my favorite part of my NEW HOUSE!


  1. Lily Teal

    Lily Teal2 days ago

    even doing mug close ups w her 😭😭😭

  2. PlanetJ32

    PlanetJ324 days ago

    This haircut reminds me of Boxxy.

  3. Angie Pucci

    Angie Pucci7 days ago

    The Kiki Kannibal wig... it will go over everyone’s head who never had a MySpace

  4. Ruby Guidetti

    Ruby Guidetti9 days ago

    i fucking love them

  5. SEG G

    SEG G10 days ago

    I literally love this for them

  6. EmoDere 2.0

    EmoDere 2.013 days ago

    I feel sorry for him he looks like he's one of those friends who gets left out.

  7. stan min yoongi

    stan min yoongi13 days ago

    Moses helping to show off the cups to the camera is really cute

  8. Teresa Lehtonen

    Teresa Lehtonen14 days ago

    wow most amazing hair

  9. Kyra Michel

    Kyra Michel14 days ago

    Trisha makes me feel like I’m not crazy for collecting my cups !

  10. Crazygirl2055

    Crazygirl205519 days ago

    Love Moses for you

  11. Brittany Kayy

    Brittany Kayy20 days ago

    That hair is very....interesting lol 😂, but I’m glad she’s finally happy and with a good guy who treats her right ❤️

  12. Ashley Dette

    Ashley Dette21 day ago

    "NOT MY BUDDAS!!" 🤣🤣

  13. Daisy Warner

    Daisy Warner25 days ago

    this kitchen is beautiful!!!

  14. diaryofseresha

    diaryofseresha25 days ago

    Finally she has crossed 5 million after years of consistently putting out content. Her resillience is commendable 😱💯

  15. diaryofseresha

    diaryofseresha25 days ago

    Remember trisha paytas was the first one who started with the trend of using bling bling when making youtube videos🙏. After she started sippin from these in her videos thats when everyone started copying her

  16. Nazlı Saol

    Nazlı Saol25 days ago

    damn Trish found the best man

  17. Mel B

    Mel B25 days ago

    Moses is so sweet to do that!

  18. Kassy Flowers

    Kassy Flowers26 days ago

    I love seeing people not be ashamed of their collections if it is organize and clean there is nothing wrong with collecting anything ! As long as it’s not rotting food collecting is not a bad thing 😅

  19. Quintessential

    Quintessential27 days ago

    Trish its your style don't call it tacky! EMBRACH the Trish!~

  20. Courtney Collier

    Courtney Collier29 days ago

    I felt the "its so hot to date and marry a foreigner" my husband is French. I'm learning and even tho idk what he says sometimes I ask him to speak French to me bc its hot asf 🤤🥴🥴 he likes that im American but thinks we are loud and rude sometimes LOL (im a new yorker so he's kinda right 😅)

  21. Holly Pierce

    Holly Pierce29 days ago

    My favorite cup is the Beetlejuice and the pumpkin ones!!

  22. Chaiti Rector

    Chaiti RectorMonth ago

    Shout out to Trisha helping the environment and don’t even realize 😆🤟🏾

  23. Trey Jeorge

    Trey JeorgeMonth ago

    I love your hair do more of this

  24. Birgit Swinnen

    Birgit SwinnenMonth ago

    Your fiance seems like a genuine really nice and cool dude, happy for you girl!!

  25. Dylan Merry

    Dylan MerryMonth ago

    I'm excited to see how u guys decorate ur fishtank

  26. parishiltonssmalleye

    parishiltonssmalleyeMonth ago

    that wig is a dream

  27. Jessica J.

    Jessica J.Month ago

    omg that kitchen is gorg i would die if i had it 😩

  28. Fairy Princess

    Fairy PrincessMonth ago

    So I haven't really watched many of Trish's videos since the whole DID incident, but she seems to have hugely calmed down now & she seems so much fucking happier since cutting ties with shitty people, I don't know much about her partner either but he seems so good for her & so genuine. It's nice to see her doing so well & being happy.

  29. Familia Jimenez

    Familia JimenezMonth ago

    I love seeing you happy 😊 and i love yours sb cups! I love how you said when they speak in another foreign language its hot i loved how his cheeks turned red 💖💖💖💖💖

  30. KayBeeNoys x

    KayBeeNoys xMonth ago

    I love Moses and Trisha..🥺😭

  31. a girl called party

    a girl called partyMonth ago

    Check out Sugoi Mart's Starbucks collection if you haven't already. The Sakura 2021 mugs and cups are ADORABLE

  32. Jessica Lahey

    Jessica LaheyMonth ago

    Moses is sooo sweet aw haha ❤️ happy for you queen

  33. 由愛荒瀬

    由愛荒瀬Month ago

    where are hid cats??

