚

  4. ieasha smith

    ieasha smith9 days ago

    You eat so unhealthy it’s not about being fat who cares if your food but it’s the food you eat you’re gonna get really sick one day

  5. Emily C

    Emily C10 days ago

    Trish, I'm so happy you're happy! I hope you, the Kleins, H3 cast, Moses, your family, etc. are all getting along well, you all seem meant for eachother! They really care about you it seems! Also are u and AB good now?

  6. lauale

    lauale13 days ago

    God you spent so much money on the lipo what a waste

  7. Gracie West

    Gracie West14 days ago

    Its kinda cute how she drops the straw and says "ill get it" as if we are right there and gonna grab it for her instead🥺🥺🥺

  8. Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette15 days ago

    Ik Trisha has done bad stuff in the past but you can tell she is trying to do better stuff now and is a happy person now !

  9. Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette15 days ago

    Ik Trisha hasn’t done good stuff in the past but you can tell she’s happy now and she is doing more positive things now

  10. Kristi Pio

    Kristi Pio18 days ago

    Lie lie moses needs a greencard

  11. Kristi Pio

    Kristi Pio18 days ago

    How much do you pay moses

  12. wtf3ss

    wtf3ss19 days ago

    Could you do more videos like this? I really liked this video. Like how to videos or self improvement and self love videos

  13. wtf3ss

    wtf3ss19 days ago

    It's so strange because I'm thin, not model thin but short and pretty light. But I'm so unhappy. Yet when I was pregnant with my daughter, I gained 60 pounds and I was so confident and happy. Now I'm 60 pounds smaller still afraid to gain weight even though I'm less happy now...thanks for this video.

  14. Cara Hope

    Cara Hope20 days ago

    I used to be a stick I miss it so much , I’ve gained some weight and it’s really put me down , I went from 135-180 & I always seem to fluctuate in my weight too Trish , I’d do binges and not eat for days it’s not healthy !! I’ve learned to just love myself and I definitely watch what I eat but there are so many girls out here who I’m sure can relate !!! You’re an inspiration Trish!!

  15. Cara Hope

    Cara Hope20 days ago

    Trish is amazing!!! She is so real with food!! I wish I could do mukbang on camera I just have a weird thing with people watching me eat but I hate eating alone too): Trish is my inspiration & you have so many fans girl! Don’t let the haters get you down ! XX 💋

  16. Brittany Kayy

    Brittany Kayy20 days ago

    I’m so glad ur in a good place in life and happy and comfortable with urself, ur beautiful and u deserve to be happy just like everyone else ❤️

  17. YC

    YC21 day ago

    I love you ❤️

  18. Kamila R

    Kamila R21 day ago

    This is exactly my problem. I just cant have restrictions. It could be the simplest thing like not drinking sodas and it would put me down a binge spiral.

  19. Critical Thought

    Critical Thought23 days ago

    You're not fat though. Especially with the amount of mukbangs you do, you look incredible. I eat 1 French fry from McDonald's and gain 20 lbs..

  20. Victoria g

    Victoria g25 days ago

    This video helps me so much ❤️❤️love u trish ❤️

  21. Florencia Alfaro

    Florencia Alfaro25 days ago

    I think us people who have fat are tought to think bad of ourselves, like Trisha said "to be ahead of the comments" yea, we think it'll hurt less if we say it first but actually it's what hurts the most. This is a beautiful vídeo, i'm so sick of being so worried about the way i look when i have so many reasons to be happu, im beautiful and if someone happens to read this, hey i think You are beautiful and worth it too. Be happy❤️

  22. balle

    balle26 days ago

    also keto is SUPER UNHEALTHY so trish dont do that pls

  23. balle

    balle26 days ago

    trisha u would be so ugly if u were 100 pounds trish u r SO sexy im sorry society has taught u stick girls n skinny girls r the ideal even hearing u say that ab the model look these were ideals that were ingrained in u :( but trish u dont even realize how beatifuk ur body is being fat isnt a baf thing and being fat doesnt equal ugly trish u r prettier funnier more entertaining and a better person than a lot of those stick girls love u trish!

