fried cheese on a stick for lunch

new sadboy2005 MV drop


  1. Len Kagamine

    Len Kagamine17 hours ago

    Impoister trisha unlocked

  2. michelle

    michelleDay ago

    Mcr was def on top from the start in the emo/scene/alternative world.

  3. Sonya Vasile

    Sonya Vasile4 days ago

    I wish my husband loved me as much as Moses loves you. I feel i will never have that guy in my life.

  4. Angelic Moon Guidance

    Angelic Moon Guidance4 days ago

    We all deserve a Moses except for David the vlog squad Shane ryland and jeffree

  5. Wyn Ignatius

    Wyn Ignatius6 days ago

    Trisha Paytas got stressed out.

  6. Ellegaitor

    Ellegaitor8 days ago

    I love your vibe with your man. It’s such a difference to you know who. You seem so much more relaxed, not like your waiting for an off handed comment that’s gonna sting like you always seemed to be braced for and like you were just waiting for it and it was inevitable sort of thing with your ex and you could see you were constantly trying to steer the conversation away from anything that could cause him to say something hurtful. Like when you made the comment about you jokingly your man was like no! Straight away whereas In the past you wouldn’t even say that to your ex because you could see you were trying to avoid him saying anything that would hurt you. You and your fiancé seem so chill and content it’s such a difference to the past. I’m so happy you have someone who knows your worth and loves everything about you x wishing you all the love and happiness xx

  7. Arts & Crafts

    Arts & Crafts8 days ago

    Me waiting for Trish to give Moses, his sandwich 👋🏻👁👄👁 👉🏻🥪

  8. agøstina cueva

    agøstina cueva8 days ago

    How hasn't she met Gerard Way already T.T

  9. Lauren Young

    Lauren Young9 days ago

    I love eating with Trisha. Makes me feel so happy and less alone

  10. Adrianna Adelizzi

    Adrianna Adelizzi9 days ago

    10 ads?? This grandpa must be broke af.

  11. Sarah '93

    Sarah '9310 days ago

    Equally looove nostalgia just the same😋

  12. Madison Sutton

    Madison Sutton10 days ago

    I remember when all the comments used to be so mean and it makes me so happy to see only good comments now on all of your videos. You are so special Trisha. You always have been.

  13. Laura Starbrooks

    Laura Starbrooks10 days ago

    The pandemic is over

  14. Suspicious Koala

    Suspicious Koala13 days ago

    OMG so cute that he reads Trishas poetry. 😭😭😍😍

  15. Alexis Ricketts

    Alexis Ricketts14 days ago

    10:43 Moses mimicking the sound of the window LMAO

  16. Isabella Melhado

    Isabella Melhado14 days ago

    My chick fla had spicy chicken sandwiches for ever

  17. yourpianopal

    yourpianopal14 days ago

    "awww, we did the whole video like that". Proceeds to film for twenty+ more minutes. I love it


    THETRAVISPARKER15 days ago

    Love ya trish

  19. bitch

    bitch15 days ago

    32:35 im CRYING

  20. Angela Omant

    Angela Omant16 days ago

    Hey besti🤤🙏🏼🥺🤞🏼😍😈

  21. Leah Nicole

    Leah Nicole16 days ago

    Think about it Trish, if Gabi told your ex...even at the time blowing it up and making a huge deal of it included sharing with the internet. Be careful what you put out there. That's how rumors start, by opening the can of worms

  22. Leah Nicole

    Leah Nicole16 days ago

    You work so hard to discredit Gabi and what she thinks of herself. If she thinks one day she will be like lady Gaga let her think that. I'm sure you have a desire to be like someone else, do you not? Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears, and well....lots of people I believe. You see how people once have hated on you and you are pouring that out into the universe. Try to maintain the bitterness to a minimum.

  23. Leah Nicole

    Leah Nicole16 days ago

    "Obviously she thinks she's good" Yes Moses!!! Tell her straight up. 💥

  24. Liliana L

    Liliana L16 days ago

    12:05 when he blocks the light for her, FINALLY TRISHA GETTING A NICE GUY

  25. Leah Nicole

    Leah Nicole16 days ago

    Maybe they changed the size because too many people are getting heart attacks from them..🤔

  26. Lauren

    Lauren16 days ago

    hmm this looks so good!

  27. elle.

    elle.17 days ago

    the title i cannot

  28. Julie A.

    Julie A.17 days ago

    TRISHA and MOSES are My Comfort USloftrs, like Comfort Food; COMFORT COUPLE, I LIKE THAT!!🤔🤗🙌

  29. Jordan

    Jordan17 days ago

    This is an Alter right cause of her DID

  30. Landon Rice

    Landon Rice18 days ago

    Is anybody talk about how she has red hair and red eyeliner and stuff on has me dead 💀😭

  31. Natalie Edwards

    Natalie Edwards18 days ago

    I’ve just been binge watching Frenemies and Trisha wore this wig on 20th January so this was filmed then. I don’t mind at all though. Keeping me company this Easter Sunday, 2021. Oh yeah I saw a comment asking you to redo “I love Moses” to WE LOVE MOSES. Yes please!

