telling him I've slept with over 100 guys + his reaction over dinner!

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  1. Katie And Brodi

    Katie And Brodi21 hour ago

    this is so funny to look back on now that they’re engaged! they had such big crushes on one another. moses is constantly blushing at her! if anyone is interested I just made a q&a with my fiancé 😋

  2. ilikeel

    ilikeelDay ago

    "Hes seems so uninterested" now- *has house with trisha and they are engaged and happy in a beautiful relationship*

  3. Kat H

    Kat H2 days ago

    Lol they’re so cute🥺❤️

  4. Charlie Eshay

    Charlie Eshay2 days ago

    I love how Moses was waiting for Trisha to serve up her own before eating. 🥺

  5. esfjjk fifhgi

    esfjjk fifhgi2 days ago

    THIS VIDEO!! THE VIBES!!! love u trish

  6. priscilla 101

    priscilla 1013 days ago

    They’re so cute together! She’s definitely in calmer waters in this relationship 😇🤍

  7. Guggen

    Guggen4 days ago

    Trisha deserves this happiness

  8. sophiiie101

    sophiiie1015 days ago

    Now they’re engaged❤️

  9. Miku !

    Miku !5 days ago

    Trish: "Am I wifey material?" Moses: "No.. no" 5 months later he proposes to Trish and now they're an engaged couple. Just goes to show that anything, literally ANYTHING can happen.

  10. Alia Desmeules

    Alia Desmeules5 days ago

    Oh what 8 months can do

  11. J a c k i e

    J a c k i e5 days ago

    i love how they're engaged and they're still awkward and shy around each other lmaoaoaoao

  12. Jose Loko

    Jose Loko6 days ago

    Her thumbnail face is so perfect lol I thought she said 50! 😂

  13. D k

    D k6 days ago

    Even i have slept with over 100 guys. In a span of a year

  14. 222

    2227 days ago


  15. 222

    2227 days ago


  16. Jumana Kiwan

    Jumana Kiwan7 days ago

    its not israel its Palestine

  17. Alayssia

    Alayssia7 days ago

    Aww now they’re all engaged and all😭😭😭

  18. 7mystic88 em9re33

    7mystic88 em9re338 days ago

    They are so happy together ❤️

  19. fools first

    fools first10 days ago

    Moses likes he/she Trisha

  20. Danni Cartwright

    Danni Cartwright11 days ago

    "You have a water audience" 🤣 8:25

  21. mvshsly

    mvshsly11 days ago

    love them sm

  22. Mel Beck

    Mel Beck13 days ago

    Trisha speaking her love life, house and engagement into the universe then it all coming true is so cute 🥰🥺🥺

  23. optimistic burger • 愛

    optimistic burger • 愛13 days ago

    why did I walk into this feelin like Jerry Springer?

  24. Yassir Scott

    Yassir Scott14 days ago

    Even the title is so weird and disgusting

  25. Samantha Taylor

    Samantha Taylor14 days ago

    So awkward. Omg. I think she’s too narrow minded in comparison to him. Also - I totally agree that water is alive.


    NAD SNATCHER14 days ago

    If you took a shot for every time she brought up marriage, you'd be in the hospital!!

  27. hrwatchinpuff

    hrwatchinpuff14 days ago

    He’s working it.

  28. Ariel Hernandez

    Ariel Hernandez15 days ago

    Trisha is so pretty ❤❤

  29. Sophia Vargas

    Sophia Vargas16 days ago

    Their children will have the best parents I swear

  30. Ugherz Cookies

    Ugherz Cookies16 days ago

    We're basically third wheeling💀

  31. Rylyn-Ashe Greene

    Rylyn-Ashe Greene16 days ago

    I just wanna know what kind of mac and cheese that is

  32. SunnyPlays

    SunnyPlays17 days ago

    He might be shy on Camera

  33. Jeanine

    Jeanine17 days ago

    Is Trish not eating meat? I haven’t been keeping up

  34. Millie the Mermaid

    Millie the Mermaid17 days ago

    I have sleep paralysis, it sucks

  35. League Fanatic

    League Fanatic17 days ago

    "She eats so much." "Me" Iconic 😂

  36. Bichen Up Ur -

    Bichen Up Ur -17 days ago

    21:49 *and now they're engaged*

  37. tara mceown

    tara mceown19 days ago

    Omg I’m binge watching Trish and Moses videos. I love Love! I think it’s great that she is with someone who’s spiritual aware because I think that Trish is probably more spiritual connected than she is aware of and that’s one of the reasons why she is so emotionally sensitive. As she becomes more grounded she will develop her awareness of her intuitive gifts. She wouldn’t be with Moses if she wasn’t vibrational aligned with him. He is a good match for her. Yin and Yang!💕

  38. Diamond G

    Diamond G19 days ago

    Hahah there’s the real truth

  39. Araceli Harris

    Araceli Harris19 days ago

    I think mentally Trish seems to be doing really well recently with her new man and ethan

  40. Kali Rogers

    Kali Rogers19 days ago

    I have to see the Moses house tour

  41. toots jones

    toots jones20 days ago

    This is the cutest happy for them.

