Trying to make Cheesecake Factory's Jambalaya Past AT HOME!


  1. Rose Hearts

    Rose HeartsHour ago

    Why is Trisha dressing up as Jason Nash lmao 💀💀💀

  2. RiahPlaxton

    RiahPlaxtonHour ago

    "There's like a little jalapeño in there" Inside the Yellow pepper lol 😆

  3. Shina93

    Shina932 hours ago

    Moses is so supportive, i love it!! You go, Trish! 💪💪 So happy for you, love this new series

  4. Cris Mar

    Cris MarDay ago

    trish let the oil heat up a bit before putting in your meat and veggies! it's way faster that way. also use a little bit less oil. Youre doing great overall

  5. Ashley Chichila

    Ashley ChichilaDay ago

    "Theres a little jalapeño in there" Trish I love you so much!! You bring so much joy to my day

  6. Deborah Compton

    Deborah ComptonDay ago

    Looks really dry.

  7. Shy Bitch

    Shy BitchDay ago

    She living my childhood dream Eating whatever I want in costume

  8. EmmyLouise

    EmmyLouiseDay ago

    I need to be honest, last year I unsubscribed to Trisha as everything seemed so false. Then recently I was recommended a video and I was intrigued. I am now hooked, she has becomes so authentic and the happiness is radiating from her. It really shows what surrounding your self with the right people can do. Keep going Trisha, love and happiness looks amazing on you xxx

  9. Samantha Baker

    Samantha Baker2 days ago

    I opened a nail salon in a private suite and i have been missing all of your uploads, and it makes me so sad :'(

  10. carol fong

    carol fong3 days ago

    There’s no sauce tho!

  11. C S

    C S3 days ago

    Eye makeup matching the backsplash 🃏 👍

  12. Diaz

    Diaz3 days ago

    You gotta collab with your mom on one of these cooking videos✨

  13. Loreena663

    Loreena6634 days ago

    What happened to Kali? She pregnant? Sorry, haven't been around for a while..

  14. Shyla Bradford

    Shyla Bradford4 days ago

    Here fiancé is her biggest supporter when it comes to cooking!

  15. kumiko lee

    kumiko lee4 days ago

    So many things wrong with this video!!! Chicken on wood?! 😬 Chicken falls on floor it’s gross throws it away! Shrimp falls on floor and eats it 🤔 oven mitt practically touching the burner! Sniffing the entire beginning of the video.... completely wasted or just out of breath 🤷🏼‍♀️

  16. Sabrina Acquaviva

    Sabrina Acquaviva5 days ago

    moses is LITERALLY PERFECT for trisha

  17. patricia brown

    patricia brown7 days ago

    wow look how big her sister got they need to call them the klumps.

  18. Mariaelena McGee

    Mariaelena McGee8 days ago

    I can’t stop watching these videos!!

  19. Ahlia flitcroft

    Ahlia flitcroft9 days ago

    To thicken it

  20. Ahlia flitcroft

    Ahlia flitcroft9 days ago

    Use tomato paste

  21. Viola Fernezlian

    Viola Fernezlian9 days ago

    Trish! You should use a metal or plastic bowl to marinate so the bacteria doesnt absorb into the wood :)

  22. Kelly Marie

    Kelly Marie9 days ago


  23. Novineux

    Novineux9 days ago

    Why are you using such a large knife for the peppers? Much easier with a smaller one

  24. Alexandra Solari

    Alexandra Solari10 days ago

    "not body-shaming the pepper.." trish i dont think anyone would accuse you of that 😂😂

  25. D Lynn

    D Lynn10 days ago

    Moses is literally so sweet ugh!! I’m so happy for you Trisha

  26. spring break

    spring break10 days ago

    so we just gonna ignore the fact that she looks like a clown

  27. Madison Sutton

    Madison Sutton10 days ago

    I remember when all the comments used to be so mean and it makes me so happy to see only good comments now on all of your videos. You are so special Trisha. You always have been.

