Trying Taco Bell's NEW Crispy Cheese Dippers + Cheese Nacho Fries (SECRET MENU ITEMS)

new frenemies


  1. Delightra Cardeanne

    Delightra Cardeanne21 hour ago

    My brain literally just glitched when she ate the bread and tossed the corndog... like, wut.

  2. Gina in a Bottle

    Gina in a Bottle7 days ago

    Your mom must be so proud to see how many ppl love you when you’re out together 😊

  3. Michelle Polly

    Michelle Polly10 days ago

    I felt like I was watching the video w her and her mom and I loved it

  4. Tanya Salas

    Tanya Salas10 days ago

    Trish does a video with the Nashville chicken tenders!!!

  5. Toe Grabber

    Toe Grabber11 days ago

    I wish me and my mom were that close 🥺 I love you Trisha and I’m sorry you have to deal with fans coming up to you while eating.

  6. Charlotte Simone

    Charlotte Simone12 days ago

    You dropped this 👑

  7. Pearl Girl

    Pearl Girl12 days ago

    I know I lose brain cells every time I watch these but I probably think too much anyway

  8. Holly Banes

    Holly Banes14 days ago

    The mom grosses me out so much

  9. Terri D

    Terri D14 days ago

    Love ❤️ your videos

  10. Rose Busch

    Rose Busch16 days ago

    I know that it's rude to approach someone while they're eating but, you are just so sweet to your fans 😊

  11. amanda miller

    amanda miller20 days ago

    I think it's funny how they said "you shouldn't get involved if you're not involved" and that's exactly what SHE does with the vlog squad and anyone else she wants to throw under the bus on any given day! I think it's wrong! Period!! These at lifelong careers she ruining! Same with all the other gossip channels. She'd be screwed if one of them decides to sue her! She would have to start selling her ass ALL OVER again!

  12. amanda miller

    amanda miller20 days ago

    A 2 hour drive for taco bell???? Are you kidding me??? this is when you know you have a SERIOUS and UNHEALTHY problem with food. Its not JUST about looks at this point, it's the health issue and the unhealthy emotional part of it. I COMPLETELY agree with Scott! I

  13. Keaton Burton

    Keaton Burton20 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says, Trisha is soooo nice to her fans. Other influencers need to take notes.

  14. Critical Thought

    Critical Thought23 days ago

    Trisha.. your life is a fantasy... like I'd give the world to have the security you do

  15. Honest Opinions

    Honest Opinions24 days ago

    her mood 😃🙄

  16. The Armchair Priest - MichaelOfAngels 777

    The Armchair Priest - MichaelOfAngels 77724 days ago

    I hate that the taco bell by me never has cool shit like this and they JUST got rid of their fries which were my FAVORITE

  17. c o z z i 123

    c o z z i 12325 days ago

    She doesn’t edit her videos like every USloftr in existence

  18. Zuni Silverwolf

    Zuni Silverwolf25 days ago

    I couldn't bother someone, no matter how much I like them, while they're eating. Trisha getting out to meet her fans was beyond nice!

  19. Amber Spade

    Amber Spade26 days ago


  20. Your Only John

    Your Only John26 days ago

    I love Trish soo much like I can’t ❤️

  21. Nicholas Hidey

    Nicholas Hidey26 days ago

    I love how Trisha is so responsible and smart with her mask but thought we didn't need gravity.

  22. Patsy Escoto

    Patsy Escoto27 days ago

    chewing with their mouth open finger licking and talking with food in their mouth talking so fast you can barely understand what they say.

  23. samantha thacker

    samantha thacker27 days ago

    Looks yummy!!! And your so nice to take a picture!!! And I loved when my mom lived with me!!! It was the best!!!

  24. apersonsomewhere

    apersonsomewhere28 days ago

    Ethan :"how do you know he @#$&+* his cat" Trisha "I know my cousin @#$&+* his sister" Ethan: 🤯

  25. Hao Nguyen

    Hao Nguyen28 days ago

    awwww trisha putting on her mask

  26. Jay Alsop

    Jay Alsop28 days ago

    Trish hasn't posted in a hot minute and I am shook.

  27. Ryan T

    Ryan T29 days ago

    @12:34 Wow you can really tell Trisha got her pretty eyes and lips from her mom!!

  28. Savannah Corwin-Hall

    Savannah Corwin-Hall29 days ago

    I love you Trish!

  29. melis8423

    melis842329 days ago

    You are soooo sweeetttt with your fans ❤️❤️❤️ I wish you really well 🥰and hope you found your prince!!!

  30. Anthony Bell

    Anthony BellMonth ago

    Trisha would have no followers and no money rn on the streets of La sucking dudes off for money if it weren’t for David meeting her 5 years ago and recording her for 10 million ppl to see who she is for the first time

  31. Sam s

    Sam s18 days ago

    ??? why do u comment this on like every vid ?

  32. issy roylance

    issy roylanceMonth ago

    is she wearing coolshritz merch?

