Cooking With Trish - Baked Ziti


  1. Ellie Fisher

    Ellie Fisher2 hours ago

    My husband will love me the way Moses loves Trish

  2. Ayla Deverell

    Ayla Deverell22 hours ago

    These killlll me

  3. letizia marani

    letizia maraniDay ago

    you can use a smaller pot and still not break the noodles

  4. Elaine Engel

    Elaine EngelDay ago

    Goddamn trish I’m straight but 👀

  5. First RUNNER UP

    First RUNNER UPDay ago

    21:24 its like TRISHA and her parents feeding her.

  6. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D2 days ago

    woo sweetos. wish it was in the shape of cheetos though

  7. Katie〈3

    Katie〈32 days ago

    Love you trish💖Been subscribed for as long as I can remember and you are and always have been an iconic Queen 👑 🤗🤗

  8. D

    D3 days ago

    If you have a kitchenaid mixer they have an electric shredder attachment

  9. nicole leos

    nicole leos3 days ago

    lol at using olive oil so “pasta sauce doesn’t stick to the noodles” 😂😂😂

  10. nicole leos

    nicole leos3 days ago

    And mixing the sauce and noodles in a colander hahahahaha. At least she’s trying b

  11. natasha kane

    natasha kane6 days ago

    Next time try mixing an egg with the Ricotta cheese and adding parsley to it. It just makes it more creamy.

  12. Luke Overholtzer

    Luke Overholtzer6 days ago

    she DID NOT call RAGU the secret sauce 😭😭😭😂😂

  13. Luke Overholtzer

    Luke Overholtzer6 days ago

    love her tho ahaha

  14. Emily Rose

    Emily Rose9 days ago

    Only Trish has vibrators in the back of her cooking videos

  15. Rebecca O

    Rebecca O9 days ago

    I laughed out loud when that ziti dropped. Oh trish trish trish. Gotta love her. I honestly probably would’ve done the same.

  16. Papila

    Papila9 days ago

    so wholesome, I had to subscribe again

  17. Trinity Santos

    Trinity Santos10 days ago

    I love you so much trishhh I’ve been watching you since forever and I’ve always loved your vids and your personality but now you’ve grown into such a independent strong woman with a great guy who showed you how u should be treated ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Nicola le Roux

    Nicola le Roux10 days ago

    I loooove your video's SOOO much🤩🥰

  19. Amanda Lewis

    Amanda Lewis11 days ago

    Baked Ziti......but using Rigatoni???.....doesn’t baked ziti require actual ziti?

  20. MegaLisa830 Bright

    MegaLisa830 Bright11 days ago

    Awesome! I love baked Ziti! ^_^ We make the dish with meat sauce, ground beef in the tomato sauce! :D

  21. mizz prettyladi

    mizz prettyladi12 days ago

    You always look so nice in crop tops

  22. L A

    L A13 days ago


  23. SharonP64

    SharonP6413 days ago

    Love you Trish. So happy to see you content in your life! ❤️

  24. Jessie Inez

    Jessie Inez13 days ago

    The Miss Piggy cookie jar, and the Cinderella apron. Yes Trisha.

  25. Shelby Youngblood

    Shelby Youngblood13 days ago

    “I like the cheese...I like the cheese..I like the ricota cheese” ok Moses lol

  26. Kimmie Sunshine Bubbles

    Kimmie Sunshine Bubbles13 days ago

    Trish wait to put pasta in till water is boiling noodles turn out much water put salt in help boil faster

  27. Zess

    Zess13 days ago

    Do y'all have a ghost? Something moves the camera @ 24:38 o.o

  28. Bella

    Bella14 days ago

    There’s triple the amount of cheese than sauce🤢🤢🤮

  29. Bella

    Bella14 days ago


  30. LaUriE

    LaUriE14 days ago

    Yassss qween of cooking!!!

