babish my king original buttered noodles vid


  1. dead flower

    dead flowerHour ago

    i’ve been watching trish since she was teaching us to wipe our asses with long duck tip acrylics in her old apartment surrounded by plushies. and i can genuinely say that i am so happy for her and moses. such a cute couple and i love that he supports her in such a raw way. also love her learning about his culture and working on being close with his family. ps, if you haven’t watched frenemies, do it. you will not regret it

  2. Zteezyyy

    Zteezyyy8 hours ago

    the salt tho lmao

  3. Raymond Salceda

    Raymond Salceda16 hours ago

    moses came into trisha’s life at a perfect time🖤 i love seeing trisha enjoy her meal without some crackhead starring & judging her while chewing a gum obnoxiously loud 🙄

  4. GraphyteTV

    GraphyteTVDay ago

    When the salt fell 😳

  5. Birdhouse S

    Birdhouse SDay ago

    @GraphyteTV lmao! Same here. She just ignored it Lmao

  6. GraphyteTV

    GraphyteTVDay ago

    @Birdhouse S my soul flinched 😂

  7. Birdhouse S

    Birdhouse SDay ago


  8. Anna Rae

    Anna Rae3 days ago

    I literally just looked up “Trisha making and eating butter noodles” while I eat noodles to make it taste better. Does that make any sense?

  9. Hp48

    Hp483 days ago

    “I wonder if this pairs nicely with lacroix” I think that’s the cutest 😂

  10. Kimberley Crossman

    Kimberley Crossman4 days ago

    You are suppose to let the water boil before u add the noodles and salt. Duhhh

  11. Birdhouse S

    Birdhouse SDay ago


  12. Gianpiero Privacy

    Gianpiero Privacy5 days ago


  13. chavela25

    chavela256 days ago

    Such a sweet couple.

  14. Dana

    Dana8 days ago

    Seeing a man looking at Trish like Moses does is actually mind blowing lol

  15. Briana H.

    Briana H.10 days ago

    It’s like when the kids help ya cook

  16. Annie

    Annie11 days ago

    This guy just want her to eat all those buttery foods,to get her cholesterol high af and die from it.Then he'll be happy he inherited the house and all that. Letting a person consume so much greasy unhealthy food that can harm your health is not love.What Jason did wasn't love either,he was with her for subscribers and fame and he was starving himself and she was tempting him so that's why he told her to stop eating.Guy was trash. I bet this guy is after her house and money. "Add more butter" 1 minute later "Should we add more butter?" Him:"More" I have one thing to say *heart disease*

  17. Briana H.

    Briana H.10 days ago

    The average French person eats around 18 pounds of butter per year. Yet they’re one of the healthiest countries in the world. People in the USA are more at risk of getting heart disease. The issue is that people here often pig out at fast food restaurants or get takeout. Even people who usually have a healthy diet. The best thing to do is to cook at home with a balance of whole foods. And eat in moderation of course.

  18. lisa Berlin

    lisa Berlin12 days ago

    You know those noodles were salty af

  19. clove oil

    clove oil12 days ago

    Literally my favorite USloft couple lmao

  20. Antonia B.

    Antonia B.12 days ago

    Stop they're so cute 😭🥰🥰🥰🥰

  21. The Cheeba Lounge

    The Cheeba Lounge13 days ago

    The cup of salt has me cracking up Trisha 😂😂😂 “Its probably okay i guess” omggg my face hurts 🥲🥲🥲😭😭😭😂😂😂

  22. King02tutt 0

    King02tutt 014 days ago

    Trisha plzzzz make a cooking series 🤣 ily

  23. D Mac

    D Mac14 days ago

    Also “Emulsify” means to combine two liquids, form into one (ie; the video would be referring to the pasta water & butter making the sauce). You likely just needed more pasta water.

  24. D Mac

    D Mac14 days ago

    So you should always salt your pasta water, as salty as the ocean. A good amount! Yes stir your pasta once it’s in, so the noodles don’t stick. ❤️

  25. Cristina Carrillo

    Cristina Carrillo15 days ago

    Trisha, your backsplash tile is gorgeous

  26. Dubliana Perin

    Dubliana Perin16 days ago

    They are not noodles they are spaghetti 😭

  27. Nathan Mejia

    Nathan Mejia18 days ago

    Love your videos Trisha especially this one. Can you try a bucatini buttered noodle? I think you would love it!

  28. malika

    malika19 days ago

    3:43 hahaha

  29. Becky Vidra

    Becky Vidra21 day ago

    The amount of times she said "emulsify" 🤣 I love it. That's me with fancy words.