  28. amandapearl2books

    amandapearl2books10 days ago

    Trish looks so good with the dark hair and the blazer! I love this look!

  29. Livy Renee

    Livy Renee10 days ago

    Her sister gained a lot of weight!

  30. Hoxllyiee

    Hoxllyiee11 days ago

    Hope shes washing her hands after touching raw chicken and then everything else peace and loveeeee

  31. alina marie

    alina marie11 days ago

    i just kept wishing she put it in a bigger pot

  32. J Lynn

    J Lynn11 days ago

    Wow you look like a doll and superwoman combined. Love it!

  33. Maddy Gallagher

    Maddy Gallagher11 days ago

    my anxiety is screaming for all the noodz to be submerged under the water ✨but looks fireeee

  34. nik nak

    nik nak12 days ago

    The oven mit 😳

  35. Melissa Wagner

    Melissa Wagner12 days ago

    It’s noticeably super difficult for this chick to compliment her sister in the slightest. Like not even an ounce of appreciation or acknowledgment that she just busted her ass on that meal. Regardless if the dish was better than cheesecakes or not, Moses was raised right. Shouldn’t even close to matter if it tasted awful or was actually 10 out of 10. Don’t pick her apart without replacing a thing you said with a compliment yo! Lolol show your sis some love for trying. ITS NOT KFC FOR ONCE

  36. emily Mcbutt

    emily Mcbutt12 days ago

    You’re getting so good at cooking🥺💗

  37. Michelle Polly

    Michelle Polly12 days ago

    the year is 2030, trisha is a five star home chef and has come for babish's career

  38. MissM

    MissM12 days ago

    I like her sister's vibe lol she seems fun

  39. Lainey m

    Lainey m12 days ago

    Isn't the dish supposed to have spicy andouille sausage? I think that adds some of the spice as well. Or is that mimi's?

  40. Septima Serpent

    Septima Serpent12 days ago

    Trish!!! Try To Make BJ's Cherry Chipotle Glazed Salmon!! It's The Best!! Especially Extra Blackened With Copious Amounts Of Sauce!! I'm Straight *OBSESSED* With Thr Cherry Chipotle Glaze & I'm 200% Sure You Guys Will *LOVE* It! BTW, If You Do End Up Making It, Whenever You Blacken The Salmon, I Suggest Using Brown Sugar In Your Blackening Mix! It Tastes Incredible & Is Especially Bomb Given The Sweet × Spicy Flare That's Already Provided With The Cherry Chipotle Glaze! If You Ever Read This & Do Try It; You'll Be So Glad You Did!

  41. K Winter

    K Winter12 days ago

    so many early into the video... chicken fingers...cutting that pepper...that glove near the stove ...... im sure the list is longer but im only 5 mins in lol

  42. Annelise Fritchie

    Annelise Fritchie12 days ago

    *rolls my eyes in Louisiana native*

  43. Ranran

    Ranran13 days ago

    trish you overcrowded the pan that's why the sauce isn't thick and seasoning didn't stick to the food and it looks a little wet and bland. you need to get a bigger pan! i'd recommend a large cast iron skillet it's gives a great sear

  44. Caitlin Rose

    Caitlin Rose13 days ago

    Joker vibes while making food. Iconic af 😂

  45. Nikoleta Fellner

    Nikoleta Fellner13 days ago

    I just came here to tell you that with this outfit you look absolutely amazing 👌🏻 beautiful :)

  46. Maye Rose

    Maye Rose13 days ago

    Looks good

  47. True crime: Street Stories with GENISE

    True crime: Street Stories with GENISE13 days ago

    Trish, you need sanitizing wipes in your kitchen and if you touch raw chicken do not touch anything else until you wash your hands, that's raw meat remember? Other wise proud of you, love your cooking videos, you should get your mom in the kitchen with you and cook. "The Trisha and mom cooking show" We love your Mom she is so supportive of you.