  42. Maria

    Maria20 days ago

    He is so good looking and his behavior is so good and his voice is so good and right now I'm not really good🥵

  43. Ang

    Ang22 days ago

    You should try the Trader Joe’s frozen Mac and cheese. It’s FIREEEE!!!! 🖤

  44. DIYTFY

    DIYTFY22 days ago


  45. Aurelie Yetman

    Aurelie Yetman23 days ago

    He adores her ❤️

  46. fatimav7

    fatimav723 days ago

    I think he is exactly what she needed❤

  47. Love

    Love23 days ago

    Hes a scorpio and shes a taurus so its polar opposites , water and earth signs usually work together

  48. Alexia perez

    Alexia perez23 days ago

    Why would this be me and my husband filming a video😅 i am the more energetic, talkative one and he is very sweet and soft spoken and says his opinion then goes quiet 🤣🤣🤣

  49. Olivia Van Slyck

    Olivia Van Slyck24 days ago

    aw trisha you should’ve let him keep his kittens

  50. lettuce baby

    lettuce baby24 days ago

    Watching this after he proposed

  51. H3arme3r0ar

    H3arme3r0ar24 days ago

    Please don’t marry someone simply because they’re pregnant with your child. Marry them because you would marry them even if you didn’t have a child mom the way. Marrying someone simply because of the child usually leads to an unhappy marriage and the child growing up to think an unhappy marriages is normal or healthy.

  52. Olivia Van Slyck

    Olivia Van Slyck24 days ago

    “for the right person” lmao that one didn’t age well

  53. The Cat

    The Cat24 days ago

    They look so cute. His personality seem really interesting and he matches Trisha a lot.

  54. Vanessa Keng

    Vanessa Keng25 days ago

    I love watching them. They’re so good together. Y’all are awesome, wishing you guys the best.

  55. Cyndi Disanza

    Cyndi Disanza25 days ago

    Mmmm I have been watching trish eating/ make and cheese. And I can I say it makes me crave it. Hey Trisha I want to eat your Mac n cheese . I will eat anything you make. I looks so yummy,

  56. Dominique Ace

    Dominique Ace25 days ago

    Watching this now & they r engaged & madly in love *sigh* we love to see it

  57. Jessica Heck

    Jessica Heck25 days ago

    Before I say this or anyone says anything ab this comment, I just want to say that I do not know him in person so my judgment could be wrong.. but the way this video comes off to me, seems a bit off. Like he comes off like his not hyped happy or confident in his relationship with Trish. I’ve never heard a female ask her man if she is wife material & he ACTUALLY respond with “Maybe for the RiGhT pErSoN” ..... DO WHAT???????? 🤨🧐🧐 Then WHY are you with her????? Idk. Maybe it is just me who feels this way.. I don’t understand... Just like I don’t and never will understand how females can hate if there man even “Likes” another females pictures online,,,, yet she doesn’t care about PORN!!!??!?!?!? HOWWWW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE????? CAN SOMEONE PLZ EXPLAIN TO ME?????!!!!!!!

  58. Emmy Ricciardi

    Emmy Ricciardi25 days ago

    He waited for her to get her plate❣

  59. the show

    the show25 days ago

    "we're like brother and sister, i feel." "..." "..." " that like a fetish thing?" "NOOOOO OMG.... well, i mean it is" *_WHAT. LMFAO_* 42:32

  60. karima xo

    karima xo25 days ago

    they’re so cute together

  61. Bassie

    Bassie26 days ago

    This is so cute ❤️

  62. Bassie

    Bassie26 days ago

    Opposites def work And cat people are the best 😸

  63. Ayron Lee

    Ayron Lee26 days ago

    Btw he definitely loves them. Moses is s Scorpio and we are mellowed and and chill and a taurus and scorpio relationship works well

  64. Robin Christensen

    Robin Christensen26 days ago

    Is Moses really wearing hair extensions?