  30. onee chan senpai

    onee chan senpai23 days ago

    The way I gasped when she poured so much salt in. I was like “DAAAAMN”

  31. adele xxx

    adele xxx25 days ago

    I love Moses so much😭 you can tell he fully accepts trish for who she is 🥺

  32. Tee Yah

    Tee Yah25 days ago

    Trisha so gorge and Moses so handsone 🙏

  33. Jessica Hernandez

    Jessica Hernandez26 days ago

    11:43 How is this not salty ????lol y'all too cute though

  34. Birch04z06

    Birch04z0627 days ago

    I love how innocent it is to just be so excited about boiling pasta 😂 also, Moses is such a sweetheart, I truly hope that they're end game 🥺

  35. drea

    drea27 days ago

    the way she shoves two spoonfuls wrapped in pasta is a whole mood

  36. drea

    drea27 days ago

    trisha is totally pure Lacroix and moses red wine in every way possible with peace and love

  37. ・ΛƧƬЯӨ・

    ・ΛƧƬЯӨ・27 days ago

    Trisha your fiance is perfect, yall are so cute together!! 🥺

  38. bronzeee

    bronzeee27 days ago

    "and a pinch of kosher salt" SENT ME LMAOO. I just know that people watching the tiktok were caught off guard

  39. i liz

    i liz27 days ago

    Would u like some noodles with my salt😫

  40. Naomi Culver

    Naomi Culver27 days ago

    the way Moses smiles at Trisha is so pure

  41. Tryinnosaurus Rex

    Tryinnosaurus Rex28 days ago

    What a Fabio you’ve got there. Seems like way less drama in your life these days... congrats

  42. k monkey

    k monkey28 days ago

    made this today love u trish

  43. Ana Arteaga Salinas

    Ana Arteaga Salinas28 days ago

    Trisha, I wanted to say I love you and I'm so proud of you! Also I made this dish for my family tonight and they loved it! I'm looking forward to more of your cooking videos

  44. Natalie Nunez

    Natalie NunezMonth ago

    Trish is like the cool aunt 😎

  45. IamNeNa 3

    IamNeNa 3Month ago

    I really enjoy seeing her cooking they always look great 👍

  46. Justice Jordan

    Justice JordanMonth ago

    His loving energy for you is beautiful, seriously

  47. Rae Ann

    Rae AnnMonth ago

    Can i have a job coming to your kitchen and teaching you the basics on how to cook lol for real. "fold in the cheese"

  48. Laura Guevara

    Laura GuevaraMonth ago

    The way you look at each other makes my heart happy. So glad you two found each other.

  49. Milena The mum

    Milena The mumMonth ago

    She should have said “double Dutch oven it” missed opportunity 🙄

  50. alouella

    alouellaMonth ago

    Want some pasta with your salt?

  51. Farren Hope

    Farren HopeMonth ago

    i love her kitchen !!

  52. Malory Smith

    Malory SmithMonth ago

    You guys are so good together

  53. Danni P

    Danni PMonth ago

    I gotta find myself a mosa Lmaoo he’s so cute and sweet!

  54. Toca Muffin

    Toca MuffinMonth ago

    Trisha : and a pinch of salt Also Trisha : 1/4 cups of salt Time: 4:20

  55. Annabel Cuthill

    Annabel CuthillMonth ago

    Moses and Trisha 4 Eva!!! Love love loveeee

  56. Bunny Goodwin

    Bunny GoodwinMonth ago

    always put the salt in your hands first! then add small punches

  57. missjo5ie

    missjo5ieMonth ago

    The way she thanked him for grating the cheese like 3 times. 🥺 So cute!!!

  58. Valeria T

    Valeria TMonth ago

    As a european... you can get butter noodles at a frickin restaurant? That sounds so american... anyone from other countries has butter noodles on the menu? Because we don't in Austria lol that is sort of a blasphemy here.

  59. Abby Porter

    Abby PorterMonth ago

    these cooking videos that you’re making are my favorite! awesome job!❤️

  60. Elizah Mendoza

    Elizah MendozaMonth ago

    “Cooking with Babish” “Basic with Babish” I can’t 😂💀 poor Babish

  61. cass

    cassMonth ago

    I can’t wait to see more cooking videos from you

  62. Miranda Vaughan

    Miranda VaughanMonth ago

    Lmao... More like SALT NOODELS

  63. Allen Alexander

    Allen AlexanderMonth ago

    He seems very calm and peaceful and in turn she seems calm as well. We love to see it.

  64. jooreuable

    jooreuableMonth ago

    I cringe at americans pronouncing la croix “le croy”

  65. Miscreant Meg

    Miscreant MegMonth ago

    lol its binging with babish

  66. Rachel Pence

    Rachel PenceMonth ago

    The lid rattling literally made me crack up laughing 🤣

  67. Disha Monique’

    Disha Monique’Month ago

    Next time cut half of that 🧈 and throw it in the pot then throw warm pasta water and let it sit 2 minutes until butter is melted down then stir.

