buttered noodles on the veranda


  1. RileyQuinn

    RileyQuinnDay ago

    trish u have to hire a personal chef. you deserve far more exquisite pasta dishes than. buttered. barilla noodles. with fake ass woodchip parmesan cheese.

  2. Mica Roberts

    Mica Roberts2 days ago

    Trish’s content is so relaxing. I could watch them eat and chit chat and living their best life. Love you Trisha

  3. Morgan Absher

    Morgan Absher2 days ago

    im loving the veranda vibes

  4. Mimi

    Mimi2 days ago

    No hate but what happened to her arms?

  5. crypto bits

    crypto bits2 days ago

    Zero Class. Garbage morals, manners and thoughts: 0:00 Today we are having buttered noodles eaten by a butter ball. 0:36 Enunciation until now shows progression of a mental condition. 0:47 Ugliest presentation of eating on youtube? WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK 1:27 Wow 1:47 Would anyone want to get tutored about what life is about by this goblin thing with blue crocodile nails ? 2:02 LOL Imagine. All you need to do is eat, look stupid and say things like a stupid! And admit living life like a stupid. 2:07 WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK! 2:26 Can someone translate Gremlin into English please? 2:30 Fleas? Mites? 2:53 WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK! 3:04 Gremlin speak 3:16 Fleas? Mites? 3:40 WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK ! ADDED CHEESE ! 4:26 Gremlin pretend to be understanding 4:54 Gremlin does not understand Pablo Picasso. thank you Gremlin for not buying one. It would be an insult if you had one. You should buy Bolero paintings because they compliment you. 5:06 ADDED MORE CHEESE TO BUTTER NOODLES GOING IN A BUTTER BALL FACE!!! WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK! 6:00 Diagnosis: eating problems away 7:07 WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK! 7:52 Blah blah followed by "Why are there bugs?" Gremlin, it is because you are surrounded by nature. 7:56 Gremlin, it is called a floor. Not ground. It is called 'dropping'. Not "Throwing". And thirdly, napkins or a side plate is where that should go. 8:01 Gremlin said, "Is that gross? I'm just gonna leave it. I'm the boss. Whatever" 1. No, it's ugly. But you are gross. 2. Why would you leave it? 3. She is saying: Since I'm the "boss" I will mentally lounge in my natural gremlin state. 8:03 WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK! 8:10 Gremlin into English please? 10:14 Confirmed. Gremlin is a disrespectful presence. to be continued... hard to watch Gremlin eat, speak, think and scratch.

  6. Cara Hope

    Cara Hope3 days ago

    I have this same dress from FN !! 🙌🙌 so cute

  7. Sonny

    Sonny4 days ago

    It’s pasta don’t disrespect the Italians like that

  8. Aparna Gautam

    Aparna Gautam4 days ago

    Feeling hungry now, btw would love to see you Doing a food challenge or something.

  9. Squishy

    Squishy4 days ago

    love trish!

  10. Stardust 05

    Stardust 055 days ago

    Then the fact of gabbie being bitter that Trisha said art is subjective by gabbie slamming Trishas music in a video.

  11. Bethany Ramsden

    Bethany Ramsden5 days ago

    we stan no fucks trisha

  12. Ana Rocha

    Ana Rocha5 days ago

    Jesus loves you so much!!!!!!!!!

  13. 김태린

    김태린6 days ago

    I actually like her a lot ahhaha

  14. Tejal Bhavsar

    Tejal Bhavsar6 days ago

    Hey Trisha why you still being “Entitled” ?

  15. Tejal Bhavsar

    Tejal Bhavsar6 days ago

    Coz Trisha you need to understand that charli is 16 and what you said to her was really rude

  16. LesbianWednesdays

    LesbianWednesdays6 days ago

    hopefully the waterfall on my veranda isnt DISTractINg

  17. allison

    allison7 days ago

    This is why I love Trisha

  18. Trinity Gibson

    Trinity Gibson7 days ago

    I will forever Stan and love trish she has always been my favorite person!

