what we ate + bought at the Japanese market

new frenemies! usloft.info/will/ooTGrKnYjKzDZdQ/video


  1. Hằng Hà

    Hằng HàDay ago

    aww the BTS coffee

  2. Shannon Mirpanah

    Shannon Mirpanah5 days ago

    I freaking love the both of you together Moses is such a gem and brings out the best in you Trish!! So happy to see it

  3. Jamie Danielle

    Jamie Danielle8 days ago

    “Mmmmm maybe at James Charles because he’s a predator” 😭🤣🤣🤣 she is so blunt hahaha

  4. Rainier Cinema

    Rainier Cinema8 days ago

    That mochi dochi is literally right next to my house here in west la by sawtelle. I’m definitely going there tomorrow wtf

  5. Angela

    Angela10 days ago

    I'm seriously worried about both of your health...I love your channel though xx

  6. Annaliese Bohnert

    Annaliese Bohnert11 days ago

    This is my favorite Trish hair style 😍😍😍

  7. Cheriitoon

    Cheriitoon12 days ago

    its ok to cosplay as Tiana as long as you don't darken your skin! or wear an afro/ afro ponytail for her hair!

  8. Iliana Llau

    Iliana Llau13 days ago

    Can anyone please tell me what were they eating with the Mozerella cheese and crunchy dough? It looked so good. Now I want some!

  9. Bridget

    Bridget14 days ago

    When she still uses iMovie to edit 😩💅

  10. curlycurly004u

    curlycurly004u14 days ago

    Trish there is a place in Canoga Park(by the park) you have to go to. It's cheese sticks. I ran into it the other day and I totally thought that's what you were eating right now. It's called "Cheez Dogz" but there not hot dogs . It's a food stand :) Anyway thought you might want to taste.

  11. Nathan R

    Nathan R15 days ago

    Repping that teddy fresh clothing :)

  12. Anastasia333

    Anastasia33318 days ago

    Lordy I can’t hardly even understand her she talks so fast

  13. Kirsche Bryant - O’Daniel

    Kirsche Bryant - O’Daniel19 days ago

    I wish we could see both of them and not just Trisha !

  14. hayden juseyo

    hayden juseyo19 days ago

    I love that her and Moses are together and that Moses is Hila’s brother who is also an angel and that Ethan is so supportive of Trisha

  15. milk bear

    milk bear20 days ago

    When your hungry but everything in your house you have to cook 😩blahhhh

  16. Mental Skyz

    Mental Skyz21 day ago

    Moses is soooo much better than jason was so happy to see her generally happy and watch their chemistry ❤

  17. Heather Lim

    Heather Lim21 day ago

    Try beard papas Trish! The yummiest asian cream puffs 😱🥰

  18. Farrah C.

    Farrah C.23 days ago

    Love your hair like this.

  19. Monica Bink

    Monica Bink23 days ago

    Makeup looks BOMB

  20. Kasey Thompson

    Kasey Thompson24 days ago

    *takes sip of bts coffee* trisha: 😧😧 “oh wait let me not do that reaction on tiktok” *sips again* trisha: 😸😸

  21. Kasey Thompson

    Kasey Thompson24 days ago

    “well, we didn’t get the boba” *lifts up teeny tiny chair* “but moses got me this”

  22. Nicole Hernandez

    Nicole Hernandez25 days ago

    Yes you can dress up as Tiana, just don’t make your skin dark

  23. Zuni Silverwolf

    Zuni Silverwolf25 days ago

    Trisha is SO beautiful. Love her makeup today. 💙

  24. Carol DeSarno

    Carol DeSarno25 days ago

    OMG... HOW Cute is Moses.... Did you finish your Homework...? Just Adorable.... !!😊😊

  25. G Lyfe

    G Lyfe25 days ago

    Trisha you've said for a loooonnnnggg time what they've done to young girls & that you DID NOT LIKE THAT ONE BIT they were disgusting & why things got so emotional for you at that time YOU WERE RIGHT Glad their Azz is getting CAUGHT SO Happy for you with Moses You both will have a Great Life together 💜☮️🕊️✝️

  26. Priscila Garcia

    Priscila Garcia26 days ago

    I think you shouldn’t do the princess tiana cosplay as a back woman I would find it offensive. Any ways ily

  27. allgirrrl Rider

    allgirrrl Rider26 days ago

    Why the sugar???!