  34. mariøaBb -

    mariøaBb -Month ago

    i clicked on this video bcz her hair is disgusting

  35. El !

    El !Month ago

    Tell me your boyfriend won’t cheat on you without telling me he won’t cheat on you Trish will go first

  36. Alisa Frey

    Alisa FreyMonth ago

    you guys are the cutest

  37. Clair Huff

    Clair HuffMonth ago

    Seeing Trisha in a happy/healthy relationship is so awesome. So happy for you guys 💖

  38. Plant

    PlantMonth ago

    I love that she’s happy and living her best life I love this for her

  39. Jeri evans

    Jeri evansMonth ago

    Those cups are so cool.

  40. Sarah

    SarahMonth ago

    Her hair looks like a raccoon hat. I work as a cashier and this man always comes in with a dead raccoon hat late at night. It's like a mix of that and early to late 2000's emo-dyed hair.

  41. Everydayimsullivan

    EverydayimsullivanMonth ago

    Dear god I love them together

  42. Sara Edwards

    Sara EdwardsMonth ago


  43. ShaneJester

    ShaneJesterMonth ago

    The hair is

  44. Facts_ Not_Tea 0.o

    Facts_ Not_Tea 0.oMonth ago

    Omg your hair hahahahaaaa

  45. billie charlotte hough

    billie charlotte houghMonth ago

    Moses hair suits him soooo well

  46. Neo Mahlangu

    Neo MahlanguMonth ago

    Why am i crying watching this😂, I'm so happy for her. Obviously her and Moses aren't perfect but dang it their perfect for each other and give me some hope.

  47. Alexis Diaz

    Alexis DiazMonth ago

    Where did you get the Chanel one??

  48. Chris Morello

    Chris MorelloMonth ago

    omg i love moses!

  49. Sean Warren

    Sean WarrenMonth ago

    He is very handsome.

  50. Peiyun Xue

    Peiyun XueMonth ago

    Omg your hair reminds me of highschool emo vibes around 2006

  51. Milki - Hazard

    Milki - HazardMonth ago

    SCENE QUEEEN!!!!!!! 💖❤️

  52. Aye Ron

    Aye RonMonth ago

    Just casual scene kid hair

  53. lye27

    lye27Month ago

    she is a hoarder. I don't even think they will get married.

  54. Luv n money Cangi

    Luv n money CangiMonth ago

    Hes cute

  55. FranticPug

    FranticPugMonth ago

    This might seem random but like thank you trish for showing us your kitchen when other youtubers show off their home ThEres never anything that people actually use, I never see cleaning supplies I never see wipes I don’t really ever see a fridge that doesn’t look like it wasn’t stocked right before the video with their “favourite stuff” yours is an actual showing off your kitchenand home one you live in

  56. Tia D

    Tia DMonth ago

    Im so happy for her! God its me again 🙏

  57. Jass

    JassMonth ago

    Trish&Moses @4:48 is literally everything.

  58. AAA Curlzzz

    AAA CurlzzzMonth ago

    I’m so happy you guys are so cute and perfect !!! I need a Moses 💜

  59. Miss Jewells

    Miss JewellsMonth ago

    What is that on your head though?

  60. samantha ketchie

    samantha ketchieMonth ago

    She’s so appreciative 🥺

  61. MHASLiyra

    MHASLiyraMonth ago

    Such a cute couple. Like the lady you almost made lonely by bullying her other half to attempt suicide. You’re trash and I can’t believe you have not been cancelled for the lives you ruin.

  62. Tanay Pandey

    Tanay PandeyMonth ago

    We love you a lot!!!!

  63. Brookie Cookie

    Brookie CookieMonth ago

    The intro is so cute . And the way he looked at her for approval made him so happy that she was happy 🥺

  64. oshifish2

    oshifish2Month ago

    Moses... I love shiny things... Trisha is just a ray of shiny! So cute how she was gushing over Moses speaking Hebrew. I feel that way about my husband's first language is Scottish Gaelic. He is shy about it but he pronounces these insane long words so beautifully! It is a big turn-on along with his dear Scot accent! So glad you found each other! xx

  65. Victoria Edge

    Victoria EdgeMonth ago

    I wna know if moses is allowed to drink out of her 🥤 or not

  66. MARS

    MARSMonth ago

    Awwww, he's a keeper! haha. so sweet!