  33. daniella perez

    daniella perezMonth ago

    Omg I need her shirt

  34. Katelyn Nicolee

    Katelyn NicoleeMonth ago

    That’s what they should’ve called them “cheddar balls”

  35. Sad & Needy

    Sad & NeedyMonth ago

    18:33 wait what?! I can’t 😭😂😂

  36. jamie p

    jamie pMonth ago

    You are the sweetest thing to people💕

  37. Tracy Sutherland

    Tracy SutherlandMonth ago

    Just sayin because she was sayin about not wanting anyone too think they are boujee in The table video. Still love you Trish

  38. Tracy Sutherland

    Tracy SutherlandMonth ago

    Uhuh we dont heat up things. Ya you def are boujie lol

  39. darkpill

    darkpillMonth ago

    I check in from time to time to see if Trish has had a heart attack.

  40. Carly

    CarlyMonth ago

    I love her moms shirt sm omg

  41. Savanna Lyons

    Savanna LyonsMonth ago

    trish looks so pretty

  42. chardvnnay

    chardvnnayMonth ago

    They got rid of Nacho Fries where I'm at but the new chicken sandwich taco is TASTY

  43. Gabs Bissessar

    Gabs BissessarMonth ago

    Do Americans not have Taco Bell Fries Supreme?! So like fries, sour cream, queso cheese, tomato’s + ground beef. Like it’s a standard menu item in Canada lmao

  44. Nightlysimmer

    NightlysimmerMonth ago

    I worked at a tacobell and you’d be surprised how many people would ask if we sold ice cream or anything like that

  45. Nick Davis

    Nick DavisMonth ago

    I love how Trish’s mom is her ride or die!

  46. ᴘᴀʀᴋ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪʟᴀʟᴀ

    ᴘᴀʀᴋ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪʟᴀʟᴀMonth ago

    The way the whole vlog squad is falling apart and Trisha is just like “ back to my tiktok” 🤣

  47. SLnix 0

    SLnix 0Month ago

    We need a mukbang with the whole fam. Ethan , hila , Moses , and you 😌✋🏼

  48. Jade Alyx

    Jade AlyxMonth ago

    Yoo ppl need to learn boundaries!!!!

  49. Tesla Nicole

    Tesla NicoleMonth ago

    Why isn’t anyone talking about Trisha ordering a corn dog just to eat the outside and throw the actual hot dog in the bag 😂

  50. Andrew Presley

    Andrew PresleyMonth ago

    Haha exactly. The main reason I’m scrolling through the comments

  51. Nuno

    NunoMonth ago

    Trish I just wanna mention how nice it is that you wear your mask on the drive-thru, it's lovely, so polite and respectful! Love you!

  52. Elizabeth Chavez

    Elizabeth ChavezMonth ago

    What was that of her now heating up food ?

  53. Metalbarbie30

    Metalbarbie30Month ago

    I love videos with you and your mom she's so adorable. Also its mad rude people come up to you while your eating I totally get anxiety for you when people do that.

  54. Cam J

    Cam JMonth ago

    trish has the most beautiful smile ever omg

  55. Matisen Lamborn

    Matisen LambornMonth ago

    I love that you can so clearly see the gears moving in Trishas head while she watches the scotty video

  56. Foofa Q

    Foofa QMonth ago

    trisha is just so fucking iconiicccccc

  57. Amy Joynson

    Amy JoynsonMonth ago

    He brings up the 'revenge porn' it's like dude David snuck into trishas hotel room, listened to her having sex with her partner, then surprised her and proceeded to post her naked reaction on the internet against her will... How is that any better? People shouldn't be posting inappropriate videos of people without their consent, full stop.

  58. Fernando adrian Lamas

    Fernando adrian LamasMonth ago

    Hi beautiful💕💕💕💕💕😘😘😘

  59. shatex bedding

    shatex beddingMonth ago

    Amazing!Love your videos. Maybe who one could take a look at our comforter sets. Our comforter sets are very beautiful and comfortable!

  60. Lily Waddell

    Lily WaddellMonth ago

    Your eyes are so pretty!

  61. Hannah Raines

    Hannah RainesMonth ago

    miss trish needs to get those windows tinted fr

  62. Lauren Aguirre

    Lauren AguirreMonth ago

    A few months ago when my anxiety wasn’t letting me eat much, I watched one of your videos and it made me excited about food and going out to find something new and delicious, and gave me my appetite back. I could cry. Sending love your way for that and for all your realness!

  63. Bob Me

    Bob MeMonth ago

    She looks like Jason with a wig on

  64. Demislife x

    Demislife xMonth ago

    Where is your sister you haven't done a good thing with her in ages is it because of lock down rules? I'm from UK so don't no what rules are for you x

  65. Jim Ritner

    Jim RitnerMonth ago

    I have no idea who you are or how I got here but you seem nice interacting with your fans and that’s always cool to see , so god bless

  66. Ollie bridgland

    Ollie bridglandMonth ago

    i forgot u posted on here

  67. lucie goodvibes

    lucie goodvibesMonth ago

    I missed your videos with your mum ^^ she's so nice, she's the cool mum

  68. Alisha

    AlishaMonth ago

    You could actually watch Trish's blood pressure rise while watching Scotty's video. GET EM TRISH!

