new home new me :) thumbs up for the green thumbs


  1. Cyn

    Cyn3 hours ago

    the way she throws it 2:14😂💗💗💗

  2. Kev

    Kev16 hours ago

    Trish is such a troll 😂😂😂😂

  3. TheGstein

    TheGstein18 hours ago

    I would put a little tent up there with a couple of leather weathered couches, bright bright colored tapestries and a few side tables for a more coffee and wine chill area, with a small speaker setup. It would be hard to brew tea and bring it up there still hot, when it tastes best, so you would have to make it up there if you wanted that!

  4. KrazyOldKatLady 19

    KrazyOldKatLady 192 days ago

    “I’ve seen some snakes around too”😂

  5. Natalie

    Natalie2 days ago

    Whyyyyy did she not start this with “hey all you cool cats & kittens”????

  6. d3lp

    d3lp2 days ago

    did not know u was born may 8th thats my b/day too :O

  7. Heather Gomez

    Heather Gomez2 days ago

    Okay but this look COULDN’T B ANY BETTER I LOVE IT 😍😍😍😍😩😩😩😩

  8. Nick Quinn

    Nick Quinn3 days ago

    Trish’s agony in the garden

  9. JessNVee

    JessNVee3 days ago

    "I always shave. Never wax. Keep that bush trimmed." LOL I CAN NOT

  10. Pink Ruby

    Pink Ruby4 days ago

    Dandelions are hard to find here.... you should come to Sweden, cause here they are EVERYWHERE and are considered weeds. 😜

  11. Sammie Louise

    Sammie Louise5 days ago

    Wait are dandelions actually rare there? I feel like I’m being trolled. Here in Michigan they’re superrr common.

  12. Sara Johnke

    Sara Johnke5 days ago

    Hands-down best Trish vid EVER

  13. kurly kween

    kurly kween5 days ago

    "I was an early bloomer, these however are not" 😂

  14. Emily

    Emily5 days ago

    Gosh, Trish. You say you’re not comedic but most of the things you said had me lol’ing so hard I almost activated my Poise pad.

  15. Izaak Gregory

    Izaak Gregory6 days ago

    6:27 they are geraniums 😀

  16. Naye

    Naye6 days ago

    anyone else know why she said michael jackson would love the trees to climb 📱😂😭

  17. Naye

    Naye6 days ago

    Trisha’s body is amazing 😭 moses has had a massive positive effect on this queen!

  18. Abigail Esparza

    Abigail Esparza6 days ago

    The house and trish are gorgeous! 😎💕

  19. Tee Yah

    Tee Yah7 days ago

    Love this, Queen 👑❤️🌿

  20. raarnt

    raarnt7 days ago

    Girl you're my new guilty obsession haha. Love your quirky comments- sending big hug from Norway

  21. Victoria Pelcher

    Victoria Pelcher7 days ago

    Am I the only one who gets the carol baskin vibes...😬

  22. Natanhna Morales

    Natanhna Morales7 days ago

    Trish, rosemary's babies

  23. CaramelDiva7 ASMR

    CaramelDiva7 ASMR7 days ago


  24. aiden siessmayer

    aiden siessmayer7 days ago

    That aroura

  25. Ashlyn Sienna

    Ashlyn Sienna8 days ago

    sis owns a whole mountain😭

  26. Stanley Do

    Stanley Do9 days ago

    Absolutely no one: Trish: Notice there’s dirt to the right and dirt to left. We love being symmetrical.

  27. It’s V

    It’s V9 days ago

    The basketball @ 14:25 just chilling waiting for them to have kids

  28. Cale Lambert

    Cale Lambert9 days ago

    "we just had winter so we're harvesting all this stuff" Gurl, say that again.. excuse me? 😂

  29. VickieCarla

    VickieCarla10 days ago

    Thank God she didn't do that hike in heels. That would have been a very different video. My fav quote: there's dirt to the left and dirt to the right - we love being symmetrical. Who can't wait to buy a bottle of Trish wine in her merch store?

  30. jam kop

    jam kop11 days ago

    774 Lakeview Canyon Road

  31. jilljoemolly

    jilljoemolly11 days ago

    I wanna see the $64,000.00 “scratch and dent” table.