  65. TheNameIsMani

    TheNameIsMani26 days ago

    he know that mac and cheese was disgusting that’s why he barely ate it 😂

  66. Cass Marie

    Cass Marie27 days ago

    Seeing this after we know they're getting married is just so cute. I love them both so much! Makes my heart warm. I'm also a bit jealous but in a good way ❤️❤️ they're just so perfect

  67. Emily Steinbach

    Emily Steinbach27 days ago

    He's saying they don't want to date and now their married

  68. Mars

    Mars27 days ago

    he kinda looks like my guitar teacher ngl

  69. E

    E28 days ago

    ok but that mac and cheese looks rlly good tho

  70. Lyndsey Rock

    Lyndsey Rock29 days ago

    I need a Moses!!!!

  71. Leslie

    Leslie29 days ago

    The guy is just introverted and quiet!! Damn people is this how you view introverts? As cold, disinterested people? :(

  72. slumped kitty

    slumped kitty29 days ago

    He is so sweet and caring you can tell he genuinely loves you!!!

  73. Madison E.

    Madison E.Month ago

    Trishas max and cheese looks fucking fire

  74. Iliana Llau

    Iliana LlauMonth ago

    Ahhh Moses knows his stuff, more than what he says. He's got "it" :)

  75. Kaylin L

    Kaylin LMonth ago

    Is his name really Moses?

  76. Alex Bogle

    Alex BogleMonth ago


  77. dee *

    dee *Month ago

    the title is weird asf..

  78. Rebekah Glazener

    Rebekah GlazenerMonth ago

    2021. April. 6th

  79. Maria

    MariaMonth ago

    So what happened to the cats?

  80. Pearl Girl

    Pearl GirlMonth ago

    Such a hot Yin/Yang vibe with her natural physicality and unabashed materialism and clinginess and his nonattached spirituality🔥❤️

  81. Pearl Girl

    Pearl GirlMonth ago

    I’m gonna tell my kids this was Jesus and Mary Magdalene

  82. Pearl Girl

    Pearl GirlMonth ago

    I low-key Ship these two- I’m glad to hear they’re engaged❤️

  83. Cristela Flores

    Cristela FloresMonth ago

    Awww and now y’all are engaged:)

  84. اميره المؤمنين

    اميره المؤمنينMonth ago

    Moses is the real juses

  85. Lauren

    LaurenMonth ago

    the way he looks at her omll

  86. Corrin Hicks- Preston

    Corrin Hicks- PrestonMonth ago

    watching this after they are engaged and have a home together ❤️

  87. Daniel Fitton

    Daniel FittonMonth ago

    Moses's hair is literally better than mine, such an icon!

  88. Baby B

    Baby BMonth ago

    Id lowkey actually watch a house tour of where he lives no lie

  89. Maria Gonzales

    Maria GonzalesMonth ago

    He is Escorpio? Well that explains it The man I stayed with after all my crazy dating life is a Escorpio. Looking back I never dated one. They know what they want and they make sure to keep it :)

  90. ninamasteroff

    ninamasteroffMonth ago

    ''we're opposites'' complementary opposites, Taurus and Scorpioooo

  91. Sally May

    Sally MayMonth ago

    She’s asked the question at 9:06

  92. XxXAmidalaXxX

    XxXAmidalaXxXMonth ago

    i live for them! they are iconic and literally yall are too cute

  93. Armytastic

    ArmytasticMonth ago

    He's like so peaceful idek like just looking at him makes me calm wth lmao

  94. Hélia Alves

    Hélia Alves20 days ago

    I agree, his voice is very soothing.

  95. Pretty Guardian

    Pretty GuardianMonth ago

    I would break my foot off in that macaroni. Two sticks of butter and an entire block of cheese macaroni. Trish wasn't playin.

  96. Gwen Alhambra

    Gwen AlhambraMonth ago

    80%: Stop with the hateful comments❗❗❗ 20%: Finding the negative comments 🔍👁️👄👁️🔎

  97. Kawzdxs

    KawzdxsMonth ago

    I truly hope she isn’t using him for the expensive house. He seems like a good soul. I would be sad if he becomes drained by her.

  98. Cecilia Piss Kink

    Cecilia Piss Kink28 days ago

    I don’t think so she always talks about how much she loves him

  99. Claire Bertram

    Claire BertramMonth ago

    That Mac and cheese looks bussin

  100. Sadie O'Keefe

    Sadie O'KeefeMonth ago

    The way Trish began STABBING at the macaroni when moses said she would be the perfect wifey to the right person 😂😂😂😂😂 I love her psycho ass

  101. perchaos

    perchaosMonth ago

    same !! lmaoo

  102. Samantha Kraft

    Samantha KraftMonth ago

    That Mac & cheese looks bussin

  103. Chris Vibes

    Chris VibesMonth ago


  104. Leah K

    Leah KMonth ago

    Ewww u