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  1. Cleo Michels

    Cleo Michels4 hours ago

    I love how great you two are together! Makes me so happy to see you treated right Trish! Sending you all the love

  2. Alysa

    AlysaDay ago

    It's cringe how much packaging that food comes in. Let's waste less

  3. Raquelle Sewell

    Raquelle SewellDay ago

    when he tucks the napkin into her shirt! Moses is the best.

  4. AriesGirl VirgoMoon

    AriesGirl VirgoMoon2 days ago

    Y’all are adorable.

  5. Your Little Dreamboat

    Your Little Dreamboat3 days ago

    Very curious what Moses does for a job. Anyone know?

  6. stephanie knowles

    stephanie knowles3 days ago

    Am I the only one who low-key loves her hair style in this 📸

  7. cheese

    cheese5 days ago

    i want her to eat me out like she eats food .

  8. CaramelDiva7 ASMR

    CaramelDiva7 ASMR7 days ago


  9. Cherice Molloy

    Cherice Molloy9 days ago

    She eats buttered spaghetti, rn she's eating noodles

  10. Cassi Love

    Cassi Love9 days ago

    I love her hair like this!


    GROSS GOD9 days ago

    You could invite USloft cooking channels or chefs to your home to teach you a new dish once a week ( or as often as you want/can do ) that would be so iconic!!!!

  12. Angela

    Angela10 days ago

    Love you so much I'm loving your vibe so lovely and positive xx


    ASIANMANxD10 days ago


  14. Madison Sutton

    Madison Sutton10 days ago

    I remember when all the comments used to be so mean and it makes me so happy to see only good comments now on all of your videos. You are so special Trisha. You always have been.

  15. Penelope Peterson

    Penelope Peterson10 days ago

    She talks sooooo fast, and Vallygirl way only understand have of what she actually saying, looks like Moise is her side kick and she’s the BOSS money talks

  16. Kristy Henry

    Kristy Henry14 days ago

    Looks delicious!

  17. Aaron Zenk

    Aaron Zenk15 days ago

    Trish has always been pretty, but the way she looks in this video is a whole other level of pretty!!

  18. Ma Ef

    Ma Ef15 days ago

    That looks so yummy!

  19. Jai Cabardo

    Jai Cabardo16 days ago

    this outfit you have on today is sooooo cute!!! you and moses look great!!!

  20. Clarafornication

    Clarafornication16 days ago

    Ok but he genuinely adores seeing her smile and its so heartwarming.

  21. Billie Jean So Gorgeous

    Billie Jean So Gorgeous16 days ago

    I like him for you he’s more genuine that past guys. Good luck

  22. audrey stacy

    audrey stacy16 days ago

    Trish how do you look good in any style of makeup clothing or hair 😠😠 unfair

  23. Aman Da

    Aman Da17 days ago

    You two seem so happy together, it’s really nice to see.

  24. Lily Poon

    Lily Poon17 days ago

    Ima mommy lol

  25. Maeleah Heler

    Maeleah Heler17 days ago

    I love you natural!! Beautiful ❤️

  26. Eve Eve

    Eve Eve18 days ago

    i want Moses to pound me legless

  27. Piecutie100

    Piecutie10018 days ago

    Your hair looks so healthy and love your shirt Trisha

  28. Dez 215

    Dez 21518 days ago

    Just here to say what a truly beautiful couple, 2 people who are just genuine, beautiful people, so happy for you both & truly wish you both happiness

  29. M Gurrola

    M Gurrola18 days ago

    Moses: I use to live on this street Trisha: ok boujee but you didn’t own a house Wasn’t she the one who got offended that Jeffree said she rented or something? Why was she lowkey salty about him not owning a house there 😭

  30. Najat Alfahham

    Najat Alfahham18 days ago

    I love natural trish

  31. cendre de rose; manuella santos

    cendre de rose; manuella santos19 days ago

    Grosse patate

  32. Renee Andrada

    Renee Andrada19 days ago

    "I feel so gluttonous". Skinny legend

  33. Victoria Russ

    Victoria Russ19 days ago

    The napkin in her shirt omg hes to sweet😍😍

  34. Sonya Vasile

    Sonya Vasile19 days ago

    I love that water. I drink it all the time. It taste so much better than the others.

