cooking my most favorite meal again but perfecting it even more :)


  1. Birdhouse S

    Birdhouse SDay ago

    Allow the water to boil before placing pasta in pot. Also, salt the water.

  2. selenerium

    seleneriumDay ago

    I just know I’m going to be stuffing my face with buttered noodles all the time as soon as I make some tomorrow 😋💕 Thank you Trisha 💕 sending my love and prayers to everyone in this comment section 💕

  3. Paige_aliceee

    Paige_aliceee2 days ago

    the way he looks at her makes me smile so big , im so happy omg

  4. Ella P

    Ella P2 days ago

    “btw it pairs perfectly with your la croix” i love that omg it’s like a kid hearing a waiter say “this red pairs perfectly with the filet mignon” so they tell their parents their sprite pairs nicely with their chicken tenders omgomgomg

  5. Queensrecognise Queens

    Queensrecognise Queens4 days ago

    Why does Moses always seem hesitant to touch the food , or the cheese and when he does and puts it back down she usually touches it like to make sure he isn’t eating too much . It’s so awkward

  6. Tanvee Choudhary

    Tanvee Choudhary5 days ago

    Wow thanks Trisha, just made it at 12:30 am and WOW.

  7. ASMR Gratitude

    ASMR Gratitude7 days ago

    just add some ketchup in there and you have a plate of spaghetti from Mama June's recipe book.

  8. Sophia Maria

    Sophia Maria8 days ago

    Big Congrats Again Trish - Happy Wife, Happy Life, & a Beautiful Home! Moses is the man.✊ Happy Early Birthday to my Soul-Sister! Love You Trish! 💕

  9. Pug life Grumble

    Pug life Grumble8 days ago

    Try adding a little cayenne pepper, so yummy!

  10. Marissa Crouch

    Marissa Crouch8 days ago

    Lol I’ve been eating this as my go to easy dinner for YEARS. this is trending now?

  11. Andersen

    Andersen8 days ago

    the way she uses "emulsify" as a synonym for "mix" is iconic

  12. Klara Dungner

    Klara Dungner9 days ago

    where are moses cats?

  13. JustThatLauren

    JustThatLauren9 days ago

    You two seem so genuinely happy together, I COULD CRY!!! I'm so happy for you both. I'm definitely going to make this meal a staple easy dinner for my girlfriend and I :D

  14. Gazzy Mazzy

    Gazzy Mazzy10 days ago

    I love how she is just thriving right now lol

  15. a decent cup of coffee

    a decent cup of coffee10 days ago

    I love you

  16. Bobah Lvr

    Bobah Lvr12 days ago

    A little Elle dhantaye

  17. Arlene T

    Arlene T12 days ago

    Trish I love how Moses talks to you and reassures you with his love and his positivity. Don’t be scared of doubts and negativity of others. Moses will be there with you always...an older man has great wisdom! Be happy we are both marrying “Our Aladdin”. I love what he said to you during Mr Beast Burger Fail...”I don’t want anything from you than what you already have”. Moses respects and loves you so much...men like this are rare. The look in his eyes when he looks at you in his world you both are already married...very happy for you both!

  18. A bL

    A bL13 days ago

    "when i was on keto for 24 hrs"..... tbh me af

  19. Leah Nicole

    Leah Nicole14 days ago

    Your choice of butter AND amount has everything to do with the "health" of the final pasta result.

  20. Leah Nicole

    Leah Nicole14 days ago

    I told you it was the cheese!!! 😆

  21. Erin MHS

    Erin MHS14 days ago

    Moses and Trisha are the complete opposite yet complete eachother so well.

  22. G Money

    G Money14 days ago

    Add a little garlic salt and garlic powder mix it in with the butter and cheese, bomb!

  23. Cassandra Allen

    Cassandra Allen14 days ago

    You might like the starch solution you just eat mashed potatoes and veggies

  24. HyperBlade

    HyperBlade14 days ago

    He's such a classy guy. My man would have said "this tastes like shit. Let's order in"

  25. Rebecca Ammon

    Rebecca Ammon15 days ago

    “El Dante” LMAO....... I love this woman

  26. Sarah Vee

    Sarah Vee15 days ago

    i think my favorite butter noodles are when i make with rigatoni or penne, something about poking each bite with a fork just its like the reason i want to make them in the first place


    MSOFARRELL15 days ago

    Moses thank you thank you for saving our queen! She look so happy now ❤️

  28. Sarah Ann

    Sarah Ann16 days ago

    This is a good idea for dinner ❤️❤️

  29. Terris Mist

    Terris Mist16 days ago

    Trish, It took me 3 days and $20, but I made a BUTTERED NOODLES Song. I will be posting it for you tomorrow morning. If anything, it is to inspire you to make a buttered noodles song of your own.

