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  1. PrettyBritty

    PrettyBrittyDay ago

    Dawn soap & a toothbrush best ring cleaner ever

  2. Benitez, I

    Benitez, I10 days ago

    What is Moses doing with this lunatic!?

  3. Benitez, I

    Benitez, I10 days ago


  4. E m m a

    E m m a13 days ago

    So impressed and happy w how polite she is to the fast food workers w all her pleases and thank yous , bc i’ve noticed a lot of the time that ppl on the internet filming themselves goin thru drive thrus get so rudeee

  5. Kyra Michel

    Kyra Michel14 days ago

    I’m obsessed w the way Moses treats her.

  6. Gil Lee

    Gil Lee19 days ago

    Anyone else feel like they're just internet friends with Trisha. Like if i ever met her it would feel so natural lol id be like oh hey sis

  7. saccharine

    saccharine21 day ago

    yo young moses...

  8. Beck Ham

    Beck Ham22 days ago

    yo trisha, thank u for igniting my match for MCR that I haven't experienced in over 10 years

  9. Beck Ham

    Beck Ham22 days ago

    Moses will find the good in anything, and I admire that

  10. Beck Ham

    Beck Ham22 days ago

    Moses will find the good in anything, and I admire that

  11. Tim Jones

    Tim Jones22 days ago

    Why is she cosplaying Gerard way???

  12. muge akbaba

    muge akbaba24 days ago

    istg they were made for eachother 💀

  13. iluvpie20101

    iluvpie2010127 days ago

    Ugh Moses is literally the best guy she’s ever dated (that we’ve publicly seen, obviously). I just watched a few videos of her and Sean (shawn? Idk) and he is just so sexually driven and infatuated! I know Trish is a package but damn. everyone still deserves someone. Moses seems to be the only guy that truly values the true Trisha under this very, very guarded exterior of hers.

  14. Sheryl Moore

    Sheryl Moore27 days ago

    I’m no it sure if salmon is a yes food or a no food for you. But lox and bagel is a savory use for cream cheese

  15. a o

    a o29 days ago

    why isn’t she wearing a mask at the drive through FFS

  16. Angelina Sheppard

    Angelina SheppardMonth ago

    Shes so nice to the fast food workers 😩

  17. Destiny Winters

    Destiny WintersMonth ago

    Target run with Trish!! I would love to see what you buy from Target!! ❤

  18. Maria Jose Rios

    Maria Jose RiosMonth ago

    Trisha: “babe they’re hiring!” Lmaoooo ok

  19. Jaimee Corthell

    Jaimee CorthellMonth ago

    Lol you don’t take classes before taking your drivers test unless you ‘need’ the classes 😂

  20. PYNKIE

    PYNKIEMonth ago

    What kind of mic do you use for your vidz?? It's so nice n cleeear n crispy!

  21. PYNKIE

    PYNKIEMonth ago

    (she'll probably never see nor respond to this lmao

  22. Senior In a golf cart

    Senior In a golf cartMonth ago

    Most pepperoni is a mix of beef and pork or just pork. They do have beef ones but it’s not the standard.

  23. Anette Vallejo

    Anette VallejoMonth ago


  24. hotdog chowder

    hotdog chowder18 days ago


  25. Gummie Bear

    Gummie BearMonth ago

    bruh she moans when she eats hahaha ew

  26. Taylor Hill

    Taylor HillMonth ago

    I love this so much. 🥺

  27. Sydney Murray

    Sydney MurrayMonth ago

    I thought sausage was pork

  28. E m m a

    E m m a13 days ago

    It’s pork or a mix of pork and beef

  29. Xd Emanuel

    Xd EmanuelMonth ago

    why she pronounce "thank you" "dank youmhmm"

  30. Kim Maquin

    Kim MaquinMonth ago

    I can’t with the moaning while eating

  31. Matthew Scott

    Matthew ScottMonth ago

    he's living in the old testament

  32. Pamela Morera

    Pamela MoreraMonth ago

    I stan Moses. He is an amazing human, and he is so smart to speak. Glad you found him and he found you Trisha! ❤️💕

  33. Crystal Cryer

    Crystal CryerMonth ago

    I never ever comment on videos but I gotta say Trish, you are freakin amazing absolutely love your videos. You and Moses are PERFECT for each other, most adorable couple I’ve seen in a very long time.

  34. Catheline Paré

    Catheline ParéMonth ago

    8:13 😂

  35. Eddy127

    Eddy127Month ago

    50 centers where I’ve never been to Starbucks but I might have to now lmfaoo

  36. James Smith

    James SmithMonth ago

    I love them together but how can this dude act holy when his fiancé and her mother sell their bodies online and market sexually suggestive content. It’s kinda like how homophobic people condemn same sex relations but get tattoos, living a physically unhealthy lifestyle, support violence, etc.

  37. Mael Kefi

    Mael Kefi26 days ago

    I mean Jesus's girlfriend was a prostitute so...

  38. Ezra

    EzraMonth ago

    not her sneezing in her hand😀

  39. LR LR

    LR LRMonth ago

    Beverly Hills Hotel has best Caesar Salad 🥗 w/ chix...

