just moving in :)


  1. courtney gallagher

    courtney gallagher9 hours ago

    It makes me so happy that you’re cooking and cleaning with him. So happy you’re settling down and doing good for yourself. Seem so much calmer

  2. Anaiss T

    Anaiss T14 hours ago

    Lmao. They just got married and she's already talking about re-marrying if one of them dies..

  3. Giva Livaya

    Giva Livaya18 hours ago

    I love 2021 trish so much

  4. Honey Hambley

    Honey HambleyDay ago

    This house is gorg

  5. Shrishti Saha

    Shrishti SahaDay ago


  6. Malia Carinio

    Malia CarinioDay ago

    awe the ending was so cute xoxox

  7. Anoud F

    Anoud FDay ago

    I'm so happy for u trish u deserve the best because u have a white heart and soul unlike jeffry and Shane etc

  8. Sienna s

    Sienna sDay ago

    Finally!!! A house with some warmth

  9. Drew Mackenzie

    Drew Mackenzie2 days ago

    ‘so if you ever come over watch the step’ 🥲 we really are her friends ahah

  10. Abilene Heichelbech

    Abilene Heichelbech2 days ago

    Why is Trisha the most relatable rich person?

  11. FlowerKomal

    FlowerKomal2 days ago

    Your house is gorgeous, goals 💖

  12. Addie Noel

    Addie Noel3 days ago

    Trish, this is beautiful! So happy for you

  13. Karina Martinez

    Karina Martinez3 days ago

    baby room and for now a baby-making room...

  14. Alessandro Ducci

    Alessandro Ducci4 days ago

    2k OF DISLIKES IS FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE 12$ in the bank account and live in east hollywood

  15. Bratz Lip Logical

    Bratz Lip Logical4 days ago

    When you spend all the money to your house and forgot that you have to buy furniture as well

  16. Marinadela

    Marinadela4 days ago

    Honestly where is all this money coming from

  17. Katelyn Moskal

    Katelyn Moskal4 days ago

    beyond happy for you trisha!

  18. Lauren Reddekopp

    Lauren Reddekopp4 days ago

    I feel like Trish and Moses and Ethan and Hila are the best family because they all balance eachother well💕💘

  19. graciela castaneda

    graciela castaneda4 days ago

    Trish has always kept the same energy and she deserves only the best

  20. Esmeralda Gonzalez

    Esmeralda Gonzalez4 days ago

    Trisha: we are over 30 so we have back issues. Me at 20:🤕

  21. CJ Llo

    CJ Llo4 days ago

    SHES GOTTA BE PERSON OF THE DAMN YEAR. Happy for you Trisha!

  22. Felipe Villanueva

    Felipe Villanueva4 days ago

    I really starting to like you, of all toxic youtubers you seem to be the only one with an actual redemption arc.

  23. Christine Mason

    Christine Mason5 days ago

    Trish I absolutely love your new home. 💖🏡

  24. Your Local Rat

    Your Local Rat5 days ago


  25. tasha landberg

    tasha landberg5 days ago

    Looked like a oversized toddler running up those stairs 😂

  26. marilyn baldwin

    marilyn baldwin5 days ago

    do the other bed rooms pls

  27. Woofdes14

    Woofdes146 days ago


  28. nugsboodlepoo

    nugsboodlepoo6 days ago

    Trish, just a suggestion, you should look into getting a collar microphone. It's really hard to understand you when you aren't directly facing the camera especially when you're in big rooms with a lot of reverb.

  29. hilaryLPN31

    hilaryLPN316 days ago

    I hope you do a full house tour on here!! I’m sorry girl I don’t want to see you naked... I view u as like a good friend and I don’t want to see my friends naked lol I support your hustle tho girly!! Your house is amazing!!!

  30. nikki dozier

    nikki dozier6 days ago

    Love the house and I’m so proud of you girl! I too am a recovering addict who has totally stepped my pussy up in life and gotten my shit together! To see and be able to relate to you, your story, and your come up is amazing!! Keep up all the hard work girl, success and happiness look great on you 💜

  31. The Host.

    The Host.6 days ago

    Please please please please do a more detailed house tour, your house is beautiful

  32. Stephanie Rodriguez

    Stephanie Rodriguez7 days ago

    I’m not into huge houses but this house is absolute perfection 🙌🏻

  33. Michelle

    Michelle7 days ago

    You’re talking so much and moving around so much and fast it’s hard to insert what your saying.