  28. allgirrrl Rider

    allgirrrl Rider26 days ago

    Omg those crunches though

  29. allgirrrl Rider

    allgirrrl Rider26 days ago

    What are they eating and is that sugar on something with cheese in it?

  30. Aifric Brennan

    Aifric Brennan27 days ago

    She's high af here don't care what she says

  31. E and O

    E and O27 days ago

    i watched this while eating my pizza and it literally felt like i was hanging out w u and moses lol. anyway love u and so proud of u trish!! also moses is such a sweetheart! ur guys relationship is to die for ☺️

  32. hello 111.I

    hello 111.I27 days ago

    “maybe james charles cuz he a predator” PLZ- trisha don’t give no fucks . 😌

  33. Karolina Leszczynska

    Karolina Leszczynska27 days ago

    They have a lot of fun together, I bet...♡

  34. Miss Jewells

    Miss Jewells27 days ago

    It’s really silly that you purse your lips to eat that, lol, are you trying to give DSL vibes?

  35. Jack lynn

    Jack lynn28 days ago

    Your hair always looks so beautiful! And make up ugh you are the prettiest

  36. Patricia Taylor

    Patricia Taylor28 days ago

    Wow.....Living for the calm energy.

  37. Rose Pond

    Rose Pond28 days ago

    Scared of COVID but you touch everything and don’t sanitise your hands?

  38. aurelia

    aurelia28 days ago

    imagine eat with trisha

  39. sophies.bubble

    sophies.bubble29 days ago

    My perfect Match - Trish and BTS 😂

  40. Carla Carlo

    Carla Carlo29 days ago

    What are they eating in the beginning?? I want one :O man the States really do have the greatest comfort food :D

  41. Gavi Goldman

    Gavi Goldman29 days ago

    Moses doesn’t even keep kosher like he’s not gonna educate her right she needs to be educated by a rabbi

  42. Jennifer Twigg-Garnsey

    Jennifer Twigg-Garnsey29 days ago

    I just wish I could understand what she says. She talks too fast for me and then the loud eating is horrendous to me. I have a horrible issue with loud eaters 😜😵🥴

  43. strawberry cow

    strawberry cow29 days ago

    I want to eat that SOOO BAD I wish there was one in Texas :(

  44. lamia AL

    lamia ALMonth ago

    Trisha you can tan as much as you like, you can dress up as any Princess (disney or non disney) you want (The original Tiana wasn't even black, the story was written by Swiss people based in Switzerland, so originally Princess and the Frog is a European story, and you can wear your hair anyway you want.... I'm not a dfan of yours but I know you don't need anyone's permission to style yourself according to your taste!

  45. Annabel Lee

    Annabel LeeMonth ago

    Awh trish seeing you and Moses together warms my heart. He has helped you grow soo much , but not only that you have grown within yourself aswell. Your both beautiful people 💕🤎

  46. Genny Uk

    Genny UkMonth ago

    Trisha you look beautiful ❤️ love your make up x

  47. Rachel lee

    Rachel leeMonth ago

    I don't get it.....I am such a socially awkward person in terms of low self-esteem and anxiety etc, and because of that, I don't really post anything anywhere--But would love to do videos etc. How do you do it, Trish? How do you get the confidence to post and be so bold on camera, without caring what people think? X Is anyone else still stuck with low self-esteem or is the whole world super confident now?