  40. Hoody Baker

    Hoody BakerMonth ago

    Young Moses so cute 😊 15:08

  41. Luke Sanchez

    Luke SanchezMonth ago

    Moses is so nice and I bet its such a nice thing for Trisha to have a nice person in her life

  42. Akeer Bol

    Akeer BolMonth ago

    Trisha-That’s so mean judging people who are u to say that- Ms gurlllllll u judge people every dayyyyyyyyyyyy

  43. Donna Banz

    Donna BanzMonth ago

    Noooo Trisha!!! It’s only 50 cents for ducks. You better get a duck.

  44. Elia g

    Elia gMonth ago

    also Trisha put your mask on even in a drive through!!!

  45. Elia g

    Elia gMonth ago

    how did Trisha not know that bacon isn't kosher? she says she want to convert for so long but that is something that is very commonly known, same with seafood. Also its so rude to say that being kosher is discriminating against and judging animals. Like whattt??

  46. Brigitte Bigras

    Brigitte BigrasMonth ago

    love them both but i kept getting the feeling trish may be self medicating again :( i hope I'm wrong :(

  47. Miraja Serrano

    Miraja SerranoMonth ago

    Young Moses looks like Justin from 13 Reasons Why!

  48. JackieDJ

    JackieDJMonth ago

  49. milk bear

    milk bearMonth ago

    She looks so much happier with Moses then with Jason js

  50. Baybl Nacht

    Baybl NachtMonth ago


  51. Vyansya

    VyansyaMonth ago

    Trisha its not that hard to not eat pork 😂 Im muslim and havent eat pork in my whole life

  52. keeeevan

    keeeevanMonth ago


  53. Ella Chaim

    Ella ChaimMonth ago

    Trisha bacon isn’t kosher💀

  54. RachelTeeKae

    RachelTeeKaeMonth ago

    She misses so many deep and sweet things that he says.

  55. Beccca

    BecccaMonth ago

    “Go get another one. I’ll share it with you.” 🥺 We love a supportive hubby

  56. Jaylyn Pliego

    Jaylyn PliegoMonth ago

    You look like Gene Simmons from the group kiss

  57. mayla e

    mayla eMonth ago

    I was vegan, agnostic. Until I read the Bible, I became more tolerant & understanding of others ! Especially in regards to food! Moses is right -in the Old Testament, Genesis talks about how he made Fruits/Veggies/Herbs for Humans to eat, so yes we do thrive on veggie diets, but after the "Fall" (also in genesis) is where non-vegan food is consumed. Throughout the Old Testament, God gives us warnings about all sorts of things on how to stay healthy. There are some in the OT who were vegan, like Daniel, then we have John the Baptist who lived off of locusts and honey!! (lol), and many who consumed meat (without blood), because blood is super sacred to God. A lot of it is explained in the Old and New testament. I cannot stress enough how much the Bible has helped me become a more loving and understanding person !! Again to add to what Moses said, Jesus is the reason for the new covenant we have with God ! We're no longer under the Law/Rituals that were forced during the Old Testament :) One of those things is the ability to eat whatever you want. Jesus explains that what you consume/put into your body isn't what defines you. The New Testament goes into further detail about this but yup, lots of great info in there. So glad I finally read it!

  58. Marissa Romero

    Marissa RomeroMonth ago

    I like how Trisha dresses up and Moses supports her.🥲😍

  59. Jasmine Rose

    Jasmine RoseMonth ago

    Bacon is not kosher, Trisha lol

  60. Peachy Layla

    Peachy LaylaMonth ago

    I wish we all had our own moses

  61. Jay C

    Jay CMonth ago

    aw trish im so happy for you you seem to have a real solid relationship after the other people you were with in the past years LOL

  62. Moonlight _leila

    Moonlight _leilaMonth ago

    When r u gonna restock on the merch? I want my sadboy sweater 😭

  63. Matthew Paddison

    Matthew PaddisonMonth ago

    Eats pork with NO cheese. Ya'll do you LOL

  64. Alaina

    AlainaMonth ago

    Okay no lie I’m in the starbucks drive thru right now treating myself and i’m ordering that refresher she ordered, wrote it down and now im practicing saying it lol🤣

  65. Czechmark

    CzechmarkMonth ago

    Jesus the Hamburglar has really gone down hill...

  66. Deanna Elabd

    Deanna ElabdMonth ago

    My dream is to go thru a drive thru with Trisha !

  67. nicole bohnert

    nicole bohnertMonth ago

    Why not wear a mask and respect the person handing you your food?

