why I'm obsessed with domino's pizza


  1. aubrey

    aubrey16 hours ago

    the way i got a pizza hut ad before this video... smh

  2. Jennifer Rhoades

    Jennifer Rhoades16 hours ago

    There pizza is so gross 😝 😫

  3. Unruly Euphoria

    Unruly Euphoria19 hours ago

    I just got dominos 😄

  4. crusty wumbo

    crusty wumboDay ago


  5. Natalia

    Natalia2 days ago

    what part of illinois are you from 👀

  6. Blossoming Princess

    Blossoming Princess5 days ago

    I got a Pizza Hut ad for this video 😂😂

  7. •{Peppa Pig}•

    •{Peppa Pig}•5 days ago


  8. Broke Bissh Mukbang

    Broke Bissh Mukbang6 days ago

    hi i love pizza

  9. maddy bogan

    maddy bogan7 days ago

    i love you so much

  10. lilka

    lilka8 days ago

    I'm struggling with an ed and watching Trish eat motivates me to eat and makes me feel less guilty

  11. Jai Li

    Jai Li8 days ago


  12. maria carolina Carrillo

    maria carolina Carrillo9 days ago

    I consider myself fluent in english but, from time to time I like to test myself listening to Trisha talk! She talks so fast haha I love her

  13. Brittany Valdovinos

    Brittany Valdovinos9 days ago

    I dont understand what ur saying plz put captions

  14. Elena Malcom Dominguez

    Elena Malcom Dominguez9 days ago

    Omg Trisha

  15. Madeline

    Madeline9 days ago

    When did dominoes start making their cheesy bread look like ribs?

  16. Anahat Waraich

    Anahat Waraich9 days ago

    Im on a diet but its like shes eating it for me

  17. urwifibar

    urwifibar10 days ago


  18. Noah Lol

    Noah Lol10 days ago

    Trisha yes with the adds get that bank!!!

  19. Anastasia Cruz

    Anastasia Cruz10 days ago


  20. i love food

    i love food10 days ago

    She barely chew her pizza

  21. S T

    S T11 days ago

    oh wow I had the opposite effect my dad picked me up and only ever took me to burger King every Tuesday for many many years so I try to avoid eating burger king because of it instead of loving it.

  22. Estrella Galvan

    Estrella Galvan11 days ago

    i watch u when im hungry

  23. Abchcksn Abchzksn

    Abchcksn Abchzksn11 days ago

    Watching this craving pizza hut even thoe pizza gives me seizures 🤣 ahah oops

  24. AquaCarb

    AquaCarb11 days ago

    Too much garlic and spices gives me terrible indegeation

  25. Bryanna A

    Bryanna A11 days ago

    There is something about you that brings me so much comfort. It’s been like that for about 8 years now.

  26. Sarah T

    Sarah T11 days ago

    I can't understand a word she says 🤪

  27. julia self

    julia self12 days ago

    please i love in her eating vids how there is so much pausing 😭 “like🔇maybe i’ll even go more🔇but when i go visit my dad🔇” 🙌🙌🙌

  28. Heather Anderson

    Heather Anderson12 days ago

    Dominoes has really good food. I love their cheeseburger pizza,so good. I also like their garlic twists and their boneless chicken wings. Yummy.

  29. Madman 3000

    Madman 300012 days ago

    Blaming her weight problem on her dad. SAD

  30. Kasem

    Kasem12 days ago

    Lmao so funny that the commercial before the video started was Pizza Hut ☠️

  31. JenniferJ

    JenniferJ12 days ago

    I have Mom issues. I've always had wonderful boyfriend's but using manipulative ass friends!

  32. Shoshi

    Shoshi12 days ago

    I find it interesting how she puts down the slice of pizza between each bite

  33. Sonia Alvarez

    Sonia Alvarez13 days ago


  34. Shae M

    Shae M13 days ago

    I literally buy dominos now because of Trisha

  35. J Rina

    J Rina13 days ago

    I like eatting with trish

  36. Austin Moore

    Austin Moore13 days ago

    The beginning is what I imagine english sounds like to non english speakers

  37. Karamitro Alisa

    Karamitro Alisa13 days ago

    I am a big fan of there pizza.... I think I gotta have a bonus 😂

  38. Zoey Garcia

    Zoey Garcia12 days ago

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    Scott Jones13 days ago

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  41. malachovski Frank

    malachovski Frank13 days ago

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  42. Zoey Garcia

    Zoey Garcia13 days ago

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  43. Faviola Ortiz

    Faviola Ortiz14 days ago

    Love the pink hair!

