cooking with trish - chicken lo mein

original video recipe I followed :)


  1. BeatGoat

    BeatGoatHour ago

    This looks delicious! :O

  2. Keri N

    Keri N14 hours ago

    Trish, I am so proud of how far you have come, and how confident you are in the kitchen now. I learned how to cook by watching the food network and other cooking channels. Watch some tutorials on chopping vegetables and it will become easier and much more natural to you. BTW, you always look amazing but damn girl you are just glowing in this video. -Much Love

  3. till Lastsha

    till Lastsha17 hours ago

    the way trisha just presses a knife down to cut something 😭😭

  4. Stephanie Castro

    Stephanie Castro18 hours ago

    Baby you need a better knife 😭

  5. Micaela Shepherd

    Micaela Shepherd21 hour ago

    Trisha is so cute cutting all these vegetables in the most complicated way possible in a very small cutting board, lol. Moses, please get her a bigger cutting board. Super cute

  6. R Vg

    R VgDay ago

    I love watching them cook lol, iconic

  7. I'ma Vegemite

    I'ma VegemiteDay ago

    cut the grape tomatoes in half length ways. Roll your lemons or limes on the counter hard with your hand to loosen it before you cut them or pop them in the microwave for 20 secs to warm the juices and make them easier to squeeze. put a towel under the chopping board to stop it slipping or some paper towel. Wait till the oil gets hot before you add your ingredients in future.

  8. I'ma Vegemite

    I'ma VegemiteDay ago

    Yay normal nails, I love it !!!!!!!!!!!! Like I'm wearing them and you need to worry about my opinion, NOT, I just hope cause they look so much better !!

  9. Susan Oswalt

    Susan OswaltDay ago

    She grew up =

  10. Shannon Henson

    Shannon HensonDay ago

    An apron and a pairing knife would do wonders for you, Trisha. ❤️

  11. MrsOcie1

    MrsOcie12 days ago

    Honey - measure - with measuring spoons and measuring cups. Luv ya

  12. mia bray

    mia bray2 days ago

    Trisha cutting up chicken will always make so so on edge lmaoo I want her to just cut it up with scissors so bad! I love her so much though I’m glad she’s trying and getting alot better at cooking

  13. Keto Auntie

    Keto Auntie2 days ago

    Moses looks like a dark-haired Owen Wilson 🤔

  14. gee zed

    gee zed2 days ago

    trish with peace and love take some cooking lessions,

  15. Hannah Sumpter

    Hannah Sumpter2 days ago

    Watching Trish cut the green onions was truly painful

  16. DrewJP

    DrewJP2 days ago

    Sis we need to get you a new knife set 😭😭🥺

  17. Sexy Lady

    Sexy Lady3 days ago

    When you're doing lime or lemon juice, roll the lime against your countertop with plenty of force. Basically massage it really hard. Rolling around with your hands for a while. Then, when you cut it all the juices will be ready to flow out

  18. Tallulah Dish

    Tallulah Dish3 days ago

    A wok is suppose to be SCORCHING HOT.. Stop playing dumb. Just stop and take a cooking class. It is not that hard. I would love to watch you learn how to cook instead of just fumbling around and not knowing when to use a spatula or a fork? Its really not that complicated. She gives her Moses the third degree and all he is doing is watching. Just COOK THE CHICKEN! I cant. I was cheering for you and of all the TICK TOKS you watch you do not retain ANY knowledge of how to do the basics of kitchen utensil knowledge.

  19. gelielovessosa _

    gelielovessosa _3 days ago

    Trisha please go on a kitchen supplies shopping spree

  20. nanna

    nanna3 days ago

    trish.. i think you need sharper knives :/ that would help you A LOT

  21. Jj __

    Jj __3 days ago

    Trisha!!! Sharpen your knives and utensils !!!