  34. Yessenia Gomez

    Yessenia Gomez7 days ago

    Beautiful house now I could imagine how rat packed she will have it ! Ans not clean

  35. Michelle Mommy

    Michelle Mommy7 days ago

    She’s in love! She truly looks HAPPY AND BEAUTIFUL

  36. Jill Wood

    Jill Wood7 days ago

    trish. whoever did your extensions needs fired. please

  37. オルテガブルツヤン

    オルテガブルツヤン7 days ago


  38. Tanya Tomkiewicz

    Tanya Tomkiewicz7 days ago

    Kinda yucky but ok

  39. オルテガブルツヤン

    オルテガブルツヤン7 days ago

    Shut up

  40. Lisa Varner

    Lisa Varner7 days ago

    Sorry not trying to be mean just honest or maybe it's good I'm not fashion or hair girly but it looks like it needs more hair

  41. Lisa Varner

    Lisa Varner7 days ago

    Your so beautiful mind an body girl I hate to say this to u but maybe add some more hair to back of ya head kinda looks idk just needs more girl

  42. Cris Ray

    Cris Ray8 days ago

    sooo happy for you girl♡♡

  43. Whittney Ferguson

    Whittney Ferguson8 days ago

    Trish going from walk in closet tour to house tour 🥺

  44. Jenna Lee

    Jenna Lee9 days ago

    So happy for you Trish!! 🤗💖🔥

  45. Janine Herbert

    Janine Herbert9 days ago

    Happy for you Trish

  46. Kaylee McGivern

    Kaylee McGivern10 days ago

    Seeing Trish getting better, smiling, and GLOWING makes me so happy and proud of her

  47. PunkKitten

    PunkKitten10 days ago

    congratulations! you deserve all the happiness. Wishing you and Moses the best.

  48. jessica sedlacek

    jessica sedlacek10 days ago

    Trish you seem short of breath:/

  49. King Ka'mon the Slowking

    King Ka'mon the Slowking10 days ago

    Trish: "I'm mentally stable!" Gabbie Hanna: Hold my career.

  50. Malia S

    Malia S10 days ago

    It's kind of like "do you trust me yes"

  51. Kayla D

    Kayla D11 days ago

    Good on you Trish!!!

  52. Timothy Witt

    Timothy Witt11 days ago

    She got snippy over a water pick WHY?!?!?!!?

  53. Cecilia Ibarra

    Cecilia Ibarra11 days ago

    How can I get a cup signed by tou dazzled out! I absolutely love your cup collection and your beautiful home❤️

  54. Sickem Jenkins

    Sickem Jenkins11 days ago

    Why does she keep saying until they have kids, she said she can't lol

  55. Lastnamefirst V

    Lastnamefirst V11 days ago

    Congrats Trish

  56. Shelter Two

    Shelter Two11 days ago

    This is inspiring to all us OnlyFans hoes. Congrats Trish!

  57. Ashley K

    Ashley K12 days ago

    I love how she did the house tour without worrying that it’s completely “done” with furniture. This is such a beautiful home. I love it.

  58. Isham Beasley

    Isham Beasley12 days ago

    McMansion. Cheaply made

  59. unknown

    unknown12 days ago

    Such a beautiful house

  60. hayls

    hayls12 days ago

    my broke ass thought the fountain was the damn pool

  61. hailey bent

    hailey bent12 days ago

    Girl that kitchen I need a in-depth tour it’s so amazing

  62. Candace Spence

    Candace Spence12 days ago

    Couldn’t understand half the things you said because you talked so fast

  63. Lauren De Guzman

    Lauren De Guzman12 days ago

    baby making room-

  64. Kati Millard

    Kati Millard12 days ago

    Oh my GAWDDDDD you do your own dissshhhheeeeessssss!?!? That suckksss for youuuu 🙄

  65. Olivia Holmes

    Olivia Holmes12 days ago

    Why is no one talking abt the Valentine’s Day tent!!!😭

  66. Heather

    Heather13 days ago

    could anyone make out where she said the pink couch was from? i couldnt tell...

