falafel date

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  1. Kh Ll

    Kh Ll4 hours ago

    It is an Arabic food

  2. Lauren Ruth

    Lauren Ruth17 hours ago

    “We’re a team” AWWWW. The way he is always giggling and smiling around her and all of that awwww

  3. Lauren Ruth

    Lauren Ruth17 hours ago

    The way you look at eachother🥺

  4. Lauren Ruth

    Lauren Ruth17 hours ago

    Aww you guys seem so happy and comfortable now, like the awkwardness from before is like not there anymore. So wholesome and pure

  5. MickMack

    MickMackDay ago

    so beautiful

  6. brandy hill

    brandy hillDay ago


  7. n.cxc

    n.cxcDay ago


  8. Moonlight H

    Moonlight H2 days ago

    How did these two meet?

  9. F Ggg

    F Ggg2 days ago

    29:04 Palestine is not Israeli and this food is arabic 😐

  10. Light of Uma

    Light of Uma2 days ago

    I love letting your vlogs play in the background when I’m alone, I feel less like a loner

  11. hikikomia !

    hikikomia !2 days ago

    he is so kind, the way they look at each other is so sweet

  12. AJacquelineC

    AJacquelineC2 days ago

    Thank you for existing, your welcome. Lmaoooo

  13. Simar M

    Simar M2 days ago

    Glad you are enjoying an Arabic delicacy❤️ Important to note: falafel is not Israeli!!

  14. tilda

    tilda3 days ago

    I love them in love... these two definitely deserve happiness together😭

  15. The Uncharted Artist

    The Uncharted Artist3 days ago


  16. forrest fairy

    forrest fairy3 days ago

    shes so incredibly happy. i have a stupid smile on my face the whole video.

  17. Barbara Ferreira

    Barbara Ferreira3 days ago

    I love the nails!!!!!

  18. sarah

    sarah3 days ago

    isn't Arabian food the best . drooling

  19. awesome person

    awesome person3 days ago

    Isreal doesn’t have culture. They stole culture. Byeeeew

  20. BeckIsBack

    BeckIsBack3 days ago

    Y’all are so cute & he looks so sweet

  21. It's Mira Malek

    It's Mira Malek4 days ago

    10:56 omg thy r so cute

  22. layan kanash

    layan kanash5 days ago

    who said you can take our culture i promise if the people who worked at the restaurant knew you were israelis they wouldn't have given you any food.

  23. Kat Aguirre

    Kat Aguirre5 days ago

    Moses seems like a great man. I can tell he gets you. Beautiful couple!

  24. Wasabi.

    Wasabi.5 days ago

    Aw she loves him, she compliments him and idk but she kind of protect him lmao.

  25. sami quartuccio

    sami quartuccio5 days ago

    i love them together so much. such a nice and healthy relationship! so happy for trish and moses

  26. BetweenTheRosesx

    BetweenTheRosesx5 days ago

    "He is israiling me tonight" TRISHH

  27. Allison Moore

    Allison Moore6 days ago

    Trisha you look amazing

  28. cydney

    cydney6 days ago

    everyone deserves a Moses in their life💗😩

  29. Elena Trozi

    Elena Trozi6 days ago

    you guys are soooooo cute together ! omg , my favorite couple ever!

  30. Joy H

    Joy H6 days ago

    🥺🥺 relationship goals

  31. Joy H

    Joy H6 days ago

    So cuteeeee🥺🥺

  32. Ashley Perez

    Ashley Perez6 days ago

    I love y'all together!!! ❤🦋

  33. Jen

    Jen7 days ago

    Moses has such a kind face and aurora

  34. Beck Ham

    Beck Ham7 days ago

    Does anyone else just smile when they see Moses?

  35. Diana G

    Diana G7 days ago

    Love these two together!!!

  36. Before The Rainbow

    Before The Rainbow7 days ago

    You are absolutely the most beautiful I’ve ever seen you in this video!

  37. Cinnamon The Cat

    Cinnamon The Cat7 days ago

    can everyone PLEASE stop saying moses loves trisha, they found their home with moses, and all of this stuff. moses is sus! and even if he werent sus it still wouldnt be okay to tell someone who has a history of toxic relationships that they finally found the one. you dont know that. and frankly theres been lots of red flags that could show otherwise. be careful, trish 💗💗💗

  38. Mel Be

    Mel Be7 days ago

    You two are seriously so cute! I'm happy to see Trisha truly happy ❤ The way they look at each other is adorable and clear they're in love. It's cute how she's trying to learn about his culture and language as well. That's what someone should do for their SO. ❤

  39. Rahaf Al Khaldi

    Rahaf Al Khaldi7 days ago

    Since when is falafel an Israeli tradition? Y’all are eating PALESTINIAN/ JORDANIAN/ middle eastern food. (No hate tho, calling it like it is)

  40. Jai Li

    Jai Li8 days ago


  41. Dejah Turner

    Dejah Turner8 days ago


  42. Ibrahim Aldairawi

    Ibrahim Aldairawi8 days ago

    How does he feel of his people just killing and kicking Palestinians from there homes?

