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  1. Aliyah Corral

    Aliyah Corral19 hours ago

    Omg absolutely love your stich cookie jar 😍may I ask where you got it from !?!?

  2. RegularAndie

    RegularAndie19 hours ago


  3. Susan Bennett

    Susan Bennett19 hours ago

    Did you see Adam McIntyre make buttered noodles on his 2nd channel?

  4. Melanie Anne

    Melanie Anne19 hours ago

    Honestly I have always loved watching you. I am 30, 31 in May, and I feel like I have watched a lot of my journey through yours eyes. I am just so proud of the actual beautiful, poised, Queen you have become. And now you finally found the perfect King for you and the amazing family/ friends you are marrying into. I can't wait to see you be a mom one day (hopefully soon 🤞). I have 2 and they are my everything. But seriously, you are proof that people can mature and change for the better, even though I've loved who you were and are every step of the way. Love you Trish, truly. I wish you love, peace and prosperity.

  5. Estera Powroźnik

    Estera Powroźnik19 hours ago

    Kuku for sure

  6. John Garrett

    John Garrett19 hours ago

    you cannot just put a hot pan under cold water bruh

  7. Cherissa Adams

    Cherissa Adams19 hours ago

    I love that you're living your best drama-free life with butter noods and Moses.

  8. Kimbella King

    Kimbella King19 hours ago

    i literally thought she picked up a homeless man & made a food video with him how nice

  9. L5ky

    L5ky19 hours ago

    I feel like Trisha's energy has changed for the better, I feel so relaxed while watching her.

  10. Sirsockbuddy

    Sirsockbuddy20 hours ago

    lunch with Trish yasssss

  11. Vanessa Rose

    Vanessa Rose20 hours ago

    I didn’t even hear about the gabbie drama until now and just caught up with all of it. IMO it seems like gabbie is having a mental breakdown of some sort or is on drugs. Not trying to diagnose her, it’s just that she seems very irrational and out of control.

  12. Addylin Zarco

    Addylin Zarco20 hours ago

    Can we all just boycott Dominos for a month whenever trisha posts about them? Obviously they don’t sponsor her because she does these videos for free but this woman works her ass off everyday and these brands pay her DUST, if it hurts their sells they’ll do something about it, if we give them money every time she posts about them they don’t care because they win anyway....

  13. Addicted2Diamondz

    Addicted2Diamondz20 hours ago

    Also, why is the media not covering this? Why are they still talking about Trump? .... Right.

  14. Victoria W

    Victoria W20 hours ago

    Just gross.

  15. Colin Patrick

    Colin Patrick20 hours ago

    she really just does whatever the fuck she wants all the time lmfao

  16. Addicted2Diamondz

    Addicted2Diamondz20 hours ago

    It's crazy how Biden is literally ruining our country and he hasn't even been in office for a year. 🤦💯 It's also crazy how there is a boarder crisis, and little kids are being stuffed into cages (that Obama built). Also these kids are testing positive for covid-19 which is affecting the people in this country. Why is no one mad about this? Why isn't Biden or harris doing anything about this? Why are they ignoring these kids crying? I'm just confused is all...

  17. Whitney M

    Whitney M20 hours ago

    The title is everything lol

  18. florence aerts

    florence aerts20 hours ago

    I love your hair style and that dress you look so fresh and peaceful it's nice to watch 1🎀🧚‍♀️

  19. Flore Flora

    Flore Flora20 hours ago

    OMG.. Watching a fat woman eating noodles making noise....😭😭😭😭 God save us...

  20. Regina George

    Regina George20 hours ago

    I wish Trisha and I could just eat buttered noodles together :( 😭✋

  21. Manduh Mack

    Manduh Mack20 hours ago

    You can tell Trisha is soooo obsessed with Moses, it’s so cute 🥺🥺

  22. Andrea

    Andrea20 hours ago

    you actually get how the internet works and I appreciate it

  23. Lisa Love

    Lisa Love20 hours ago

    how do people wipe asses with those nails? I cant imagine lol

  24. Emily-Anne O'Brien

    Emily-Anne O'Brien20 hours ago

    I haven't had butter noodles before. Watching you eat it all the time is really making me want to try it haha

  25. Jennifer Marea

    Jennifer Marea20 hours ago

    I feel like it takes decades to becomes a great writer and people act like they can easily become poets in a year because they're influencers.

