1. why_lenaa

    why_lenaa43 minutes ago

    the pink one makes u look like barbie omg 🎀

  2. Kendra Passalaqua

    Kendra Passalaqua17 hours ago

    I loved the rainbow bikini. It reminded me of my favorite rapper Tekashi 69. And I also loved the baby blue bikini right after it aswel. But not tied around the neck like that. Just regular halter style like Barbie would do.

  3. Kaitlin

    KaitlinDay ago

    The hauls bring me old Trish vibes and I am loving it

  4. Kaitlin

    KaitlinDay ago

    Moses is so beautiful my lord.

  5. Kaitlin

    KaitlinDay ago

    How do you like never have stretch marks? Tell me your secrets, babe! Also, you are SO stunning. Inspiring me to wear a bikini for the first time in years.

  6. mia

    miaDay ago

    moses is so wrong about the tropical bikini the pattern is a lot but in a good way!! im obsessed i want it for my next tropical vacation

  7. JuJinks •

    JuJinks •Day ago

    Lol Awh! Moses is SOOOOOO INLOVE WITH HER! So cute! 😩 they’re the cutest internet couple fucking ever‼️

  8. Maddie Fackelman

    Maddie FackelmanDay ago

    trisha is so pretty

  9. PrettyBritty

    PrettyBritty2 days ago

    There all so cute, girl you have a beautiful body.

  10. Gabrielle Phillip

    Gabrielle Phillip2 days ago

    If really love Trisha , you know it was really hard to embrace myself for who I am but since I started watching you I have gotten so much of confidence in myself . You're so beautiful baby girl. You Work It Gurl !!!! You keep on doing what you do best and you have a wonderful finance. He accepts you for who you are. Sending love from Trinidad to Trisha and Moses and wish you guys the best.

  11. Olivia Heidelmark

    Olivia Heidelmark2 days ago


  12. Annastasia

    Annastasia2 days ago

    I love the hot pink, cheetah print, and colorful bikinis. Your so amazing, love watching your videos

  13. Cammy Harding

    Cammy Harding2 days ago

    It's a 100 out of 10 lol

  14. KrazyOldKatLady 19

    KrazyOldKatLady 192 days ago

    Moses: I like the colors.......😂

  15. Kim S.

    Kim S.2 days ago

    פשוט איבדת את חלקך לעולם הבא. אין צאצאיםיהודים. אתה כאיש יהודי גמור, גמור. לחתוך.ומשה רבנו סטרת בפרצוף

  16. Cynthia Harris

    Cynthia Harris2 days ago

    tube top one is my fav on you! had no clue how hot of a body you had when i see you at the table with Ethan usually

  17. First RUNNER UP

    First RUNNER UP2 days ago

    opposite really attracts....

  18. Jocelyn S.

    Jocelyn S.2 days ago

    Trisha is literally body goals 😭🤍 so curvy

  19. Gab Rielle

    Gab Rielle3 days ago

    That pink suit thou 😍

  20. Lance Williams

    Lance Williams3 days ago

    Come on Moses give her at least one 10....She's looking so 🔥

  21. Mike and Mom

    Mike and Mom4 days ago

    I love the leopard print one!

  22. AbsoluteMdot

    AbsoluteMdot5 days ago

    I wish I have your confidence.

  23. Ghosty Dudester

    Ghosty Dudester5 days ago

    Moses is so cute n supportive 🥺

  24. Josette Murillo

    Josette Murillo5 days ago

    You look amazing girl

  25. lucia mcwilliams

    lucia mcwilliams5 days ago

    i love moses

  26. Black NO.1

    Black NO.15 days ago

    Face, Voice, and attitude are really gross! It's sickening to watch people try be a Kardashian, sickening and sad.

  27. Savannah Summers

    Savannah Summers5 days ago

    Okay I would DIE to have Trisha's body. I'm a small/ medium size and I've been trying so so so hard to put on a few pounds just to feel good in my own skin. I'd love to look like Trisha 😍😍😭

  28. Maddie Victoria

    Maddie Victoria6 days ago

    You look great! As a busty woman myself though, I could not wear a bikini top that allowed for underboob like that lol I'd just feel like I'm gonna pop right out at any second.