  43. Alaa Essaid

    Alaa Essaid8 days ago

    why is this israeli eating arab food lol who said u can eat our food 🤨

  44. pink alien princess

    pink alien princess8 days ago

    WE STAN MOSES 💙💙💙💙

  45. Olivia Miller

    Olivia Miller8 days ago

    I knew immediately she was quoting Bridesmaids and laughed out loud.. umm I think people stay the same

  46. Mimi Snow

    Mimi Snow8 days ago

    Love the hair 🤩🤩

  47. Venus Lea

    Venus Lea9 days ago

    They are just so good for each other watching them be happy genuinely makes me happy

  48. Mike Meyers

    Mike Meyers9 days ago

    Yo big erhan hila fan from way back before. Ive always loved ya trisha an im happy ur with hilas brother. Fuckin dope

  49. A CP

    A CP9 days ago

    I remember in the start of your relationship a lot of people, including me, thought you were just kinda fetishizing Israeli/Jewish culture and customs but seeing how much Hebrew you’re learning and how much you really appreciate this culture not only for your own interest but to connect to Moses, is the literal cutest thing ever. I love that you have a companion that you are growing for and helps you become the best version of yourself. I can’t be happier 💚 you’re so comfortable with him and I love seeing you be able to joke and have fun with him and not feel defensive. This is what a true relationship should look like. It makes me so so so happy

  50. princessbabe1313

    princessbabe13135 days ago

    ^ 100% agree

  51. A CP

    A CP9 days ago

    “Thank you for embracing my culture”, omg, I can’t put into words how much I love you guys UGHSJJSJDJD 💚😭

  52. A CP

    A CP9 days ago

    you guys like make me cry I love you two so much. It makes me so happy because it’s so honest and sweet watching you two and having watched you two progress as a couple over the year.

  53. Laura Manuel

    Laura Manuel9 days ago

    Moses reminds me of my husband 😭 I know exactly how she feels when she talks about him

  54. CxE Productions

    CxE Productions9 days ago

    my favourite videos are your and moses' mukbangs where u just talk to each other its so cute

  55. Cori Johnson

    Cori Johnson9 days ago

    I just binge watched all of trishs old podcast with "moze". They are so much more confident and secure in thier self. It's so inspiring. Trish has always been an internet villain, and all the other youtubers were beloved, and admired. But now that veil has been lifted on almost all the long time creators. And most of us are realizing that the youtube algorithm caters to really toxic personalities. The only youtuber who can't be exposed is trish, and that's because they exposes themselves. And times have changed. People appreciate this type of exposure and realness. We are tired of the "I'm a good perosn" narrative. We know it's fake. If you read this far, thank you and welcome to my Tedtalk.

  56. Sabrina Franco

    Sabrina Franco9 days ago

    Watching them together makes me the happiest they’re so much love in their eyes 🥲💕

  57. M Corr

    M Corr10 days ago

    Wow they are legit a great couple. She’s so at peace with him and I think his language barrier is juuust enough that Trisha works 🤣

  58. Addie Noel

    Addie Noel10 days ago

    god man ya'll are cute as fuck. so happy for ya both!

  59. Abby Finch

    Abby Finch10 days ago

    She is so happy, I am happy to see her like that with him

  60. Vixy Velasquez

    Vixy Velasquez10 days ago

    he’s not my type 🤷🏻‍♀️😬he seems nice tho 👍🏼

  61. Rachael Connor

    Rachael Connor10 days ago

    I swear to God these two lighten my day every.single.time.

  62. My Tears Ricochet

    My Tears Ricochet11 days ago

    this is my first time seeing her happy and "normal" 😭

  63. Unpopular Opinions by Yela

    Unpopular Opinions by Yela11 days ago

    Moses is REALLY Hila’s male version. I see it every time.

  64. Madeline

    Madeline9 days ago

    It's the haircut lmfaoooooo

  65. tricia dunning

    tricia dunning11 days ago

    Im so happy you have a man who loves you. You have a vig heart Trish and u deserve to be loved. Moses is nice and so are you. You seem so content now. Its great to see.

  66. nilmotijnu

    nilmotijnu11 days ago

    You can see Trisha as a totally different person,but in a good way. The fact that you can see the happiness right through her. It's like she finally found what it's liked to be loved and what it's liked to finally be treated the way she should be treated. I'm so happy for you Trish!!! ❤️

  67. Yallrridic Fo'shoman

    Yallrridic Fo'shoman11 days ago

    Israeli falafels is like saying Peruvian gyros lmao fuck outta here

  68. Jarlem Speaks!

    Jarlem Speaks!11 days ago

    Love you both, so cute and wish you both the very best!!!