  26. Downbythebay_

    Downbythebay_20 hours ago

    I just wish she chewed her food more

  27. Heemie

    Heemie20 hours ago

    Huh-!?.. what??.. oh- okay-

  28. I'm super duper Hot

    I'm super duper Hot20 hours ago

    i have a feeling thats just a dildo-

  29. Dan Castro

    Dan Castro20 hours ago

    This was my first Trish video ever, subscribed on the spot! Loved her ever since. can you O.G.? <3

  30. Pretty Guardian

    Pretty Guardian20 hours ago

    The sheen of those nails is giving me life. I need to get mine done now.

  31. Margaret James

    Margaret James20 hours ago


  32. Mystery Gang

    Mystery Gang20 hours ago

    It’s sad that people like you can become famous.

  33. laurajeanist

    laurajeanist20 hours ago

    It’s the sprinkle of cheese with every bite for me

  34. Elizabeth Cheecham

    Elizabeth Cheecham20 hours ago

    Oh my god where did you get your dress from???? ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Anna Xarissa James

    Anna Xarissa James20 hours ago

    Unproblematic trish is without a doubt my favorite content creator !!!!

  36. d pagano

    d pagano20 hours ago

    I kept thinking she would bite the noodles off. Nope ate the whole forkful. Respect.👌🏻

  37. Julia Lynn

    Julia Lynn20 hours ago

    Doing Great Trisha! How are you?

  38. Gracie Munro

    Gracie Munro20 hours ago

    41:26-41:44 I AM CRYINGGG Moses silently “downtownn”... Trishas like ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAGAG

  39. Midnight Overlord

    Midnight Overlord20 hours ago

    You should do an ASMR video, with the tapping and close to the mic whispering. It’s would be sooo tingly!! ✌️ 💗

  40. Katie Marie

    Katie Marie20 hours ago

    Got my snacks 😋

  41. Destiny Davis

    Destiny Davis20 hours ago

    The fact that trish is literally glowing enjoying her noodles talking to us like we are her friends is so wholesome. I live for this energy.

  42. Jesus Antoima

    Jesus Antoima20 hours ago

    Very nice I LOVE

  43. Rachel M

    Rachel M20 hours ago

    This is kind of silly... but I’m just remembering Trishas first taco bell mukbang in her tiny beach apartment. Now she’s eating butter noodles on her very own veranda. Brings me joy to see someone succeed.

  44. Angela Youngs

    Angela Youngs20 hours ago

    I used to live right over there : )

  45. Magic Tarot Cards

    Magic Tarot Cards20 hours ago

    lol thanks for the laugh!

  46. Hoswendt

    Hoswendt20 hours ago


  47. nukinos yue

    nukinos yue20 hours ago

    idk this gabby person or whatever. I've heard her being talked about and such, but that's it. It sounds like she's an overly defensive person because she's been the subject of so much harassments especially from brief clips I've seen of how the Vlog Squad treated her (if that's the right person I'm thinking of?). Not saying how she's reacting is right since ppl should be open to critiques, but I have more sympathy than anything. It sounds like she spent years being the butt of the joke involving her appearance and accepted that as okay and now realizes that it was never okay. I don't blame her for not knowing what is and isn't actual harassment. Esp when she's been gaslit into thinking harassment and bullying was okay in the past when she expressed she wasn't okay. Now instead of being overly accepting of bullying through gaslighting, she's being overly defensive and assumes she's being gaslit again like she was in her past.

  48. Jasmine B.

    Jasmine B.20 hours ago

    the way dominoes commercials keeps playing for me when watching trisha

  49. Justin Burns

    Justin Burns20 hours ago

    I thought the thumbnail for the video was an edited. Nope there is a cut out of Trisha peeking in the corner 🪦

  50. Jessica T Mechtenberg

    Jessica T Mechtenberg20 hours ago

    Okay Trisha had Courtney Hollinquest as one of her dancers!!! I see you girl! FYI she’s one of Lizzo’s backup dancers and friend.

