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  1. Sandra Bergen

    Sandra Bergen20 days ago

    Isn't what she's doing a sin " i love you mosses"

  2. lucius

    lucius21 day ago

    women be like:

  3. Saphia Hanna Salhi

    Saphia Hanna Salhi22 days ago

    i love your hair and make up super well done !

  4. ms. stella

    ms. stella23 days ago


  5. Carmela Norsby

    Carmela Norsby23 days ago

    I love you Jeeeesuuuuuus

  6. milkymin

    milkyminMonth ago

    just what i needed.

  7. Bellus Alex

    Bellus AlexMonth ago

    I want all of them

  8. Gaurav Vikalp

    Gaurav VikalpMonth ago

    It’s funny that Trisha isn’t even making this sexual, regardless of literally selling sex toys . She’s literally selling these products on their features 😅

  9. fairly. odd.

    fairly. odd.27 days ago

    I think shes just hella professional about it and not immature when talking about it

  10. slvsnv

    slvsnvMonth ago


  11. Matthu

    MatthuMonth ago

    just stuffed my asshole with 10 cheese burgers. 10/10 would do it again (tip: Mcdonalds works the best)

  12. itsalice battenberg

    itsalice battenbergMonth ago

    Триша такая красивая не из за груди:)

  13. Makenzie

    MakenzieMonth ago

    I love this is such an like werid vid and its in the kids vid hahahah there is only cocomelonnnn.

  14. Yktv

    YktvMonth ago

    The dislikes are from the sensitive DUDES😂😂😂😂

  15. Dorothy Zbornak

    Dorothy ZbornakMonth ago

    Who could fit that thruster in their anus?! It’s HUGE! Ouch! 😱😱😱

  16. Sumvia Rose

    Sumvia RoseMonth ago

    Trying to turn the volume down (kids on Spring Break) when she says. “Have you ever been swirled inside?” 😂

  17. Vanessa Gomez

    Vanessa GomezMonth ago


  18. Kayla Watkins

    Kayla WatkinsMonth ago


  19. F1veguys'Gudb1guyz

    F1veguys'Gudb1guyzMonth ago

    “ and I also love.. pleasuring myself! “

  20. Ānanda Venetia

    Ānanda VenetiaMonth ago

    It is a good time! The cuteness of it all 💖💖💖 Amazing toys Trisha!!! Thank you for the discount code 💋💋

  21. Juan Pablo Coronel

    Juan Pablo CoronelMonth ago

    Eeeewww f^cck you

  22. Hedgehog Gamer Davis

    Hedgehog Gamer DavisMonth ago

    @blndsundoll4mj , do you have a tiktok?

  23. Hedgehog Gamer Davis

    Hedgehog Gamer DavisMonth ago

    Gorgeous as always

  24. sunny

    sunnyMonth ago

    Nice body

  25. Mee Moo

    Mee MooMonth ago

    you know theres something about watching trisha well playing random video games

  26. Rose Bailey

    Rose BaileyMonth ago

    i want all of them oh fuck-

  27. Lauren

    LaurenMonth ago

    Wish Adam and Eve was able to ship to the uk 🥺

  28. Whencowsmelt

    WhencowsmeltMonth ago

    try anne summers! they actually have a sale on rn and there's always a youtube review on each product

  29. stellaryellow

    stellaryellowMonth ago

    I wish we could get Adam and Eve in the UK! I used to shop from them when I lived in LA. Their toys really are innovative

  30. helenGD

    helenGDMonth ago

    Why are you talking SHo muCH like thiSHHHH? PleaSHe SHtoop it!!!!

  31. TehShazimo

    TehShazimoMonth ago

    trisha you’re fucking crazy and you rent houses

  32. Verónica

    VerónicaMonth ago

    Did I buy sex toys because Trisha is now sponsored by them? ... *yes*

  33. Amanda Twili

    Amanda TwiliMonth ago

    I ligit won’t buy a sex toy unless Trisha reviews it. I love these

  34. Bob Vance Vans refrigerations

    Bob Vance Vans refrigerationsMonth ago

    The more and more I watch Trisha promote Adam and Eve I get closer to buying one.

  35. cunt

    cuntMonth ago

    it doesn't make sense to me that someone swore in a video and it got age restricted but this didn't

  36. shooglechic

    shooglechicMonth ago

    How much you wanna bet A&E sales are skyrocketing solely due to Trisha Paytas during this pandemic.

  37. Tamara Trujillo

    Tamara TrujilloMonth ago

    What about for virgins

  38. bella perez

    bella perezMonth ago

    you guys trisha posts like 5 times a day where did she go??

  39. Cody Tellier

    Cody TellierMonth ago


  40. Miss Derradji

    Miss DerradjiMonth ago


  41. Tanay Pandey

    Tanay PandeyMonth ago

    We love u!

  42. Sam Bruns

    Sam BrunsMonth ago

    I hope you see this!! I’m going to comment on H3’s video too. You and Ethan should dress up as BETH and DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER next (you mentioned it on Frenemies). I love the costumes so much!!!