  31. Keto Momma

    Keto Momma14 days ago

    I love how Moses loves everything you make. You guys are perfect for each other. I love to see you grow Trish. :)

  32. Lucy Burge

    Lucy Burge14 days ago

    This has nothing to do with the video but I feel like Trisha’s house looks so cosy and homey! I get such comfy vibes from her videos🥰

  33. Madi W

    Madi W14 days ago

    I love how Trish has grown over the years, and I’m so happy she’s met Moses he seems amazing for her and she seems truly happy

  34. Carol Lynette

    Carol Lynette15 days ago

    Now everytime I listen to the Wizard & I at the "I would melt" part, I say "like mozzarella." Lol. Love Trish!

  35. Gabby Canz

    Gabby Canz15 days ago

    QUICK TIP TRISH !!!! When you shred the cheese, hold the shredder at an angle do that way your arm motions are going more sideways rather than downwards. P.s. I sent you a personal message on onlyfans with a family pic if you could take a look please and thank you . Love you, huge fan and supporter girl. I'm moving back to the LA area in a few months and I'd love to meet you.

  36. Maisy Bee

    Maisy Bee15 days ago

    omg i am in love with moses

  37. Ana_nz

    Ana_nz15 days ago

    “DON’T POUR OVER ME!” 😂😂😂😂 just go with it reference lmaooo

  38. Biscuit Barbadensis

    Biscuit Barbadensis15 days ago

    Trish has come so far, & so has this comment section. ♡ love that for us~

  39. Erica M

    Erica M15 days ago

    The key to good pasta is Boiling the water first. It blows my mind that people claim they r cooking when they r too dumb to follow v Basic recipes. No one wants to watch a joke and bs cooking.

  40. T Rj

    T Rj16 days ago love..salt the water then bring to a boil..then add pasta.. turn down to med high, til done. I'm soooo happy for you. I'm a 49yrs old lady with a terminal illness and I turned into a stan!

  41. julie lewis

    julie lewis16 days ago

    i love her

  42. emmerrick

    emmerrick16 days ago

    Trish is our living barbie in her dream house.

  43. Marz

    Marz16 days ago

    I’m the same way as Moses I drink water and soda too 🙌🏽☺️

  44. Flawless Jax

    Flawless Jax16 days ago

    Lmao Trisha crush red pepper does make it spicy

  45. Ana Banana

    Ana Banana16 days ago

    the problem with your serving is you use the wrong utensils

  46. maddy

    maddy16 days ago


  47. Erin MacMahon

    Erin MacMahon17 days ago


  48. Jessie Kelly

    Jessie Kelly17 days ago

    I love how Moses cracks up and can’t stop smiling when she drops the pasta

  49. VanessaMW 11

    VanessaMW 1117 days ago

    "Its says half the ricotta. Half of what though? Half the container?.....I used to boxes of noodles and one jar of sauce." Something tells me Trisha doesn't pay attention to the measurements lol. This is so sweet. I know we are only seeing a peek into their lives and we can never really know how things are when the cameras are off, but they do truly seem happy. The thing about Trisha is we know the genuine side of her. She doesn't hide who she is because she has shown us the good and the bad, and she picks up the camera for the good and the bad and the beautiful and ugly. Happy, angry, content, sleepy, irrational, jealous, high, bored, mental breakdown...she shows it all. So even though moses may reserve himself somewhat on camera, like most people, we know Trisha is being her real self. And shes happy. Genuinely. So this gives me hope that this is real and sweet, even when the cameras are off. Not that there aren't problems because thats relationships. But they're clearly committed...I mean they even bought a home together. And again, they seem happy. And we can believe Trisha when she says shes happy.

  50. tan s

    tan s17 days ago

    Okay Trisha looks snatched!!!! YOU GO GIRL ❤️🔥

  51. Jennifer Stellato

    Jennifer Stellato17 days ago

    Did trish just stir that pasta in the collander?

  52. adrianalynnn

    adrianalynnn18 days ago

    Trisha, next time sauce your noodles before adding the oil! If you put the oil on your noodles first, it prevents the sauce from sticking to them.

  53. sabrina bruk

    sabrina bruk18 days ago

    Trish yes italians call their Sunday sauce (red pasta sauce) Sunday gravy!! lmfao

  54. Sophia G

    Sophia G18 days ago

    When cooking pasta guys boil the water with salt before putting the pasta in!!