  32. Calum Tolbert

    Calum Tolbert11 days ago

    “Thanks you cow!” “We should bury it.” “We love a proper burial!” This is content gold trish💀💀

  33. Kaylee Frey

    Kaylee Frey11 days ago

    Trish saying that if we can’t go anywhere because of COVID, just go in your yard! Me being like, I only 2 trees in my yard. ;-;

  34. Tor

    Tor11 days ago

    The botany community watching this video 😀

  35. KatiV

    KatiV12 days ago

    I lobe the carol baskin look lol

  36. easyteh4getperson

    easyteh4getperson12 days ago

    i find it so cute that she double checks with moses to make sure lol

  37. Mysettings Mysettings

    Mysettings Mysettings13 days ago


  38. louisecooper81

    louisecooper8113 days ago


  39. Bambi West

    Bambi West13 days ago

    I was looking for a real garden tour. Don’t know who they are but oh my word what a disappointment 🥴😳

  40. Izzy Deans

    Izzy Deans13 days ago

    We need a gardening with Trisha series.

  41. Elena L

    Elena L13 days ago

    iconic omg you make me laugh girl. love it

  42. Br0ken. glass

    Br0ken. glass13 days ago

    “We love a suc-“ “ullent”

  43. EdibleSnuggling

    EdibleSnuggling13 days ago

    Carol Baskin vibes...

  44. -Redacted-

    -Redacted-13 days ago

    "olove you" 1:20

  45. Briana Budgets

    Briana Budgets14 days ago

    We love a SUCC-ulent

  46. Missphotogenic Baby

    Missphotogenic Baby14 days ago

    The fact that he's not laughing while filming this is a skill 😂😂! I would be on the ground!!

  47. dumpster

    dumpster8 days ago

    I’m imagining him smiling warmly at Trish the entire time like- you’re doing good sweetie

  48. fatalmothstorm

    fatalmothstorm10 days ago


  49. kaitlyn s

    kaitlyn s14 days ago

    I wanna know who briefed her on the plants before this lol but honestly queen for remembering

  50. ilichuu

    ilichuu14 days ago

    "not having to spend so much money in Body & Bathworks products but instead Blossoming our own Japan right here in Los angeles California" BRUH

  51. Amina-arwa Abdi

    Amina-arwa Abdi14 days ago

    Imagine being able to hike in your backyard

  52. Monikkiii

    Monikkiii15 days ago

    UM WHERE ARE THOSE CUTE SANDAL/SLIPPER FURY THINGYS FROM??????? 🥰🥰😍???? Where can i buy them!!!?

  53. D L

    D L15 days ago

    Trisha at her iconic best

  54. GinaStarCreates

    GinaStarCreates15 days ago

    #6 lmao

  55. GinaStarCreates

    GinaStarCreates15 days ago

    You can just roll down the hill if you want 🤸‍♂️😅

  56. GinaStarCreates

    GinaStarCreates15 days ago

    I'm so full it's like a muckbang lol

  57. Cream Cheese

    Cream Cheese15 days ago

    You could literally do so much with that space though

  58. J T

    J T15 days ago

    The facts she’s wearing clothes that fit her I am soo here for it!!

  59. spider webs

    spider webs16 days ago

    trish should be a poem writter omg

  60. Madison Heim

    Madison Heim16 days ago

    Trisha: “Taurus babies where ya at?” 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻 Me: 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻 Ayeeee 💚

  61. Jennifer Arellano

    Jennifer Arellano16 days ago

    “but instead blossoming our own japan right here in los angeles” TRISHA I LOVE YOU 😂😂😩

  62. Tarrina Watson

    Tarrina Watson17 days ago

    “so i love like rosemary buns and like Rosemary’s BABIES.” lol f’ing Trisha.

  63. Tarrina Watson

    Tarrina Watson17 days ago

    “daises are like pushing up daises. like when you die” she’s so casually hilarious.

  64. Marie 0412

    Marie 041217 days ago

    You know jason is watching all these recent trish videos kicking himself! 😂

  65. Gwen Dale

    Gwen Dale17 days ago

    Up next is closet tour!!!!

  66. momsings

    momsings17 days ago

    Everything she said about the olive tree was hilarious lol

  67. Silly Jilly

    Silly Jilly17 days ago

    Despite all the horrible things she’s done, you have to admit she’s absolutely hilarious and iconic 🤣

  68. SillyLuvification LaLa

    SillyLuvification LaLa13 days ago


  69. Olivia Palmer

    Olivia Palmer18 days ago

    4 :) and 6!

