Trying Arby's NEW Crinkle Fries!

new frenemies :)


  1. ella

    ella4 hours ago

    1:36 not u being goofy😂😂😂

  2. Stela Rezende Mello

    Stela Rezende Mello3 days ago

    it looks like she haven't showered in 2 weeks

  3. Ophelia Mcnuggetshire

    Ophelia Mcnuggetshire4 days ago

    The guy serving is so sweeet

  4. Mallory

    Mallory4 days ago

    Omg is this the guy who hit on Ian? 🤣🤣 "Is this your friend" wtfffff


    TARA CREADY5 days ago

    We love Moses!

  6. Raquell Sunshine

    Raquell Sunshine6 days ago

    Trish finally has a good man. I pray he is here to stay! ♥

  7. fernanda diaz

    fernanda diaz6 days ago

    Awee Moses! 😩You can tell he’s such a good Person !

  8. nick krauser

    nick krauser6 days ago

    That drive thru worker was totally hitting on Moses 💀

  9. R Q

    R Q7 days ago

    Omg I had Arby’s last night with my date.. maybe it’s a sign 😍 💍

  10. Sophia Lee

    Sophia Lee8 days ago

    i love her “gen-z moments”

  11. Joshua Lowe

    Joshua Lowe8 days ago

    I just tried the new crinkle fries today! They were good! Now the debate is: Which is better? Crinkle Fries or Ring fries???

  12. y yg

    y yg8 days ago

    6:37 so kyot his lil selfie video

  13. y yg

    y yg8 days ago

    I can never get over how Moses literally looks and has the vibe of Jesus. I think that adds to why Trish is obsessed with him lol

  14. thotsnprayerss

    thotsnprayerss9 days ago

    Trisha is definitely my favorite Gen Z Tik toker

  15. presley presley

    presley presley9 days ago

    Trisha to u look great in this video

  16. Ashley Danis

    Ashley Danis9 days ago

    I need a Moses in my life 😩

  17. Brenda Lee

    Brenda Lee10 days ago

    U will start to look like an old fat man. U look so young and healthy slim. Everyone who hangs with Trisha gets so unhealthy and huge. Her sister and mom use to be so nice and slim but now they are so big now. Please dont get fat Moses. U will hate urself and weight is very heavy to carry around all day and very hard to take off once ur huge. Its awful. U will start to have a huge stomach anf huge neck and face. U will hate urself forever and become very unattractive.

  18. Brenda Lee

    Brenda Lee10 days ago

    Moses please dont get fat. ♥️U look so nice slim. Fat will not look good on u.

  19. Ntzf

    Ntzf10 days ago

    2:50-2:58 new meme lol

  20. LisaMariesChannel

    LisaMariesChannel10 days ago

    Babe were live lol

  21. Madison Sutton

    Madison Sutton10 days ago

    I remember when all the comments used to be so mean and it makes me so happy to see only good comments now on all of your videos. You are so special Trisha. You always have been.

  22. Larissa Campos

    Larissa Campos10 days ago

    I love you guys so much 🥰

  23. Patricia Hernandez

    Patricia Hernandez10 days ago

    Your bf looks like that actor Luke Wilson

  24. Loukia Moutousi

    Loukia Moutousi11 days ago

    Gyros is actually sooooo good!!!Please do a Greek food review!

  25. Metanoia books

    Metanoia books11 days ago

    Moses is just perfect to be honest. Cute.

  26. Kathy S.

    Kathy S.11 days ago

    Hi, you him look good together 😊 Cool phones which iphones are they?

  27. Sylver G

    Sylver G11 days ago

    What a man...he is so chill and thoughtful.☮️💜

  28. Chelsey McInerney

    Chelsey McInerney11 days ago

    Sorry trish but I have to cancel you for not getting the Arby’s sauce

  29. Emma

    Emma11 days ago

    Moses is so adorable I swear! Like the little things he says and does for her. I hope they never split.

  30. Lmaooo Nick

    Lmaooo Nick12 days ago

    fast food workers in LA are so nice 🥺

  31. Elle Jessop

    Elle Jessop12 days ago

    Trish:”you can open me and put me back there” like wtf-

  32. avery rose

    avery rose12 days ago

    babe we're live

  33. Gretchen Wenrich

    Gretchen Wenrich12 days ago

    Getting her Priscilla Presley on.

  34. Gretchen Wenrich

    Gretchen Wenrich12 days ago

    Who the hell goes to Arby's and orders a fish sandwich lol.