  67. sunflower hollow

    sunflower hollow13 days ago

    Trisha please be super cautious about a gas stove :)

  68. Froggy June

    Froggy June13 days ago

    “And current baby making room” LMFAOO I mean get it 😍 that baby’s gonna be bougie asf

  69. Mathilde Poulin

    Mathilde Poulin13 days ago

    Baaaaaabe speak slower please 😭😭😭 i cant understand a woooord

  70. Dios

    Dios13 days ago

    Not her home Pleeze..

  71. valeradaine

    valeradaine13 days ago

    Congratulations!!!! Things are looking up for you! I'm so proud of how much you've thrived this year! Way to go!

  72. Twattastic

    Twattastic13 days ago

    house tours make me so calm and happy especially when the mood is happy & joyful

  73. lance matt

    lance matt14 days ago


  74. lance matt

    lance matt14 days ago

    as why ddhshsha eh no wah as why

  75. Melissa Marie

    Melissa Marie14 days ago

    That is my dream kitchen!

  76. Ally Bailey

    Ally Bailey14 days ago

    "I honestly cant shower alone anymore, i get so scared" SO CUTE! 😍

  77. Ashlyn Lavalle

    Ashlyn Lavalle15 days ago

    Feeling honored me and trish use the same body wash

  78. Hunter2757able

    Hunter2757able15 days ago

    Gorgeous 😍 Congratulations!

  79. krystal williams

    krystal williams15 days ago

    So I gotta pay to see the rest of her empty house? 😂😂😂 at least Jeffree showed his house for free and it looked way better than this😂😂😂😂

  80. Chaj22 C

    Chaj22 C15 days ago

    I almost never comment on USloft, but I just want to say how happy I am for you! Once you cut loose the dark and negative people who were around you, and embraced a positive and loving man in your life, your true light is finally shining! I feel that you were being manipulated so that your “old friend” could feel superior to you. I’m glad you cut them out of your life! I hope those are toxic relationships you never return to!

  81. Mel

    Mel16 days ago

    I feel like me and Trisha would be such good friends. We have very similar taste

  82. KushKitten

    KushKitten16 days ago

    Can we all just say thank you to mosis for the great house shots

  83. Michael Najera

    Michael Najera16 days ago

    What is she famous for to afford all this? Curious party

  84. John McGuigan

    John McGuigan16 days ago

    What i got from this video: If i'm ever at Trisha's house.. watch my step .

  85. Brooke Amber

    Brooke Amber16 days ago

    Does she give you Britney vibes? Even the uneven extensions

  86. 1from31

    1from3116 days ago

    Trish could I be your official videographer?!

  87. 1from31

    1from3116 days ago

    Yas trish

  88. Zoe W

    Zoe W17 days ago

    This is beautiful! You have so many things to look forward to :)

  89. Rima

    Rima17 days ago

    Yes kitchen tour please!

  90. Hypee B

    Hypee B17 days ago

    2:43 🤣☠️💀 I love Trisha

  91. Lyllie Singletary

    Lyllie Singletary17 days ago

    i LOVE how real they are

  92. Sara Hernandez

    Sara Hernandez17 days ago

    I mean, its alrite.....

  93. Lori Haskins

    Lori Haskins17 days ago

    Wow that's not a house that's a mansion beautiful you don't ha e to worry bout anyone showing up youive in a gated community. A small child could get lost in there I love your home it's fun to watch. You are blessed kiddo

  94. dako

    dako17 days ago

    i want to swim in the waterfall it looks so cool

  95. Mariano Servat

    Mariano Servat18 days ago

    jeffree could never look so humble while showing his house, love you trisha

  96. Victoria Dinnison

    Victoria Dinnison18 days ago

    Are you suuuuurreee you’re not back on meth? I am too no judgement, girls gotta treat herself sometimes but wow honey I can’t understand youuuu

  97. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez18 days ago

    I cant wait until I get to this point in my life 0:15

  98. alyssa schemrich

    alyssa schemrich18 days ago

    Master bedroom gives me the notebook vibes where she was painting naked n shit

  99. Bam Bam

    Bam Bam19 days ago

    Please ask mr. kate to do your house. I will so much fun! 😆😆

  100. barbiegang gang19

    barbiegang gang1919 days ago

    Some of the comments are no doubt Trisha commenting from all her “spam” accounts 🙄💕

  101. Amanda Olmstead

    Amanda Olmstead19 days ago

    “If you ever come over watch the step “