buttered noodles and some other stuff

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  1. Jasmine Ekusai

    Jasmine Ekusai6 days ago

    Honestly don’t know what about this woman is so interesting that I’ve found myself in a rabbit hole of her vids 😭 even just eating a bag of chips is interesting to me

  2. teahyung fansss

    teahyung fansss6 days ago

    Elindeki yüzüğü inşallah kaybedersin

  3. monet

    monet12 days ago

    i love your videos so much !!!! ! this is your nephew btw

  4. Mr. NLR

    Mr. NLR19 days ago

    Watch cancel culture supporters say this is bl*ckf*ce

  5. Faithbeez

    Faithbeez19 days ago

    new trish unlocked🔐 - baking trish🍜

  6. flxwers

    flxwers24 days ago

    when she said she wasnt gonna use the whole box ofpasta HAHAHA

  7. Kylah B

    Kylah B27 days ago

    I love you 😌

  8. Donate Money To Me 45

    Donate Money To Me 4527 days ago


  9. Devyn Molina

    Devyn Molina29 days ago

    can someone please explain her outfit to me? lol

  10. Jay Walker

    Jay WalkerMonth ago

    I eat these noodles ALL the time. You should try with butter,minced garlic, salt & pepper,fresh parm,parsley annnnd accent salt. It’s THE BEST.

  11. Jay's vlog

    Jay's vlogMonth ago

    not me tryna findn this vid to make them myself LMFAO

  12. Nkha92

    Nkha92Month ago

    I knew I liked Trisha for a reason!!! Sparkling water lover here.

  13. Kimberly Juarez

    Kimberly JuarezMonth ago

    Omfg I love sour cream and onion lays and I’m starving rn girl you lucky as hell love you trish

  14. Tori Langille

    Tori LangilleMonth ago

    OMG TRISH MY SISTER MAKES THIS TOO. with egg noodles tho and mine never tastes as good uuggg now I want them 🖤🖤

  15. woahits jade

    woahits jadeMonth ago

    putting some garlic salt in it makes it taste 100x betterrr

  16. ya el

    ya elMonth ago

    my dream is to die, imma go for it:)

  17. tinyman1990

    tinyman1990Month ago

    what language is she speaking?

  18. Katelyn Monroe

    Katelyn MonroeMonth ago

    "Nothing like burning your mouth when you're hungry cuz you're a psycho." BITCH MEEEEEEEEEEE. My man always calls me Satan for eating freshly made food and not blowing on it or letting it cool off.

  19. V Virus

    V VirusMonth ago

    I- the my chem make up doesn't fit you...

  20. Kristi Pio

    Kristi PioMonth ago

    Cant wait to hear about your passing

  21. sister Stina

    sister StinaMonth ago

    I like how nobody really talks about her crazy make up and hair. Nothing special to see here it's just Trish making butter noodles haha

  22. MishMish💎🖤💎🖤

    MishMish💎🖤💎🖤Month ago

    Trish, if you like buttered noodles... which I love, then you should try making spaghetti with broccoli. I know it doesn't sound that great but it's amazing. Make your butter noodles like you would normally do but take a pot of water and steam boil your broccoli until you can slice the broccoli with a fork (very soft) mix it with the buttered noodles and a just a little bit of the broccoli water and pasta water. It's so good, I don't care for broccoli much and neither does my fiance but we both love this!

  23. N00dl3 G0d

    N00dl3 G0dMonth ago

    "If you're a racist you should actually probably die" 😂 I love her

  24. Nora Zeisse

    Nora ZeisseMonth ago

    buttered noodles and some other stuff is the title to my life

  25. cositaASMR

    cositaASMRMonth ago

    If I ate like you I’d weigh 300 pounds :( You eat all or most of the food I shy away from

  26. bnb0510

    bnb0510Month ago

    Trish! Get a salt shaker girl! 🧂 It’ll make your life a lot easier. Lol

  27. RachelTeeKae

    RachelTeeKaeMonth ago

    After reading some of the comments I feel like a freak that I can understand almost everything she’s saying.

  28. Jonah Green

    Jonah GreenMonth ago

    Gonna make this but vegan for lunch tomorrow ❤️🥰😇

  29. kassidy Rose

    kassidy RoseMonth ago

    i love how she explains she doesn't have to fight for live anymore and that fighting doesn't mean love. Watching my parents in relationships grow up it was always horrible fighting and breaking up, i literally thought up to a few years thag love was supposed to be this huge fight but i realize now love should not be so damn hard

  30. Agatha Harkness

    Agatha HarknessMonth ago

    I'm hungry and thode noodles look SOOOO good lol😭😭😭

  31. kelsey warren

    kelsey warrenMonth ago

    this video actually had really good advice in it. Love you Trish

  32. M L

    M LMonth ago

    Isnt it butter spaghetti?