  69. Chloe Jo

    Chloe Jo11 days ago

    Watching this video while working on my psychopharmacology test

  70. sx wx

    sx wx11 days ago

    Trishas so cute bro. Shes like "we had Mcdonalds for lunch falafel for dinner. Todays a win win." How can you hate on that energy? I just love to see her happy 😍

  71. Chloe Jo

    Chloe Jo11 days ago

    “Thank you for existing” omg I love y’all


    DOR TWITO11 days ago

    You guys are adorable But I wish Trisha would do a real conversion and not the reform bullShlach... You could do a whole year of videos on it.. It can be really special

  73. Louise Gibson

    Louise Gibson11 days ago

    I couldn’t stop smiling. She’s found her person. He makes her so happy, this is what love is.

  74. z v

    z v12 days ago

    I can see Trisha is trying to understand the culture, but I sense that it low key might bother Moses? That she’s being stereotypical? But he’s very patient and kind towards everything she says.

  75. Vivian Gonzalez

    Vivian Gonzalez12 days ago

    He Appreciates her and Accepts her for who She is, She looks so happy and At Home with him .. what a cute couple

  76. Amanda Cox

    Amanda Cox12 days ago

    Cute video

  77. Natali Rodriguez

    Natali Rodriguez12 days ago

    I wanna be your third wheel you eat good food

  78. CZA

    CZA12 days ago

    “Thanks for wearing matching shirts with me to eat falafels in the parking lot.” My fucking heart😭 12:46

  79. Venus Lea

    Venus Lea9 days ago

    That part was so cute. Thinking of her relationship with Jason and how he treated her especially around food seeing her find someone that she can be comfortable with is so heartwarming

  80. Mercutio Sebastian

    Mercutio Sebastian12 days ago

    Moses is so pure my hearttt. I love him saying he's not embarrassed

  81. Sassy Pants

    Sassy Pants12 days ago

    Cutest couple ever!!! 😍💗🥰💗💗

  82. Arlene T

    Arlene T12 days ago

    Omg! Please post more vids of Moses and you...love seeing you both so happy!

  83. Shoilo gets healthy

    Shoilo gets healthy12 days ago

    I need to find my Moses 😭

  84. xmg.design

    xmg.design12 days ago

    How odl he is?

  85. Pame Ricalde

    Pame Ricalde12 days ago

    i'm crying watching this, is really wholesome

  86. Melis

    Melis12 days ago

    I love that she learned to make people genuine compliments, with jason i remember then always just bashing each other

  87. Ashleigh Rolfe

    Ashleigh Rolfe13 days ago

    The bridesmaids quote 😂

  88. Maserati 604

    Maserati 60413 days ago

    Trisha makes me happy. Especially when she is extra to make her hubby happy. She’s selfless. I hope her love tank is full.

  89. Shae M

    Shae M13 days ago

    One of my exes legit told me he hates Indian food and would never dream of visiting india....and I stayed with that jerk for 5 more months 😑

  90. Spycthot

    Spycthot13 days ago

    The way he opens her things for her 🥺

  91. Stones Pebbles

    Stones Pebbles13 days ago

    These videos make me so calm

  92. Phoebe English

    Phoebe English13 days ago

    I love them together

  93. Tova Wolk

    Tova Wolk14 days ago

    you MUST put nuts on the malabi!!!!!! it makes it 10x better with a crunch!! and with coconut!! omg

  94. Benji

    Benji14 days ago


  95. Blondifull Life

    Blondifull Life14 days ago

    Y’all are really a match made in heaven! I’m so glad Trish found her real man❣️I’m sure she can be alot @ times (like all of us amazing women can be) 😛 haha! but she’s such a good GF & such a sweetheart when she loves she loves hard & is such a good catch! Men are also a puzzle at times! Both y’all are adorable & im happy for yaz💯🥰it’s alll bout findin our person who balances us out right?! 💖👑👑💖✌🏼✌🏼

  96. Lilly Smith

    Lilly Smith14 days ago

    I love videos of you and Moses in a car eating yay

  97. Lilly Smith

    Lilly Smith14 days ago

    He really was having a good hair day wow!

  98. Marla Wind

    Marla Wind14 days ago

    Did trish ever eat challah bread?

  99. Mohammed Kaneki

    Mohammed Kaneki14 days ago

    Can yall stop pretending falafel is israeli food thx :)

  100. Mohammed Kaneki

    Mohammed Kaneki5 days ago

    @Layla M girl since when

  101. Layla M

    Layla M6 days ago

    Because it is

  102. Layla M

    Layla M6 days ago

    No :)

  103. gabby elghoul

    gabby elghoul14 days ago

    thank u for- existing, ya I know LMAO

  104. Beautiful Rose

    Beautiful Rose14 days ago

    Trish I love your hair like that! Very Cute! You & Moses are Adorable!!!!❤❤

  105. Living in Gratitude

    Living in Gratitude14 days ago

    I like how Moses actually listens to her and responds in such an attentive way. It seems so small but most men just dismiss when you ask stuff like "should i get my tan" etc etc

  106. RJ

    RJ14 days ago

    This relationship is totally different than her relationship with her ex in a good , so much better P.S. that's not rose water ,that's rose syrup