  22. Denise

    Denise4 days ago

    you can definitely go wrong with corn starch lol I love her

  23. Denise

    Denise4 days ago

    Just one pointer on cutting safely. Always put the flat side down so whatever you are cutting (like the onion) is stable and wont move and cause your knife to slip :)


    BABY XOXO4 days ago

    Her fiancé makes my day he’s so sweet

  25. HungUpOnADream1122

    HungUpOnADream11224 days ago

    I know it seems counterintuitive for a new cook who hasn’t grown their knife skills, but you should get some sharper knives (or sharpen that knife)! It’ll make it easier to cut, and it’s safer to use than a dull knife :)

  26. HungUpOnADream1122

    HungUpOnADream11224 days ago

    Also resting the tip on the cutting board while cutting those green onions, and sliding them under the knife is much easier. 💗

  27. DJ M

    DJ M4 days ago

    Trisha is so relatable bc she cooks creative and yummy meals without any culinary flair or finesse. Her cutting may be flawed, some food may fall to the floor, and her stirring may be clumsy, but that doesn't stop her from having fun and making food that tastes good. Keep serving us, Trisha! We are here for this cooking show---Dish with Trish (serving up meals and a side of goss).

  28. Irene Nicole Natsis

    Irene Nicole Natsis5 days ago

    The happiest I’ve ever seen you and I’ve been watching for a decade. Love you girl!

  29. Jasmine Fadel

    Jasmine Fadel5 days ago

    i literally love your vids trish!!!! one tip though that helps alot is putting a damp kitchen towel under the cutting board to stabilise it and it won't move around as you cut

  30. etto etto

    etto etto5 days ago

    I'm dead 😆😆😩😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Julia Mudde

    Julia Mudde5 days ago

    i love watching u make food

  32. Ehrrikkah Sunshine

    Ehrrikkah Sunshine5 days ago

    Please measure your ingredients 😩 Especially for a beginner! The amount of oil you used!! Woww! Wayyy too much sweetie. Watching you cook makes me want to scream and cry 😭 😂

  33. Helen

    Helen5 days ago

    Put a wet towel under your cutting board so it doesn't slide all.over the place or you might chop your fingers lol🥰

  34. Rikku

    Rikku5 days ago

    Next time not as much oil!! and make sure the oil heats up before adding food :D

  35. Bradlee297

    Bradlee2976 days ago

    I doubt this tasted good

  36. Bradlee297

    Bradlee2976 days ago

    She doesn't even wait for the oil to heat up 😭

  37. Shannon L

    Shannon L6 days ago

    Trisha looks so beautiful omg

  38. Cortney Vazquez

    Cortney Vazquez6 days ago

    try cutting less at one time it will be easier to cut through

  39. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay6 days ago

    Sister needs a cooking class with me 😂🙏❤️

  40. Sally isaac

    Sally isaac6 days ago

    Please wash your chicken before you use it

  41. Sally isaac

    Sally isaac6 days ago

    Wow girl that was way too much sesame oil a little drop is so strong let alone a whole spill of it but atleast you are making the effort to cook that’s how I learnt by starting off with easy recipes. It’s important tho to follow the recipes measurements.

  42. maxidise

    maxidise6 days ago

    the amount of sesame oil she put in omfg 😭

  43. Elena Trozi

    Elena Trozi6 days ago

    omg i love your outfit , whered you get it from!!

  44. Ann Co

    Ann Co6 days ago

    Where can I find myself a Moses

  45. Natalie Zamora

    Natalie Zamora6 days ago

    I refuse to believe that Moses thinks she is cutting the chicken normally plz help herrr

  46. Natalie Zamora

    Natalie Zamora6 days ago

    Plz use a knife with teeth/edges for tomato’s. It makes life way easier trust I had the same problem lol

  47. Nour Hassan

    Nour Hassan7 days ago

    “the ones with the tentacles” I LOST IT

  48. Donicia Hilchey

    Donicia Hilchey7 days ago

    Honestly I love how Trisha is cooking now 🖤🖤 she has shown growth and definitely making Jason regret being a douche bag!

  49. Nicole Pawley

    Nicole Pawley7 days ago

    SOOoOOO much oil lol

  50. Abbey Lamb

    Abbey Lamb7 days ago

    They make cutting boards that have rubber on the corners so they don’t move around while you’re cutting things! Just want you to be safe:)

  51. D

    D7 days ago

    I will now refer to Trish as SoySauce. Because she fucking used ALOT of it. Love you thanks for making my baths entertaining.