  48. Sophie Jackson

    Sophie JacksonMonth ago

    “Did you finish your homework?” 😳😰

  49. Adriana Neagu

    Adriana NeaguMonth ago

    trish eating Japanese snacks... she's come such a long way! Don't think she would have done that in the past.

  50. eduardo mex

    eduardo mexMonth ago

    That’s Jason Nash 2.0 lol 😂

  51. Angela Huff

    Angela HuffMonth ago

    I love how she has that big ass rock on her finger while she eats a giant mozzarella stick lol. ❤ I relate to her on a spiritual level. 💕

  52. Boozey Guze

    Boozey GuzeMonth ago

    I bet you all didn't know Trish is freaking HILARIOUS!!!! I love her and she's always a good time🥰🥰🥰🥰

  53. Shari Blossom

    Shari BlossomMonth ago

    Trish What is that delishesness your eating!!!!!

  54. Amber

    AmberMonth ago

    Why is Moses cut out of the video?

  55. Narc Free Formula

    Narc Free FormulaMonth ago

    With love and peace...Im really not sure that Teddy Fresh can steal the intellectual property of Paddington Bear and the Care Bears. I think thats a law suit waiting to happen.....with love and peace.

  56. Karla Martinez

    Karla MartinezMonth ago

    it makes me so uncomfortable that this experience is being recorded while she also makes a video on her phone; this gives me black mirror vibes with everything being documented ahhhhh

  57. Andrea

    AndreaMonth ago

    omg hahahahah I love the "I love that laugh" vine it makes me laugh out loud every time

  58. Chaiti Rector

    Chaiti RectorMonth ago

    Please post the link of where I can get this exact cup. I want one for myself and my step-daughter! It is so cute 🥰

  59. cyerachristine

    cyerachristineMonth ago

    you’re so lovely!

  60. jeeii

    jeeiiMonth ago

    I want to try those cheese stick things sooo bad!! They always look so damn good when she eats them

  61. jeeii

    jeeiiMonth ago

    Trish looks sooo gorgeoussss!!! I love those curls and the side part!! Love u so much

  62. Info Bulletin

    Info BulletinMonth ago

    Moses offering her the last ball of that doughnut...it’s the little gestures that show a great deal of care 👌🏼

  63. Katherine Marie

    Katherine MarieMonth ago

    every time i see a video with you and moses it makes my heart a little bit happier

  64. SheSoChocolate

    SheSoChocolateMonth ago

    can we see that phone case?

  65. Zelmi McCann

    Zelmi McCannMonth ago

    Which Mochi donut place did you go? Japan town in LA?

  66. MsStarlet21

    MsStarlet21Month ago

    Oh shit I need that BTS coffee to get me through the days lol

  67. MsStarlet21

    MsStarlet21Month ago

    Trisha. I respect your hussle and hard ass work. You always putting your career first or close to it and getting those shots and worried about it all. I’m glad you found someone who goes with it too even if he isn’t an influencer. And I honestly think he is perfect for you! Someone NOT into fame or attention is perfect. I swear opposites can attract and also work better together. I love you trisha!! I have been here since 2011 and it was love at first site 🥰 I love watching you grow into the person you are and being truly happy. You were the first gorgeous person I had ever seen in my life and still are

  68. Arumlilly

    ArumlillyMonth ago

    Omg Trish and Moses are just so great together 💖 I'm so happy for her!!

  69. Melissa Vidal

    Melissa VidalMonth ago


  70. zion factora

    zion factoraMonth ago


  71. Kayla MarieK

    Kayla MarieKMonth ago

    I’m weak lmao “did you finish your hw?” I love Moses

  72. Vienna M

    Vienna MMonth ago

    Her hair looks amazing!

  73. Christine L

    Christine LMonth ago

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Makeup tutorial please!!