  19. tasha landberg

    tasha landberg7 days ago

    Wow, that was absolutely masty to listen to... smacking, sucking and chewing = ASMR-hell

  20. YesHonesty hey

    YesHonesty hey7 days ago

    The irs needs to start looking at these you tubers

  21. 1004myg

    1004myg7 days ago

    this has become such a comfort channel and safe space for me :) tysm trish

  22. Shawna Marie

    Shawna Marie7 days ago

    I won't live to 26. Depression is a bitch. And suicide is my only way out. Wish I had your life Trish. Ill never forget you and I love you 😔

  23. Gucci_ nunu

    Gucci_ nunu7 days ago

    Is it just me or are those noodles never ending!!

  24. Ellie Belly

    Ellie Belly8 days ago

    It's the throwing food on the ground for me. 🥴

  25. Addie

    Addie8 days ago

    watching this on may 3. you meant well trisha

  26. One UP

    One UP8 days ago


  27. silkbuttons

    silkbuttons8 days ago

    The size on the fork

  28. Jai Li

    Jai Li8 days ago


  29. Monny Gamer

    Monny Gamer8 days ago

    My name is Trisha my hair is shinny my theet is perfect

  30. 21Units

    21Units8 days ago

    Y'all know the saying "If someone throws rocks at you, throw bread at them" or something? Gabbie has been dragging Trisha lately but Trisha has been nothing but kind and considerate. Even after blocking Gabbie (for Trisha's own mental health) they still talk about how Gabbie is talented and just... not even saying anything bad. Just facts and kindness.

  31. 21Units

    21Units7 days ago

    @Bobby Irick idk I've seen videos about Gabbie from 7-10 months ago with the same issue :/

  32. Julia

    Julia8 days ago

    Trish looks so much more at peace. I’m so happy for her if she is.

  33. tw!nk

    tw!nk8 days ago

    This sounds like a Lana Del Rey album 💀

  34. Tanya Damyanova

    Tanya Damyanova9 days ago

    You can use spoon, when you eat pasta. You can make a bite.

  35. Marta

    Marta9 days ago

    she mastered the butter noodles by now

  36. A CP

    A CP9 days ago

    You are my hero.

  37. Andy B

    Andy B9 days ago

    I basically started watching this channel just for the eating, but over the years, in spite of the drama, I've really grown to like you more and more.

  38. Laura Scott

    Laura Scott9 days ago

    Why is watching Trisha like watching asmr to me... You could be talking about anything... and I’m just in my zen ✨ You keep me sane Trisha hahah xxx

  39. marina

    marina9 days ago

    I feel like an idiot because I don’t know what butter noodles are. Is it just...butter on spaghetti? Am I missing something? “Someone save me!” 😅

  40. Kelly Kells

    Kelly Kells9 days ago

    Did Moses help her buy Trisha's mom a house? ..if so, I hope they buy Moses' momma a house too!

  41. Hermit Energy

    Hermit Energy10 days ago

    Love your vibe trish. Just chillin, bit of gossip and food! I just find it so relaxing to watch ❤️

  42. Ms. Jaey

    Ms. Jaey10 days ago

    Oooooh this is Trisha...hahaha yea I already knew she was trash years ago. Way before Ninas swap video. I see nothing changed. Except she looks way worse .

  43. Xxoo Ooxx

    Xxoo Ooxx10 days ago

    Why has that bowl of noodles stayed full even after taking multiple big bites? Mary popping noodles.

  44. Jamie Sullivan

    Jamie Sullivan10 days ago

    Lmao she looks sick af eating them dry ass spaghetti noodles

  45. Makaela bettis

    Makaela bettis10 days ago

    peoples bissnis is not your bissnis

  46. Makaela bettis

    Makaela bettis10 days ago

    none cares about ur stuff

  47. Makaela bettis

    Makaela bettis10 days ago

    you need to stay out of peoples lives

  48. Makaela bettis

    Makaela bettis10 days ago

    NO GABBIE HANNA IS way better than you

  49. Stephanie

    Stephanie10 days ago

    why does she intentionally pucker her lips out everytime she takes a bite .....trying so hard lol


    CHELSEA GIBSON11 days ago

    You're 33!?!? I would have never said that you look younger

  51. Long Evenings

    Long Evenings11 days ago

    She's like a barbie doll. Just 3 in one.