  29. SlimShady sims & nonsense x222

    SlimShady sims & nonsense x2226 days ago

    loooooove the orangeee top mixed with the tropical bottoms would be soooo cute

  30. SlimShady sims & nonsense x222

    SlimShady sims & nonsense x2226 days ago

    AWW im so happy for you trish..happy for you both....(:

  31. Laura Bevan

    Laura Bevan6 days ago

    my ratings #1- love leopard print the cup size could be bigger 9/10 #2 Love the pink very flattering 9/10-because I’m not crazy about the long sleeves #3 Not my fave pattern, but I love the style and it looks really good on you. 7/10 #4 the bottom could have been more full coverage/the color gets 9/10 6/10 #5 I don’t like the colors or the pattern, personally, but it is very flattering on you #6 very colorful and stylish my favorite 11/10!!!! #7 love the color and the style, but the bottoms could go up a little more but it’s great 9/10


    HI BESTIE6 days ago

    Mosessss she loves yOu MoOOoOosEESSsS

  33. Destroyadora

    Destroyadora6 days ago

    The pink is amazing

  34. Bianca G

    Bianca G6 days ago

    We have the same body type and I’m so fuckin insecure. I keep watching how much your accepting your body and I’m here like 😩 why can’t I be the same?!? These looked so good on you, so now I know for a fact I need to try a two piece. I’m not plus size, but I carry weight the same places she does and I need to just fuckin own it.

  35. Kaley

    Kaley6 days ago

    I love how moses is just like yeah I'll do this video. If I asked my husband to do this he would be like no hahahahaha

  36. sonia fanari

    sonia fanari7 days ago

    love them all

  37. aunt kiwi

    aunt kiwi7 days ago

    Trisha is the only person I’ve ever seen with my body type

  38. MiChae Griffin

    MiChae Griffin7 days ago

    The tropical one and the blue one were the best! Very flattering to your body!!

  39. Nananananannana

    Nananananannana8 days ago

    The hot pink !!!

  40. Richard White

    Richard White8 days ago

    You go girl, your beautiful, self confident and inspirational. So don't let the negative haters( including Joe R.) get to you. He is two faced camillian.put others down to make them feel better. Rise above it stay true and keep keeping it real. Big up from the UK.

  41. Stephanie Yanes

    Stephanie Yanes8 days ago

    Girl you're beautiful, that ring is gorgeous!

  42. Lisa Love

    Lisa Love8 days ago

    The blue criss cross made her breasts look amazing !

  43. Forever ASMR

    Forever ASMR8 days ago

    Omg Trisha is just gorgeous and Moses is such an awesome guy I’m so glad they have found each other and I adore the pink one

  44. Doug Hooker

    Doug Hooker8 days ago

    she is so beautiful

  45. John Paul Tanascu

    John Paul Tanascu8 days ago

    I love the knock off fendi!

  46. Susanna

    Susanna9 days ago

    I love these two!

  47. keanlockes on frack

    keanlockes on frack9 days ago

    Moses is so awkwardly cute lol

  48. Nikoleta Petrášová

    Nikoleta Petrášová9 days ago

    Pretty women

  49. Carly J

    Carly J9 days ago

    I've never found a bikini I've actually looked good in. Like I have ones that look okay and do the job I guess and this video is really making me wanna try and find a nice one. 😊

  50. Noah Widmeyer

    Noah Widmeyer9 days ago

    this is the best video on the internet

  51. Elisabeth Whitney

    Elisabeth Whitney9 days ago

    Also you look amazing in a bikini trish

  52. Elisabeth Whitney

    Elisabeth Whitney9 days ago

    Your fiance is literally the most sweet and decent man alive

  53. Marie.Emma.nuelle Dia

    Marie.Emma.nuelle Dia10 days ago

    Moses supremacy

  54. Aleena

    Aleena10 days ago

    the pink one is soooo pretty

  55. zzznosty

    zzznosty10 days ago

    moses is my new favorite all time youtuber xD

  56. zzznosty

    zzznosty10 days ago

    wow. i didnt know. trisha had such a. curved. personality O_o

  57. Emily C

    Emily C10 days ago

    the dynamic is so great haha. I love how it's so unedited.

  58. Vansh Gill

    Vansh Gill10 days ago

    Trish’s body is goalzzz

  59. mr popo

    mr popo10 days ago

    This makes me so happy for so many reasons, trisha you are such a great woman

  60. earlbee31

    earlbee3111 days ago


  61. Mackenzie Weber

    Mackenzie Weber11 days ago

    I love how Moses doesn't sexualize her, he is so good for her. :)

  62. Carol Leitz

    Carol Leitz11 days ago

    i ordered the pink its beautiful .You are beautiful and Adorable Much Love xo

  63. Misty Rain

    Misty Rain11 days ago

    Watching this makes me want to go hug my husband. He is the same way. He loves “fashion shows” when I come home from shopping. He is just as thoughtful with his critiques and tender as Moses. Thrilled to see Trisha has found someone sweet.