  35. Kristi Pio

    Kristi Pio19 days ago

    Trisha is an abusive partner. Ethan is so far up her ass. Moses is living off her.

  36. sydney gonzalez

    sydney gonzalez20 days ago


  37. Gabi

    Gabi20 days ago

    they balance each other out so perfectly

  38. I Lost My Pinky Toe

    I Lost My Pinky Toe20 days ago

    You and Moses remind me of me and my husband. My husband is so gentle and kind like your man is. It gives me life ☺️

  39. m t

    m t20 days ago

    I just wanna be Trishas fren!

  40. sheentheexplorer

    sheentheexplorer20 days ago

    Trish with this hair tho!!! Gorgeous

  41. arianna jill

    arianna jill20 days ago

    i love you so much trish


    CHRISTINA LEANZA20 days ago

    I need a Moses for myself 😭❤️ he’s so sweet

  43. lenaaachan

    lenaaachan20 days ago

    Omg i saw this on her tik tok and it looked so good 😍😍😍

  44. Maya Guzman

    Maya Guzman20 days ago

    trisha purple is your color!

  45. Ricail Quevedo

    Ricail Quevedo20 days ago

    I was reading their bio on IG and their noodles are crustaceans famous noodles by an. Their owned by the same people.

  46. Jay Juarez

    Jay Juarez20 days ago

    Trish being confident with her natural looks and eating as if nobody’s looking is what I aspire to become this year 💖

  47. Jenn Woodard

    Jenn Woodard20 days ago

    How much does a box like that run?

  48. FLAshley W

    FLAshley W21 day ago

    Trish~ no shade Moses~ there was shade 🤣🤣

  49. punkenpy

    punkenpy21 day ago

    Soilove or carbona will get that stain right out

  50. punkenpy

    punkenpy21 day ago

    I'm a mommy? Lol

  51. emily Mcbutt

    emily Mcbutt21 day ago

    This food looks so satisfying 🥺

  52. Abigail ngeleka

    Abigail ngeleka21 day ago

    Trish likes buttered Pasta (spaghetti) not noodles.

  53. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee21 day ago

    Pull your sleeves up, Trisha! lmao smh

  54. Benji

    Benji21 day ago



    ELI DOMINGUEZ21 day ago

    You’re a predator. Apologize to Trevor Moran.

  56. Songar

    Songar21 day ago

    Honestly, why does she always look super annoyed by him?! 11:32 & 12:57 What a bi#%h. Can’t even be decent to him and he does literally everything for her incapable a$$!

  57. Carly Shanahan

    Carly Shanahan21 day ago

    trish like fish doesnt like fish

  58. Kristina Marquez

    Kristina Marquez21 day ago

    I like your cooking shows better. Your food looks better. I can tell u can cook good,because of how Moses acts when he eats your food.

  59. Haley F

    Haley F21 day ago

    It’s so refreshing to see Trish with a man who treats her properly. I’m so happy she’s happy.

  60. Ellie Sanchez

    Ellie Sanchez21 day ago

    Love butter garlic and parsley with a little bit of shredded chicken

  61. Victoria Holt

    Victoria Holt21 day ago

    Does anybody actually ever know what she says ?

  62. Sophie Holdich

    Sophie Holdich21 day ago

    I love how Moses is like how I wish my life partner to be!! Trisha thank you for showing how love can happen and be real. Especially when you think you can never be loved again I really have hope I can find my life partner like you have. Love muchly gorgeous lady xxx

  63. Hikali ashe

    Hikali ashe21 day ago

    you are so cute!