  32. Simulation One

    Simulation One18 days ago

    Trish looks good 😳

  33. Aj Doroja

    Aj Doroja18 days ago

    Why did she became an emo all of a sudden?

  34. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D18 days ago

    talk about the weather lol

  35. Trennan Lucking

    Trennan Lucking19 days ago

    Trisha I love you. For the first time in my life I don’t feel alone. You help spread awareness and she’s light on the dirty topics that everybody is too scared to say. I applaud you for being genuine and authentic and always being you. You are so special Trisha and I love you.

  36. Trennan Lucking

    Trennan Lucking19 days ago


  37. Emma-Leigh Nissen

    Emma-Leigh Nissen19 days ago

    This video had 11 ads wtf

  38. Safae Sebbani

    Safae Sebbani19 days ago

    In youre world you’re Trisha, in my world you’re my Queen

  39. Vy Pie

    Vy Pie19 days ago

    The fact that Trisha doesn’t like sauce... blows my mind!

  40. Barb Moore

    Barb Moore19 days ago

    How about abuse moses??????

  41. Barb Moore

    Barb Moore19 days ago

    Yes your fu... delusional always.." everyone wants you? Your a gorgeous prince star?? Your brilliant at bullying people with no sense of self go at his jugular go ahead meany

  42. A Bite With Kay

    A Bite With Kay19 days ago

    She’s seriously so funny 😂

  43. Barb Moore

    Barb Moore19 days ago


  44. Barb Moore

    Barb Moore19 days ago

    No, you hate because they all intimidate you until you meet them and see if they treat you extra...mean till the end.. Jealousy is a disease is there a vaccine for that? Look inward when you want people to be hated your incessant bad talk of them..realize you are jealous and full of anxiety...because you have been hurt and daddy issues

  45. Racial

    Racial19 days ago

    I don’t get why you don’t just hire a chef, so you can feel better and eat healthier. I love Moses doing these mukbangs but I feel like he’s enabling your addiction with food. He should step in and want to see the best for you. Seeing you healthy so you guys can plan to have kids in the future.

  46. Katrina Totten

    Katrina Totten19 days ago


  47. k.u.n o.z

    k.u.n o.z19 days ago

    Why does your makeup look so bad

  48. Jasmine Falloon

    Jasmine Falloon19 days ago

    I just love Trisha so much and I’m not even a die hard fan. She’s just hella soothing to listen too and seems such a pure soul

  49. Daisy Goodes

    Daisy Goodes19 days ago

    When she's showing her nails and he covers them so we can see them, there one of my favourite couples now

  50. armin-too-deep

    armin-too-deep19 days ago

    Okay but Trisha is unapologetically living my dream life, eating fried cheese dressed as party poison for her early 2000’s pop punk tribute band

  51. Brooklyn Paranormal Society

    Brooklyn Paranormal Society19 days ago

    Look it's Gerard Over-wayt

  52. Brenda Briere

    Brenda Briere19 days ago

    Just so everyone know's, I tried these Stick's in Boston. Kimchipapi Kitchen on 81 Harvard ave, so delicious

  53. S F

    S F19 days ago

    trisha is looking so rough. this is the unhealthiest shes ever looked. look after yourself trisha

  54. L's crunchy bussy

    L's crunchy bussy19 days ago

    babe turned into gerard way and no one said anything

  55. Mango Love

    Mango Love19 days ago

    I love your makeup look! You are so pretty Trisha. ❤️

  56. Tezonia Quartman

    Tezonia Quartman19 days ago


  57. raven king

    raven king19 days ago

    What would you be like if you never thought of yourself?

  58. Elena Trozi

    Elena Trozi20 days ago

    Girl people are just haters cause they have a way to live life and when they are jealous they make up rumors. They probably the one sitting om they ass filled with stds

  59. VisualOpiate

    VisualOpiate20 days ago

    Again, what an amazing bold Look she has. She dresses however she wants and I love it. Its so interesting to watch what she is going to wear next. And I feel like that is a sign of creativity. What a queen❤️

  60. K Rob1n

    K Rob1n20 days ago

    “That’s a trap” yes it was.

  61. hey y

    hey y20 days ago


  62. Bailey J.

    Bailey J.20 days ago

    Dude THIS is why I love “problematic” USloftrs like trish and Ethan they are just transparent. Sometimes ignorant yes but once they know and educate themselves they grow and we grow with them, but sadly not all of them do. Trisha is just being Trisha not a fake brand friendly robot. Love you guys!!

  63. Vyansya

    Vyansya18 days ago

    They're so honest with themselves that people think they're problematic. They aren't bcs they actually take accountability of their actions and not deflecting it unlike actual problematic youtubers.

