1. Bam Bam

    Bam Bam6 hours ago

    "Moses likes fish, idk why but." Trisha he's Jesus of course he likes fish.

  2. Carley Richardson

    Carley Richardson8 hours ago

    God I love trisha

  3. Relaxing Mind Music

    Relaxing Mind MusicDay ago

    Beautiful, congratulations

  4. Jess Near

    Jess NearDay ago

    Love Trisha and her billion dollar house filled with food that says “I’m a struggling college student, please help me” Love her

  5. Vee AmourGlam

    Vee AmourGlam3 days ago

    😍😍😍Where do you get your Blinged out Starbucks cups from? And the pink kitchen where! 🔥

  6. Liyah

    Liyah4 days ago

    Please do a tumbler tour of ur bedazzled tumblers

  7. Bee SADE FRIDA MAYA Studio

    Bee SADE FRIDA MAYA Studio4 days ago

    Loving the evolution of you...ur beautiful when u love urself right & have the love of a good soul partner! Loved u on tiger it was the union of The awesome misfits( You & Bobby ). Good home good vibes! Keep the old shady friends in the past-U have out grown that mess🤜🏾🤛🏾💯‼️

  8. Rulanian

    Rulanian4 days ago

    I love *LOVE* her cup collection!!! I totally *get* how she feels collecting them. That's how I am with books, albums, stickers. pins, etc. (mainly books) =)

  9. KrazyOldKatLady 19

    KrazyOldKatLady 195 days ago

    “What are these little Jewish cups called?” 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. the TV

    the TV6 days ago

    even her trash is pretty xD

  11. HeyStranger

    HeyStranger6 days ago

    "Only gay rose for me" Yessss

  12. Alina G

    Alina G6 days ago

    so proud of you trish ❤️

  13. Caitlin Connor

    Caitlin Connor9 days ago

    Me walking through Trisha’s cup collection pretending I’m Indiana Jones choosing the holy grail.

  14. David Roberts

    David Roberts9 days ago

    Proud of you girl. You deserve it. ❤❤ it's nice to see you truly happy.

  15. Yoruba Goddess

    Yoruba Goddess10 days ago

    "If you're the type of person that doesn't like things on the counter in the kitchen... you're a sociopath." Agreed!

  16. Clarissa B

    Clarissa B10 days ago

    " run don't walk to target" yall

  17. Sadeq Iraqi

    Sadeq Iraqi10 days ago


  18. Ah-Hin Lee

    Ah-Hin Lee10 days ago

    You look good with eating your favourite snacks and feel it how delicious than some girls pushing everything out and keep saying I cannot eat the food because of diet and they look so angry, usually when I eat something

  19. Sid Kay

    Sid Kay11 days ago

    I’m so happy for u Trisha! Love u 😘

  20. Sarah '93

    Sarah '9311 days ago

    Is Trish a Pisces??????? Possibly???

  21. JJ Bentley

    JJ Bentley11 days ago

    Love the sliver goldfish it's cool....

  22. masakasama

    masakasama11 days ago

    Her love for Beetlejuice makes me want to see her dress up as Miss Argentina on Frenemies sooooo badly.

  23. Ascelin

    Ascelin12 days ago

    percolator? so basically a kettle?

  24. Sophie Smith

    Sophie Smith12 days ago

    Percolator 😅 ITS A KETTLE TRISH

  25. Random Conversations with Elizabeth

    Random Conversations with Elizabeth12 days ago

    Trisha is so adorable! Love this look.

  26. Aubrey Irene

    Aubrey Irene13 days ago

    Ugh I love happy Trish 💕💕 so happy you and Moses found each other. Makes me smile.

  27. Eshed Ozeri

    Eshed Ozeri13 days ago

    I love that set you’re wearing 😍😍

  28. Charles W

    Charles W14 days ago

    The Colorado flag cup omg. My home

  29. Charles W

    Charles W14 days ago

    I love how we all call the cling wrap “Saran rap” even though Saran rap is an actual brand name 🥴

  30. Layla Lelo

    Layla Lelo14 days ago

    Image being baby sat at Trishas house :(( ughhh what dream.

  31. Lisa Madison

    Lisa Madison15 days ago

    I’m just so proud of you

  32. MarieAntoinette - Let Them Eat Cake

    MarieAntoinette - Let Them Eat Cake15 days ago

    Trisha Loved, respected and understood is happy and thriving so REAL, I’m living for it ♥️🔥

  33. Asi In Wonderland

    Asi In Wonderland15 days ago

    Trisha deserves the best.