  35. dj

    dj13 days ago

    "A skinny person who CAN gain weight" Moses:*almost choked on his food*"EXCUUSE MEE?" lmaoooo🤣 I was gonna say at the start of the video..Moses looking like hes definitely putting on a little happy weight 💕

  36. Kaitlyn Harrison

    Kaitlyn Harrison13 days ago

    That drive thru attendant was so sweet

  37. cesarm206

    cesarm20613 days ago

    These two make me smile so much 😭♥️

  38. Janelle Jajeh

    Janelle Jajeh13 days ago

    does anyone else watch these when u can't afford dinner

  39. Julie

    Julie13 days ago

    Moses is the cutest man in the world

  40. it me

    it me13 days ago

    those two look famous ❤️❤️

  41. may sadan

    may sadan14 days ago

    אללה טרישהההה ישאלים תנו לייק!!

  42. Patrick Hurley

    Patrick Hurley14 days ago

    Not Trish and Moses making me hungry

  43. Hollie Price

    Hollie Price14 days ago

    Moses is so sweet it breaks my heart 💔

  44. Vanessa Smith

    Vanessa Smith14 days ago

    idky your videos are like a podcast

  45. Zoe Sims

    Zoe Sims14 days ago

    the way he looks at her awwwww

  46. Kathryn Henry

    Kathryn Henry14 days ago

    I accidentally watched a mukbang from 7 months ago and Moses said he’d never marry her so is the engagement real?! I’m confused now

  47. shanayashanaya08

    shanayashanaya0814 days ago

    Someone please answer. HOW can trisha have full on sex with other men on her only fans while in a relationship with he okay with that....?

  48. shanayashanaya08

    shanayashanaya0813 days ago

    @m t Noo....Moses and Trisha have been together for a year now. The video of her having sex with another guy on her OnlyFans, was posted just this February 2021....

  49. m t

    m t13 days ago

    she doesn't. Since they became bf/gf she stopped that

  50. Carolina A Nieves Caro

    Carolina A Nieves Caro14 days ago

    I’m really worry about trishas’ health. Like she is beautiful no matter the weight but medically speaking she should do some changes or she will not enjoy life because health issues.

  51. TryItNick

    TryItNick14 days ago

    Omg 17:18 XD

  52. TryItNick

    TryItNick14 days ago

    Also 23:14

  53. paul d

    paul d14 days ago

    Moses is such a good partner 🥺

  54. The Ruck Fam

    The Ruck Fam14 days ago

    The Greek gyro is delicious btw 👌🏻

  55. Clementine Yaki

    Clementine Yaki14 days ago

    Trisha: don’t comment on people’s weight it’s just rude Also Trisha: you gained weight x 7:25

  56. Raven

    Raven14 days ago

    me watching this video in the arby’s drive thru for the fries 🥰

  57. animaladvocate

    animaladvocate15 days ago

    3:38 "is he Israeli?" hilarious

  58. TheonlyHoneyBadger

    TheonlyHoneyBadger15 days ago

    Theyre actually so cute I love how Trisha is genuinely happy with Moses

  59. Cara Janae

    Cara Janae15 days ago

    I’m so happy you found the right person for you. I have BPD too and your relationship gives me hope that there is someone out there who I can have a healthy and happy relationship with.

  60. cASSy

    cASSy15 days ago

    Trish: your a skinny person that can gain weight now! Moses: *Excuse me* ?? 😂 He is getting Trisha’s Sass & I’m living for it 😂♥️

  61. Elam Ndakisa

    Elam Ndakisa15 days ago

    The worker was trying to secure the tip when he saw the rolls royce,

  62. Gianna Barone

    Gianna Barone15 days ago


  63. SleezyMoves

    SleezyMoves15 days ago

    You guys are so cute

  64. Lamont Odum

    Lamont Odum15 days ago

    Trisha is hilarious I live 🤣🤣🤣

  65. Brittany LaForet

    Brittany LaForet15 days ago

    I have BPD and I 100% know what Trish means. Hopefully I will find someone like Moses some day 😭 so happy for her ❤️

  66. Tiff Prendergast

    Tiff Prendergast15 days ago

    Not into her makeup

  67. Sara Edwards

    Sara Edwards15 days ago

    Moses needs to do an ASMR video. Or many.

  68. mac cude

    mac cude15 days ago

    I work at Arby’s and I’m dissing you

  69. Casey Finnegan

    Casey Finnegan15 days ago

    I love Arby's!!