  30. Kathy Gogurt

    Kathy Gogurt16 days ago


  31. lib nunez

    lib nunez17 days ago

    trish ur so funny

  32. Megan Colasono

    Megan Colasono17 days ago

    Moses is the sweetest man ever to her. How he loves and appreciates even her super simple butter and noodles. It pretty much has no flavor to what he is used to eating. But he loved what she cooks because he loves her. And I love that for her!

  33. Meech

    Meech17 days ago

    Add some garlic power and it will be the best garlic buttered noodles ever. That's how I eat mines, it's soooooo good.

  34. cameron troncoso

    cameron troncoso18 days ago

    I love u

  35. mc mc

    mc mc18 days ago


  36. Chelsea Noel

    Chelsea Noel18 days ago

    I need to know where she got that outfit! 😍😍😍

  37. Karlie Davis

    Karlie Davis18 days ago

    Trisha please try it with some real fresh boujee Parmesan, it’s like the same thing with butter, you gotta go boujee

  38. Emilie Leblanc

    Emilie Leblanc19 days ago

    I gotta try trishes fav buttered noodlles

  39. Haley Clark

    Haley Clark19 days ago

    All Donte

  40. mizz prettyladi

    mizz prettyladi19 days ago

    Omg she looks so nice in this video Her figure is so nice.

  41. dm67

    dm6719 days ago

    I WANT A MOSES IN MY LIFE!!! He is so kind and respectful🥺 I am so happy for Trish

  42. Kaitlin

    Kaitlin19 days ago

    aweee boo, but yourself a cute ass apron 😍😍😍❤🙏

  43. Taylor Marie

    Taylor Marie19 days ago

    Trish! I made this!!!! Thanks for teaching me it’s so good! 🥰

  44. Bre Nol

    Bre Nol19 days ago

    BOIL YOUR WATER FIRST. Before you drop you pasta. Noodles will become mushy without. Just a tip.

  45. Sara Ridgard

    Sara Ridgard19 days ago

    “I use a whole box because there’s two of us” Trisha you realize there’s 8 servings in a lb of pasta lol

  46. Erica LuvsDinoNuggies

    Erica LuvsDinoNuggies19 days ago

    Girl my house loves buttered noodles. Also if you use unsalted butter and garlic salt yummy. I also use minced garlic (or garlic powder) and red pepper flakes with some grilled chicken (marinaded in a 30min lemon herb or lemon pepper marinade) girl it’s a must try

  47. Carhilwen

    Carhilwen19 days ago

    Even as someone who grew up with daily cleaning chores, I still don't know how to clean!

  48. V G

    V G19 days ago

    he makes my heart hurt

  49. Jordan G

    Jordan G19 days ago

    God exists and he sent Trish moses or jesus . im so hoary SO HAPPY i was SO worried about trish mental health and future

  50. Victoria Barbella

    Victoria Barbella20 days ago

    el dante

  51. Emmanuel Ramirez

    Emmanuel Ramirez20 days ago

    They made enough for a whole family

  52. Kele Colburn

    Kele Colburn20 days ago

    I want someone to look at me the way Trish looks at butter noodles...

  53. Morgan Tooke

    Morgan Tooke20 days ago

    el dante

  54. Katie And Brodi

    Katie And Brodi20 days ago

    anyone know where her top is from??

  55. Brooke Kleinholz

    Brooke Kleinholz20 days ago


  56. Kor B

    Kor B21 day ago

    on the opposite end of your cleaning conundrum i have the issue where we were given so many chores, and were punished by chores that as an adult i still view cleaning as punishment and find it difficult to motivate myself to do so D;

  57. Josie Charles

    Josie Charles21 day ago

    you should try to make some lasagna, gumbo & some chicken fajita wraps! I love these videos lol and the more you cook the better you'll get!

  58. Laila Martinez

    Laila Martinez21 day ago

    Omg Trish you look so happy with Moses and it really shows

  59. Geri Cordero

    Geri Cordero21 day ago

    Me: *mom can I have some buttered noodles?! My mom: *no you can’t have them!* Me: *sighs*

  60. Skyler Mason

    Skyler Mason21 day ago

    Girl.....! You’re ground from salt 🧂, you still used way to much 🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

  61. Danielle Bernadette Roque

    Danielle Bernadette Roque21 day ago

    Omg thats my go to!!!! We call it kiddie pasta 😊

  62. *Ella Bella*

    *Ella Bella*21 day ago

    Trish make the Gigi Hadid pasta!

  63. Will G

    Will G22 days ago

    "moses sister" omg ilysm trisha. also when you said "ive been so happy lately, why would i want to change that. i look good and im happy with how i look" literally teared up

  64. ILovePasta

    ILovePasta18 days ago

    i think they have another non hila sister right?