  74. Adriana Avendano

    Adriana AvendanoMonth ago

    Trisha : Mmmm you look like a teacher Moses : *switches to roleplay* Did you finish your homework? Trisha : *gets turned on* Hmmmm hoott okayy, okay daddy

  75. Linguiste

    LinguisteMonth ago

    are we gonna talk about the fact that she says “link in bio” even though that’s the description 😭😭✋

  76. And rew

    And rewMonth ago

    doesn't that food make you constipated

  77. MenjContent

    MenjContentMonth ago

    Trish looks so beautiful 💚

  78. Katelyn

    KatelynMonth ago

    How does she keep her lipstick from messing up from her mask?

  79. dr jaymes

    dr jaymesMonth ago


  80. Jenny Lai

    Jenny LaiMonth ago

    You guys make me happy :)

  81. Caitlin Kennedy

    Caitlin KennedyMonth ago

    That ‘did you finish ur homework’ got me

  82. T Dutches

    T DutchesMonth ago

    You can be Tiana without the tan boo, no one gonna judge, or at least they shouldn't. Just don't tan for it, but you can still rock the hair and the dress. Ya gucci boo 😚😉

  83. Dana Beazley

    Dana BeazleyMonth ago

    Great video Trish and Moses love you guys 😘❤️

  84. Leela

    LeelaMonth ago

    I love ur eating vids because I never have anyone to hangout and get food with

  85. Jeannette Rosales

    Jeannette RosalesMonth ago

    This is a perfect example of being with the right person and them bringing out the best in you. I never liked Trisha but that’s all changed. She is so entertaining to watch and I see her heart. She is happy and the connection they have is perfect! They are really made for each other. She’s a much better person with him ❤️❤️❤️ Peace and love!

  86. Caroline Goode

    Caroline GoodeMonth ago

    My boyfriend and I broke up today and I struggled a lot with communication with him - I have PTSD, anxiety, adhd and MDD. Seeing how you've progressed and your relationship with Moses is giving me faith I'm going to find someone who loves me for me and will talk me down and comfort me instead of getting mad and irritated at me when I get anxious or upset. So much love for you both!!

  87. Nicole Acuna

    Nicole AcunaMonth ago

    Trishaaaaaa I live in Miami’ and these DO NOT exist here. Can you send me some PLEASE. I watch these videos of the Korean fried cheese and get so sad because my mouth waters so much and I can’t even buy them

  88. M Bingham

    M BinghamMonth ago

    Tbh i think you should just encourage black tiana cosplayers to duet you....

  89. Sandra West

    Sandra WestMonth ago

    Does that mean that you don’t believe in Jesus anymore?

  90. Zshakira

    ZshakiraMonth ago

    Trisha at 8:09 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💕💕💕💕

  91. Lizzie Park

    Lizzie ParkMonth ago

    omg i love moses and trish together

  92. Milk Milk

    Milk MilkMonth ago

    You can definitely dress up as tianna without black face trisha.

  93. notaxandria _7

    notaxandria _7Month ago

    Please don't, she's black, you're white..

  94. Chloe Sexton

    Chloe SextonMonth ago

    i just know trisha smells so good

  95. Hasmeen C.

    Hasmeen C.Month ago

    Every time she eats that.....does anyone know if somewhere in NYC they sell those cheese filled corndogs??!!

  96. Tayton Kamholz

    Tayton KamholzMonth ago

    omg trish baby lets link

  97. NattyB

    NattyBMonth ago

    Ok that's it I'm searching for some Korean corn dogs in my city and crossing my fingers there's one place!! They look so delicious 😋

  98. Lisa Love

    Lisa LoveMonth ago

    Omg the way he shares his food with you without hesitation!!! 😍 Girl, that’s true love! Haha 🥰 Love you two together!!

  99. Karla Havblik

    Karla HavblikMonth ago

    how tf does trish look pretty while eating ;_;

  100. Lulu Zhou

    Lulu ZhouMonth ago

    Trisha: mochie douchie Me: you me mochie donut