  51. Jai-Lynn Ni’cole

    Jai-Lynn Ni’cole20 hours ago

    The way it just cut off at the end is sending me 😭😭😭😭😭

  52. California Cupcake

    California Cupcake20 hours ago

    Bestie matching them nails widder drink. We love

  53. Olha Bohdan

    Olha Bohdan20 hours ago

    Gabbie is creative and talented, she comes of as sensetive soul, but that required to be artistic). I wish she heals her wounds and redirects her energy into more productive things, as Trisha said. Also the scenery in this vid is goals).

  54. Nellie Ewing

    Nellie Ewing20 hours ago

    That first bite was epic 😂

  55. A W

    A W20 hours ago

    A year later and your wish came true Trush

  56. ناظم ال محمد

    ناظم ال محمد20 hours ago


  57. Mishyy

    Mishyy20 hours ago

    Wait veranda... I thought it was buranda...

  58. Suni L.

    Suni L.20 hours ago

    Boy you're getting big. Those arms....whew...

  59. Kt

    Kt20 hours ago

    Woah her VOICE

  60. S K

    S K20 hours ago

    Legit smiled through the entire video. I love how happy Trisha is and how cute they are. True love you can just tell.

  61. Kelly

    Kelly20 hours ago

    I luv buttered pasta aglio olio & you're the only one that does it. You do it all the time! Thx

  62. Amanda Sophia

    Amanda Sophia20 hours ago

    Taurus Queen

  63. zenia A

    zenia A20 hours ago

    I need noodles 🥺

  64. Taylor Fussell

    Taylor Fussell20 hours ago

    No I feel like you’re on point Trish. It take perspective to get out of the defensive

  65. Cindy Tucker

    Cindy Tucker20 hours ago

    How do you wipe with those nails?

  66. Billie Couture

    Billie Couture20 hours ago

    Such a sweet girl 👧

  67. Hadar Ovadia

    Hadar Ovadia20 hours ago

    חברים. בליל הסדר של שנה הבאה לא שרים מה נשתנה, אחד מי יודע ודידיינו. שרים את זה.

  68. Carmen Hanrahan

    Carmen Hanrahan20 hours ago

    I just had a Domino's add & a heads pace add . Iconic duo andnso relevant 😂

  69. babyj 03

    babyj 0320 hours ago

    She said 33 Me being 18 and caring way to much about alot 👁️👄👁️

  70. In The Kitchen With Sandy

    In The Kitchen With Sandy20 hours ago

    Girl, I will make you a recipe video for the BEST buttered noodles! Love them too. Loving the content! You have come a long way!

  71. Jennifer DeLucy

    Jennifer DeLucy20 hours ago

    I just want to say that I absolutely love you two together. And I'm happy to see Trisha happy. This is a good thing. You get it, girl.

  72. Wendy Poohbear

    Wendy Poohbear20 hours ago

    I can’t get over how dirty she lives. 🤮

  73. simplydesi12 💋

    simplydesi12 💋20 hours ago

    "This is my favorite thing in the whole world," then Moses comes in the car and she says "it's so good, idk why I like it..... I was telling the guy I don't like falafel from anywhere."

  74. Brenda Nol

    Brenda Nol20 hours ago

    BOIL YOUR WATER FIRST. Before you drop you pasta. Noodles will become mushy without. Just a tip.

  75. LaurensDesigns

    LaurensDesigns20 hours ago you always take such large bites? Or is it for the I don't know how you guys can all do that I love to savour small bites.

  76. Raquel Santos

    Raquel Santos20 hours ago

    I love u so much trish. never forget that we all love u!!! 🤍🤍 I’m so happy for u 😭😭😭😭

  77. I_Understood_That_Reference

    I_Understood_That_Reference20 hours ago

    what is she chOKING ON

  78. LaurensDesigns

    LaurensDesigns20 hours ago

    You know what is crazy, is when I amped up my game (or thought I did) I bought BARILLA!!!! LOL And it tasted sooo good, I'm hooked on that, it's great, don't listen to him, ok maybe but can't imagine it getting better than

  79. Leigha Hoisington

    Leigha Hoisington20 hours ago

    this is the best video trisha has made lol