  65. Sophie Holmes

    Sophie Holmes22 days ago

    If you want 2 know if the pasta is done hun take a one out & taste it!🤷‍♀️..simple xx

  66. Mary Janeee

    Mary Janeee22 days ago

    Moses and trish make my day

  67. Amanda Gilligan

    Amanda Gilligan22 days ago

    hey sweetie! try putting in the noodles once the water is boiling :)

  68. nicole leos

    nicole leos22 days ago

    Why did your mom not teach you cooking and cleaning etc yo. No hate but? My 9 year old son helps me cook and clean

  69. Abel

    Abel22 days ago

    Eating needs to not be her hobby.

  70. Christina Steele

    Christina Steele23 days ago

    She reminds me of a curvy version of Kristin Chenoweth.

  71. Raelynn Otis

    Raelynn Otis23 days ago

    this makes me so happy. I’m so happy for Trish & how much she’s grown 🥺

  72. Somia Randall

    Somia Randall23 days ago

    Tried to make them I burnt the noodles omg so gross I’ll try again and I just realized I never added Parmesan

  73. shelby williams

    shelby williams23 days ago

    buttered noodles are my favvvvv

  74. Alley Cats

    Alley Cats23 days ago

    Sooo we are using the word emulsify now to sound smart? Do you know what emulsion is? Lol ....just say "mix"

  75. Alley Cats

    Alley Cats23 days ago

    And it, the noodles, look dry as all get out.

  76. Maryann

    Maryann23 days ago

    3:32 " and I do blame my parents because we never had chores." SAME GIRL SAME.

  77. Victoria Bruno

    Victoria Bruno23 days ago

    The way he looks at her

  78. Nicole staff

    Nicole staff23 days ago

    girl im bout to FUCK UP some buttered noodles

  79. Isabelle Johnson

    Isabelle Johnson24 days ago


  80. Danielle Maritz

    Danielle Maritz24 days ago

    I wonder if Trisha knows the salt is in a ‘grinder’, and it goes back and forth to.... grind.

  81. Dagmawit Alemu

    Dagmawit Alemu24 days ago

    Jesus Christ died for you so please repeat and turn to him because judgment day is coming⚠️ so please turn to Jesus 🙏 have a blessed day💓

  82. vivian wilson

    vivian wilson24 days ago

    shes so rich but trashy at heart

  83. Jaime Alvarez

    Jaime Alvarez24 days ago

    I wanna be your friend so bad! I wanna eat it all hahha!!🥰🥰🥰

  84. TheNameIsMani

    TheNameIsMani24 days ago

    that bland ass shit . literally noodles with butter and parmesan cheese

  85. Amanda

    Amanda24 days ago

    This girl is rich af and eats buttered noodles 🤯

  86. Olivia

    Olivia24 days ago

    She was baby trinsh

  87. Mitchie M

    Mitchie M24 days ago

    I recommend garlic salt instead of salt. LIFE CHANGER

  88. M Litzberg

    M Litzberg24 days ago

    You guys are so cute !! Happy Trish is doing good. Queen!!

  89. Brit Rose

    Brit Rose24 days ago

    I want buttered noodles now!

  90. Brehanna Henley

    Brehanna Henley24 days ago

    Heyy Trisha you look so pretty!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  91. Duke Look

    Duke Look25 days ago

    I love her so freaking much

  92. fiona jean

    fiona jean25 days ago

    i live for these "cooking with trish" videos! Makes my day :)

  93. allie vaccaro

    allie vaccaro25 days ago

    I just love how much Moses loves and supports trish

  94. Lily

    Lily25 days ago

    her putting the pasta in before the water boils hurts my soul

  95. ゲーターフィオナ

    ゲーターフィオナ25 days ago

    i love those bowls

  96. Jae Cae

    Jae Cae25 days ago

    U can put onion seasoning on it

  97. Jae Cae

    Jae Cae25 days ago

    I hope Moses is just as happy I see a big change in trisha not really attitude besides her more happy but I always liked her but a lot of other things she is doing different

  98. A

    A25 days ago

    the parmesan cheese makes me cringe, why didn't she get fresh one

  99. Xti

    Xti25 days ago

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Trish: eMuLsiFy

  100. boscoitalics

    boscoitalics25 days ago

    your new kitchen is so pretty!! now i want to try butter noodles :)

  101. Caitlyn

    Caitlyn25 days ago

    more butter and add a tiny bit of garlic powder

  102. Courtney Painter

    Courtney Painter25 days ago

    Dang trish when you mentioned keto I got sad. I love when your videos are a little more update and that was like 5 episodes ago 😭 still gonna watch until the end tho