  64. Carol Leitz

    Carol Leitz11 days ago

    Love this

  65. andie mae rhymes with gay

    andie mae rhymes with gay11 days ago


  66. J Lynn

    J Lynn11 days ago

    The pink is a knockout❤️

  67. Maria Kitty

    Maria Kitty11 days ago


  68. L Dd

    L Dd11 days ago

    Moses was spot on with the multo color 3 piece. The pink and the blue are pretty and sexy BUT your colors are .earth tones The brown long sleeve is beautiful on you, sophiicated and adult. All the others were fun and pretty. The brown most family appropriate add a pair of little heels and what a beautiful hostess with the mostest.

  69. Sarah Watters

    Sarah Watters12 days ago

    Any judgement I had if Trisha a year ago is completely off the table- goes to show what surrounding yourself with positivity does

  70. sophia zorn

    sophia zorn12 days ago


  71. emma mae

    emma mae12 days ago

    the leopard one is so gorgeous 😭

  72. Tara Freeman

    Tara Freeman12 days ago

    I can't find the brown bathing suit online

  73. Hillary Dabber

    Hillary Dabber12 days ago

    Oonag, fetch me my slippers

  74. Sydney Herzog

    Sydney Herzog12 days ago

    Omg that pink one is so cute and different

  75. June B

    June B12 days ago


  76. Bunny King Edits

    Bunny King Edits12 days ago

    I've never been the biggest fan of trisha because she'd do the 'sit on my kitchen floor and cry' videos. but seeing her now with moses, she seems so much more lively and overall happy. Hes showed her that sex, tears and drama shouldnt overpower her and her everyday life. Im really happy for them.

  77. Izzy G

    Izzy G12 days ago

    You are so happy it's cute!!!

  78. Melstephhh

    Melstephhh12 days ago

    I love how he always gives positive feedback and never a negative one. Always respecting her wishes.

  79. Candace Garcia

    Candace Garcia12 days ago

    Trish looked so good in All OF THEM!

  80. Nikki 3

    Nikki 313 days ago

    Trisha Looks Beautiful. Love her curves. ( Just want her to eat a little healthier). She looks stunning though.

  81. Robert & Julia Linck

    Robert & Julia Linck13 days ago

    Oh wow, that first is stunning on you 😊

  82. Jeque Lamaquez

    Jeque Lamaquez13 days ago

    You seem so happy

  83. Kylie

    Kylie13 days ago

    Trisha, I admire you so much. You’re just a normal person with a normal body and you’re not trying to be someone else. I was really insecure this year about buying swim suits because I’ve gained a lot of weight and had no idea where to start. I thought forsure I couldn’t wear bikinis but you proved me wrong. I love all these styles on you and the same things you look for, I look for. Thank you for being you 💛

  84. Natalia Prios

    Natalia Prios14 days ago

    The orange bathers look the best on you! It’s definitely your colour and makes you pop! 😍 you body is so beautiful!!!

  85. hannah

    hannah14 days ago

    the tropical dress one is so fucking cute on trisha it suits her

  86. Veganish Babe

    Veganish Babe14 days ago

    The blue was cuter

  87. Veganish Babe

    Veganish Babe14 days ago

    Brown is cute

  88. Veganish Babe

    Veganish Babe14 days ago

    I like the orange

  89. Briana Hernandez

    Briana Hernandez14 days ago

    Trisha is literally beautiful❤️

  90. curlycurly004u

    curlycurly004u14 days ago

    The leopard one is the most flattery on you but the orange and aqua very cute. And if you had to cover up a bite the brown & black fendi looking one is nice.

  91. Katie Stewart

    Katie Stewart14 days ago

    Moses can never leave her, who could ever measure up to Trish? 💀 the pink was KILLER but the burnt orange set was amazing 😍

  92. Sarah Grace

    Sarah Grace14 days ago

    The Orange!! Gorg

  93. Charlotte X

    Charlotte X15 days ago

    She’s just so gorgeous 😍

  94. Kelly Lee

    Kelly Lee15 days ago

    I love your curves

  95. Melissa Gallagher

    Melissa Gallagher15 days ago

    Moses is so sweet crazy to think that H3 started this she seems happy.

  96. Mylene Ordaz

    Mylene Ordaz15 days ago

    I appreciate Moses when he gives his genuine opinion and still hypes Trish. He lets her know what he thinks but is not negative and makes sure not to put her down. Trish you found a winner

  97. ꧁ØłįvęřXvįbę꧂

    ꧁ØłįvęřXvįbę꧂15 days ago

  98. Ana De Lira

    Ana De Lira15 days ago

    All the pieces look good on you 😍

  99. Lea821_

    Lea821_15 days ago

    Moses looking at the booty and then is like... 9/10 😌❤️😂

  100. Today Grace Is Filming

    Today Grace Is Filming15 days ago

    okay but Trsh looks beautiful in anything!!!! wut