  52. One UP

    One UP8 days ago


  53. Smokeyoff

    Smokeyoff8 days ago

    She would do a better job if she stayed off tik tok and actual paid attention to what she is doing ~ like all that oil she pour lol or get Moses to record the til tok

  54. Jonothan Kenny

    Jonothan Kenny8 days ago

    Love you

  55. Brian And Jaime Groff

    Brian And Jaime Groff8 days ago

    I'm only 1:30..I can not believe you can not cut abd dice. Maybe book the 2 of you private cooking lessons

  56. Laura Dover

    Laura Dover8 days ago

    Love you, but your knife skills are scary!

  57. Marisa Morrissette

    Marisa Morrissette8 days ago

    Trisha, with peace and love, watching you cut vegetables scares me

  58. Jennifer Rimelspach

    Jennifer Rimelspach9 days ago

    I snorted when she said “tentacles” 😭🤣

  59. 21Units

    21Units9 days ago

    I remember Trisha saying they never cook and they've never cooked but now we get this. YOU'RE DOING GREAT TRISHA even tho the way you're cutting things is making me nervous ✌️😵 Slide the knife along with pushing it down when cutting things. It makes it a lot easier and less scary. ALL THE BEST! ✨

  60. Claire Thompson

    Claire Thompson9 days ago

    Taste your food as you go Trish trust me you’ll find out if it’s too salty when it’s not too late but you’re doing great so far :))

  61. Kimberlee Wilhelm

    Kimberlee Wilhelm9 days ago

    Love the cooking videos lady. Little should write the recipe down before you cook, or have it on your phone while your cooking.

  62. Agatha Harkness

    Agatha Harkness9 days ago

    Why have I not been subscribed to Trish yet🤨what happened?

  63. Spartacus Mama

    Spartacus Mama10 days ago

    Trish you’re wonderful! Love your cooking videos 💕👏👏👏

  64. Jose Angelo Esquera

    Jose Angelo Esquera10 days ago

    I REALLY LOVE HOW SPONTANEOUS TRISHA IS! I mean her vids are almost in one take woah

  65. Belle Nguyen

    Belle Nguyen10 days ago

    Trishhh, just use scissors to cut the green onion if that's easier for you

  66. Brigitte Fernandes

    Brigitte Fernandes10 days ago

    Trish please do not cut like that it made me so nervous for you! I didn’t want you to cut your arm by accident!

  67. Lana Lee

    Lana Lee10 days ago boo.. PLEASE GET SHARPER KNIVES. PLEASE. It will change your world. xoxo

  68. Zaniyah Mccoy

    Zaniyah Mccoy10 days ago

    That look good asf

  69. Robert Whitaker

    Robert Whitaker10 days ago

    cutting board and maybe a smaller knife for cutting the veggies

  70. Camila Alimac

    Camila Alimac10 days ago

    Omg when she couldn’t squeeze the lime juice out hahahah that how I felt when I tried to for the first time and NOTHING SQUEEZED OUT. WHY ARE THEY SO DAMN HARD HAHAH

  71. Rachael Rodriguez

    Rachael Rodriguez11 days ago

    Use scissors when chopping if your nervous using a knife 😊

  72. CJ Webb

    CJ Webb11 days ago

    i wish people who hate on trish would realise she was 1. in a toxic environment and 2. was heavily influenced by drugs when she was being problematic. she’s apologised SO much but because it’s trish everyone hates it and won’t accept :/

  73. Florida Snooker

    Florida Snooker11 days ago

    No lime juice detected💕 🙌😂

  74. Rachel Doren

    Rachel Doren11 days ago

    Hey Trisha, I want to tell you to keep cooking and keep enjoying doing it. Cooking is always an experiment. Who cares if a dish tastes bad? Or you cut a veggie in a weird way? I do these things all the time and I have cooked most of my life because I like to experiment and not all experiments then out well but SOME will surprise you. You get a sense of pride knowing you made it, you learn from it, and you feel good because home cooking is healtht AND saves money.

  75. vanessa aguayo

    vanessa aguayo11 days ago

    Omg so cringe watching her chop but im so happy she is learning!!! Some pointers just let the oil heat up a bit before cooking in it and easy on the sesame oil its very potent and greasy u literally only need like a tablespoon Anywho!!! I love all ur vids trish !!! Keep making cooking videos lil chec

  76. SheenaPower05

    SheenaPower0511 days ago

    The amount of cold oiiiillll and the chopping straight merked my ass. But I havnt watched her videos in a while but I love the growth!