  64. Ted Tula

    Ted Tula20 days ago

    okay Trisha looks handsome as fuck

  65. Rayida Gurbatli

    Rayida Gurbatli20 days ago

    gerard way has changed so much wow

  66. Narc Free Formula

    Narc Free Formula20 days ago

    That look is everything!! Love the Tshirt. Dont let anyones B/S get you down Trisha. xx

  67. Neonna Frank

    Neonna Frank20 days ago

    Ok but like - Trish ur eyes are so pretty


    BRIANNA GALLORINI20 days ago

    I love trisha because I relate to being hushed my whole life and her fighting and forcing for her voice to be heard. She is misunderstood but she makes sense to me.

  69. Miscreant Meg

    Miscreant Meg20 days ago

    I love the emo looks on trish so much

  70. Fxwnnie

    Fxwnnie20 days ago

    I never really cared for trisha’s content, or liked her past relationships, but what I like or don’t like, and how I feel doesn’t matter...Moses balances her out so perfectly and I’m glad trisha is actually happy now

  71. II-BadSport 4Life-ll

    II-BadSport 4Life-ll20 days ago

    I want you so bad Trisha I wanna turn your doughnut into a frosty doughnut Oh yeah baby

  72. mburst

    mburst20 days ago

    12:00 moses :(

  73. Horrific_ Dream

    Horrific_ Dream20 days ago

    Why is Moses always out of the camera shot??

  74. Athena

    Athena20 days ago

    Doesn’t need a drink because Moses is water

  75. Name Last name

    Name Last name20 days ago

    A gay trans man eating Chick-fil-A... um..

  76. Katelin

    Katelin20 days ago

    What Trish are we today

  77. Wyvern Nymph

    Wyvern Nymph20 days ago

    Trish I love the hair!! ❤️

  78. bugEhq 333

    bugEhq 33320 days ago

    i used to hate trish but her explaining shi on frenimies n stuff really showed me how fucked over everyone made her seem, she’s really just painted out to be so bad

  79. Karen smith

    Karen smith20 days ago

    Emo Trish

  80. K

    K20 days ago

    She looks like yungblud wthh🥺🥺 so cute

  81. iiimando

    iiimando20 days ago

    I think you should go back to sining I love you Jesus

  82. velvet ward

    velvet ward21 day ago

    She talks with her teeth....i used to work with a girl that did that. She said it was from meth use...i hope that isn't the case here.

  83. Amaretto Punsch

    Amaretto Punsch21 day ago

    I want the style and color of Trisha's hair omg ❤️

  84. Limnam

    Limnam21 day ago

    jeez cheeze no wonder....

  85. Oliverify

    Oliverify21 day ago

    she haas a good style

  86. Noemi 17

    Noemi 1721 day ago

    You look so cool i really like it i don't know why

  87. Hector Alvarado

    Hector Alvarado21 day ago

    Add a chicken nuggets into the mozzarella sticks, bet it tastes great

  88. Kimberlove Livedaytoday

    Kimberlove Livedaytoday21 day ago

    Why can't we have a Korean fried cheese place to hear a New Jersey period every time I watch her eat one of them I'm dying

  89. Jessica Goff

    Jessica Goff21 day ago

    Wow you cut him off mid sentence and he’s still kind.

  90. Rey Vuitton

    Rey Vuitton21 day ago


  91. Free Lander

    Free Lander20 days ago

    So FN good 🤤

  92. Kevin

    Kevin21 day ago


  93. Chloe Reid 2017

    Chloe Reid 201721 day ago

    Trisha has really been a comfort and always will 🥺💕

  94. Cara Eliza

    Cara Eliza21 day ago

    Nuggets are so gooodmhh

  95. matrix bunny

    matrix bunny21 day ago

    I love u trish

  96. OrchidKiller

    OrchidKiller21 day ago

    I appreciate your mukbangs so much

  97. brittanymcguff

    brittanymcguff21 day ago

    He isn't the only president to use that button. I think Kennedy was the first. Its funny I think.

  98. Camilla Nicosia

    Camilla Nicosia21 day ago

    Omg Trish, short hair suits you so much!

  99. Spicey Soap

    Spicey Soap21 day ago

    They finally have them in Tasmania! My finance and I had them on our anniversary date!! We love you!! 😘😘😘

  100. Vanessa

    Vanessa21 day ago

    tryna be gerard way, i like it tho 💀

  101. Paige Cox

    Paige Cox21 day ago

    Moses your such a support and blessing to trish thank god ✨❤

  102. Fortwengler Courtney

    Fortwengler Courtney21 day ago

    Those eyebrows are poppin

  103. Lilly Smith

    Lilly Smith21 day ago

    The video and song for daddy issues is pretty awesome I gotta admit. Your music is good! Also think about how you basically create your own music videos YOURSELF. Like even big stars don’t do that, they have a label. You’re so cool Trisha.