  34. Jennifer Balogh

    Jennifer Balogh16 days ago

    Can you have zucchini or squash on keto? You can make those into noodles for butter noodles. Probably not the same though

  35. cornellcornell1

    cornellcornell117 days ago

    The kitchen looks kind of small for the house of that size

  36. MissxMachine

    MissxMachine17 days ago

    I’m living for this kitchen 😍

  37. treina

    treina17 days ago

    goals so... only fans huh!? ok making an account!

  38. Thatoneanoyyinggurl

    Thatoneanoyyinggurl17 days ago

    Ur kitchen is so iconic!

  39. Brittany Reisinger

    Brittany Reisinger17 days ago

    Trish "oh this was so expensive, oh this is bouje,this was so much money" We got it!

  40. Brittany Reisinger

    Brittany Reisinger17 days ago

    Before people come at me...I love her...I was JS! Thought I'd throw that out there!

  41. christina crandell

    christina crandell18 days ago

    So happy to see the difference in your life. Love the layout of the kitchen.

  42. Cheyenne

    Cheyenne18 days ago

    nothing drives me crazier, than clutter on kitchen countertops.

  43. Mariah C

    Mariah C18 days ago

    love how she points to the *dunkin* like its another small appliance 🙃

  44. olive penderghast

    olive penderghast19 days ago

    Girl has 3 little things of spices but 2 pantry's full of 100 cups?¿?

  45. Ashley C.

    Ashley C.20 days ago

    I love all my cups! Wish I had her setup!

  46. Nomad Land

    Nomad Land20 days ago

    the way she put every drink back an inch to the left I-

  47. Nomad Land

    Nomad Land20 days ago

    the slamming random. cabinet doors :,

  48. Beverly Fuerte

    Beverly Fuerte20 days ago

    trisha being happy gives me serotonin

  49. God Bless

    God Bless20 days ago

    God bless and please don’t relate anything in the Bible to a sex toy company ( no offense I’m just saying)

  50. zo ey

    zo ey20 days ago

    did trish just call that kettle a percolator 👁👄👁

  51. Alyssa Martinez

    Alyssa Martinez20 days ago

    how did they meet lol

  52. Creatures

    Creatures21 day ago

    THIS WAS SO WHOLESOME AND HAPPY :))) Awhhh look at Trisha thriving!! It’s nice to see her so happy :)


    ASHLEY DANIELLE21 day ago

    I see a Real Housewives casting in her future, either after or before the wedding. Watch...


    ASHLEY DANIELLE21 day ago

    The only USloftr I will watch a house tour for. I feel like I watched one of my friends grow up 😇😭😍

  55. lil peach

    lil peach21 day ago

    I love this Trisha, happy Trish 💗

  56. abby

    abby21 day ago

    i find it so funny how she laughed when she opened her freezer 😂

  57. lumpilulu

    lumpilulu22 days ago

    Gorgeous kitchen! I love all the pink Smeg!!

  58. ッBreanna

    ッBreanna22 days ago

    i’m a month late but i really love the cooking videos you make in this kitchen

  59. SheY GrzA

    SheY GrzA22 days ago

    Let me just say, Trisha was never the bad guy she was only missing her soul mate to complete her now that that has happened she is freaking glowing and being QUEEN!

  60. Elizabeth Keller

    Elizabeth Keller23 days ago

    Trish with cups is meeeeeeee, I have a HUGE mug collection

  61. Lina Maria

    Lina Maria23 days ago

    Her wedding video is going to give me so much life I am impatiently waiting for them to get married 😂

  62. Karo Mua

    Karo Mua23 days ago

    how is she so so so so so so funny 😍

  63. Skyler Mason

    Skyler Mason23 days ago

    Such a sweet video. So good to see you in a happier place

  64. Beck Ham

    Beck Ham23 days ago

    when she was like "I feel so loved and protected and happy..." so precious. I know that feeling. Going from a toxic asshole to someone kind and supportive is SUCH an amazing feeling!

  65. Anastasia Romanov

    Anastasia Romanov23 days ago

    trisha is so cute

  66. • k i e r a •

    • k i e r a •24 days ago

    Trisha is honestly the definition of bougie

  67. Mandy Maddox

    Mandy Maddox24 days ago


  68. mckenna

    mckenna24 days ago

    they are so adorable and she looks so happy i love it

  69. M P

    M P24 days ago

    Will you work to keep the kitchen Kosher?