  69. Luka Bogdan-Hodgson

    Luka Bogdan-HodgsonMonth ago

    the comments saying to be more respectful when she is out. What do you expect she is famous and people love her

  70. Hayley Moretti

    Hayley MorettiMonth ago

    That irritated me so much that someone came up to her car and she had to stop everything to take a picture. Don't be that type of person, its so rude. Shes literally said how uncomfortable that makes her.

  71. deathglitterr

    deathglitterrMonth ago

    We love a safe queen!! 🖤 putting her MASK ON WHEN SHE GOES TO THE DRIVE THRU WINDOW 🖤🖤🖤

  72. Conundrum

    ConundrumMonth ago

    It's so offensive that she wears a Tallit as a fashion item

  73. KJ Lynn

    KJ LynnMonth ago

    Craving Sonic now. 😍

  74. Sarah Isaak

    Sarah IsaakMonth ago

    Her mom is adorable. The two of them are so fun, a little lighthearted spot in my day. ❤️

  75. Ariel Melaku

    Ariel MelakuMonth ago

    “And it looked like the baby from deliverance”

  76. eve ketch

    eve ketchMonth ago

    i’d do anything for the oreo cookie dough thing from sonic rn

  77. bnb0510

    bnb0510Month ago

    Owning a chick fil a isn’t for you Trish. As an owner you’re required to actually work in the store 5-6 days per week!

  78. amile amille

    amile amilleMonth ago

    I’m gonna cry I love tisha so much and I really want to see you I want to be here so bad next time you going to warm literally comeing like I’m meeting you sis

  79. Tommy Hitto

    Tommy HittoMonth ago

    These cajun fries omg but any fries are best fries so yeah....:) With a coke and sum rock I like (RATM and Delta Parole rn) while I play cod or bf.

  80. C Kathryn

    C KathrynMonth ago

    Do a White Castle video please

  81. sin801

    sin801Month ago

    "I hate it when people gets involved when they are not involved, I KNOW." Dear Trish, please learn to mind your own biz before you decide to headbutt into other people's affairs as well, on like so many levels.

  82. Tarah Davis

    Tarah DavisMonth ago

    Did you do the survey tho ?? 🥺❤️

  83. Erika Rosca

    Erika RoscaMonth ago

    What's with all those pimples??

  84. Madeline Wagner

    Madeline WagnerMonth ago

    Can someone tell me where I can get that Hubie Halloween shirt????

  85. D' Retro’N’newclassicsGameRoom

    D' Retro’N’newclassicsGameRoomMonth ago

    Trish love your t-shirt where can I get it

  86. siena woods

    siena woodsMonth ago

    i died when she just ate the skin of the corn dog HAHA

  87. alyssa d

    alyssa dMonth ago

    yk theyre not real trish fans when they bother u for a pic while eating in a parking lot.

  88. Marshmallow Covers

    Marshmallow CoversMonth ago

    Nope I lost my mother totally

  89. Marshmallow Covers

    Marshmallow CoversMonth ago

    So you are not Chris brown?????? WTF

  90. jessica vantassel

    jessica vantasselMonth ago

    How has no one noticed that "Rylands Cousin" has an accent

  91. I Don't Even Know

    I Don't Even KnowMonth ago


  92. peace maker

    peace makerMonth ago

    Are we not gonna talk about that intro about her cousins 😭

  93. Sara Holm

    Sara HolmMonth ago

    ok GURL where do you get your masks from???? I love them

  94. Tyler Munoz

    Tyler MunozMonth ago

    Trisha have you thought of just getting some corn bread 😂

  95. Wafa Hamze

    Wafa HamzeMonth ago

    Idk why some people hate Trisha I think she is very nice but idk why people hate her so can someone please tell me

  96. Kat K

    Kat KMonth ago

    “Shortage of straws”😂😂😂thats it trish...that’s it...a shortage...they aren’t trying to help the environment at all...😂

  97. Nicole Jackson

    Nicole JacksonMonth ago

    Trish you keep coming to Fullerton and not pulling up on me I’m downnnn the street in the university housing across the street from cal state Fullerton

  98. megan chavez

    megan chavezMonth ago

    trish is the sweetest

  99. Fabiana Morales

    Fabiana MoralesMonth ago

    The way Trisha bought a whole corn dog just to eat the breading and dump the hot dog in the trash

  100. Kirsten Margaret

    Kirsten MargaretMonth ago

    At 25:12 is momma okay? 💜

  101. Jillian Fujimura

    Jillian FujimuraMonth ago

    Why hasn’t trish opened a fast food place...

  102. Sophie Ghaffari

    Sophie GhaffariMonth ago

    I thought it said cheese diapers 😂🤣