  70. Cass Salazar

    Cass Salazar18 days ago

    ahahha i love your trolling personality honestly

  71. Tessa

    Tessa18 days ago

    I would love to see trish go thrift shopping. She would be iconic.

  72. Sophie Rodgers

    Sophie Rodgers18 days ago


  73. Morgan Whytesay

    Morgan Whytesay18 days ago

    i don't think Trisha realizes how iconic she is

  74. ARTPOP

    ARTPOP19 days ago

    7:10 me living in an apartment:😳

  75. Jestir66

    Jestir6619 days ago

    2:23 shes talking about lavender me: look at that oven in the back ! Girl ! You could make so many things out there. what a bomb place

  76. Official Rosaila Magnolia

    Official Rosaila Magnolia19 days ago

    Why did so many people give this a thumbs down it's a nice house her fiance seems to be very supportive and sweet to her so she finally got a nice man in her life

  77. Heat stroke

    Heat stroke19 days ago

    after watching midsommar be like....

  78. Mark Beshai

    Mark Beshai19 days ago

    LOVE your video

  79. theREALbrittney

    theREALbrittney19 days ago

    Carol baskin is that you??

  80. sx3todd

    sx3todd20 days ago

    this whole vid is a damn mood lolol

  81. Stewpid

    Stewpid20 days ago

    dont mind me, just watching a thick blonde talk about her garden 🤔

  82. Haylee Harris

    Haylee Harris20 days ago

    You’re lying if you don’t think Trish is hilarious

  83. Uniquely.Mediocre

    Uniquely.Mediocre20 days ago

    4:40 underrated moment "Here is our Journey :) into the Gardeehn of Trissshhhh, sponsored by Adam and Eeeve"

  84. Marion Undertaker

    Marion Undertaker20 days ago

    In love with the carol baskin fit

  85. Die Plz

    Die Plz20 days ago

    “just a little roof to put over my head” girlllll that’s a 3 million house but we love a humble queen😩😩😩

  86. Jan

    Jan20 days ago

    Imagine being a guest at Trisha’s mansion and she invites you to roll down a hill. LMAO

  87. Carols Dream

    Carols Dream21 day ago

    The garden beds are in the shade

  88. hay

    hay21 day ago

    ily trish

  89. Christine Russell

    Christine Russell21 day ago

    That lil space, how bout making it a lil temple or zen building

  90. Hikali ashe

    Hikali ashe21 day ago

    'Love it so much! are these poisonous?'

  91. Z Ma

    Z Ma22 days ago

    "We make such good food out here!" this was so cute and cracked me UP

  92. samantha deleon

    samantha deleon22 days ago

    She’s such a troll 😂 I love her

  93. trippyy

    trippyy22 days ago

    “I love rosemary buns,,, and rosemaries babies”

  94. Princess Rachel

    Princess Rachel22 days ago

    “I was an early bloomer.. These, however, are not.” This entire video is a whole quote. 😂❤️

  95. Tess Serrato

    Tess Serrato22 days ago

    "Blossoming our own Japan right here...in Los Angeles, California"

  96. IM

    IM22 days ago


  97. hollyobaby

    hollyobaby23 days ago

    “We’re saving money in the long run 👏👏 grapes, oregano it’s all about the long run 👏👏”

  98. hollyobaby

    hollyobaby23 days ago

    Omg I grew up with Carolina jasmine in the spring time you’re gonna love it!

  99. Ashley Shehan

    Ashley Shehan23 days ago


  100. Samantha Polizzi

    Samantha Polizzi23 days ago

    Like I love this. Yes flower child!

  101. Luna Vieira

    Luna Vieira23 days ago

    I love Trisha. That being said, her next level hair and wardrobe fidgeting drives me rightly insane.

  102. Sophie

    Sophie23 days ago

    “Blossoming our own Japan”

  103. ML Lopez

    ML Lopez23 days ago

    Loving see Trisha "bloom" in her new life. She is flourishing in her relationship. Props to Moses for loving her accepting/supporting her for who she is.

  104. sowieos

    sowieos23 days ago

    a glas of tea and a cup of orange juice :-D