  43. Morgan Ashley

    Morgan AshleyMonth ago

    I bought the XL bullet because of Trisha 😂

  44. Elisa G

    Elisa GMonth ago

    Hello Pamela Anderson from bay watch

  45. Ben Harrison

    Ben HarrisonMonth ago

    We love a sex positive queen

  46. Owen Wilson

    Owen WilsonMonth ago

    Trigger doesnt mean anything

  47. Nicole Cavaliere

    Nicole CavaliereMonth ago


  48. Bitnah

    BitnahMonth ago

    We love a sex positive queen.

  49. Tina Tijerina

    Tina TijerinaMonth ago

    Girl lol u don't need all this u have your mans

  50. Chris Tollefson

    Chris TollefsonMonth ago

    what drug is she on? 😆

  51. Chris Tollefson

    Chris TollefsonMonth ago

    @Crystie Lee uh huh.

  52. Crystie Lee

    Crystie LeeMonth ago

    It’s called “happiness”

  53. Stella

    StellaMonth ago

    Hey I don't really use social media, but I'm a big fan and while watching frenemies i could really relate to your experience with hearing voices. Look into narcolepsy, I'm diagnosed and the thing that really hit me was 1. you seem to understand they are not there (you're not in psychosis) 2. you hear the demon voice in the mornings (hypnopompic hallucinations)... Most people think of narcolepsy as falling asleep constantly but it really means your body doesn't regulate orexin properly. Orexin is responsible for appetite (people with narcolepsy are generally heavier) wakefulness (people with narcolepsy generally need more sleep) and arousal (people with narcolepsy have huge swings in arousal intensity). I've found when I go through periods of being really hungry, I'm also really horny and tired, that's when my hallucinations are the worst. Unfortunately there isn't a cure, but understanding it really made a difference in how I felt about my hallucinations. The most current theory is narcolepsy is an autoimmune disorder possibly caused by Epstein-Barr (mono, kissing STD)

  54. nico

    nicoMonth ago

    Who’s here out of curiosity from the frenemies podcast? 🙋‍♀️

  55. sorry!

    sorry!Month ago


  56. Kara Tibbetts

    Kara TibbettsMonth ago

    Trisha is the only person in the world who can make me watch a 16 minute ad

  57. Jerry Shalo

    Jerry ShaloMonth ago

    I bet you kitty is so deep and loose you can fit a whole house in it. That’s why your single and you got no action going on all you can use is toys. Who would want to touch u

  58. Erika salinas

    Erika salinasMonth ago

    thanks for the code trish

  59. Karla Cifuentes

    Karla CifuentesMonth ago

    You look extra pretty in pink 💕

  60. Adam Lenard

    Adam LenardMonth ago

    This must be what Missy Elliot was talking about. Reverse it

  61. dd texas

    dd texasMonth ago

    You are glowing

  62. Jen Taylor

    Jen TaylorMonth ago

    Happy anniversary trish n moses 1 year march 1st or so??

  63. patricia brown

    patricia brownMonth ago

    I wonder if she try those butt stuff on moses lol....

  64. *Astarael*

    *Astarael*Month ago

    Dang being broke, these toys look divine💕

  65. Heather Gillam

    Heather GillamMonth ago

    I am now a size 20 for the first time in my life, usually a 12. You let me know sexy has no size!!! Thank you for helping my sex drive become alive again!!!!

  66. Heather Gillam

    Heather GillamMonth ago

    Just wanted to tell you thank you for making bigger girls feel good in their skin, feel sexy and worth love! I see you changing and being worthy of love. I see a lot less s#%^^ talk and more happy talk. So happy for you. You are growing. Sorry your BFF hurt you but I see you more as a real person and less of a condemning person. You keep it up, be positive and show of your man, your home, and the new love of life!!!!!! I was skeptical at first but you stole my heart ❤

  67. Rafael Moreno Herrera

    Rafael Moreno HerreraMonth ago

    W T F

  68. Jazmyn Lazo

    Jazmyn LazoMonth ago

    Lmaoooo girl the way you said stuck inside of you😭😭🤣 I got war flashback from this guy not telling me he lost a toy in me 😭😭😭

  69. Angela Childers

    Angela ChildersMonth ago

    Trish dropping the ‘feels good for her, or him, or they’ ❤️

  70. Angela Childers

    Angela ChildersMonth ago

    I legit watched this just to watch Trish talk about anything. I have mad respect for this girl.

  71. Maria

    MariaMonth ago

    ✨✨💕🥰 I just bought the bullet Trisha. Guys 50% off .. an iconic queen that saves you money too 🥰💕✨✨

  72. Jack Shaffer

    Jack ShafferMonth ago

    Trisha please contact me back on twitter, its my name plus 11, I created it just to reach out to you and I want you to meet my mom who is a physic medium, her first name is jennifer if you want to look her up. My family lives in Manhattan Beach. She only knows your music as she is not really a youtube user and so I showed her your music to give her insight on how she might have heard of you. I t have typed up long paragraph several times, but when i press comment they get deleted - probably because they are too long - so I really am super exited for you to meet her and I would do more to build up hype, but im just too tired to type past the following sentence. Please reach out if you have any interest, your personality and content have brought me much comfort when I get anxious so you are a life saver!