  48. valerie lopez

    valerie lopez13 days ago

    Way too much noodles trish 😭😭

  49. Treasure Finds with Jane

    Treasure Finds with Jane13 days ago

    The tomatoes are the biggest part of the sauce lol.... the acid in tomatoes hurts my husband's stomach though.... so I'd of left them out to

  50. rbird

    rbird13 days ago

    yo martha stewart you need in on this

  51. Carmen 7

    Carmen 713 days ago

    Okay, I thought I was the only one acting like a strict mom who loves their child, but yelling at them at the same time!!!

  52. Arley Marie

    Arley Marie13 days ago

    So much cross contamination 😳 making me nervous lol

  53. ThickFitLaurenTV

    ThickFitLaurenTV14 days ago

    Your ability to take feedback is amazing Trisha! Like fr, I really admire that about you!

  54. Elizabeth Rios

    Elizabeth Rios14 days ago

    What rhymes with jail?

  55. Enneki

    Enneki14 days ago

    the way she touches chicken and then everything else...eww.

  56. Ashley Ellingwood

    Ashley Ellingwood14 days ago

    Trisha get those hot pads away from the burner honey. Cotton is still flammable honey. Keep learning and growing. You are doing great.

  57. Nicole

    Nicole14 days ago

    Yummm 😋

  58. Greta Petersson

    Greta Petersson14 days ago

    always mix the sauce with the pasta prior to serving surely

  59. Jaydee Babee

    Jaydee Babee14 days ago

    OK now this is literally my favorite dish at Cheesecake Factory. I'm so excited!!

  60. Brittany Walker

    Brittany Walker14 days ago

    So proud of how far you are coming with cooking! And I love the look for this one soooo cute! 💕❤️🥰😘💝🙌🏼👑

  61. Sherry Cedeno

    Sherry Cedeno14 days ago

    The cross contamination in this video oh my God ... Trisha a tip i use is having sanitation wipes in the kitchen are use it every single time I touch anything or chop anything raw and then I wipe down my whole surface... Also wash your hands between every stop

  62. charlotte pls

    charlotte pls14 days ago

    9:15 the onion falls out of pan she acts like nothing happened

  63. Shelby Lynn

    Shelby Lynn14 days ago

    I low-key feel like your sister was a little rude I mean you’re trying a new hobby so you’re obviously not gonna be perfect and she’s just like you didn’t do this or that and it’s like you didn’t even cook so just enjoy the free fing food and fame

  64. AZGirl111

    AZGirl11114 days ago

    Chicken water sauce 🥰 where’s the sauce lol

  65. AZGirl111

    AZGirl11114 days ago

    The struggle is real lol this was so cringe to watch lol I love you trish but please take some cooking classes or have someone come there and teach you, it would be so fun for you and Moses !!!

  66. m

    m14 days ago

    omg i was so scared you were gonna slice your fingers when you were scraping the chicken into the bowl😭

  67. EarthNatureArt

    EarthNatureArt14 days ago

    I love everything about this except the cross contamination 😭🙈

  68. Katstacked8

    Katstacked814 days ago

    Moses is so sweet

  69. Katstacked8

    Katstacked814 days ago

    Trisha didn’t put a lick of salt and pepper in that 😂 I know it was bland but I love her effort

  70. FML X2

    FML X214 days ago

    im so glad she pushed the noodles in

  71. Silva Ayrapetyan

    Silva Ayrapetyan14 days ago

    Trish be careful about your oven mitts being so close to your burners. It was like under the pot at the 7:30 mark and well before that.

  72. libby dudda

    libby dudda14 days ago

    “Not body shaming the pepper BUT” lmao

  73. spooky Deborah

    spooky Deborah14 days ago

    Jambalaya is tomato rice with chicken, shrimp and sausage. This is just fettuccine covered in half a bottle of oil. Your marinade was oil...You did not need to add more to the pan. Your food would also cook more efficiently if you either halved the amount you were cooking or used two saute pans. Also, there was four portions of food on each plate. Remember, quality is always more important than quantity.