  67. Ashley van Oort

    Ashley van OortMonth ago

    Love you glittery cups. But I have to say you look good. Being happy does date. I am so happy that your happy. You got a good guy Trish make sure u keep him. This is love. Just look at home he smiles when he looks at you.

  68. Rubyda Cherry

    Rubyda CherryMonth ago

    If my man isn’t like Trishs I don’t want him😩

  69. Michelleelise444

    Michelleelise444Month ago

    I want someone to love me like Trish loves buttered noods.

  70. Joanna Grosso

    Joanna GrossoMonth ago

    I’m obsessed with Moses for her

  71. Jess

    JessMonth ago

    Does anyone else need a Hila and Moses spotlight so we can understand how two siblings can be so hot and pleasant lol

  72. Stank Fart

    Stank FartMonth ago

    Scene queen 😛

  73. A cuppa tea with Lucy

    A cuppa tea with LucyMonth ago

    I now have Starbucks cupboard goals

  74. Roc

    RocMonth ago

    Goals !!!

  75. Joseph Borukhov

    Joseph BorukhovMonth ago

    Is the nutella a cup

  76. armin arlert•10 years ago

    armin arlert•10 years agoMonth ago

    The racoons behind burger king are jealous

  77. Dia LovesCarbs

    Dia LovesCarbsMonth ago

    Beetle juice is my favorite!! I need that cup

  78. Dia LovesCarbs

    Dia LovesCarbsMonth ago

    Moses is so good to her 🙏

  79. tee shirt and jeans

    tee shirt and jeansMonth ago

    Awwwww! Moses is so sweet!

  80. ky pa

    ky paMonth ago

    Omg i love her cups omg never seen them bling bling before

  81. Thrifted Angel

    Thrifted AngelMonth ago


  82. Chandler Dixon

    Chandler DixonMonth ago

    theyre so fucking cute oh my god

  83. A.J. Smith

    A.J. SmithMonth ago

    I love that Moses doesn’t even bat an eye at Trisha’s hair. Truly meant to be ❤️

  84. C M

    C MMonth ago

    Can you guys bling out ur gym?! Like sparkly treadmills would be everything

  85. Gianna Stabile

    Gianna StabileMonth ago

    I'm buying my first home in one month and it makes me so excited to see how happy you are in yours ❤

  86. AYAX

    AYAXMonth ago

    I'm happy for her, finally she got a good husband. ❤️

  87. Emma Louise

    Emma LouiseMonth ago

    Trish your great but please title these "Our house" not your house it's for you both xxx

  88. Lou Alice

    Lou AliceMonth ago

    so happy to see her in a healthy relationship that supports her interests it's so clear how good they are together

  89. Mandi

    MandiMonth ago

    Lol get u a mans like Moses .…… LOVES IT!!!!!

  90. María Salas

    María SalasMonth ago

    that blinged out sriracha bottle is such a mood

  91. matzohgirl

    matzohgirlMonth ago


  92. Lizzi Storm

    Lizzi StormMonth ago

    I love seeing you two together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm so happy Trish found someone who's so loving and caring and sweet and most of all, he makes her happy 🥰❤️

  93. icy storm

    icy stormMonth ago

    Omg Moses is like the perfect man for trisha, you can tell that he truly admires trisha. Trisha is so happy too! I'm so happy that she has made a complete 180° for the better! 😭❤️

  94. Nikki37

    Nikki37Month ago

    O my gosh you guys are so freaking head over heels on LOVE 💘😍💗💕💖💓. It's so sweet to watch. I get giddy for you both!

  95. Nikki37

    Nikki37Month ago

    It's hard to train your husband to do this. And he did it out the box. Your lucky your marrying an artist. I'm an artist and my hubs is not. He will listen to me bable about the beauty of arrangement but doesn't get it.however he is such a sweetheart to always listen to me babble. He calls it endearing!!! It makes it easier when both are artistically inclined.

  96. manatees are pretty cool

    manatees are pretty coolMonth ago

    why do i love that moses loves trisha so much lol

  97. Lewis Trodd

    Lewis TroddMonth ago

    Oh yeah and if you ever throwing out anything that bling send it my way omg 💕👁👄👁

  98. Mr. Popo is outside of your window With his radio

    Mr. Popo is outside of your window With his radioMonth ago

    That wig gives off some serious Kiki Kannibal vibes lol

  99. Lewis Trodd

    Lewis TroddMonth ago

    So obsessed with you xx

  100. myri

    myriMonth ago

    That black glittery coffee cup is AMAZING. Where tf can i find that