  70. Plant Hub

    Plant Hub15 days ago

    Moses trolling Trish making eating tiktoks😂

  71. Emily Rosen

    Emily Rosen15 days ago

    why do i like moses more than trisha now loll

  72. Maha Nawaz

    Maha Nawaz15 days ago


  73. Deanna Daugherty

    Deanna Daugherty15 days ago

    Moses: won't be the same as yours hehehe Trisha: hehehe true hehehe Lol😂

  74. Faith Luv

    Faith Luv15 days ago

    All I am saying is Trish is a taurus and Moses is a Scorpio that is a star allinged match and they are meant to be

  75. Bea mejia

    Bea mejia15 days ago

    Im happy for you trish !!!

  76. Lisa Alvarado

    Lisa Alvarado15 days ago

    Trisha: “Well now you’re a skinny person who can gain weight” Moses: “Excuse meeee” 😭😭😂

  77. Fraser Watson

    Fraser Watson15 days ago

    Man beater

  78. PristineTangerine

    PristineTangerine15 days ago

    BOBBY GENTRY looks good for 78

  79. MooN AnGeL

    MooN AnGeL15 days ago

    Trish I say this because it’s like talking to my sister, I am so f**king happy for you. You deserve to be genuinely happy and in love and yup like I said happy and away from toxic bitches darling... Your a sweetheart and Moses ... (I think we all APPROVE ) and I love that your enjoying your life now darling xoxo hugz from the uk 🇬🇧

  80. BeautyBrittBratt

    BeautyBrittBratt15 days ago

    Something is off or am I just not use to her being in a relationship that isn’t toxic?

  81. Stephanie Ross

    Stephanie Ross15 days ago

    Try the curly fries with the berry sauce. GAME CHANGER

  82. Arielle H

    Arielle H15 days ago

    she looks so bad but yea

  83. emma nicole

    emma nicole15 days ago

    trisha please do more talking asmr!!

  84. hanan bskq

    hanan bskq15 days ago

    The dislikes are david dobrik's friends

  85. nona

    nona16 days ago

    I keep falling in love with them. And god, trisha's eyes are so beautiful.

  86. Alexandra Maria

    Alexandra Maria16 days ago

    2:10 her laugh and facial expression afterwards is hillarious 😂

  87. Adele Caines

    Adele Caines16 days ago

    "its the not liking mozzarella sticks for me" a whole mood

  88. Lauren

    Lauren16 days ago

    When the guy at the drive thru compliments her and then Moses at 3:02 reacts like that I’m dead they are so cute😂

  89. Fabiana Gonzalez

    Fabiana Gonzalez16 days ago

    Trisha being a gen z 😂😂😂

  90. dd ybanez

    dd ybanez16 days ago

    “Babe we’re live” 💀💀💀🤣🤣

  91. Chris H

    Chris H16 days ago

    When Moses wanted to pretend to do a tiktok i cried 😭😭😭😭

  92. Nadia K

    Nadia K16 days ago

    7:26 “excuse me” KILLED me

  93. Hannah R

    Hannah R16 days ago

    moses pretending to be trish AWWW

  94. Maryv

    Maryv16 days ago

    Poor guy, she’s going to have him pale and fat in no time

  95. Geo 1269

    Geo 126916 days ago

    Oh god i love them ✨

  96. ray razor

    ray razor16 days ago

    U just get more and more pathetic

  97. Jacqueline Williams

    Jacqueline Williams16 days ago

    And when you diss your soulmate for his 'exotic' language and call it 'boring' then, you know 'it's real'... xxxx

  98. Jacqueline Williams

    Jacqueline Williams16 days ago

    This 'Celeb' is smart... she doesn't read her comments


    EDEN YASHAR-EL16 days ago

    25:35 תיגע בתחת שלי חחח אין לה מושג מה יוצא לה מהפה

  100. Hannah Sporbert

    Hannah Sporbert16 days ago

    You can actually order a cup of cheese at Arbys for ur fries XD. Ex-Arbys employee insight haha

  101. Lindsay Kennedy Marion

    Lindsay Kennedy Marion16 days ago

    They'll give you a cup of cheddar if you ask.

  102. Adva Bar

    Adva Bar16 days ago

    Me as an Israeli and a Jew this is so funny to watch cuz I don’t know if she knows what she’s saying

  103. Ava Miller

    Ava Miller16 days ago

    I'm so happy Trisha has a real man that treats her right. 😭