  77. Marwa Aljazi

    Marwa Aljazi11 days ago

    Trisha i think its so hard to cut because the knife you're using is too big

  78. Kai

    Kai11 days ago

    get my man Moses a Kebab

  79. Meredith Howard

    Meredith Howard11 days ago

    Trish Ik I’m late LOL but pro tip for limes or lemons, roll them for a bit before you squeeze ! It makes them a lot softer and easier to squeeze the juices out. Love you btw!💗

  80. Elizabeth Forde

    Elizabeth Forde11 days ago

    Loved it when she called the green onion roots, tentacles 🦑🤣🤣 Roots girl love ya so much you’re doing great 👍🏻

  81. mimi

    mimi11 days ago

    follow the recipe this video was so painful

  82. Bree Strong•Singer/Songwriter

    Bree Strong•Singer/Songwriter11 days ago

    Trisha , cook with the wooden spoon not the rubber spatula!! That's a pet peeve of mine 😭

  83. Nonamec

    Nonamec11 days ago

    Not bad at all but omg did I scream when I saw her down half a bottle of sesame oil in there 💀


    EMILLIE12 days ago

    I use scissors to cut my green onion. Way easier.

  85. Anna Williams

    Anna Williams12 days ago

    Trish, here’s a tip: You can cut green onions with kitchen scissors!!

  86. Stacey Goodwin

    Stacey Goodwin12 days ago

    Hi Queen

  87. Lyn Zap

    Lyn Zap12 days ago

    there are little bottles to get for your kitchen that can pour small amounts of oil out of a small hole, instead of using the oil from the bottle. Since you poured way too much oil any time you used the oil when cooking. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and prices. It'd be good to look into getting one for your kitchen

  88. Jayden Brock

    Jayden Brock12 days ago

    Trisha cut onions vertically unless ur making onion rings 🌞

  89. Jeysel Salgado

    Jeysel Salgado12 days ago

    Get sharper knives

  90. Anna Kelly

    Anna Kelly12 days ago

    Next time trish when cutting up chicken use scissors, so hold the chicken up and just cut it instead, especially if you are afraid of using knifes that will be a lot safer. Keep also your work top clean and tidy of anything makes things a lot easier, tidy kitchen makes cook better :)

  91. mashlovemash

    mashlovemash13 days ago

    Love you girl but this is painful to watch. The amount of oil! The way you cut the veg and chicken! The sauce! Why don’t you pay for a cooking course? Keep going trish!

  92. Ralica Emil

    Ralica Emil13 days ago

    her house is full of things once again...

  93. LeeRose Jones

    LeeRose Jones13 days ago

    she does these vids but then she acts dumb like "am i doin this right?!" like yes keep it to urself tho

  94. Kristin Hamilton

    Kristin Hamilton13 days ago

    you really should get hello fresh!! I love it because you get to try so many recipes!!!

  95. Flora G

    Flora G13 days ago

    Trisha, add a small towel or dish cloth underneath your cutting board to prevent it from moving! Especially, having that marble island! Overall doing so great! & I support your cooking videos ❤️!

  96. Abigail Lopez

    Abigail Lopez13 days ago

    I’m dying at how she first held the green onions loool she could’ve just turned it around

  97. B G

    B G13 days ago

    WTH is she doing with a knife and chicken he needs to remember she does not know how to use a knife to cut chicken vegetables or anything

  98. Michelle Sanchez

    Michelle Sanchez13 days ago

    Watching you cook makes me very stressed but I always come back to watch your cooking videos 😂

  99. Willie

    Willie13 days ago

    I have mainly one tip for handling the knife: use the side of your finger, or the side of your hand to guide the knife. There's a video of Gordon Ramsey called "How to finely cut an onion", try it, it helped me a lot!

  100. Casey Jo Benson

    Casey Jo Benson13 days ago

    What an intro !

  101. Becka Batchelor

    Becka Batchelor13 days ago

    Can't tell if knife is blunt or if Trish can't chop properly 🤣