  68. Brittany Denney

    Brittany DenneyMonth ago

    Such a cute couple! Moses seems he accepts trish for herself and actually cares for her! Love your videos! ❤️🖤

  69. Ashley Lindo

    Ashley LindoMonth ago

    In the Bible God actually mentions to eat fruits in the garden of Eden no mention of meat... “I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat”. (Genesis 1:29) -an annoying vegan

  70. Marie Antonette L. Dumindin

    Marie Antonette L. DumindinMonth ago

    They had us in the first half not gonna lie

  71. Lottie uwu

    Lottie uwuMonth ago

    I’m sorry but your eye thing reminds me of the incredibles lol

  72. makayla farley

    makayla farleyMonth ago

    Me who just got a starbucks gift card seeing the title: 👁👄👁

  73. Kitten KC

    Kitten KCMonth ago

    Trish has actually become my fave USloftr now, I love that she’s happy and has cut out toxic people in her life, not the brightest spark ngl but I love her

  74. Kitten KC

    Kitten KCMonth ago

    @Marie Antonette L. Dumindin I’m not sure what DID is sorry, erm but I get where you’re coming from 100%. You’re not a fan and that’s fine, but me personally, I enjoy her content I’m happy that she’s happy Maybe consider not watching people you don’t like?? I mean at the end of the day it’s just gonna get you mad Have a great day

  75. Marie Antonette L. Dumindin

    Marie Antonette L. DumindinMonth ago

    She literally faked having DID, mocked the people in that community, and is acting childish, she "cuts" the toxic people in her life, when she should cut herself from the USloft community cause she's the only toxic one. Smh. 🙄

  76. Amber Mawande-Spytek

    Amber Mawande-SpytekMonth ago

    I’m sorry but she’s just so adorable. The way she speaks to people, and having a conversation with the drive thru workers and feeling so confident in how she looks :) I love it so much

  77. Rachel lee

    Rachel leeMonth ago

    Love you guys x

  78. João Paulo Soldatelli

    João Paulo SoldatelliMonth ago

    Moses voice is very soothing

  79. Alisa Ringstaff

    Alisa RingstaffMonth ago

    This girl is so weird!

  80. nothabo mgwisi

    nothabo mgwisiMonth ago

    if the incognito tab was a person

  81. Cyndi m

    Cyndi mMonth ago

    you should wear a mask when picking up from the drivethru :)

  82. Haute Voltage

    Haute VoltageMonth ago

    No cloven hoofed animals

  83. Haute Voltage

    Haute VoltageMonth ago


  84. Tsukki's Dino Onesie

    Tsukki's Dino OnesieMonth ago

    Trisha is one of the only mukbangers who are actually nice to fast food staff.

  85. rachel

    rachelMonth ago

    OH MY GOD we look like.. siblings

  86. Flusteraded

    FlusteradedMonth ago

    Moses sounds like the guy from big daddy that says “you gave me all the easy ones “

  87. L/uke/ily

    L/uke/ilyMonth ago

    Lmao I’ll have you know everything abt that Dunkin Sandwich is premade it all comes from the freezer Moses said you can tell it’s not premade but yes it is as someone who worked at Dunkin we just pull it out the freezer put it in the fr ridge and throw it in the oven when cooking it

  88. Lxla_ Aesthetic

    Lxla_ AestheticMonth ago

    Trisha said that she doesn’t get enough money off of social media - 💀

  89. Ellie Taylor-Newman

    Ellie Taylor-NewmanMonth ago

    19:10 Trisha what was that

  90. Isabela Uribe

    Isabela UribeMonth ago

    Trishas lil moans after each bite makes me want a bagel 🥯 😂

  91. Franceska Everett

    Franceska EverettMonth ago

    Moses is amazing! There is so much that both of you can teach eachother! Love you both

  92. Ashley K

    Ashley KMonth ago

    Why isn’t she wearing a mask??

  93. Pattrik Winchester

    Pattrik WinchesterMonth ago

    whats the name of creamy strawberry drink?

  94. Margaret James

    Margaret JamesMonth ago

    ✌️ love 🖤

  95. az_valley_girl21 G

    az_valley_girl21 GMonth ago

    You forgot to film again?!

  96. Daisy Cepeda

    Daisy CepedaMonth ago

    wait what was the starbucks drink ?

  97. Alex Bond

    Alex BondMonth ago

    this is so weird

  98. Nathan Martinez

    Nathan MartinezMonth ago

    the sneezing into the hand... I...

  99. i like puppers

    i like puppersMonth ago

    "Flat...white...almond" - Moses, re: Starbucks drink 🤣

  100. g o l d e n

    g o l d e nMonth ago

    Gross. You sneezed into your hand and then handed the worker your credit card.

  101. Karmen Palacios

    Karmen PalaciosMonth ago

    Wahoo ur subs are growing..

  102. Amanaka Kei

    Amanaka KeiMonth ago

    i dont drink Starbucks but i think $.50 for strawberries are fair, $3.00 for strawberries are ridiculous and not only that, not everyone has your type of money Trisha🤦🏽‍♀️

  103. Alyssa L

    Alyssa LMonth ago

    starbucks barista here :) flat whites actually get one more shot of espresso than regular lattes, so its should taste more like coffee

  104. xaea twelve

    xaea twelveMonth ago

    I miss jack in the box!! There’s none in Miami :(

  105. a s h l e y

    a s h l e yMonth ago

    I love trish but With peace and love It was gross when she sneezed into her hand 😭

  106. Sarah

    SarahMonth ago


  107. Sarah Bradley

    Sarah BradleyMonth ago

    Hey Trish! Try and wear your mask in the drive thru, it makes us employees feel a lot more comfortable! xoxoxo