  55. Maizah Guy

    Maizah Guy18 days ago

    Trish, Ik you didn’t give all these wonderful directions and then cut to it being done without telling us how long to bake it for 🤧 I’m literally baking this with my friends right now and I got to this part and I’m cofuzzled

  56. kvw___

    kvw___18 days ago

    More of this wholesome content 😋🥰

  57. Jelly Bird

    Jelly Bird18 days ago

    She is so beautiful my goodness 😍

  58. Momma B And the DP’s

    Momma B And the DP’s18 days ago

    I love how patient Moses is❤️ I love that you found your person Trisha! Can’t wait for the Lil Trish and Lil moses to come into the world🥰🥰🥰

  59. TIffanyrose Angeles

    TIffanyrose Angeles19 days ago

    Trish I'm proud of you!! Love Trish in the kitchen" I see you more calm,& that's your happy place" making homemade food! It truly does help us w mental illness girls" ladies") this family dinner is adorable!! It's lovely mummy is there your caring for her. Bagels count as calories by the way! Plus healthier than chips cheesier etc pop.Nice seeing cutie bowls,nice cutlery!! All sitting properly at a table w your lovely comfy chairs

  60. Cara Hope

    Cara Hope19 days ago

    Trying this recipe tonight !! Looks so yum!

  61. Cara Hope

    Cara Hope19 days ago

    Whoo my ex best friend from high school was Italian and she could be very mean haha but amazing dinners!!! I’ve never seen so much food in my life !! They definitely do it up when they cook so yum 🤤

  62. Cake vs Fondant

    Cake vs Fondant19 days ago

    they all have nice smiles, good

  63. wiggly woggly

    wiggly woggly19 days ago

    Ever since she dropped her toxic friends, let’s be honest she’s just became more T R I S H

  64. Sam Harney

    Sam Harney19 days ago

    Hey trish this looks so good! I noticed you mentioned that onions and garlic seem like a lot of work or something along those lines- if you want those super quick and easy they usually have pre-chopped onions available somewhere in the produce section (I usually can’t find it so I just ask if they have them and where) and you can get minced garlic in a squeeze bottle! It’s made my cooking way easier especially in my depressive episodes when I don’t feel like doing anything. Also salting the pasta water is totally key. I like to add a little olive oil to the pasta water while it’s cooking and give it a little stir every once in a while. It helps to keep the noodles from sticking, same concept as when you put it on after they cooked, but I usually also add butter after straining instead for a richer flavor while I still have the olive oil flavor from boiling. I’d like to praise you for rinsing your dish right away too because my mom never did when I lived with her and it makes dishes a thousand times easier if you just rinse the dish. You’d be amazed how many people don’t.

  65. Ashley Martinez

    Ashley Martinez19 days ago

    Oh it’s makes me so happy to see Trish happy and in true luv. U can totally tell that Moses really truthfully and genuinely luvs Trish for her and doesn’t want her to change that’s true luv and again she deserves it she has such a big heart but always gave it to the biggest dooshbags/// Moses is a REAL-ONE///

  66. Ashley Martinez

    Ashley Martinez19 days ago

    Look at Trish becoming a house wife now that she’s engaged/// Ur killing it girl///

  67. hrobbyxo

    hrobbyxo19 days ago

    "Let's just go big or... well we're already home so we can't really go anywhere else" 😂😂

  68. Ryann Heagney

    Ryann Heagney19 days ago

    Trisha I can tell you’re doing so well, I’m so happy for you and it’s been amazing to see you so happy

  69. Mara Almeida

    Mara Almeida19 days ago

    I love how her cooking videos are like she's not even recording she's just doing her thing and its so cute

  70. Deandre Walker

    Deandre Walker19 days ago

    I love the new cooking with Trisha

  71. Em Stephenson

    Em Stephenson20 days ago

    THAT PANIC! REFERENCE THO and careful with that italian seasoning trish lol, its VERY strong if you're not careful

  72. Elizabeth Wagner

    Elizabeth Wagner20 days ago

    Loving those sandworm oven mits. We're doing a beetlejuice nursery for our baby!