  74. Tayler Elder

    Tayler Elder14 days ago

    Going forward Trisha, you can ask your deli/seafood counter to devein your shrimp when you buy it! :)

  75. jessica vantassel

    jessica vantassel14 days ago

    How come no one talks about how much she always makes. Like literally 1 of those plates could have been enough for all 4 of them. And she does that EVERYTIME.

  76. jessica vantassel

    jessica vantassel14 days ago

    I'm glad her sis is being honest and not just saying wow it's good. Lol she is really telling her how it is.

  77. jessica vantassel

    jessica vantassel14 days ago

    This could have worked if you would have mixed it altogether in a pot so the noddles could soak up that juice. There's really nothing going on with the noodles. Its just like chicken fajitas over plain noodles.

  78. Sydne Babin

    Sydne Babin14 days ago

    Lmfaooooo as someone from Louisiana this is NOTTTT jambalaya

  79. Simon Mercurio

    Simon Mercurio14 days ago

    You should never use wood cutting boards and bowls for raw chicken. Bacteria will seep into the pores of the wood and thrive

  80. em

    em15 days ago

    LOL she omitted the tomatoes, im dead

  81. leah howarth

    leah howarth15 days ago

    I’m worried that she put raw chicken in a wooden bowel...

  82. Abby Thomas

    Abby Thomas15 days ago

    is anyone else screaming at her to drain the pasta

  83. MermaidLuvly

    MermaidLuvly15 days ago

    i love the sound of opening a can of soda, its satisfying... sry random, but the sound got my full attention 24:34 n_n

  84. alyssa d

    alyssa d15 days ago

    i love the dark hair on u

  85. Cassie Smith

    Cassie Smith15 days ago

    She didn't wash her hands after handling the raw chicken. Smh.

  86. Chelsea Marina

    Chelsea Marina15 days ago

    Trisha: *does anything* Moses: 💫🌠❤👄❤🌠💫🌝🌝💘💘🙏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💍💍💍 *10/10*

  87. Matavai Pili

    Matavai Pili15 days ago

    U better save that shrimp from the floor n eat iiiiiiit!!!! Lol. Get it gal.

  88. Jina Abdel Massih

    Jina Abdel Massih15 days ago

    Cooking with Trish is my new favorite segment on your channel 😍😍😍 Trish can you try baking a cake I would love to see that ❤️❤️

  89. Lauren Deleon

    Lauren Deleon15 days ago

    LOVEEE maybe you should get a food chopper to help you cut veggies and stuff! they sell them on amazon

  90. Kimberly Moran

    Kimberly Moran15 days ago

    Hi Trish a couple of tips wash your hands after cutting the raw chicken and also add salt next time on chicken and pasta also for extra flavor on the pasta water u can add garlic cloves and it really makes the pasta taste so much better also take the cloves of when serve

  91. Korro

    Korro15 days ago

    Moses is the kind of guy that loves home made food. He loves vegetables too

  92. Deydalia G

    Deydalia G15 days ago

    I love you trish but the cross contamination ahhhhhh

  93. Jacqueline Leal

    Jacqueline Leal15 days ago

    watching her cut the vegetables is killing me

  94. Julia Parks

    Julia Parks15 days ago

    stop moses is so sweet

  95. Fraser Watson

    Fraser Watson15 days ago

    Man beater

  96. Potato_ Chip

    Potato_ Chip15 days ago

    Is it bad that I don’t hear her talking as I stare at the food she’s cooking

  97. Potato_ Chip

    Potato_ Chip15 days ago

    And did I see her eat shrimp off the floor? I mean it’s fine Bc if the 5 second rule

  98. Davina Idunno

    Davina Idunno15 days ago

    This costume, chef kiss!

  99. Cowskull Toupée

    Cowskull Toupée15 days ago

    LOVE you sister's sweater! The homeless look is in this season ;) ;) kidding! xxxxxxxxx

  100. Denisejayla

    Denisejayla15 days ago

    Trisha's biggest flex is that she always flexing food in her vidoes like yass♡

  101. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D15 days ago

    you sound like you have a runny nose. hope it's not covid