  33. How Do?

    How Do?Month ago

    This is how many people love Trish!! 🥰🥰🥰

  34. Sydney Harris

    Sydney HarrisMonth ago

    Trish I hope you know how inspiring you are!! you are helping me grow

  35. Mina Stefanie

    Mina StefanieMonth ago

    I got so much shit from my ex because I love buttered noodles too ... it’s delicious like come on

  36. MSV SOL

    MSV SOLMonth ago

    Trish just proved to all of our parents that it’s not just a phase

  37. Liza Selmani

    Liza SelmaniMonth ago


  38. Miss Maxi

    Miss MaxiMonth ago

    Stand your pasta up and spread it around the pot so half is in water and half out and then as it cooks push the rest in the water ❤️ looks delicious

  39. Tracee L. Asks

    Tracee L. AsksMonth ago

    If u do the same thing with Rigatoni noodles...they are like tubes...add the butter & Parmesan & then so throw some cottage cheese in that shit! Stop there! Soooooo goood! Oh maaaan...over the edge! I think it’s actually called Polish noodles...I’ll get back to ya on that if I’m wrong. But I think u guys would love...

  40. Kelly McCaughley

    Kelly McCaughleyMonth ago

    can we talk about how it's just weird bc trisha and ethan were basically coworkers in a sense and now since she collabed with him a year ago and had that small connect through the internet with his brother in law like now we're here.. I just, I can't handle this weird world

  41. Ashley Lloyd

    Ashley LloydMonth ago

    i want buttered noodles so bad right now

  42. Sharonnxz

    SharonnxzMonth ago

    Im always waiting around for a new frenemies episode and new Trish videos. you are my favorite youtuber by far I live all your content! never stop! xxx

  43. javier rabasco

    javier rabascoMonth ago

    and dont breake the pasta!! haha just leave it there once it starts cooking you will be able to bend them and put them all in

  44. javier rabasco

    javier rabascoMonth ago

    ur the only youtuber i keep following and supporting since I was 14 . I love u soooo much , shane is trash and he used to be my fav youtuber , I used to support him on everything but lately he has given me so many dark vibes

  45. kingWitch

    kingWitchMonth ago

    I feel like she's a younger version of Moira from Schitt's Creek

  46. Mollie Medlock

    Mollie MedlockMonth ago

    Trish are you xanned out

  47. Maximus

    MaximusMonth ago

    we need a translation please

  48. Amber Martinez

    Amber MartinezMonth ago

    Bat woman?

  49. Margret K

    Margret KMonth ago

    People watching that don't have English as their first language......good luck

  50. Summer Stanford

    Summer StanfordMonth ago

    I love the bedazzled ranch dressing

  51. laura woods

    laura woodsMonth ago

    i hate eating noises. but trish eating is so cute. like she’s literally having so much fun & talking ab random shit i love it.

  52. Tonia Suzanne

    Tonia SuzanneMonth ago

    Same for me. I normally hate to hear people chewing.. It makes me so hungry watching and listening to her eat.

  53. Amy Heyart

    Amy HeyartMonth ago

    You licked your fingers and then touched the pasta🤮🤮🤮 I hope you’re the only one eating it!

  54. CLEMENCE2388

    CLEMENCE2388Month ago

    Does anybody else watch frenemies and see trishas look, and use it to get a reference of how long ago this took place lol

  55. Barb Martinezs

    Barb MartinezsMonth ago

    trish when the waters boiling u can put the pasta in straight up and it’ll boil and slowly fall in so then u don’t have to break them

  56. Nadia M

    Nadia MMonth ago

    I really wanna eat these butter noodles but I’m trying so hard to lose weight 🥺 Next best thing is just watching Trisha eat them

  57. heathermooney

    heathermooneyMonth ago

    love you legend!!

  58. Megan Anderson

    Megan AndersonMonth ago

    I'm not all about the healthy life but at Aldi's they have Brown Rice & Quinoa Gluten Free Pasta and it is so good and healthy and so good for butter noodles. Much better than whole wheat gross stuff

  59. aly

    alyMonth ago

    6:51 stop that was so sweet i’m eating rn w u too 🥺🥺 its very helpful i hate eating alone bc of my ed

  60. grace

    graceMonth ago

    I also made pasta and I'm playing this while eating. It's perfect.

  61. Audrey Ryan97

    Audrey Ryan97Month ago

    Her eyes look so pretty!!!

  62. Calluna Vulgaris

    Calluna VulgarisMonth ago

    Cooked along with you and now I’m still hungry and didn’t cook enough so following another food video. ❤️

  63. Lily Clapham

    Lily ClaphamMonth ago

    Trish, just a suggestion but why don’t you buy plain cakes instead of getting ones with frosting and then taking it off 😂

  64. natti mac

    natti macMonth ago


  65. rle

    rleMonth ago

    She like mumbles

  66. Vanessa Prusinowski

    Vanessa PrusinowskiMonth ago

    I thought I was the only one to not only make buttered noodles, aka, why they call me noodle, and cut the chip bag 😝

  67. Esined Kl

    Esined KlMonth ago

    Who understands her talking in the beginning?

  68. boonegrl1

    boonegrl1Month ago

    Straight spitting 🔥 some truth

  69. Its Me

    Its MeMonth ago

    Bruh. The bag trick 🤯

  70. Jennifer Weaver

    Jennifer WeaverMonth ago

    I literally cannot STAND chewing ... I will leave the room..... But I can listen to Trisha eat chips all day. I dont understand lol

  71. Raya Campbell

    Raya CampbellMonth ago

    You are cool. I would love to see you do a thank you give away to your supporters on here.