  24. hmm cat

    hmm cat27 days ago

    not to be that annoying person but sounds like what trisha had wasnt binge eating disorder but bulimia since bulimia includes purging after binges and purging is not just throwing up it can also be working out or starving yourself after a binge and more but yeah ty for this video trisha ily

  25. Claudia VanSlyke

    Claudia VanSlyke27 days ago

    love you trisha! respect how open you are and i RELATE so much you explain it so well thank you for sharing ❤️❤️ i struggle all the time with food it’s all i think about! i’m miserable with my body but won’t do shit about it i try but i give up

  26. Denise

    Denise28 days ago

    So pretty!

  27. Meryem Aydin

    Meryem Aydin28 days ago

    Whenever im happy with my life and my husband i jinx it and have a meltdown bc of something that happends in the next days.

  28. Marito H.

    Marito H.28 days ago


  29. Jasmine Marie

    Jasmine Marie29 days ago

    My issue when I'm overweight is that my knees and back hurt, I have low energy, and get high cholesterol. I think I look basically pretty either way- but my face looks better when I'm fat. But I feel so unhealthy, so I'm losing weight.

  30. Livi Reedy

    Livi Reedy29 days ago

    trish this video makes me so happy i wish i could hug you rn

  31. Morgan Reynolds

    Morgan ReynoldsMonth ago

    Idk what’s happening with Trish but I can’t even watch her talk anymore with her teeth clinched. It’s driving me nuts

  32. heroherohero

    heroheroheroMonth ago

    there's also different metabolic types, honestly trisha might be better at metabolizing carbs over protein and if she feels like that's what fuels her body, maybe she should be able to listen to it! granted eating healthier is always great, but don't see why so many people are shitting on her food choices (i get the mukbangs and fast food) but literally to the people who are criticizing her home cooked meals, really???? have you watched cooking w trish? they're normal meals. Also, she's trying. anyway

  33. Eden Cagan

    Eden CaganMonth ago

    This video is so important. I also just want to make a point that losing weight isn't meant to be restrictive. If you restrict yourself too much you will just gain the weight back once you start eating normally again. You can lose weight just by eating a balanced diet, working out, and cutting back on calories a bit (not to the point where you're starving yourself) so that your body is burning more calories than it is consuming. You can still eat whatever you want and lose weight it's just about moderation and being conscious about your macros.

  34. Mina Menn

    Mina MennMonth ago

    Her eating the popcorn like cereals 😩 she is so iconic

  35. Crystal Monroe

    Crystal MonroeMonth ago

    Honestly your so beautiful exactly the size you are. You are so pretty 😍. Love your video's and your honesty.

  36. Brittany

    BrittanyMonth ago

    Love your shirt!

  37. halesss x

    halesss xMonth ago

    I freaking LOVE this Trisha that we’ve had lately. So real, so genuine, so comfortable with herself. So much love ❤️

  38. sa rab

    sa rabMonth ago

    You can eat all you want, just binge on fruit girl

  39. Thimble Fox

    Thimble FoxMonth ago

    I have an eating disorder (anorexia) and watching your mukbangs definitely helps me feel more comfortable to eat. It makes me feel a little like I'm sitting down for lunch with my sister who I haven't seen since Corona started.

  40. Hayley Peisley

    Hayley PeisleyMonth ago

    Can we stop using the word fat and replace it with large and in charge? We use this in our home and its perfect! Cool, thanks xo

  41. Gina McGraw

    Gina McGrawMonth ago

    But Trish if you want to have kids, you need to lose weight now!

  42. Sim Day1

    Sim Day1Month ago

    Gorgeous Bratz Doll, You are so amazing. A Happy & Healthy mind is the first step to anything, I say!

  43. Angel Vickery

    Angel VickeryMonth ago

    I think your so great ! Eating when you want to is the key to reducing binging ! I think your body is so gorgeous tbh I Stan you !xxx

  44. Marina Alvarado

    Marina AlvaradoMonth ago

    Trish as wholesome as this video is, and I do agree with it. I cannot help but watch you on frenemies and even see here that this is a facade to a certain extent. Just be healthy, lose the weight but lose it in a healthy way and develop better eating habits. You have the right support systems in place now so I think you should go for it. I’m only pushing this prerogative because I want her to live a healthy lifestyle so don’t come for me, and as someone who has a very similar personality to her I just know that deep down it’s a facade. Especially because I have mood swings like her so this video is basically her trying to convince herself. Ultimately if she doesn’t want to lose the weight, which isn’t even bad than more power to her! But I feel that she wants to lose the weight but not even for the weight aspect but for the healthy food intake aspect ! All I’m saying is never say never and unfortunately I have lost family members to poor eating habits and they weren’t even obese! So I’m always going to advocate for the healthier food intake- the weight is just another aspect of that.