  44. Benji

    Benji14 days ago


  45. Monica Alvarez

    Monica Alvarez14 days ago

    I’m sitting here eating a whole medium thin and crispy pizza from dominos, I feel like I’m having a mukbang with Trish😂

  46. hanna

    hanna14 days ago

    I love trish

  47. MsGuess12345

    MsGuess1234514 days ago

    i miss your pizza mukbangs

  48. Fernando adrian Lamas

    Fernando adrian Lamas14 days ago


  49. Sir Besente

    Sir Besente15 days ago

    Why is it entertaining to see you eat lmao

  50. Chris

    Chris15 days ago

    why did i get a pizza hut ad before this vid ...

  51. Millicent Davidson

    Millicent Davidson15 days ago

    Bloody hell her hair is bright then my fucher

  52. Dednova

    Dednova15 days ago

    I love youuuuu 🥰🥰

  53. Me Shell

    Me Shell16 days ago

    Their pizzas are disgusting but her mouth sounds are worse and can she not talk properly??🤮

  54. yournotskiny

    yournotskiny16 days ago

    please omg im hungry

  55. Amissa Hrometz

    Amissa Hrometz16 days ago

    Trish I need your wig

  56. deangela Zepeda

    deangela Zepeda16 days ago

    Beautiful inside n out 🤗 girl you have came a long way on ur personality. much love n good vibes 💯

  57. Amanda Harpe

    Amanda Harpe16 days ago

    I’m confused, didn’t they just move in to a new house? Is this an old video or are they moving again?

  58. Davana Masson

    Davana Masson16 days ago

    I got a domino's add on this video

  59. Arzoo

    Arzoo17 days ago

    That looks so goodddd omg

  60. sm0keshow

    sm0keshow17 days ago

    Totally agree with on the daddy issues thing tbh. I've been in therapy for 4 years and the one thing I've learnt is that it's not about "getting over" your trauma, but just learning healthier coping mechanisms and finding better partners that can treat us (and our inner child) like we deserve !

  61. Angel M

    Angel M17 days ago

    Trisha I love you but please chew your food!!!!!!!!

  62. Makenna Ramirez

    Makenna Ramirez17 days ago

    I love that hair color on youuuuu 😍

  63. Unemployed Philosopher

    Unemployed Philosopher17 days ago

    Me watching Trish eat Dominos while eating Pizza Hut

  64. Johnny Noon

    Johnny Noon17 days ago

    Eating Domino's right now LOL 10 for my next free one and that'll be done by tomorrow

  65. T

    T17 days ago

    Oh my gosh eveyy video I watch of you lately, I feel proud while watching :). You are feeling safe enough to talk as truly you, and growing. Inspiredd

  66. Poseidon X

    Poseidon X17 days ago

    trisha i love you dearly and thats why i have to tell you that domino’s pizza cannot be a personality trait babes😢💙

  67. Millie the Mermaid

    Millie the Mermaid17 days ago

    I'm like, why are you in two places in this video?, I just realized that's a picture over there at the end of the table 🤣🤣🤣

  68. Pop Sip & Spill

    Pop Sip & Spill17 days ago

    idk how Trish can just chew twice and swallow! I would choke 😩 But ILY Trish! 💖

  69. Stacy Lynn

    Stacy Lynn17 days ago

    I only eat cheese pizza, and my favorite thing at Domino's is the Wisconsin 6 cheese on their Brooklyn style crust... so damn good! I also love their garden salad the croutons that come with it are really yummy. And we NEVER place a Domino's order without cinnamon bread twists and marbled cookie brownies. I get why Domino's is your comfort food.