  52. ᴍᴀᴊᴀ x. ᴋ.

    ᴍᴀᴊᴀ x. ᴋ.11 days ago

    Hell yeah, Trisha you're doing so well now, you can really see how happy and mentally better you are now. Also getting this amazing house (I just watched the empty house video) and just how successful you are, get it girl! Love watching frenemies every week, seeing you both grow and your friendship grow. Love it.

  53. Sunny G

    Sunny G11 days ago

    I’m still eating the pasta 🍝 whateva

  54. Austin Pierce

    Austin Pierce11 days ago

    I’m making these noodles for lunch tomorrow now lol

  55. Romania Girl

    Romania Girl11 days ago

    Why is she so cute !!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. S T

    S T11 days ago

    Butter noodles are underrated, and I haven't had them in way too long.

  57. sx3todd

    sx3todd11 days ago

    happy for you trish!

  58. James Dizon

    James Dizon11 days ago

    You kind of remind me of Trisha.

  59. Hyun Hong

    Hyun Hong11 days ago

    Butter noodles are the best XD

  60. ur fav weapon

    ur fav weapon11 days ago

    It’s like I can almost taste the la croix and buttered noodles with Parmesan

  61. Inspirational Trap

    Inspirational Trap11 days ago


  62. kree

    kree11 days ago

    “if you know you know & if you don’t I honestly feel so bad for you” -hrh collection

  63. TIffanyrose Angeles

    TIffanyrose Angeles11 days ago

    Listen,this is what you need & were sooo missing Trisha! Peace Tranquility &La Croix & a big bowl of cheesy buttered noodles! The Queen is matured & I'm here for it!!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💔🕊🕊🕊🕊💕💕🔮🔮I lovehow she talks but no longer disrespects the person,even praises Gabbie. While I don't know if I could do that,in the situation. Trisha you say you like the drama. But,I think, you've come so much further. But again speak truth,but sometime its best for your own mental health to back away. You know forgive ( you have) & forget! I get that that's difficult) harder when your alone & those thoughts come into play. I've got to make a plead w you Trisha , She's not worth talking about, Def not effecting your mental health, gorgeous , Let it go. I'm no Dr but I no all the feels" not borderline but bipolar so close in illness It's no illness competition I had a friend w your illness, I'd constantly say let it go" Try meditation " But that's up to you & your therapist meditation has helped sort me out plus meds / therapy too Wishing you well, stay safe Trisha When's the next cooking video??? That will indeed help you out too!!!

  64. Tessa Plays Msp

    Tessa Plays Msp11 days ago

    I’m so very proud of you Trisha, you’ve changed so much and I’m thankful that I’ve grown up with you. Love you 😘

  65. Christina Persaud

    Christina Persaud12 days ago


  66. Tiffany Nicole

    Tiffany Nicole12 days ago

    Wow she got big 😮

  67. CR1MZONE

    CR1MZONE12 days ago

    honestly, seeing them grow and flourish really gives me hope for them and myself. I've always been terrified of my mental challenges stopping me from my best life, yet trisha really proved me and the rest of us wrong. thank you 🧡

  68. cora raelynn

    cora raelynn12 days ago

    Trish your skin is looking so good!!

  69. meep moop

    meep moop12 days ago

    u might have cabinet beetles in the noodles. if u don't store wheat products airtight ( box it comes in won't work) these beetles can hatch.

  70. Alison Harris

    Alison Harris12 days ago

    ugh trish's new album better be named "buttered noodles on the veranda"

  71. Grace DiScala

    Grace DiScala12 days ago

    they're the only person i can watch eat

  72. PotspoonTJ

    PotspoonTJ12 days ago

    Peace love and light all. Awww I haven’t seen you Trish in months. U look happy I was shocked u wasn’t all crying. Congrats on the engagement

  73. Anna Lamanna

    Anna Lamanna12 days ago

    not me finding this after looking for bts’ butter

  74. Moya evenor

    Moya evenor12 days ago

    she has the most peaceful veranda

  75. Nicole M

    Nicole M12 days ago

    Bestie don’t give gabbie any more clout!!! All she wants is people to talk about her