  45. Rhonda Marchand

    Rhonda MarchandMonth ago

    You genuinely make me feel better about being as big as I am, this is the biggest i have ever been in my life thanks to quarantine but i noticed i have lots of backache n i think it has to do with this extra weight, I feel like doing nothing n I'm the type that eats when I'm bored but I can go 2 or 3 days without eating....but anyways I feel so much better now, you can be both pretty and chubby 💋👑😍🧸

  46. Casey Bettis

    Casey BettisMonth ago


  47. Brittany Stewart

    Brittany StewartMonth ago

    this is amazing

  48. Petals n Pearls

    Petals n PearlsMonth ago

    Intuitive eating is so amazing but hard if you’re brainwashed with diet culture

  49. Christian Morris

    Christian MorrisMonth ago

    I ate spicy ramen to this and it made me feel so good :) I am happy

  50. Google user

    Google userMonth ago

    your beautiful your thicker then other women that’s okay your proportioned in all the right places you have an hour glass perfect body yeah for me i try to eat my carbs in the mornings so this way i burn the calories from them throughout the day i don’t eat carbs afternoon cuz i focus on a full meal eat leaner cut proteins meats ,salads or steamed vegetables your very pretty and i understand you completely mentally it does change when you don’t eat what you want and you restrict yourself i think the best thing that works for me is eating serving size on package sadly i do read all the higher more sodium fast foods and order the less sodium content possible like taco bell’s menu with shows all, bags of chips have amount in the back serving for each size and your not FAT quit calling your self that eat pasta rice potatoes just pre portion size all we eat it thats all

  51. Ruby Barry

    Ruby BarryMonth ago

    By 3 minutes into this video I was already tearing up. There's such a massive difference to seeing a celebrity on a big stage talk about being plus size and all size are beautiful than you sitting down, rare, beauty and just talking like a human being. Hearing you talk about how much you adore that small, petite aesthetic but still being able to be happy and accept that you're not built that way and thats perfectly fine is so powerful to me I'm I'm just hitting 5ft tall and I've always been extremely busty and a curvy girl my whole life, I've spent my entire teenage years being taught that bigger girls are tall and if you're small you're supposed to be cute and petite and I wanted to be that so bad and its only now that I'm understanding that I never will be and that's okay I'm built with broad shoulders and wide hips, I will never fit that mould because my body isn't made to Thankyou for being the one person who been able to help me slowly but surely accept myself and all my curves I have so much love for you Trish

  52. Frankie Pacis

    Frankie PacisMonth ago

    i just watch you when i eat now, its like im eating with you and i love it

  53. Staci ann Mulready

    Staci ann MulreadyMonth ago

    Not everyone who’s smaller than you and complain about their weight looks at you like disgusting. It’s not like that.

  54. Ashley Healy

    Ashley HealyMonth ago


  55. kay hawkins

    kay hawkinsMonth ago

    God bless you Trisha I’ve been watching you for years and I’ve seen happy moments but your genuinely happy now all over and I love that for you!!

  56. Anna Louise

    Anna LouiseMonth ago

    I lost 35 Kilograms and since then I’ve struggled with 3 eating disorders over the years and still hated my body even when I was at my lowest weight, losing weight isn’t everything and it DEFINITELY isn’t the key to happiness.

  57. Kristina Marquez

    Kristina MarquezMonth ago

    Yummy! Now I'm hungry lol!

  58. Hannah Ahmadi

    Hannah AhmadiMonth ago

    I'm craving those snacks now😣🙁

  59. Bumble Iriat

    Bumble IriatMonth ago

    Why don't you try liquid diet drinking alots of protein shakes instead of alots of food? That might help you keep also hydrated and loose alot of weight and so on in due time...