  73. Justin

    JustinMonth ago


  74. J

    JMonth ago

    This isn't age-restricted?

  75. Joanna Farias

    Joanna FariasMonth ago

    trish we want to see more dance videos.....they were amazingggg!!!!

  76. Geny Smart

    Geny SmartMonth ago

    Girl I love your videos, I wish we could be friends! Your awesome!

  77. lucy a

    lucy aMonth ago

    she seems a bit drunk in this vid but i am here for it

  78. Mental Purge

    Mental PurgeMonth ago

    Trisha's lookin STUNNING in this video👏👏

  79. Quincey Kepser

    Quincey KepserMonth ago

    isnt this like verry cringy

  80. O M

    O MMonth ago

    "what is with this fly, get out of here ugh" she says as she's talking about s3x t0ys😭😭😂😂😂

  81. Alyssa Flores

    Alyssa FloresMonth ago

    Trisha: I love you Jeeesususususs Trisha Again:

  82. M.

    M.Month ago

    The title being "it" is so funny to me 🤭

  83. Juraj _09

    Juraj _09Month ago

    I would rather be verging than f you

  84. Kylie Walker

    Kylie WalkerMonth ago

    Trish you look beautiful babe! ❤️

  85. david azevedo

    david azevedoMonth ago

    Beautiful woman sensual and sexy from Portugal

  86. fools first

    fools firstMonth ago

    Tubby talks again

  87. EmperorNicholasNicholaiNiccolo JamestheGreatnesses

    EmperorNicholasNicholaiNiccolo JamestheGreatnessesMonth ago

    Aloha Mr. T♥️💗🌈🍰💕🍀👍What book did you use your monthly audiobook credit to buy? On the 4th, I get a credit. What should I get? I was thinking of starting the Series that starts with “Brownies and Broomsticks “ or “Alpha King”. I listened to “Vampire King” just because I want to listen to “The Snow King” which is 3rd in the series. I like fantasy fairytales that take place in the Neitherlands, Iceland, Greenland, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Germany, Poland, Russia etc. I want everyone dressed extremely rich n wealthy.

  88. Paige Webb

    Paige WebbMonth ago

    Lol u should do a giveaway

  89. Casey Wojciechowski

    Casey WojciechowskiMonth ago

    You are literally glowing. The friendships and relationships you’ve built are such a positive influence on you and I’m so happy to see you so happy! This life you’re living is doing you SO WELL. I wish nothing but happiness for you and yours!

  90. Ana M Insua Velez

    Ana M Insua VelezMonth ago


  91. Anthony Eli

    Anthony EliMonth ago

    “Inflated flower”

  92. Kami Evans

    Kami EvansMonth ago

    i sharted

  93. Isabelle Gosling-Parker

    Isabelle Gosling-ParkerMonth ago

    i love trisha 😭😭❤️

  94. emmerrick

    emmerrickMonth ago

    Couture penetration LOL

  95. emmerrick

    emmerrickMonth ago


  96. Colby and Brennen

    Colby and BrennenMonth ago

    The way Trisha's audience has such a small section for this (hence these videos don't do as well) that like love Trish for Trish and don't care if it's about sex toys is so iconic

  97. Paulina Bożyk

    Paulina BożykMonth ago

    Babe, you should remember that plastic toys are not healthy to use. Only silicone, keep that in mind please

  98. Ana Patterson

    Ana PattersonMonth ago

    50? Years?

  99. Casey Warne

    Casey WarneMonth ago

    When will we get free shipping in Australia and New Zealand? Also is there a collab coming up with Adam and Eve featuring Trish? 🤔🥺😍

  100. Bianca Delarosa

    Bianca DelarosaMonth ago

    Are you losing weight or did you get cheek filler ? Your face looks great

  101. POPLitty Productions

    POPLitty ProductionsMonth ago

    Lol she's always had high and full cheekbones.

  102. Gaby P

    Gaby PMonth ago

    Trish I’ve been using your promo code for years! Anytime I shop there I use it. Thanks for the discount & confidence! ❤️

  103. Megan Hamman

    Megan HammanMonth ago

    So how long should you use the suction one for to get the full effect? 😊

  104. Blue Beatrix

    Blue BeatrixMonth ago

    24 hours

  105. Brigitte MR

    Brigitte MRMonth ago

    What is she on lately? The slurring and clenched jaw keeps happening in these videos

  106. april sky

    april skyMonth ago

    But for real I watched some clips from years ago. You changed your whole persona. Different voice, everything. You didn't have so many personalities it seems either.

  107. Jules Marie

    Jules MarieMonth ago

    Trish looks gorgeous