  76. Dawn Post

    Dawn Post12 days ago

    Trish why ru still eating that garbage? It would be ok w a low fat tomato sauce but not all that 🧈& 🧀 or as a sometimes food ok....I say that in the most loving way- but all the constant fattening stuff & fast food is not good for your health at all

  77. hi

    hi12 days ago

    its just cheese calm the fuck down also check her channel she is cooking homemade

  78. Veronica Wilson

    Veronica Wilson12 days ago

    i found out about trisha from shane years ago. i loved their friendship and all their videos. but it was obvious by what she was posting, she wasn’t happy. now looking at her content and listening to her talk she’s actually grown so much and seems so much more at peace. and i hope that stays she really REALLY deserves it.

  79. Eszra Falcontail

    Eszra Falcontail12 days ago

    The whole thing about Gabbies non existent music career has nothing to do with age. In many artistic fields, age doesnt matter when you are really good and inovative or just hit the souls of people right. In her case its just the cringe and lack of everything in her "music".

  80. Kimberly Moran

    Kimberly Moran13 days ago

    you make me want to make butter noodles !!!!!

  81. Twattastic

    Twattastic13 days ago

    0:44 Jesus Christ I KNOW SHE GIVES THAT MAN A GOOD GLUCK GLUCK 3,000 WITH HOW MUCH SHE PUT IN HER MOUTH?!!?! and it was very soothing btw :)

  82. F Geno

    F Geno13 days ago

    Dang Trish was helpful & respectful here and Gabbie drove her to a near break over it. PS Is that the squirt fountain Teddy played in ??🤪😆🤣😂

  83. Oliver Twist

    Oliver Twist13 days ago

    why are her arms so big

  84. L

    L13 days ago

    I love that youre a real person.

  85. damian

    damian13 days ago

    buttered noodles on the veranda, long sharp nails while preaching on life, what could possibly go wrong? just iconique

  86. Stacy mb702

    Stacy mb70213 days ago

    When you got lip ejections did it feel weird at first?

  87. Kambralee Gardner

    Kambralee Gardner13 days ago

    Bro it’s 2:07 and I am craving this!!

  88. Kaliopi

    Kaliopi13 days ago

    You seem so calm after having your own home and veranda!!! Keep up like this

  89. Tenderizer

    Tenderizer13 days ago

    this title tho lmao

  90. stefanie lieb

    stefanie lieb13 days ago

    She can't sing but I'm glad trisha admitted her music wasn't that good either lol everyone's being honest

  91. Just Me

    Just Me13 days ago

    Those noodles look so undercooked..lol

  92. Cherice Molloy

    Cherice Molloy13 days ago

    Is any1 else getting recommended her old videos ... like from 6 years ago.

  93. Emilie Lund

    Emilie Lund13 days ago

    Thinking about your sister wondering how she’s doing 😊

  94. alex yencer

    alex yencer13 days ago

    the amount of love I have for you Trish is unmatched

  95. La Dahni

    La Dahni13 days ago

    From now on I’m taking Trishas Advice because if someone like her is having buttered noodles on a Veranda then I’m all for it!

  96. Durzzo

    Durzzo13 days ago

    When you said “Angelica” my brain immediately went “EliiZaAaa AND PEGGY...” 😂 love you girl, you rock 💙 greetings from Mexico ✌🏻

  97. Sara Holm

    Sara Holm13 days ago

    I feel like Gabby has no idea what gaslighting even is if she's using it in that context, lol. Psych student here, makes no sense!

  98. e46 nole

    e46 nole13 days ago

    I turn 30 next week! Can’t wait to not give af 😂

  99. Stoner Moon

    Stoner Moon14 days ago

    The way Trisha’s nails match her bowl and her la croix

  100. Ian Sherrow

    Ian Sherrow14 days ago

    -you’re out here eating buttered noodles on a veranda, duh u don’t care!! YOU ARE THE INSPIRATION

  101. Hayley Minogue

    Hayley Minogue14 days ago

    you are genuinely my best friend

  102. Ts Isabelle

    Ts Isabelle14 days ago

    I love noodles and I your veranda xxx

  103. Taylah Capri

    Taylah Capri14 days ago

    Woo Trisha I love your nails 😍❤