  60. Petals n Pearls

    Petals n PearlsMonth ago

    You can’t live sustainably on liquids and will gain the weight back plus more. It’s not natural

  61. Saira Labrim

    Saira LabrimMonth ago

    can you be my mentor

  62. bridget bell

    bridget bellMonth ago

    trish!!! Go vegan!!!! U are totally rich enough to afford a vegan diet!!!!! There are butter substitutes and there are eggless noodles!!! AND U CAN EAT HOWEVER MUCH U WANT u could do vegan taste test or make an absurd parody video about saving the cows and get Ethan to try going vegan :D YALL ARE RICH ENOUGH TO TRY IT

  63. bridget bell

    bridget bellMonth ago

    I love ur message and EVERY body is beautiful. You can be fat and happy but being healthy is also important - being vegan is totally sustainable if you eat enough and the best part is that you can eat as much as u want!!!!!!’

  64. bridget bell

    bridget bellMonth ago

    being vegan is not!! A fad diet!!!! Factory farming is KILLING OUR PLANET pls ignore crazy peta animal activists it’s about the meat and dairy industry’s control over so much in our economy. They are a main contributor in pollution, over all transportation combined.

  65. Gesebel Gabriellajackson

    Gesebel GabriellajacksonMonth ago

    popcorn is reallyhealthy

  66. Gesebel Gabriellajackson

    Gesebel GabriellajacksonMonth ago

    prettty make up

  67. Gesebel Gabriellajackson

    Gesebel GabriellajacksonMonth ago

    ha ha

  68. megan fernandez

    megan fernandezMonth ago

    I have grown to really love you Trish.... Your so raw real and relatable....

  69. Loba Andrade

    Loba AndradeMonth ago

    omg she looked like wendy willams in the thumbnail.

  70. Sydney Seltzer

    Sydney SeltzerMonth ago

    I'm so happy that you are finally so happy. you look beautiful

  71. Tracy Joy

    Tracy JoyMonth ago

    Girl... I feel you! I have struggled with multiple eating disorders since I was 16 years old. I’m 32 years old now and it is a daily struggle in my mind daily. It will wear you down and leave you with nothing. I hate how today’s beauty standards are so one sided and unachievable. We are all beauty at any size! Wish people could understand that and not just look at the outside. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  72. chase chat

    chase chatMonth ago

    Everytime i place her videos my dog looses it from her voice lol

  73. Gina Bennett

    Gina BennettMonth ago

    Thank you for finally acknowledging that you & Ethan are friends! In my opinion he’s the friend you need & it felt like you were pushing that away & I’m sure you have your reasons but it’s nice for you to say he’s a friend because he certainly seems to really have your back but also be honest with you & that is a real friend!!

  74. Ryan Dobson

    Ryan DobsonMonth ago

    I get you can be fat and happy but Trish , you didn't even TRY lmao

  75. agt24

    agt24Month ago

    How are there no comments about the spoon?!?

  76. MoonDragon Luna

    MoonDragon LunaMonth ago

    Trisha you have so much money, hire a therapist to help you with this stuff and a nutritionist and a chef to cook, you’re rich you can do it. This is a cop out, you just don’t have any willpower

  77. Fry Rty

    Fry RtyMonth ago


  78. GunshotRose

    GunshotRoseMonth ago

    Trish will NEVER do keto. You don't have to restrict as much for it to still work but if you do good healthy keto you have to restrict a lot of things (foods, portions, macros, IF, ect.) Trish is not good at that and it just makes it worse tbh. I feel like if she could limit but not restrict things and get a good workout routine she would do fine.

  79. Cohl Leb's

    Cohl Leb'sMonth ago

    😳 OMG you is very beautiful women 😍❤️ Women américaine very very beautiful i love you ❤️

  80. cottonvag

    cottonvagMonth ago

    Trish, I’m also the fattest and happiest I’ve ever been. Love that for us.

  81. Taylor Powell

    Taylor PowellMonth ago

    Trisha you look gorgeous!

  82. Olivia Armand

    Olivia ArmandMonth ago

    I love listening to you so much. I've literally been going through all of your videos while working my desk job. You're one of a kind and proud of it and that is so rare and so awesome!