  70. Lucky win

    Lucky win24 days ago

    She’s adorable

  71. pancake ghosty

    pancake ghosty24 days ago

    3:51 barry's tea?? That is very very Irish, why do you guys drink barry's tea? It's like our no. 1 tea here and when I was abroad I missed it so much. Anyway i love the style of the house ! 😍

  72. Sade Lewis

    Sade Lewis25 days ago

    This is a totally different Trisha ! Moses is so good for her ! Good for her

  73. Amber Finlay

    Amber Finlay25 days ago

    Did she call a kettle a percolator ??

  74. Kassy Flowers

    Kassy Flowers26 days ago

    Humans are natural gatherers we collect all sorts of things (dolls, baseball cards, cups etc) it’s because of an early primal instinct from having to hunt and gather food 😊

  75. Kassy Flowers

    Kassy Flowers26 days ago

    Moses getting her a fish figurine is adorable 😭😭

  76. SMoon127

    SMoon12726 days ago

    “When we have kids we are gonna be that fun house that has all the drinks” 🥺🥺🥺omggg

  77. Gigi Luna

    Gigi Luna26 days ago

    Trisha is that bestie you've been on a roller coaster ride of a relationship with, but so proud of when they're doing amazing 💐💐💐💐🐠💓

  78. abbrakadabraalakazam

    abbrakadabraalakazam26 days ago

    I like how you have marble countertops but are also super excited to tell us how your pink tea cannister set was only $28 for the whole thing lol, it's all about balance (:

  79. Bee Read

    Bee Read26 days ago

    The seasonings 😂

  80. seehisgentlehoof

    seehisgentlehoof26 days ago

    Trish: a percolator for warming up tea Brit: a kettle

  81. 7 77

    7 7726 days ago

    Trisha u look gorgeous!! Xoxo

  82. Rain Brown

    Rain Brown26 days ago

    Can we get a day in the life??

  83. Christine Taylor

    Christine Taylor26 days ago

    I love ya Trish...BUT good gawt ya give me anxiety in this vid....Slow the hell down! non? I love your home....and happy our happy, but when you are doing vids YOU KNOW YOU SPEAK FAST! Slow the hell down gal!

  84. Joshua Martinez

    Joshua Martinez26 days ago

    When she showed her first cabinet with cups I was like yeah that’s a lot of cups. Then she went around the corner and I was like DAMN THATS A LOT OF CUPS lol And I thought my mom was bad about McDonalds cups.

  85. bihbhkjbnlk

    bihbhkjbnlk26 days ago

    Does anyone know where to get those pants!

  86. Grace Kennedy

    Grace Kennedy26 days ago

    Where did you get those pants😍😍😍

  87. Lou

    Lou27 days ago

    Trish; the glow up here compared to the Jason Nash days is UNREAL! You're so happy and I live for it ❤️

  88. Robin McGrath

    Robin McGrath27 days ago

    I wanted to see what the sparkly $ binder was haha

  89. Meagan Bridges

    Meagan Bridges27 days ago

    Trisha, honey, I’m crying because I’m so happy for you! You deserve all this love, happiness and multitude of blessings! Congratulations on all of these good things happening to you.

  90. Anette Pärn

    Anette Pärn27 days ago

    she loves fishes and he loves water 😭😭😭

  91. Journee Minor

    Journee Minor27 days ago

    Watch here brag about expensive things in her kitchen for hours. you cant tell me i'm wrong

  92. Lost In Translation

    Lost In Translation27 days ago

    We stan a glow up u keep doing better sis I support ur progress

  93. Akio Aslan

    Akio Aslan28 days ago

    OK miss engaged. Period.

  94. Elizabeth Mackenzie

    Elizabeth Mackenzie28 days ago

    I would organise trisha's house for free

  95. Alexis Greene

    Alexis Greene28 days ago

    It's the ring, hair, lip gloss poppin, nails, pink everything, counter top and starbucks collection & the Mickey light FOR MEEEEE!

  96. Pretty Kitty

    Pretty Kitty28 days ago

    Seeing you like this is incredible Trisha. Whatever you are doing keep it up girly ❤️👍🥰

  97. Maddie Martin

    Maddie Martin28 days ago

    she seems so happy! I'm so happy for her!

  98. Abigail Lemmon

    Abigail Lemmon28 days ago

    Does anyone know where them trousers from!!? I need them 🤩🤩

  99. Lauren Rawlins

    Lauren Rawlins28 days ago

    Where did you get your large kitchen faucet?

  100. Lauren Rawlins

    Lauren Rawlins28 days ago

    Where did you get your kitchen faucet?

  101. Julia Palese

    Julia Palese28 days ago

    the giant ass box of moonpies im obsessed

  102. Chiara Supernova

    Chiara Supernova28 days ago

    omg monkey feet to open up the bottom drawer lol i've never heard anyone acknowledge that before :') YES