  72. Straw Berry

    Straw BerryMonth ago

    I need more sad boy merch

  73. Lori Smith

    Lori SmithMonth ago

    OMG! You got me craving butter noodles and I made some tonight!!! I added good butter, already chopped garlic, Parmesan Cheese, Black pepper, tarragon (I just love tarragon, you don’t have to use it), and the secret is Smoked Maldon Salt (Qwenneth Paltro’s favorite salt). It was AMAZING! I ate at least a half of a bag of noodles myself!!!!!

  74. Brynn Viehmann

    Brynn ViehmannMonth ago

    Trish if you boil the water and put the pasta in without breaking it in a small pot put your hand behind the straight pasta that isn’t in the pot yet and guide it in I’ve never noticed the pasta being cooked unevenly and I do it almost everyday

  75. Sidney Darrah

    Sidney DarrahMonth ago

    Trisha for the love of god PLEASE chew your food! You've said before that you only poop like once a week and i just found out why🤣

  76. Amy Barlow

    Amy BarlowMonth ago

    “ if you’re racist you should probably die” kids from my school still not dead yet

  77. Z F

    Z FMonth ago

    I’ve started making my own version of buttered noodles because of you lol.. my husband thought they were a hit. Please try recipe one of these days🙏🏽 4 cups water 4 spoons chicken bouillon Knorr 2 sticks of butter 1 package of noodles Garlic powder & salt 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese Topped with dried parsley and red pepper flakes Cook in instapot for about 10 minutes til noodles are cooked and just a bit of sauce is left.. goes great with chopped chicken or sausage.. hope you’ll like

  78. Caitlin Rose

    Caitlin RoseMonth ago

    We love cooking Trisha! 👌🏻❤️

  79. Jazzmine Acevedo-Adams

    Jazzmine Acevedo-AdamsMonth ago

    You are pretty much making real Alfredo. Check out “you suck at cooking” he does Alfredo with butter and Parmesan cheese only

  80. Crystal P.

    Crystal P.Month ago

    Love you Trish but you don’t have to cram so much food into your mouth for the camera we will still watch your video! Girl relax just talk to the camera and eat like you normally do. If anything you will prob get more views. Some videos I find it hard to watch and can’t even finish your video.

  81. Y. Jennifer Day

    Y. Jennifer DayMonth ago

    I can't understand her. She runs all her words together....ugh

  82. Dylan Grey

    Dylan GreyMonth ago

    you dont even have to break the pasta even with a small pot . . .just put it all in there in boiling water, and it will soften, after that just push it down until everything is in the water . . .

  83. Mary Pelican

    Mary PelicanMonth ago

    I love u but please CLOSE UR MOUTH WHEN U EAT I usually watch all ur videos since day 1 but the way u chew with ur mouth open disgusting

  84. Imma Smiler

    Imma SmilerMonth ago

    Trisha has such an influence on me... I'm getting so fat now 😭😆

  85. K So

    K SoMonth ago

    31 fkn years and I’ve never thought to cut the top off the chip bag. . .

  86. Stripey Horse

    Stripey HorseMonth ago


  87. Jay Salazar

    Jay SalazarMonth ago

    i love the makeup

  88. mariam hamad al shamsi

    mariam hamad al shamsiMonth ago

    dam i hate you sooooooooo much

  89. My uhhh

    My uhhhMonth ago

    why the powdery parmesan tho 😭

  90. Cara Eliza

    Cara ElizaMonth ago

    I genuinely love you Trisha. I wish you could be my real life friend

  91. mcrap creme

    mcrap cremeMonth ago

    Yes warpath from X-men

  92. Die Lie

    Die LieMonth ago

    If what you say about racism, might as well you do it

  93. Your Weird Lesbian Aunt Yuh

    Your Weird Lesbian Aunt YuhMonth ago

    anybody else wondering how can she wipe with those nails-

  94. 512dm125

    512dm125Month ago

    new house trisha cooking butter noodles is such a fucking vibe compared to old house cooking vids!!!! tell me not

  95. Semi Anon

    Semi AnonMonth ago

    was this filmed on the day u dressed like this for frenemies?

  96. morbidly morbid

    morbidly morbidMonth ago

    "I don't want to use all the noodles it's just me" *Uses whole box*

  97. Anna Stuller

    Anna StullerMonth ago

    You can also roll your chips up from the bottom. So u can roll it back up in the event u don't eat em all

  98. Lyndsy

    LyndsyMonth ago

    I’m sorry, but revenge era Gerard Way WHO

  99. 43AshleyRose

    43AshleyRoseMonth ago

    Omg wtf how does she take those big ass bites and not chew? That has to hurt so bad!

  100. Melissa Danielle

    Melissa DanielleMonth ago

    You made me go make buttered noodles so thank you for that. I forgot how much I loved them.

  101. Taleah

    TaleahMonth ago

    tripping on acid rn and u are the only youtuber entertaining enough to watch