  70. Milk Stacker

    Milk Stacker17 days ago

    *Manic rambling 4/20*

  71. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith17 days ago

    Domino's is 😋 yummy! 🤤 Now, I want Domino's Pizza. 🍕 Fuchsia hair suits you. 💯

  72. wanda marie

    wanda marie17 days ago

    I used to be able to understand you. Now I cant. You talk way way too fast or Idk. Or Im Older and deaf. Lol

  73. Teresa Christensen

    Teresa Christensen17 days ago

    I love Trisha, but I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. 😂

  74. Kimberly Dawn

    Kimberly Dawn17 days ago

    Dominos really bussin thou

  75. Angie B

    Angie B17 days ago

    I can’t understand a word she says but ily Trisha

  76. Jaylin Diaz

    Jaylin Diaz17 days ago

    It’s hilarious how I can’t ever understand a word your saying but still watch you and think your pretty cool

  77. Courtney Addison

    Courtney Addison17 days ago

    Love this girl. My best accidental youtube find.

  78. bridget rothbart

    bridget rothbart18 days ago

    I never got dominos and it look that good

  79. Abigail Wilson

    Abigail Wilson18 days ago

    Saw this an order a pizza

  80. emma durnin

    emma durnin18 days ago

    Trisha makes me feel better about working at a minimum wage restaurant lol

  81. loser 123

    loser 12318 days ago

    2:13 that was sooo funny trish!

  82. loser 123

    loser 12318 days ago

    OMG slayyyy sis!!! Go you!!

  83. 아드리안

    아드리안18 days ago

    Notice how 90% of her viewers are White girls☠️

  84. Kaitlyn Anita

    Kaitlyn Anita18 days ago

    This was kind of awkward are you okay? 😂😂

  85. Fotini

    Fotini18 days ago

    AS A CHRISTIAN WOMAN, are you going to quit your Only Fans, now your engaged????????????

  86. Fotini

    Fotini18 days ago

    DOMINOS SUX!!!! It’s horrible!!!

  87. Blossomx xox

    Blossomx xox18 days ago

    Woo we unlocked purple haired Trish!

  88. Bahia Fakhri

    Bahia Fakhri18 days ago

    Dominos is lowkey Better than papa Johns Bc of the garlic sauce 😋

  89. Carly Elgin

    Carly Elgin18 days ago

    Dominos is my least fav

  90. Alisha Maloney-Blake

    Alisha Maloney-Blake18 days ago

    Everytime Trisha makes these videos I have to be eating or imma be hungry omg

  91. Maddy Gerace

    Maddy Gerace18 days ago

    Am o the only one who doesn’t believe a word trish says?

  92. Jacquelynn Garcia

    Jacquelynn Garcia18 days ago

    Too dry!!

  93. Jenn Pham

    Jenn Pham18 days ago

    had a really bad night but now I have pizza and it feels like I am eating with you just listening thank you Trisha....you make me feel better and feel less alone! ♡

  94. SChrysal Nehrenz

    SChrysal Nehrenz18 days ago

    Stop Eating!! 🤭

  95. jayla johnson

    jayla johnson18 days ago

    “I had a rough start as an adult... but that’s okay it’s not about the journey” I hope she knows she’s helping people with sharing her story ✨

  96. jayla johnson

    jayla johnson18 days ago

    I’m sitting here eating a cheese dominos pizza feeling bad ab myself and literally came to this video because Trisha makes me feel sooo comfortable with myself 💕

  97. Grace Sellwood

    Grace Sellwood18 days ago

    you are such a mood ily

  98. Lauren

    Lauren18 days ago

    That picture of her behind the pizza box 😂

  99. Devin Sumer

    Devin Sumer18 days ago

    im on a diet and this is definitely the wrong video to watch

  100. Best of Brady

    Best of Brady18 days ago

    does anyone know what she is saying for like the first minuite and at other times???

  101. inuyashaanime90

    inuyashaanime9018 days ago

    trisha be eating and not getting her lip gloss off. damn

  102. ASMR with Bean Marie

    ASMR with Bean Marie18 days ago


  103. personaldanceparty

    personaldanceparty18 days ago

    I love dominos

  104. F

    F18 days ago


  105. Cindy Basha

    Cindy Basha18 days ago

    I love when Trish eats and talks.