  68. Sofia Travis

    Sofia TravisMonth ago

    I love how he looks genuinely happy when he's with her. His reactions don't seem fake at all

  69. Josh Monick

    Josh MonickMonth ago

    Try the butter parm noddles with egg fettuccine noddles so much better

  70. Terri

    TerriMonth ago

    Emulsify, emulsify, um Trisha I think you need to emulsify 😂😂😂

  71. ashlesha paliwal

    ashlesha paliwalMonth ago

    i love how moses smiles at her when she gets excited about little things . they are absolutely the cutest .

  72. Jesse Garcia

    Jesse GarciaMonth ago

    The salt pour lmaooo trishhhh

  73. Hannah Leavitt

    Hannah LeavittMonth ago

    "and a pinch of salt...." *accidently dumps almost the whole thing of salt in the pasta* lol

  74. Brittany Kayy

    Brittany KayyMonth ago

    Wow she talks so fast I can barley keep up! Lol, but I’m so glad at how happy and content she seems now 🙂. I prob would have added spinach and chicken to it for some color and protein but this is a great recipe. I think ur supposed to add the cheese in the pot to create a creamy sauce not on top after like spaghetti

  75. Rose Margie

    Rose MargieMonth ago

    Trisha the SALT

  76. D

    DMonth ago

    Girl that was so much salt 🤣🤣

  77. Danna Saenz

    Danna SaenzMonth ago

    Very happy for Trish. She deserves all the goodness coming her way rn!

  78. supagroovylex

    supagroovylexMonth ago

    trust you look so beautiful! you and moses look so happy it makes my heart swell



    I LOVE THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  80. Ryder Telehowski

    Ryder TelehowskiMonth ago

    Why do you have to be so beautiful 🥺

  81. mchllyin

    mchllyinMonth ago

    That MOREE at 4:56 is literally like a duck quack sound.

  82. Iman A

    Iman AMonth ago

    Trish as a pretty and cute Cook is everything tbh

  83. Barb

    BarbMonth ago

    Moses is handsome

  84. Lynndie San Miguel

    Lynndie San MiguelMonth ago

    I love to see trish so happy!

  85. sasha evans

    sasha evansMonth ago

    awh he started grating cheese without her asking

  86. twisted rc up north boys

    twisted rc up north boysMonth ago

    Jason watching trish eat: 🤮 Vs Moses watching trish eat: 😃

  87. twisted rc up north boys

    twisted rc up north boysMonth ago

    There’s a mountain of salt you just poured in there lmfao

  88. Niru

    NiruMonth ago

    12:53 moses saying "I wanna watch what you put in there" makes me laugh so harrddd She put a pinch of salt, Moses! 😂😂

  89. LiwiaGoszynska

    LiwiaGoszynskaMonth ago

    I am so happy for her 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  90. Taylor Rice

    Taylor RiceMonth ago

    She’s so beautiful at this point in her life. You can tell she’s happy & it shines thru

  91. Kakoa Island

    Kakoa IslandMonth ago

    What butter is that?!?!?

  92. Tiffany Jones

    Tiffany JonesMonth ago

    a pinch of salt and the pasta is no longer edible lol I would have thrown it out and did it again that's literally so easy 2 make

  93. Julieta Vazquez

    Julieta VazquezMonth ago

    It’s so awesome to see you happy like this Trisha, been praying for you for so long and will keep doing so for both of you and beautiful family you have. ❤️😭

  94. Eric Chalma

    Eric ChalmaMonth ago

    Trish I looooooovvee how cute you guys are together. This video made laugh and smile sooooo much I love. Please do more cooking videos with your man.

  95. Lillian Bond

    Lillian BondMonth ago

    Also this comment passed the vibe check

  96. Lillian Bond

    Lillian BondMonth ago

    No matter how problematic she is... I will ALWAYS stan Trish🤣❤️

  97. Your Name

    Your NameMonth ago

    I tried this! It’s really good. Thank you Trish

  98. Caitlyn Moreno

    Caitlyn MorenoMonth ago

    Oooo with some minced garlic in that butter sauce 😍

  99. TheAnnriv

    TheAnnrivMonth ago

    I love those bowls.

  100. Irene Ferri

    Irene FerriMonth ago

    Osi chiamare gli spaghetti della Barilla noodles? Oscenità

  101. Heather- *Heady* C

    Heather- *Heady* CMonth ago

    Omg girl I love you!! I died when you non shilanate kept rolling on an moving forward lol like eh a cup of salt eh it be fine lol

  102. Christine Taylor

    Christine TaylorMonth ago

    I love ya Trish! I DO ...BUT please can ya slow your babble ... so we can follow along what your sayin lol

  103. megatron

    megatronMonth ago

    French butter = Trader Joes

  104. Lucia Quigley

    Lucia QuigleyMonth ago

    i cant stop smiling. its so amazing seeing trish in a healthy relationship

  105. Lucia Quigley

    Lucia QuigleyMonth ago

    A pinch of kosher salt! 🚿