  64. JL preston

    JL preston21 day ago

    They seem to have a really nice relationship

  65. Joanna Lanegan

    Joanna Lanegan22 days ago

    I’m so excited for you to marry Moses

  66. Unknown

    Unknown22 days ago

    When Moses put the napkin in her shirt I litteraly got tears at how cute they are, i’m happy Trisha is happy

  67. Mimi Singer

    Mimi Singer22 days ago

    Yum where in la are they

  68. nun ya

    nun ya22 days ago

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  69. Nicole Hernandez

    Nicole Hernandez22 days ago

    No extensions? No makeup? Girl, you look gorgeous

  70. schoolinJOO

    schoolinJOO22 days ago

    the original in sf is called thanh long, but it was so good and popular it was re-marketed as “Crustacean”; you gotta try their crab !

  71. denise Alfaro

    denise Alfaro22 days ago

    Digging the short hair! 👑👑

  72. Angela

    Angela22 days ago

    I need me a Moses, come on Jesus!! What a kind, calm, caring man, good 💚!!Cute top!!💜

  73. Aura

    Aura22 days ago

    Eat the African food

  74. Taylor Greco

    Taylor Greco22 days ago

    Trish you look gorgeous

  75. Kendra Mazzu

    Kendra Mazzu22 days ago

    I should’ve came up with that I’ve been calling noodles noods for so long

  76. Diana Lozano

    Diana Lozano22 days ago


  77. Unapologetically Milky

    Unapologetically Milky22 days ago

    trisha and moses videos are the only thing bringing me peace during my borderline spiral lmao they give me hope

  78. Bell Uh

    Bell Uh22 days ago

    moses “whose they” lmao trisha be paranoid about them houses😂😂

  79. D KS

    D KS22 days ago

    I love to see her feel so open and free with herself and way of life. Thank you Moses !!

  80. D KS

    D KS22 days ago

    Moses putting a napkin on her shirt 🥺🥺

  81. Ava Posner

    Ava Posner22 days ago

    Trisha, I thought you were jewish. its passover and your eating bread

  82. DeLaney Powell

    DeLaney Powell22 days ago

    You look so pretty!

  83. Mick Meharry

    Mick Meharry22 days ago

    Last thing you need is noodles Trish

  84. Hey Ya Know

    Hey Ya Know22 days ago

    3:04 "Is the camera moving"? Translation: why the hell are you in frame?

  85. Jess Beatty

    Jess Beatty23 days ago

    This is my favourite type of Trisha

  86. Rebecca R

    Rebecca R23 days ago

    She’s relaxed so much since being with Moses!!!

  87. Sirius

    Sirius23 days ago

    Moses is so cute and nice to her im tearing up🤧

  88. Wonderful life

    Wonderful life23 days ago

    I have had pizza for 5 days in a row it is my favorite food my happy place

  89. Rebekah Davis

    Rebekah Davis23 days ago

    That is so much packaging though for a tiny amount of food

  90. Cristi Lujan

    Cristi Lujan23 days ago

    Moses: I love the chicken, so good Trisha: OOOhh, me too Moses: Open the other one, i'm so excited. oooh more chicken, its so good! Trisha: What? you like the tuna? Moses: *** Silence*** Trisha: You want the tuna? (grabs and ask more chicken on camera)

  91. Kaydee Holmes

    Kaydee Holmes23 days ago

    Trisha: no shade ☕️ ☕️ Moses: there was some shade 🌳🌳

  92. Omar Gallegos

    Omar Gallegos23 days ago

    We stan Moses

  93. Scarlet Witch

    Scarlet Witch23 days ago

    Not me actually liking Trisha and is happy for her (:

  94. Skyler Mason

    Skyler Mason23 days ago

    Videos like this make me like you. You’re wholesome, kind and thoughtful. I love your videos when they aren’t drama.

  95. Sadeq Iraqi

    Sadeq Iraqi23 days ago


  96. Ansley Snodgrass

    Ansley Snodgrass23 days ago


  97. Aggie Alperovich

    Aggie Alperovich23 days ago

    Trish “ no shade” Moses “ there was some shade”

  98. MandieKayTutorials

    MandieKayTutorials23 days ago

    Love the natural look Trisha! Gorgeous queen 😍

  99. zineb jaafari

    zineb jaafari23 days ago

    Garlic noodles. Lol

  100. Aleksandra Mazur

    Aleksandra Mazur23 days ago

    Trish looks sooooo pretty here.