  83. Mon

    MonMonth ago

    Trisha, you can eat ehenever you hungry, just don't reach out for that are super high in calories EVERY TIME . This is not that restrictive and maybe a little healthier :)

  84. t3bbles

    t3bblesMonth ago

    Adam BEGGING for that popcorn. Open wide 😲 @17:30

  85. Boxers Austin

    Boxers AustinMonth ago

    Trish is very pretty in my opinion.

  86. reese ponichtera

    reese ponichteraMonth ago

    i had a slight eating disorder barely at the beginning of june, i am only 14 but late june of 2020 i started to be aware of my body and i was so so so so so self conscious that i would cry to not make my mom or my sister bring me to the beach where i had to see all these girls pretty in their bikinis while i was looking under developed. i was 5’3 and 92 pounds and now i’m 5,5 and 97 which is very skinny but watching ur vids make me think about the bad things that can happen when you get a full blown eating disorder and it always stops me from thinking about myself in a negitave way. ily trish

  87. Nicola

    NicolaMonth ago

    fat where are people looking, I agree with you Trisha your just chubby truthfully and honesty you are so pretty and beautiful id love to have any amount of your beauty and I'm 37yrs old and look 47 lol I'm at the lowest time in my life at the moment regarding my weight I'm the skinniest iv ever been and it's hard to love myself like I used to but I know i will get through it one day it's just not happening as fast as id like I just can't seem to put weight on look at me rambling on I just want to say how beautiful you are and I'm happy you're in a good place and am loving your videos they make me smile. have a blessed day Trisha xx

  88. lola

    lolaMonth ago

    Trish makes me really comfortable

  89. Miranda Anderson

    Miranda AndersonMonth ago

    I’ve been pressured by my mom to lose weight a lot this past month. I don’t want to, I’m happy the way I am. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you Trish. 💕

  90. Smellyson B

    Smellyson BMonth ago

    Yaaaaaaas Trish! 😻 you’re the best, I binge too so thanks for making me feel better :)

  91. Phyllicia Field

    Phyllicia FieldMonth ago


  92. Mark Mac

    Mark MacMonth ago

    I hate the word fat and im built like a rake so have the opposite struggle alot of it is to do with your genetics too,all your family are bigger,its when your eating constant unhealthy huge portions that it can be dangerous you look great your current weight Trisha dont not eat too.

  93. Brittany

    BrittanyMonth ago

    I think you’re beautiful ❤️

  94. Jessica Bent

    Jessica BentMonth ago

    I love you so much Trish, thank you for making this video.

  95. Supa Fance

    Supa FanceMonth ago

    Why are you eating chips with a spoon?

  96. Supa Fance

    Supa FanceMonth ago

    @JoeSmith that’s weird bro

  97. pastryedition

    pastryeditionMonth ago

    trish I don't know if you'll see this but I can't tell you how much this video means to me

  98. bella flynn

    bella flynnMonth ago

    love u trish

  99. Hailey vandertoolen

    Hailey vandertoolenMonth ago

    Girl I was the heaviest Iv ever been two years ago but also been the happiest with the most supportive wonderful man Iv ever met. I lost 70+lbs over the past year not pushing myself just doing what I loved walking my dogs, taking them outside and playing. I just recognized I would binge when I felt I certain way. But I’ve been so happy being in my skin. I still have my days but I just get a new outfit and dance around in it. I’m happy you’ve found happiness in just being you!

  100. Dominique Ravin

    Dominique RavinMonth ago

    I just love how everyone's saying *with peace and love* now lmaooo

  101. Margaret James

    Margaret JamesMonth ago

    Love that Adam Sandler t-shirt .... 👕👖🥞

  102. Melissa Nunez

    Melissa NunezMonth ago

    No one is saying lose weight to look pretty, you should want to be more fit so that you’re not out of breath from telling a story or walking across the living room or doing everyday things. I’m just a woman telling another woman “the older you get the harder it gets, so start now”.

  103. Melissa Nunez

    Melissa NunezMonth ago

    Is this chick eating pop corn with a spoon 🥄 💀 dead!!!!!!

  104. Finlay Watson

    Finlay WatsonMonth ago

    I think people on the skinner side call themselves fat because they live in that body and see details that they’re insecure about everyday. When they look at others that are bigger than them, they don’t associate that person with being fat or any negative comments they would give to themselves because they don’t focus on other people’s bodies the same way they do with their own