  73. Molly Moo

    Molly Moo20 days ago

    The energy in this video >

  74. Paulina A

    Paulina A20 days ago


  75. gummy bear

    gummy bear21 day ago

    its honestly comforting to watch them all eat together

  76. Peachydelreyy

    Peachydelreyy21 day ago

    I wish I had a Moses in my life 🥺 so happy for you trish! 💓

  77. Stephhhyyy315 !

    Stephhhyyy315 !21 day ago

    Girl, I love seeing you getting all domesticated or whateva🤪 like you use to only make like boxed Mac n cheese n noodles n butter when you were single or simple stuff but you really have started to get in the kitchen. I truly think you love this man and want to be a wife. At first I thought he got with you because he wanted to get famous or get clout but I truly believe he loves you. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if y’all had a baby and you chilled out like snooki did. She was a wild one like you, she was the tan version of you and she settled down, has 3 kids now and a husband and that girl is such a good mom and wife and barley drinks and doesn’t act like she use to for clout or fame. The REAL trish is just a normal fucking human being who has to what she has to do to make money to live but puts on a act for the world. Kinda like a mask. You take it off once in awhile to show your true self and I must say you are pretty fucking beautiful inside and out.☺️

  78. Emily Troise

    Emily Troise21 day ago

    Next time I would definitely use more sauce! But it looked good for your first try!

  79. Kiera Hamilton

    Kiera Hamilton21 day ago

    i love u sm.

  80. Lydia Campanelli

    Lydia Campanelli21 day ago

    16:28 so cute everyone laughed

  81. DevonDoesGames

    DevonDoesGames21 day ago

    I would be so blessed to have Mama Trish cook for me.

  82. Nick Colon

    Nick Colon21 day ago

    I love how there is never silence in this video, it just ties it all together and makes it 100000% better

  83. Stephanie Bentley

    Stephanie Bentley21 day ago

    Trisha singing sbout witches and wizards living her best life ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  84. Taissyr

    Taissyr22 days ago


  85. Ima Loser :P

    Ima Loser :P22 days ago

    This looks amazing!

  86. Jenn Sutherland

    Jenn Sutherland22 days ago

    It’s baked you didn’t use ziti noodles 🍝 🙄

  87. Barb

    Barb22 days ago

    Just put a few scoops of sauce on the pasta to keep it from sticking. The new house is beautiful !

  88. Rushdha Hazim

    Rushdha Hazim22 days ago

    we have neer done this with noodles but in my house we do it with pasta

  89. D KS

    D KS22 days ago

    Your mom wearing a “skinny legend” shirt while eating is everything

  90. D KS

    D KS22 days ago

    Trish buying clearance cheese and dollar seasonings is so humbling.

  91. jenna

    jenna22 days ago

    10/10 italian


    WHATEVUH22 days ago

    Trisha looks so much happier 🥺💓 im so proud and happy for her. Keep slaying girl! ✨

  93. vettmjr

    vettmjr22 days ago

    Trisha, just something small.. boil the water first, then add the pasta. Otherwise it takes a lot longer to bring the water up to boiling point with the pasta in the water. Same thing when boiling vegetables.

  94. Mera A

    Mera A22 days ago

    I’ve never seen oil added to boiled pasta

  95. sophie

    sophie22 days ago

    🔓gordon ramsay trish unlocked 🔓

  96. Francesca Sarcone

    Francesca Sarcone23 days ago

    When trish dropped her mother in laws piece of ziti I lost it😭😂

  97. Oatmeal 123

    Oatmeal 12323 days ago

    Tisha and moses forever! 🤵‍♀️💘👰🏼

  98. Tsidale Ayele

    Tsidale Ayele23 days ago

    i love her

  99. Kristin Podgurski

    Kristin Podgurski23 days ago

    People actually watch this shit?

  100. Bake It With AJ

    Bake It With AJ23 days ago

    I love how chill and relaxed she is while doing this.

  101. Sandrasays_luna Fr

    Sandrasays_luna Fr23 days ago


  102. stan loona or i kill you

    stan loona or i kill you23 days ago

    i love how positive the comment section and how she changed to be a better person, i guess i might stan her now